Are eggs noodles good for a low carb diet

Week Maybe four in an extremely wild. Why did I really do such an ordinary thing? Why did I limit this almost perfect food foolishly? You understand why. I had been an excellent boy, a sensible citizen. I was following dietary advice of the American Heart Association, the U. These dietary do-gooders assumed that the raised chlesterol content of eggs would improve the blood cholesterol degrees of humans who consumed eggs.

Untilthe AHA guidelines called for individuals to consume only mg of cholesterol each day. The meager mg limit was echoed in the state Dietary Guidelines for america because of be revised in So when they looked, they saw. So, inthe AHA finally admitted that the data was lacking to link dietary blood and cholesterol cholesterol.

This year, the brand new Dietary Guidelines are anticipated to check out suit and take away the dietary cholesterol recommendation. See this AHA weblog postand this one also. Cholesterol aside, are eggs good or harmful to you? Ah, ha! A clear-cut finding. Except that the contrary was found for stroke risk and egg consumption for the reason that same diabetic population.

The relevant question is, do these associations mean anything? Or could it be just more correlation without causation? To those not educated at Harvard, it really is a puzzler. In conditions of ethics, some individuals have trouble with how most eggs are stated in america – by caged birds on giant factory farms. But if that concerns you, you’ll be able to buy organic eggs from free-range chickens; these cost more but will probably be worth it – both for satisfaction and nutrition. In the event that you object to eating all animal-based food, you aren’t the audience because of this post or this website.

But thanks for visiting! Farm-fresh, organic eggs So far as nutrition goes, my problem with the egg is that it includes more protein than fat – about 6g to 5g for an average large egg.

A fattier egg will be nice. I cook my eggs in coconut oil or butter typically. I eat at least the seven eggs per week that the professionals at Harvard would permit. Most weeks, I eat some more than that, probably totaling twelve on average. Eggs are now a significant source of protein for me personally. I eat them as a primary dish for breakfast – fried, scrambled or within an omelet.

Easy Eggs Florentine Eggs certainly are a key ingredient in my own no-filler salmon patties. He views the small threat of salmonella as worthwhile for the excess nutritional advantages of downing uncooked eggs, noting that heating the egg changes its protein and may donate to allergies. With all due respect to Dr.


  1. Definitely need a pasta maker for this otherwise its too thick. Tastes like whole wheat pasta but very chewy. It is pretty much entirely fiber so you will only want to eat 1/4 of this recipe. Very filling and heavy feeling in your stomach. I will make it again once I have a pasta roller.

  2. Just finished making a batch. Didnt look anything like the video. Was very brownish in colour, like wholemeal pasta. Taste wasnt the best but was edible. Will make again and have it with some kind of sauce next time. ***UPDATE*** 1/2 hour after eating this shit i feel like throwing up. Ate a very small amount ( just enough to fill the palm of my hand ) and i feel like ive eaten a basketball… WILL NOT MAKE AGAIN ****

  3. I made it last night but the taste is really not like pasta.. Mine looks a bit more whole wheat ish compared to the video.. Too mushy in the mouth.. Held together well though while making it etc.. Thoughts ?

  4. I am here because of another youtuber Pinche Nancy (Spanish) I am in love with your recipe!!

  5. I love this! Would you be willing to use the same recipe and make a gnocchi vid?

  6. No hablo Ingles pero llegué a tú canal por la pasta gracias la voy a hacer es hora de comer pasta 🍝 🍝

  7. Aaaaaand its gluten in it. Most of thw people who eat keto, also dont eat gluten, because it causes problems with intestine…big problems.

  8. I weighed the ingredients instead of measuring by cups. Texture was too grainy and tasted like cardboard 🙁 . I love the keto bread recipe but this one was a fail for me. I will try making it again though.

    • Try not to use too much oat fiber when dusting the dough. That can give it an overly grainy texture.


  10. I made it, it wasnt very good. I was excited to try it because I have made fresh pasta before. The dough formed very well and everything was forming perfectly . Once I cooked it it was chalky in texture. I understand it is not supposed to be the same, but with all the hard work it takes to make fresh pasta, i wont make it again. I did make the keto bread recipe and it was great!!!

    • Thank you for explaining the taste before I went out and bought all these weird ingredients! Lol I definitely cannot handle chalky pasta! Its a great idea but probably not for me… so Thank you!!!

  11. I tried the exact recipe but it was very grainy and not edible for me…what went wrong??

    • Try use a little less oat fiber for dusting. It can create an overly grainy texture.

  12. I tried cooking this dough in every way I could and no matter what, it was terrible. Fried, baked, boiled…all lifeless cardboard. Better to just learn to live without pasta. I’m a big guy that is basically made of carbs, and I have up pasta without an issue.

