Can i drink vodka on the keto diet?

Protein 0 g As possible plainly see, vodka is keto compliant but, as with any alcohol just, cannot overload with it totally. As possible plainly see, vodka has a high score for compatibility with keto. So vodka is ideal in this respect!

As soon as you drink vodka or any alcoholyour liver begin to metabolize it and all this alcohol is converted into energy this is an excellent simplification, of course. Moderate consumption of hard alcohols for instance, one or two shots of vodka may even raise the production of ketone bodies.

However, you cannot overload and poison the body with large sums of alcohol at the same time because you will kick yourself of our ketosis for most hours or even days and effectively stop any fat reducing. As you can plainly see, vodka in itself is an extremely keto-friendly liquid. However, you nevertheless still need to keep in mind that alcohol is toxic to the body as well as your liver will always prioritize it.

In this manner you can kill two birds with one stone and keep losing fat! Be sure to read other articles that discuss various kinds of alcohol and its own compliance with a keto diet. Check wine and whiskey out.

Liquids and drinks are analyzed based on the quantity of nutrients, vitamins, minerals or toxic ingredients they contain. Vodka has been proven to become more able to reducing stress that other alcoholic drinks like wine. It calms down the mind, lets you drift off quickly and will assist you to relax more easily. In Europe especially in Russia and Poland vodka can be used to cure an array of conditions beginning with a cold, flu, toothache, stomachache and more.

Vodka also works externally because of its antiseptic properties. It can help prevent infections and can be utilized to sterilize the wound for instance after a dog bite.

As you can plainly see vodka can have positive effect on your wellbeing both internally and externally. How could it be with drinking other styles of alcohol? Find out about drinking wine on keto and drinking whiskey. IMPORTANT THING: Consume In Moderation In case you are to consume alcohol on a ketogenic diet, vodka will be among the best choices probably. It does not have any carbs absolutely, no sugar and includes a couple of both internal and external uses that promote heath.

This guide, with all of those other guides on ABC Keto together, is supposed to show you facts to ensure that you can make the conscious and right dietary choices. The end result is: if you want vodka, drink it but make certain it aligns together with your goals and enables you to make progress. If you discover this mini guide useful and helpful, please share it together with your friends on social media.

My goal is to attain as many folks as possible to greatly help them make wise dietary choices and transform their lives.


  1. I wonder, do we feel the effects of alcohol more in keto, because we have dropped water compared to a carb based diet?
    Less water to dilute the alcohol in our body, therefore it is more concentrated and we feel it’s effects accordingly.
    Any ideas?

    • I think a lot of different mechanisms, this totally could be one

    • Lori-Ann Leavitt hi, interesting.
      I wonder how many people feel alcohol more on keto, compared to those that feel it less?

  2. I cant drink wine due to salicylate content. Vodka has been my go to and perfect for keto. Vodka soda yes!

    • J C have you tried tequila? Google tell me that it has fewer calories, have no experience but might gain some this weekend

    • johnvjr24 mentioned it 1 month ago: the mezcal he mentioned, El Jolgorio Tepeztate. 🙂

  3. You should really address the after effect of drinking on ketosis. My understanding, and I’ve felt this myself several times, is that magnesium levels plummet when you drink alcohol. It’s already difficult to maintain electrolyte levels while on ketosis, so this can lead to some pretty terrible keto flu or just general illness.

    • Thats what Im looking for. The aftermath. Ive been keto for 2 years. And while in ketosis, my hangovers feel like death. Im dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous…and over all just feel terrible!! Electrolytes are so important!!

    • Sadly no. Tonic contains a fair amount of sugar. Which sucks, as its my usual go to. I switched to soda with squeeze of lime 🙂

  4. I am drinking in a week only only . So tell me how much ML alcohol 🍷 can consume

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  6. if you drink alcohol you are absolutely not taking your diet seriously so stop the bullshit 💩

  7. I dont now about beer in general, but good LAGER ( brewed adhering to the ancient Bavarian purity laws) does NOT have sugar in it! This is because during the *extended fermentation process* , the yeasts devour all of the sugar.

    • sequi-tur → dont just look at sugar. If you are serious about keto youll want to look at net carbs. Starches and other carbs behave like sugar in the body. PS, I see you refer to the Bavarian purity laws, not the lesser German purity laws. Good for you.

    • @Dr. Anthony Gustin Lager brewed according to the purity laws does not contain wheat, as it is made with Barley.

      Red Oak Lager from North Carolina is the best in the USA.

    • Interesting — A skip for me due to the sensitivity to gluten and wheat

  8. Jogging is not good for your health either and plenty birdbrains out there do it.

  9. In one month Keto, stopped my regular 3g sugar/L white wine swapped for vodka with water. Four weeks into Keto, had that 3g/L wine with no effect?? Liver more efficient?

