Can i drink isagenix greens on keto diet

And, on the other hand, here is a set of the worst drinks on the keto diet: Milk 12 grams per cup Beer 13 grams per can Soy milk 15 grams per cup Kombucha tea grams per portion Orange juice 26 grams per cup Regular Soda 39 grams per can of Coke Energy drink 40 grams per can of Red Bull Frappuccino 50 grams in a Tall Frappuccino Steps to make Fruit-Infused Water Drinking more water is among the easiest methods to feel more energized.

If your the usual water could use just a little oomph, try making keto-friendly fruit-infused water. The easiest way to create fruit-infused waters is to include all the ingredients to a huge infuser pitcherand allow it steep in the refrigerator for some hours – or even overnight.

longer it sits

The, the more flavorful the water shall be. To take fruit-infused water on the run, you can try among these water infuser bottles. Here are a few of the best keto-friendly flavor combinations for fruit-infused water.

Strawberry Cucumber: Put in a sliced strawberry and some slices of cucumber to water. You can muddle the berries and basil for more flavor even. Rosemary could be a strong flavor, so start with a little amount. Keto-Friendly Water Enhancers and Drink Mixes Another way to flavor your water is to add keto-friendly water enhancers and drink mixes.

You could find water enhancers which come as liquid drops or as powdered mixes. Search for water enhancers and drink mixes which contain zero calories and sugar. Some popular water enhancers brands are: Mio drops: A whole lot of different flavors to select from. Also comes in a power variety with added caffeine.

Sweetleaf Stevia drops : Sweetened with stevia. True Lemon powder sachets: Real crystallized lemon, without added sweeteners. Crystal Light: No problem finding in your local supermarket. Stur : Sweetened with stevia and flavored with real fruit extracts. Propel powdered mix: Also provides some electrolytes and vitamins.

Some water enhancers are sweetened with stevia, plus some contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Keto Coffee and Tea Black coffee and unsweetened tea are excellent beverage choices on the keto diet.

By themselves, tea and coffee contain zero sugar and only 2 calories per cup. Coffee and tea only turn into a problem when you add an excessive amount of milk and sugar. For example, 1 tablespoon of sugar contains 15 grams of carbohydrates just. Here are a few keto-friendly ways to ready your coffee and tea: Put in a tablespoon or two of heavy cream Use a sugar-free sweetenerlike Swerveto sweeten your coffee.

Put in a milk-alternative like almond milk Add flavored sugar-free syrups, like Torani Vanillaor Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Add spices, like nutmeg or cinnamon. Keto Milk Alternatives Listed below are the carb counts for keto-friendly milk alternatives, per 1 cup serving. Much like any nutritional information, check the carb counts on this brand that you select. Keto Smoothies A keto smoothie is an excellent keto drink when you wish an instant breakfast, or you will need to consume on-the-go.

make keto smoothies that are lower in carbohydrates

To, follow these general guidelines. Choose low-sugar fruit like berries, and add nutrient-rich greens like spinach. For liquids, avoid fruit drinks and only plain water, unsweetened milk almond, or coconut milk.

Add healthy fats, like full-fat coconut milk, heavy cream, or coconut oil. And as your final tip, use a high-powered blender to create your smoothies as creamy and smooth as possible. The secret is knowing what forms of alcoholic drinks are keto-compliant, and what forms of drinks to avoid. A go of liquor contains zero net carbs – but look out for sugary sodas and mixers.

Wine is low-carb – but watch out for sweet dessert wines which have a complete lot of sugar. Some ultra-light beers are okay – but most beers have many carbs for the keto diet too.

For a complete guide to alcohol consumption on the keto diet, have a look at this post: Keto Alcohol Guide And, for more keto cocktail recipes, have a look at this post: 21 Keto Cocktail Recipes Share this Post!


  1. What if you decrease to half a scoop of whey protein and add mct oil to give you the right macros?

  2. Hey Thomas *****PLEASE HELP*****
    Ive been eating your beginning diet plan to the T for the past 4 weeks. Ive been consuming about 7 limes a day in my water and kratom tea. Will the lime consumption stop my body from entering keto or kick me out once Im in ketosis?

    Edit: Also are redline energy drinks okay to consume? Im dedicated and REALLY want to get healthy on your methods. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Theres a lot of info but you focus on the science aspect and that keeps me on your channel.

    Quick story: I ran into some lady at work the other day and she mentioned keto and I mentioned your channel and she was like thats who I watch! Keep up the info man, its inspiring.🤙👍

  3. Is la Croix a good carbonated water. And the Bai drinks are also a good beverage to take?

  4. Can I drink sugar free Fit&active drinks at ALDI? How about Propel, sugar free Gatorade and or flavor sweeteners?

  5. Is loose leaf tea with fruit still keto? For example passion fruit or mango infused tea. Havent seen any nutrition facts, so wondering if the carb amounts of the fruit sugars are so small. I do better drinking liquids with added flavor, but dont want any artificial sweeteners. Thanks!