  13. this is a Bullshit garbage recipie. DO NOT do THIS. Its a lie. I did this recipie exactly and my Italian ancestors are turning in their graves. It might LOOK like it but the texture and taste is WAY off.

  14. Wow I was stoked to see Keto pasta but since I have celiacs it not gluten free

  15. #hailketo
    Suggestion: Wet the towel before placing it under the board or use a couple of layers of wet paper towels. The board will hold in place much better while rolling. Thx for the recipe. Making a large batch so I can freeze some.

  16. I made this today. It was alright. It was chewy and not that appealing.
    I dont think this is a pasta substitute but for anyone on keto wanting anything that even resembles noodles, this might work. Your all-time epic recipe is your keto bread.
    Good effort though.

  17. Just wanted to say, that the potato fibre I have works just fine with your recipe (I can not get the oat fibre here but since it is neutral in taste anyway, I cant imagine a great difference). Tonight I made it for the second time for a Beef Daube Provencal that I like to make. Husband had his normal pasta with this and me my perfect keto pasta thanks to you again!

  18. Made this pasta last night ……… yummmmm. Turned out just like you said it would. 🥰 Went I started Keto had the thought to give my pasta machine away, cause I really didn’t think I would ever make pasta again…… happy I changed my mind. One question, can this pasta be dried, like you can when making wheat flour pasta, for storing??? Would like to make extra next time to keep for another meal ……. if it can’t be dried ….. what about freezing?? Thanks Keto king you’re a marvel 🥰🥰

    • Thank you, will try dehydrating it and see how it goes …….. hate wasting the ingredients, they’re a tad expensive to buy in Australia 😁

    • Someone said they dried it using a dehydrator and it worked. I imagine it would work just fine hanging it too.

  19. Just found you! Do you have a site with printable versions of your recipes?

  20. wheat glutens value is in carbs/sugar/protein and oat fiber has zero nutritional value So you are playing with the need to eat pasta without any other reason but an emotional attachment to a food you shouldnt eat . . . its not keto. Its a crutch.

  21. “Does this not look like real pasta or what!?!?”. That doesn’t matter. A scoop of cold mashed potatoes looks like ice cream, that doesn’t make it anything but cold mashed potatoes.

  22. Question: you said Vital Wheat Gluten? So this is not Gluten free. What can I sub this with so it is Gluten Free. Thanks

  23. Mine does not stretch and sticks like crazy. I have the same problem with the pizza dough you make with these ingredients. Any suggestions?

  24. Well things didn’t go well for me. They were a brownish color not a pretty yellowish color🤷🏼‍♀️ They rolled out nice but tasted and felt like I was eating cardboard. Followed ingredients and watched video several times hoping to get it right. Where did I go wrong?

    • In the video he measures using cups. Dont do that. Use a scale so you can weigh every ingredient and know exactly what is going into your recipe. Then you can troubleshoot and figure out how to reduce that flavor.

      You could also try seasoning the dough. Add a little salt, some keto friendly powdered sweetener, maybe a little cayenne pepper. Etc.

      If you cant get rid of that cardboard taste then just overwhelm it outright.

    • I have same problem like you. It just like I am eating a cardboard. I think that taste is probably from the oat fiber

    • Whoops, hit enter too soon. My press is an attachment for my Kitchenaid.

  25. Liked it. Subscribe me guys, I just uploaded some quarantine food recipes!

  26. Theres quite a few people on here that have mentioned it tastes like cardboard. Not so sure if I should make this one.

    • Bread is great. Did not care for the pasta…maybe it needed more water?

  27. Great receipe. Dont know how I feel about a YT cook cooking with an open, bloody cut on his finger

  28. What recipe/macro calculator do you use for your recipes? I input this recipe into recipe iq and seems like the macros are off by a few numbers. Your carb count per serving is around 2.5g but the app is giving me 10g per serving. Im confused. #hailtheketoking

    • Youd have needed to use the same exact ingredients, not all oat fibers and vital wheat gluten products are equal. I followed the same recipe (I only swapped out olive oil for avocado oil) and got a similar product.

      Manually checking the macros and adding the recipe to MyFitnessPal brought me to the same results as him.

  29. Agliolio Olive oil slightly toasted garlic and crushed red pepper. Glass of white.

  30. I‘m so happy to found your Channel. Thanks for your great low carb recepies. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  31. Ohh my.. Im soo excited excited to make this… Thank you so much KETO KING… ♥

  32. What is the alternative of oat fiber and whole wheat gluten as it is not available in Egypt and very expensive to be shipped from Amazon, really thanks

  33. Tried this last night and it was terrible. Unlike, the bread and pizza crust recipe which were very good, rubbery and tasted like cardboard. So bad, that we just threw it away and made zoodles.