  10. I like mixing vodka, soda, WITH ultima electrolytes. Deeeeeelicious. 😍

  11. Ive switched to Argentina wines for that reason as well as insecticides…. I allow myself a bottle a week and one glass in a day…

    • I tend towards an Argentinian high altitude Malbec. Presumably, they use less glyphosate. Some commodity USA wines have tested very high for glyphosate.

      There are a handful of organic and or biodynamic California wines I dtink as well.

  12. I’ve cut back so much, I used to have few glasses of wine a few times a week and would be fine. One glass I’m very tipsy and if I don’t watch my electrolytes a few hours latter I feel like I’ve been poisoned lol so was very easy to cut back!

  13. The first time I drank on Keto, about 4 months, boy I hAd a great time but then I went straight home and barely made it to the toilet before I projectile vomited. I hope my comment will save some lovely Keto comrade from that. 2 is the absolute upper limit my friends. And EAT FIRST!!

  14. I drink vodka on ice with lime slice once in a while and I noticed I get drunk so easy when I started on Keto diet

  15. Wrong about tequila regulation… It is one of the most regulated beverages in México. You should investigate about the “consejo regulador del tequila” really important prívate regulation institution.

  16. American wines win awards in international competitions all the time. I think what you got there is a wine snob.

  17. japanese whiskey (high quality as possible) stevia ginger ale (diet ginger ale) w lime on ice … whoa

  18. FYI: dry had NOTHING TO DO WITH SUGAR CONTENT. Its taste (relatively labelled) related. Research. 😎 Cheers!

  19. As a wine snob, I totally disagree about getting a lower alcohol percentage wine. Usually, the lower you go the more residual sugar. I drink California Zinfandel which tends to be higher in alcohol, 14-16%. I will have 1 glass every night and stay in ketosis. Poor soiI? Bs. If the soil is so poor then why are California wines some of the best in the world? I agree about tolerance. It will not only affect you more but will tend, for me anyway, to give a hangover the next day. Moderation is the key. Cheers!

    • @the lazy carnivore channel Just another deluded snowflake. Go back to MSNBC and keep drinking the Kool Aid. Done.

    • @James Lester oh talking of cognitive dissonance…pot calling kettle black x

    • @James Lester yeah blah blah blah…ps…its ok to research which I did and thats because I am not a brainwashed numpty who believes the drip fed nonsense propaganda which equals goverment agency advice or studies from scientists in their pockets as well as Monsantos. Bye Felicia

    • @the lazy carnivore channel Its okay, someday when you get some miles on you, you will realize that just because you read something somewhere, it doesnt mean make it valid. Its called cognitive dissonance. Im sure you know more than scientists however.

    • @James Lester when someone says fake news…ya kinda know they are the sort of person who deserves to drink wine with Glysophate in it. Ignorance wont save you…I can assure you.

  20. For me, its Silver tequila lime and salt…used to be a vodka drinker until I found out that tequila has 30 percent fewer calories…plus its a lot easier to drink straight to avoid the mixers…also do a bit of homework into what your drinking….amber-or gold-colored alcohols might contain caramel in them for their look…not all alcohols are equal…

  21. Last weekend I bought a extra dry bottle of Chianti. Had one glass. I was as buzzed on one glass as I was when I drank a bottle of wine before ketosis. Btw a dirty martini (triple distilled vodka with green olive juice) is a near perfect no carb or sugar cocktail.

  22. I drink 2 glasses of jack Daniels and waters a day before bed while on the keto diet. I still got into ketosis and lost more than 10kg.
    But 2 glasses makes me a little drunk now compared to 8 glasses I would have before

  23. any drop of alcohol is actually bad for you not backed up with any source at all, why should anyone believe you guys over anyone else?

  24. I started Keto September 3rd 2018 n lost 35 lbs. I’m totally fat adapted so when I drink some really filthy dirty martinis or shots of some good ol’ reposado mescal with salt n lime all is good so long as I mind my magnesium n salts.

  25. I tend towards rye bourbon or scotch cut with cold water. This is how the Scotts drink their single malts.

  26. Cocktail are usually Whisky and Soda for me. If I’m going strong it’s dry martini

  27. Been on keto very shortly as a bartender& a professional business FT CS(10yrs+) I figured it would be ideal to drink iced water w olives & Vodka nothing else. What are youre thoughts? Personally I love beer but, i think beer is not good. So just get Chivas, Kettle One etc..

  28. Ive been on an alcohol free carnivore diet for 6 months and i decided to drink on christmas day. I 700ml bottle of jagermeister later I was only tipsey. ???

  29. You made me lol when you used the words cheap date, before starting keto 8 weeks ago I could drink anyone under the table, but now 2 double vodkas with diet soda and Im a happy drunk 😝🤪🙃

    I actually avoid alcohol but have it on special occasions, friends/family birthdays for example.

