Abs diet foods to avoid

To truly get you off on the right course, Zinczenko provides a grocery list to stock your fridge with the proper foods. Overall, the Abs diet is balanced, emphasizing lean protein, nutritious fats and healthy carbohydrates such as for example fruit and vegetables. Lean Protein Protein plays a significant role in growth, tissue repair and preserving muscle, in fact it is a staple of the Abs diet.

An Abs diet grocery list includes lean resources of protein such as for example skinless chicken and turkey breast, a number of fish such as for example salmon and tuna, egg whites, reduced-fat string cheese, natural yogurt made from one or two 2 percent milk, reduced-fat cottage cheese, dried beans or canned without salt added, 98 percent lean ground beef and lean cuts of beef such as for example sirloin.

Third , diet means you’ll eat what Zinczenko calls “clean” carbohydrates. With regards to your grocery list, Zinczenko recommends including steel-cut oats, brown rice, quinoa, whole-wheat pasta, couscous, muesli, ready-to-eat cereals created from whole grains, your preferred fruit and a number of vegetables, leafy greens particularly. You’ll stay away from processed carbohydrates such as for example cookies, cakes, flavored oatmeal, pancakes, waffles and so on.

Friendly Fats Fat isn’t the enemy and is in fact essential for growth, energy and absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. It’s essential to select the right type of fats when following a Abs diet. Healthy fats result from whole-food sources and unprocessed plant oils. This portion of the grocery list includes peanut butter, fatty fish such as for example salmon, flax flaxseed and oil, chia seed, a number of nuts, olives and essential olive oil, avocados, unsweetened coconut milk, and unsweetened milk almond.

Power Foods While on the Abs diet, emphasis is positioned on what Zinczenko calls the power foods. He feels these nutrient-rich foods can help boost muscle and get rid of fat. The energy foods are nuts, oatmeal, eggs, lean meat, peanut butter, wholegrains, essential olive oil, low-fat dairy, legumes — beans especially, and veggies — spinach particularly.

You don’t need to count calories or carbs on the Abs diet. However, the target is to concentrate on eating a clean, nutrient-packed diet to provide the body the fuel it requires to build muscle.


  1. 2 chicken breasts 26g protein each, 1.5g fat each.

    Protein shake 2 scoops ~60g protein 3g fat total

    Ab circuits exercise, lots of water, creatine

    • Alex Harper 100%.. it does take time, but like after the first week you’ll notice crazy results.

      They are much more defined now, and even my vline is more dominant

      Plus I haven’t been to gym in over 4 weeks due to the lockdown & still notice quick results just from a diet change.

      … it does suck though, only eating chicken with a protein shake.

    • CodeNameGhost have you been doing this for a while now? If so are you seeing a significant change in results compared to before you started eating cleaner?

  2. Why the hell would you show us that picture of Christian Bale? Thats nightmare fuel, man!

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  4. I couldnt tell if you said that we SHOULD forget about the end goal or SHOULD NOT forget the end goal. Do I focus on the abs I want or something else?

  5. I love your attitude…I’m a new subscriber and I love your no BS tell it like it is with science to back it up keep the videos coming!!

  6. What if you have a fast metabolism and have to take medicine which one of its negatives is loss of appetite and weight loss

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  8. Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tried every single weight-loss method that was available, however in the end not one of them helped me to reduce and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets simply because my buddy who told me unbelivable things about it and so far to date Ive effectively dropped 16 lbs within 4 weeks!

  9. Guys can eating excess healthy food slow down the process of gaining abs. I’m worried that eating too much can prevent me from getting abs.

  10. This kind of plan is best suited to those who are already/still fairly insulin sensitive; less insulin sensitive individuals are better off cutting back the carbs at least until metabolic health is restored.

  11. Do you know what?? You talked, talked talked and then talked some more… But in the end you said nothing… Like all those macro videos you are so angry with… And obviously you end up selling your miraculous program… Wich works i have no doubt like so many others work… Bottom line is… Do you want to see your abs??? Caloric deficit plus ab workout….