    • Craig Nelson thanks for your honest feedback I was kinda skeptical myself lol

  34. For people claiming it tastes like cardboard, measure the ingredients by weight, try reducing the oat fiber to 1/3 a cup, switch out olive oil for something more flavorful (Id consider sesame or butter) up the salt a little and try adding a little bit of a powdered keto friendly sweetener.

    If the flavor of the oats is too big a deal and reducing the oat fiber doesnt work then just replace that. Kick it out and use coconut flour, or maybe sunflower or pumpkin seed meal. See how that works.

    • The ability to roll and stretch this should be entirely due to the essential wheat gluten. The fiber in this recipe is just adding the body.

      The gluten is like the skeleton and its not responsible for the taste really. Its in all normal pasta of course. So if you can switch out the body (the oat fiber) for something different then you should be able to change the flavor profile of the produced noodles.

      Im not on keto, but after running through a few websites of information coconut flour jumped ot at me as potentially the best replacement for the oat fiber. It should get rid of any oaty or nutty flavor entirely. Do that as well as kick out the olive oil and substitute butter and add a little more salt and It should taste better.

      If anyone tries to follow this train of thought let me know what you end up with.

  35. Can you use this recipe to make lasagna noodles? Really liked your video. Upon further reading of the comments, I see you can use this recipe for lasagna noodles. I definitely want to try it out. My husband loves lasagna

  36. I made chicken Alfredo with this recipe! My non-keto diet family loved it! It took a good while to make especially because I didn’t have the pasta maker, but I enjoyed hand making it! Thank you for this recipe!!

    • So happy you loved it! Thanks for the feedback!

  37. Go back to 2010, nobody eats keto anymore. Its all about the whole plant foods man.

  38. Hi.. I added my email twice but ddnt receive the free bread cookbook?? And also purchased the keto book 😉

  39. Bought the ingredients and the KitchenAid adapters for this recipe. The pasta worked but the farts gave a new meaning to the phrasesocial distancing!

  40. #hailtheketoking : you are the best! Ive used your bread recipe flour mix for all sorts of things now substituting the golden flax seed meal with either sunflower seed flour, soy flour or my favorite Lupin flour. For bread: lupin flour works the best and tastes like white bread (with a little added Erythritol in it, some Lupin flour can be a bit bitter) , for pasta, I mix lupin and soy (half and half). Its not for everybody thought, Soy or lupin (which is a legume very similar to peanut) does not cause inflammation for me, but everybody is different. Thanks Keto king!

    • Thats awesome. I havent used Lupin flour before but may have to experiment with it.

  41. This is the one recipe that genuinely looks like pasta but I cannot find that bitchass wheat gluten ANYWHERE.
    Yikes. I do hate Keto and its bazillion annoying ingredients sometimes.

  42. There is a spanish keto channel pinche nancy and she recomended this channel.,

    • Thats awesome! Thanks for letting me know. Glad you are here!

  43. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! This was BY FAR the most disgusting recipe I have made on the keto diet. BTW, his “best bread” recipe is so vile and awful, I was able to cut it into a kitchen sponge and wash dishes with it (not joking, it was basically made of gluten). I am a more than experienced cook, so I know what I am doing in the kitchen and these were tantamount to a child’s try at cooking. Just because it looks like pasta or bread does NOT mean that it tastes or feels ANYTHING like pasta or bread.

  44. I tried this last night…Fabulous! Mine turned out darken than yours. I used Anthonys Organic Oat Fiber and Bobs Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten. Which brands did you use?…Id like to make it again but with a lighter color to be even more pasta like. You ROCK!

    • Agreed, but you can make lots of meals worth of pasta in one go!

  45. Unfortunately tastes and texture like cardboard. Yuck. Tried it again to make sure…nope. I’m very proficient in the kitchen. Been cooking my whole life. It’s absolutely awful. I don’t understand. Watched video at least 10 times thinking I did something wrong. Nope. Followed to a T. And even looks the same as yours Keto king but not good at all. Had other family members taste it to be sure. They all hated it. Lol. I don’t get how some people like this. Completely baffled 😕 Sorry

  46. i’ve been searching for vital wheat gluten here in dubai but unfortunately it’s not available and alternative flour …thanks a lot big fan

  47. I struggled like F with is, damn dough kept sticking to the rolling pin, then when I did get it rolled out, i think I was too quick with the pasta roller, it kept bunching up
    Will be giving it another try next week…

    • @Missy Asche Thank you, dont know why I didnt think of that, as thats how I roll out my flat breads when I make them lol

  48. You can also add herbs to the pasta or citrus zest. You can make raviolis.

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