100 percent whole food diet

Ultimately, Josefsberg left Weight Watchers to create her own dropout-proof approach, the mark Diet. The total result? A gentle detox made to help us feel amazing as we lose fat – and to keep dealing with ease even though life gets crazy.

Scroll below to discover. Target Diet: Quick-Start Guide Everything you eat: Rather than tracking every morsel you devote your mouth, Josefsberg runs on the cool shortcut. Read labels and tally up total carbs atlanta divorce attorneys food except non-starchy vegetables, which are ultra-slimming freebies. Close counts.

Your surprise detox drink: Additionally you shoot for ounces of water a day. Studies also show that 75 percent folks are dehydrated chronically, a condition tested to zap energy and slow fat burning. Stress less, lose more: Since stress hormones make us feel lousy and promote weight gain, Target has you aim for minutes of relaxing activities like knitting or soaking in a tub each week along with an extra 15 minutes of sleep each night.

For exercise? Stacey Heldman is one of these. Target is indeed free and flexible. Make Your Own Menus Read labels and invite yourself up to roughly grams of carbs a day, not counting carbs in non-starchy veggies. Round out meals with a palm-sized serving of lean protein and a spoonful or two of wholesome fat. Hungry between meals? Like a lower-carb snack which includes just a little protein or healthy fat plus veggies.

Target Detox Menus Our nutrition team used guidelines from Target to create these menus that you can try. The menus offer about 30 to 33 grams of carbs per meal not counting carbs in non-starchy veggies and in addition offer low-carb snack choices.

While using this course of action, try to drink ounces of water about 13 cups daily. Add other natural low-carb extras and beverages such as for example coffee, tea, spices, vinegar, zero-cal sweetener as desired. Lunch and Dinner Option 1: 1 small serving cubed ham or 1 sliced hard-cooked egg; 1 oz. Unlimited sliced bell pepper, 2 Tbsp. Option 3: 1 serving Easy Sheet-Pan Fajitas recipe below. Unlimited side salad, 1 Tbsp. Snacks Enjoy up to three snacks if had a need to control hunger daily. Option 1: Celery sticks with peanut butter or sliced cucumber with cream cheese and lox.

Option 2: 1 oz. Option 3: 1 oz. Option 4: Plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with slivered almonds and optional stevia.

Mist sheet pan with cooking spray. Toss chicken, vegetables, and oil mixture on pan together. Spread evenly out. Fill tortillas. Serve with salsa and sour cream, if desired. Makes about 8 servings. This story appeared inside our print magazine originally.


  1. The $$ is waiting for you in public speaking. Theres web sites that list speakers. Join and prosper. Also, more one-day retreats and/or demo classes. Sell your dvds at these events. Increase awareness while staying lucrative. So many opportunities at your feet.

  2. Has anyone here heard from their Mom? 😉 

    Love and wellness to all. 

  3. whats your look/knowledge on carrots because I heard conspiracies about them being hybrids?

  4. It felt really good to see you, Sophia and Lou in person. Thank you for coming out, with everything you have going on in life, The synergy of inspiration and wealth of information that you give out on the tube, through all the beautiful people you get to connect to and be molded by, it encourages me everyday. Thank you for working when your tired and staying late to be available. Thank you to Sophia for staying late and being such a sincere and genuine soul. Your a blessed man, I didnt get to tell you how good you looked from healing up from your infection. I hope your encouraged daily in this transitional time. Take all the time you need to heal and be well in your heart with God. People will always call out for you because the lights in you. But if you cant answer God will honor your obedience to him when you keep your time sacred in what ever way hes calling you to. And those people will be served through other means on your faith alone. I just have a real love and appreciation for you and all the people close to you. Its beautiful to find people who really live in the spirit. Thank you Dan the Man, I cant wait to get the new dvds. Your a juicing Prince! Your gonna inherit a kingdom

  5. thank u dan. I came out edified.keep walking by the spirt. much love  


  7. Inspiring talk. I liked the anger in your last video, good to see some fire in your belly.

  8. My dad and I really enjoyed the seminar last night! Thank you such great information!

  9. Youve come a long way since the days in your Van… Ive been watching you all this time.

    • yes he has, imagine all the people whos lives hes helped heal and the people they have helped and so on, peace!

  10. Epic man! This was great and thanks for making raw foods, love, peace, passions and persistence so cool 🙂

    I love you Dan! <3

  11. So glad you heard from your Mum! Glad it was a positive experience. Healing through sharing?

  12. Follow your highest truth! Watching your videos from the very beginning has really changed my life!

  13. The first book I read on raw foods was raw eating over 30 years ago. I had been reading the bible and was seeking spiritual answers during that time and was lead to the raw foods diet.The Essence Gospel of Peace confirmed everything I had learned about the diet. I knew I could not ignore this message and at once I accepted this as the truth. My life has never been the same and I feel very blessed to have found these teachings.

  14. I just read the Essene Gospel of Peace and was so inspired to change my diet, turns out I might have fibroids too, so what better time than now. I am so excited to do this. Glad I found your channel! New subscriber . 🙂

  15. The word Harmony is my favorite word and for the last couple of days I kept thinking about the word and here you are today weaving the beautiful word Harmony into your amazing, inspirational presentation. A motivational speaker you are. I believe someday you will write your book.