    • Ye I usually like his vids but this is garbage. All he said was eat less bad food and more good food and also buy my supplements Like no shit. Came here expecting atleast some kind of diet plan instead of eat better

  12. Yo I really struggle with leaving beer, my diet is on point during the week, but on the weekend I usually have 4,5,6 beers with the boys. 😪😪

  13. Apple cider venegar deluded before bed helps cut weight. In sleep is how you gain more weight because your body goes in to fat storing mode.

  14. On the subject of the difference between chicken and fried chicken, I was VERY upset when KFC discontinued their grilled chicken.

  15. I dont kny but for some reason my belly is really big I look like am pregnant..I dont know what I will to have abs.and the rest of my body have nice shape but only my belly is the problem..I will start to eat just salad for a month lets se the different.and abs 3 times a day. What do you think would be good idea?

  16. I signed the 30 day challenge but idont know the diet if it really works plz. Suggest me little one My gut is little over with size

  17. Do you have any pictures of yourself in the days when you didnt eat healthy? I would love to see that. It would motivate everyone to see how you looked before. Also how hard was it for you to cut the crap? Thanks for another great video.

  18. I am staring to get obsessed by this channel because everything he says works for me. Godspeed brother.

  19. I cut all crap out and started a fairly healthy diet without been boring.
    -meal 1 Yellow fish
    -meal 2 chicken breast
    -meal 3 chicken breast
    -meal 4 chicken breast
    -meal 5 small healthy tea
    -meal 6 omelette
    Before starting the day i have 1 large scoop of MDMA to help with pre workout and burn fat. I have heroin before bed because it helps with the sleep..like I said its fairly healthy.

  20. People say its fine to eat junk when your young but Im 15 am I wasting being able to eat junk by not eating it

  21. my journey is going to be hard as I am a very bad eater tho I almost like no vegetables and it annoys me!
    well I stopped eating candies and potato chips completely but thats seemingly not even close enough :/

  22. Come to my house,i give you money and buy me food,come to my house again and help me get abs

  23. I actually eating a chocolate cake then when he said chocolate cake damn I feel so guilty I start working out lol

  24. I cant believe I found this website. NextLevelDiet completely changed the way I look at diets. When I started following their diet plan, I realised that diet isnt something you should be scared of and it can easily fit in your daily routine.

  25. Real talk right there! There’s no short cuts. You need to do the work and eat the right food! Cheat day is only cheating yourself!

  26. Thanks for another great video Jeff. What might you amend to step 2 regarding older people (55+) since our metabolism is slower? I do well at sensing what might body needs and how much. But Im wondering how your recommendations relate to or need to be adapted to us older people? God bless.

  27. My diet consists of:
    -Peanut Butter
    -Whole Grain Bread
    -Kashi Go Crunch Cereal
    -Fruit (mostly banana)
    -Protein bar
    -Over Hard Eggs
    -Scrammbled Eggs (no butter, just eggs)
    -Omelette (no butter, just eggs)
    -Black Beans
    -Turkey/Chicken Breast (from deli)

    Fast Food
    -Subway 9 Grain Wheat Footlong
    -Rotisserie Style Chicken
    -Sweet Onion Sauce

    -Brown Rice
    -Pinto Beans
    -Tomato Salsa

    Is that a good diet, what can i improve?

    • @Julio Sica peanut butter is supported by Jeff ^^
      He has a six pack promise program, with eating.
      A whole wheat bread with PB or a PB&J Sandwich ist found there.
      I dont see any fibrous carbs, like broccoli, cauliflower, salad, tomatoes as well as whole fruits.
      But man, if you have the bofyfat percentage you want, dont change anything…
      However, if you want to loose weight, have your plate be made of 40% chicken 20% potatoe and 40% fibrous carbs …
      For dinner and lunch.

    • I rarely eat it the only time i eat it now is when i make a sandwhich. 2 slices of wheat bread, half a serving of peanutbutter, with banana slices in the middle.