  6. What about clear sparkling flavored waters that are getting so popular. No carbs, so sugar, just carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavor , potassium , benzonite, potassium and Sucralose…thats the sugar! So how bad is it?

  7. Thomas can you do a video if Yerba Mate is acceptable and beneficial on Keto please?

  8. Great video… except why is Ujido pronounced as if its Spanish rather than Japanese?

  9. Can I drink a lot of coconut water(1-1.5lts a day) on Keto or will it kick me out of ketosis?

  10. What about flavored seltzer? I can’t find any info on drinking while eating keto

  11. Bang drinks do have Sucralose but also claims to have BCAAs and COQ10. I know this is old video but maybe you will see this and give me your take.

  12. because of the carbs in the Ujido tea, is this not a good tea to use if you are on couple day fast?

  13. So i went and amazon and a guy
    was asking about where the carbs in the matcha come from and the owner responded with this

    The carbohydrates our Sweet Matcha contain are non-glycemic, which are not used as energy by the body, so they are not converted into calories, nor raise blood sugar level, the carbohydrates come from Monk Fruit and Erythritol. It has about 19 grams of Sugar Alcohol from the Erythritol.

    Ujido The Path of Zen

    This is on the products page on amazon if youd like to see yourself .
    Also some people are saying it knocks them out of keto. Is there any truth to this

  14. Hey Thomas, how much protein can you digest per meal, and I asume its a lot (more than 30g), but wont that huge amount taken at once be hard on the kidneys? Also, isnt coffee hard on the stomach or the heart taken on an empty stomach (hot coffee not cold brew) ? PLEASE ANSWER, big fan 🙂

  15. I dont understand, the Ujido match tea says zero carbs but the box says 20 Grams of carbohydrates?

  16. The Matcha you picture has 20g of carbs per single serving packet. Is this ideal?

  17. My hubby wont drink plain water, he cant have carbonation, doesnt like milk products and dislikes any kind of coconut (meat, milk and oil). He only drinks koolaid, all day, every day. What can I do to make water taste better for him without adding sugar or sugar substitutes?

  18. Love this video. Can I drink macha tea during my fast? Or should it be consumed with a meal.

  19. so if im drinking whey protein isolate 4 times a week after my workout, should i switch to pea protein?

  20. Thomas, how is the Matcha keto friendly? Each serving is 20g of Carbs. That basically an entire days worth of carbs in a drink. Thank you

  21. I loved this video. Great info. Thomas has helped me achieve my first 24 hour fast! Woo woo!

  22. But what about whey? I have a bottle of whey in my fridge, not whey protein… Same rules apply?

  23. Im looking for something soothing and warm in the evening. Not black coffee. Thats just nasty. Not matcha, nasty as well. Thats just nasty. Is there anything????!!!! Coconut cream! Sounds sugary.

  24. Thanks for the great content as usual. Regarding cold brew, do you mean just regular coffee that’s chilled or is it a specific type of coffee that’s made a certain way? Thanks Thomas.

  25. I have a question about pink Himalayan sea salt, I drink about 64 oz of water mixed with teaspoon Himalayan sea salt and lemon and then water for the rest of the day is that too much sea salt per day?

  26. What about butter with coffee from grass fed cows? You get your MCTs that way too. I like Kerrygold unsalted

  27. What do you think about ice? the zero calorie flavored sparkling water they sell at Safeway? Some places say it’s okay to drink others say no. It’s zero everything on the nutrition facts.

  28. I have a hard time getting in my water at 60 oz. is sparkling ice water keto. True or False?

  29. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t coconut cream to thick to make a drink out of it ? So if I want to make the matcha how do I combine coconut cream so if can be a drink not a cream

  30. I ordered the Ujidos Matcha tea packets. I love the flavor. Every morning I have it to hydrate.

  31. Can anybody honestly tell me that this matcha stuff is worth it? I drink sugar free red bull for comparison.

  32. Can you do a video on the affects power aid zero and propel zero and what it does on a keto diet. There is no reliable information out there, other then a few people and there comments. We trust you! Me personally, when my ketone strips are in the 8-16 range in color, I drink 2 power aid zeros and it knocks it back to the 4 range on the strips. I have normal blood sugar, check it daily, and have normal a1c. I just never eat sugar or carbs and I feel amazing!

    • Marti M it’s sweetened with erythritol and monk fruit. Mostly sugar alcohols.