  16. YES YES YES YEYSYSYEYSYEYSY A MILLION TIMES YES TO THIS!! Im on my 5th day on RAW till 4 (mainly raw) and i am LUVVVVIN it. cant wait to fully transition raw

  17. Ive heard everything you said here before from you in so many of your past videos but 
    this time it was even more fluid, more precise and exceptionally polished. So proud of you Dan and I didnt have to push you out of my belly, to notice  how far youve come. 🙂  

  18. Day 1 Dan has changed sooo much l. He’s amazing. Now I’ve got to go on my journey raw food journey. Your soul indeed shines so brightly. Take care if you x

  19. Thank you so much. You are so inspirational. I also want to run for the crown. 🙂

  20. Its funny, I have a green juice in the morning and Im satisfied not craving more.  Ill have a fruit smoothie for lunch and when Im done, Im done.  But come dinner time, I make my starchy meal, and stuff my gut and am never truly satisfied.  I got breakfast and lunch figured out, but dinner is a different question lol. 

    • @Vegetable Police
      Im still working on this one myself. Over eating at dinner time and it takes a lot to satisfy me. I do great during the day. At night when things wind down and become quite and still, we are left with dealing with our emotions, so we stuff ourselves. The only way I have been able to get this under control is when I am juice fasting. So I am thinking of trying to eat during the day and then do only juices at night, as much as I care to drink. After I have done this for awhile, then start eating very simple mono meals or simple combinations at night. The more combinations the more you eat.

    • @IronCladBen
      Thanks, Ill try that.  I just usually dont want any more sweet by dinner time lol.

    • Bro, I was there.  This is what worked for me to transition, if you want to give it a shot:  Try first eating a raw dinner like a basic low fat salad with as much fruit as you feel like, and then if that doesnt satisfy, THEN have some starch.  This was I would actually feel satisfied after getting full on the starch.  Then slowly over time, I just wanted the raw dinner more and more, and the starch less and less.

  21. Food is a toxic stimulant for the masses! its being pushed by the dark magicians to keep humanity in a state of negative energy,  to disrupt the flow of energy to the chakras, that will allow humanity to soar to great heights, as free as a bird.. People must realize and wake up as a spiritual collective, their is much work to do, Thank you Dan keep trying to wake people up, you are a great man i respect you alot..

    • @IronCladBen
      NOO not in this conversation anyway, farewell!

    • @john wells Ahhh OK thought you were trying to make a case for breatharianism LOL!!!

    • @IronCladBen
      Yeah! i mean all the synthetic GMO, toxic  dead chemicals that some people label food..

    • Food existed long before humans came along.  Its pushed by dark magicians?  Come on bro.  Seriously?

  22. Dan, Im impressed with the work you have done to refine your skill to communicate the message so that many people can understand and appreciate and apply it, thank you.

  23. we all have different bodies… but a universal truth today is that our major foods are overly domesticated and have lost their nutritional value and have become toxic because they have been removed from the harsh elements of nature and have been coddled in farms and science for too long. I started avoiding those overly domesticated foods like dairy, and wheat, and that helped me, then i got rid of coffee and sugar and WOW it was like hitting a giant gong. my body at first was goin totally nuts but leveled out and all my pains went away within 24 hours and have had seriously chronic inflammation that causes nerve complications. all gone. the raw foods gave me infinitely more energy and satisfaction than coffee.

  24. The raw food diet is the foundational step because its by following the laws of nature allow us to begin to be sensitive to the more subtle laws that will take us to the heavenly heights of harmony, love, and peace.

  25. You cannot be taken seriously when 50% of what you advocate is BS. You are a discredit to eating raw. If your video was the first thing I saw when considering changing my diet, I wouldve considered anything you did not advocate…

    Diet is scientific… Karma, reincarnation??? You might as well advocate eating well for Christianity, you idiot!

  26. So appreciate what you do dan! Have you ever heard of Mosaic in LA? I really feel like you would resonate with Erwins teachings, you remind me a lot of eachother. Thank you for putting yourself out there, my life is so much different than it would be had I never found your videos. Youve taught me and inspired me for years in ways that youll never know.

  27. Hey! How is the raw food diet when one has dyspepsia symptoms with a sensation of poor stomach acid function? I feel I get so hungry when I try the diet, that my dyspepsia kind of get worse…maybe one has to stay on, and results will come?

    Thanks for any comments!

  28. Was so amazing to meet you last night. My daughter and I enjoyed your speech, and my husband was blown away by your motivation. Thank you for all the videos you make, and for the opportunity to see you locally!

  29. Good speech Dan 🙂 🙂 🙂 You have been BIG INSPIRATION keep pumping the FRUIT & VEGGIES JUICES & SMOOTHIES 🙂 🙂 🙂 harmony love & peace

  30. Great speech. Great person. I could watch your videos all day. Ive felt that spiritual high before on raw foods and it was amazing but unfortunately I slipped up on the bad foods again. Im once again on the raw path and this time I need to succeed. Just like you I feel this is something I must do as I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011 and I dont know how or what made me know that I should be eating raw foods but I just did ,call it intuition I dont know. I do wish I wasnt the only person I know eating this way but unfortunately I am as when ive tried to tell people in the past theyve just disbelieved me so its gonna be a tough road but Im committed 🙂 love and peace to you Dan. Youre great. Xx

  31. haha you must have been a black preacher in your last incarnation (no offense intended, chill out internet), youre pretty good at tossing the words together and bringing a bit of heaven down to earth. im curious (and i really hope you consider replying), what spiritual practices do you do? 

  32. I absolutely attest to the benefits of the raw food vegan diet. I was eating a lot of processed junk and started to feel really sick. I switched to the raw food diet after some research and I can tell you that this really worked. I felt healthier after just a week of sticking to it. I stuck to it just for about five months and it was rejuvenating. I still incorporate a lot of raw food in my diet since then.

  33. nice job dan, I hope your mother is doing well. wish I could be their will lou be filming his talk? blessings!

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