  28. I know I drink excessively. It is what I struggle with most. I plateau because I feel like there is never a look I will achieve that will be good enough to attract someone else, even though I love exercise and martial arts. I am really meditating on why I am so deep in my own darkness, and I appreciate honest coaches like this who tell it like it is.

  29. I know this vid is from 2015, but is eating often still better than IF? All the marvel Celebs, latest of which was Kumail Nanjiani did IF get 6 pack abs. Please advise.

  30. Is it healthy for someone as young as 15 to take supplements? Also they are expensive so I can’t necessarily get them.

  31. what about skinny teens? teens cant really do diets cause theyre growing and stuff like that.

  32. 1. Cut the crap
    2. Eat more often
    3. Review your diet again
    4. Eat the good stuff lots of water
    5. Supplement and discipline
    6. Motivation is key: rewards are getting in shape, feel good about yourself, respect from others, etc.

  33. Im a 16 year old girl and live in a Hispanic household. My mother cooks with a bunch of cheese, oil and butter. A lot of sweets coming in the house also ordering a bunch of take out. I want to get abs because I want to have it. I have cut out eating junk food but they would just constantly make me feel horrible and say im starving myself. I legit was done doing a core workout and yoga then while I was done they brought whataburger home. Help what should I do.

    • Chantal Acosta same with me. What I have done is ignore them when they are telling me that I am starving myself and that I am being unhealthy, and I try to get them to buy me healthy stuff and If they don’t know how/want to cook it I cook it myself. And I tell them things like ; here’s a list of the things I need for when you go to the supermarket. At least for me It has worked hope this helps.

  34. YouTube recommended me this…….. I think it is trying to teach me a lesson

  35. Umm well I watched this whole video & still don’t know what specific foods I should eat & what I shouldn’t eat

  36. If you ask me, its really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called NextLevelDiet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

  37. I eat 3000 calories of good food a day (chicken, salad, pasta, rice, etc) and Im still underweight.

  38. Its still shock me just how a lot of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google) despite the fact that lots of people lost lots of weight using it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about it. Ive lost a ton of fat.

  39. Ive cut out bread, sugar in my tea and cut down on the chocolate. Ive also started eating more protein. Eggs and red meat. The results are getting there. Lost three inches around my belly in four months. Eight months to go before Abbmageddon!! Big arms, big chest, flat stomach means more birds!! Good luck. xx

  40. as much as Iove Jeff I think he is describing a Bulking diet instead of a Cuttting diet.

  41. I dont eat junk food, i dont drink, i eat right, i drink enough water, i dont drik or eat sugar, i only eat clean carbs, i even look after how much fruit i eat (cause of fructose), i workout and i dont have hormonal problems. So i really dont get why im stucked in 14% fat

  42. Bahaha “whether it’s excess alcohol…*rolls eyes* it’s probably excess”

    • Ethan Sheeley How is it in the past? He is still buff you know.
      Look if you’re going to bitch about grammatical errors then go correct your friends instead of being a bitch and attacking random people on the internet.

    • Mr. Random people like you are too dumb to argue with man and it’s because was is past tense is, isn’t

    • Ethan Sheeley Youre bitching about something that is grammatically correct.
      Tell me, why should I use ”was instead of ”is”?
      Also, realise and realize are interchangeable, just because ”realise” is said to be a non-American variant doesn’t mean it is no longer a correct word. Literally, just search up ”realise of realize” in Google.

    • @Mr. Random realize, and your grammar is horrible it should be if he wasnt so buff not isnt what grade are you in?

  43. I grabbed an apple and some Oreos! Trying to compromise with my fat self!

  44. I know my biggest problem is carbs…I eat too many carbs. I need to actually start implementing Jeffs 9 o clock and 9:20 guidelines

  45. If you ask me, its really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called NextLevelDiet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

  46. Step 6: Start today, dont make the mistake to say: Oh yeah nice idea, ill do it tomorrow. Because then you will always say tomorrow. Say Today.

  47. Bro hw about peanut butter, can we take as diet in order to make six packs

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