  33. What is your take on the Sparkling Ice drinks? Zero sugar, antioxidants, natural flavored?

  34. Isnt half n half full of milk (well half actually) which is also full of sugar?? I havent seen a half n half that didnt have a lot of sugar. Ive been using whipping cream without added sugar.

  35. Hi thomas i just started keto is it okay to drink water with lemon im trying to change it up but i dont wont to get out of ketosis

  36. Im a little late on asking but Gatorade zero? I was hooked on rockstar need a supplement? TYIA

  37. Thomas, I have a question about the whey protein. The one I’ve been using (mrm natural whey vanilla with probiotics) has a little more than 100 mg less than the sunwarrior ones you recommend. So would I be fine to continue using it? I also read that if you combine it with a different protein (I was thinking Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides) then that can keep the insulin from spiking. Thoughts?

  38. Before I purchase Ujido, how many carbs/serving? This info isnt provided on the site. If it is, its hidden well! 🤓 lol

  39. I love the video and greatly appreciate your advice. However, I am not a huge fan of coconut so having coconut cream isn’t as appealing to have. Would you recommend a plan B to coconut cream? Thanks John

  40. What about mixing everything together as a pre-workout drink? Cold brew coffee with pea protein, matcha, mct oil, coconut cream, mud/wtr, himalayan salt and wheat-grass powder?

  41. Does your brain need sugar, when I was on keto I was at or near zero sugar, I am now eating a few blue berries or strawberries with nuts. Any advice?

  42. If you are in true keto coffee is less appealing. Steroids and testosterone treatment raises fasting blood glucose. So someone using any kind of sport enhancement will always have trouble with blood glucose levels, Which in turn affects quality of ketosis.

  43. What about diluted juice with no added sugar and 0 carbs? As I prefer flavoured water

  44. Ujido has a ton of carbs, how is this ok on keto? Is it an acceptable carb?

  45. little nervous about getting into the keto phase. What if I feel like Im ready to go back to carbs but moderate it. Im not talking about sweets, im not really into sweets. Just eat a burger or a burrito here and there maybe after a night of going out. Would I have any side effects and if so how long do they last? I eventually want to throw in my favorite foods.

  46. Cold brew coffee?… I never heard of it but now I cant wait to give it a go at home. Youre a great teacher! If I hadnt researched and found your youtube videos I dont think Id have started Keto and stayed with it. Thank you!

  47. Can you talk about why or how these sweeteners are bad for us? When I know the damage that certain things do to my body it helps me to resist them

  48. Hello Thomas, thank you for all the information on keto. I’m new to the keto world but a coworker of mine introduced me to Nestlé flavored water in a bottle. What do you think, is it safe for me to continue to drink it or should I just stick to just plain water.

  49. I cant find information about Coca tea and the Keto diet, any feed back about coca? thanks in advance.

  50. Thomas the Ujido matcha green tea taste awesome but I just noticed it has 20 grams of carbs but no calories.  I am sure the carbs come from the erythritol.  Will this kick you out of a fast?  Why dont we count the carb in erythritol?

  51. Heres a tip: try cold san pellegrino with apple cider vinegar. It is delicious imo and perfect for low carb. Its also great for the gut biome, digestion, and its hydrating. I really like it, I drink it all the time.

  52. Can u drink crystal light on Keto? Also what about ICE sparking drinks?

  53. Im going to paste this several locations hoping this question is seen, but I work bike patrol throughout the day, then go to the gym. Does that count as a fasted state?

  54. Just got my order of Ujido matcha 3 boxes in fact and it has 20 grams of carbs!!! How does this not knock you out of Ketosis? Hoping there is fiber in this you know about because I try to limit my carbs to 15 g.

  55. Im definitely going to try switching to coconut cream. When I started keto I used alot of cream and when I cut down on the cream my keto rash started disappearing. Now if I understood it correct coconut cream is easier on the bile and thats why I developed a rash(at least it helped developing the rash) by eating a big amount of cream. Feel free to correct me if Im way wrong.

  56. went to the link for the Ujido matcha and cant seem to order it! HELP, cause I want it!

  57. When it comes to the benefits of cold brewed coffee, why not just heat it back up “after” it’s been cold brewed, so you can enjoy your hot coffee too?

  58. What’s up with phenylalanine? See it in the clear American drinks an other kinds of zero calorie carbonated flavored drinks

  59. Does the sweet matcha your holding have 10 carbs and how does it affect my macros. I bought and my tracker saids i ate 10 carbs. The flavor is absolutely delicious but Im afraid the carbs will throw me off. I stay at 20 carbs and under. Thanks

  60. The problem with coconut cream is the calories are 3 times higher than half and half.

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