  30. Unicon syrup with respberry svedka that’s what I drink and I don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of keto 😉

  31. the reason why get drunk faster is exactly the amount of water in your body cells

    -people with bigger weight are more likely to be more resistant to alcohol simply because they got more water within their body
    -women get drunk faster than men simply because on average they got 10% less liquid within their cells

    -to me -simply vodka is the answer (though never been a fan of it) -helps during the keto flu as well

    hydration and electrolytes obviously are important so mineral water is the answer
    sorry for my eastern europian but i couldnt resist

  32. I would like to ask. Is GKI (Glucose Ketone Index) accurate? Is it useful to distinguish if you are doing keto strong enough to help with epilepsy or other neurological disease? thanks

  33. I’d much rather eat some cannabis butter with coffee. than drink alcohol. I feel so much better, no hangover and it’s keto approved. 🤓✌️

  34. I did a 5 day all inclusive in Mexico and did surprisingly well. Every morning I ate a massive plate of bacon sausage and eggs and did water until 1 or so when I started partying and then it was mostly goose and soda and whatever random shots that came my way. I swear I looked better after I came back then when I left. Maybe dehydration though.

    • Probably dehydration haha but sounds like you didnt have too many set backs

  35. Females, particularly in high SDI locations, experienced some protective
    effects for ischaemic heart disease and diabetes beyond 60 years of
    age. For males, only high SDI and low SDI locations had noticeable
    protective effects for ischaemic heart disease, but the effect was small
    compared with the total attributable burden in those locations.

    Your comment that even small amounts of alcohol consumption are not beneficial will likely be refuted over the next decade as new studies are produced. This capstone meta-analysis study funded by the Gates Foundation seems pretty agenda driven and somewhat social engineering seeking to me.

  36. before I was keto, I was low carb and loved going to beer fests. I found that carb loading made me able to consume a larger amount of alcohol. I believe keto makes me a cheap date for two reasons. 1) I simply dont drink as often 2)depleted liver glycogen. A real martini doesnt have sugar in it. Manhattans have a small amount from sweet vermouth. if I have one, it hasnt been an issue. Heres a topic I think you should cover: how does injury effect ketosis and weight loss/gain.

  37. Rum and Coke was my go to. What are your thoughts on having a Rum and diet coke/coke zero?

  38. I think keto has ruined my love of Champagne 😢 & many wines (i only drink dry anyway)…I noticed on Christmas & NYE I just tasted them & politely poured them out…however, I have been craving dry/dirty martinis! Had a silver tequila on the rocks w a heavy squeeze of lime w salt & talk about the best “margarita” ever!

    • Lori Ann Leavitt. The dryness of the wine has EVERYTHING to do with the sugar content of the wine. The only thing is that alcohol , tanin, acidity etc. affect the sugar levels as well. But the primary thing that affect the dryness is the sugar content. Thats why I only drink dry red. (Cabernet Sauvignon if I have choice)

    • dry had NOTHING TO DO WITH SUGAR CONTENT. Its taste (relatively labelled) related. Research. 😎 Cheers!

  39. champagne is the best, then straight liquor in soda wader with a bit of citrus is keto friendly. and yea the affect is doubled. California wins are great, poor soil is a bullshit lie. beer is oxalate poison and fattening.

  40. I drink Single Malt Scotch and water only. And not much water at that.

  41. 6:51 I have hardly had any pimples througout my life; however I get painful acne from eating potato chips; how come?

  42. Actually, my second week of Keto, I had a Michelob Ultra and I hated it. But two weeks later I tried it again and it tasted good. Probably I had been without simple carbs long enough where the low carb beer became enjoyable.

  43. Bullshit! Not a doctor. This is Youtube… I am a doctor….no I am a doctor. Oh wait…I am doctor. I received my out of a crackerjack box. What a joke.

  44. I told my brewer husband he had to stop his two beer a day habit to get into ketosis he refused and to my amazement his ketone level was higher than mine. Just not fair he can break all the rules and still lose faster than I do.

  45. I drink organic vodka ( Prairie) w carbonated water , lemon & cucumber 🥒

    Any thoughts ?
    Please advise 😊

    • Even if your vodka and soda are 100% carb free, you will not be in kethosis while drunk or hungover. And hangovers are extra long and hard.

  46. The obsession to be in a constant state of Ketosis seems just as bad as the cult of Veganism.

    • Veganism Is not a cult!!! .. people who are vegan just dont want animals to suffer.!!!

    • Ketosis is simply a state where your body burns fats for energy instead of carbs. If you go out of ketosis and your body shifts back to its default glucose burning, it may take days to get back into ketosis. Thats why you see the obsessive quality about it. If youre going to do stuff to knock yourself out of ketosis every few days you may as well not bother doing keep at all.

  47. Budweiser select 55 has very low carbs and also Corona premiere is low in carbs ..

  48. Tequila with salt and lime at the club. Yes, drinking alcohol, but hey, getting some sodium and vitamin C too. 👍😉

  49. Yo Anthony. You have so many designations beside your name. Can you explain what all of them are?

    • Doctorate in Chiro, Masters of Science in Sports Rehab, then a bunch of other meaningless alphabet soup

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