Can i eat avocado on high protein diet

But contrary to popular belief, fruit contains a few of this essential macronutrient also. Some fruits contain much more than others, with some high-protein fruits containing up to two-thirds of the recommended daily dose of protein. So pair the fruit with additional protein sources going to your recommended daily value. You get countless minerals and vitamins that fine-tune your current health also.

Read on to discover which high protein fruits have made the cut, and how many other benefits they need to offer. Pre-diabetics and diabetics: Though fruits include a large amount of vitamins, nutrients, not to mention fiber, they are sugar-dense also. Limit your fruit consumption to only servings, and try and pair your fruit with a healthy protein. It supplements your diet with a decent amount of protein, not only providing you with a substantial amount of it, but with lots of other beneficial nutrients also.

When vitamin C is sourced from whole foods, the body excretes any excess because of its water solubility. Additionally, it includes a fair amount of magnesium, vitamin A, iron, and the antioxidant lycopene to safeguard the body against aging. All you have to to accomplish is wash it, halve it, and cut it into pieces then.

Enjoy it alone, or make a tropical salad from it with other high-protein fruits like banana and kiwis, and also a topping of unsweetened yogurt or some nuts.

Avocado 4g protein per cup Considering avocado among high-protein fruits may surprise you for a true number of reasons. First off, the known fact that avocado is known as a fruit, and second because avocado includes a reputation because of its role as a wholesome source of fat. Since it turns out, it contains a higher amount of protein too relatively. Knowing that, the monounsaturated essential fatty acids found in avocados lessen bad cholesterol while maintaining the nice. Avocados also contain lots of blood pressure regulating potassium to keep you healthy all year round.

You may also mash it into guacamole, or mix with cacao powder and honey for a sweet treat. It seems sensible that dried fruit has concentrated values of nutrients like protein, but this also implies that their sugar content is equally concentrated.

So ensure that you consume dried apricots in moderation. Aside from protein, apricots contain a fantastic amount of vitamin A and C. Both become antioxidants that help shield the body against free radical damage, eye-related issues especially. Eat even more: Chop dried apricots up and add them to your breakfast cereal or your afternoon yogurt snacks.

You may also enjoy them with a small number of nuts, or sneak them into whatever you bake, be it breadcake or cookies. Kiwifruit 2g protein per cup Apart from delivering a wholesome dose of protein, kiwis are one particular fruits which have some more tricks up its sleeve. Kiwis are abundant with vitamin C you need to include over half of the vitamin K you will need per day.

Get more in: Enjoy kiwis because they are with a spoon or chop them up and throw them right into a fruit salad. Feeling adventurous? Then swirl them right into a smoothie and tone the acidity down with an increase of fruit or ginger.

Grapefruit 2g protein per cup Grapefruit in addition has earned its put on our high-protein fruits list, as it contains a good amount of protein. The fiber plays a part in healthy weight loss by keeping you satisfied for longer, and the vitamin C will increase your disease fighting capability in colder months.

How exactly to enjoy: Eat grapefruit as a refreshing starter before you dig into your meal. Slice the fruit in half, and use a serrated knife to cut around the flesh in a circular motion.

Then use a knife and fork to slice the flesh into smaller pieces. You may also eat it after your meal in the event that you usually crave something sweet after food. When you combine different resources of protein, you reap the benefits of a range of proteins and a good selection of extra nutrients. Packed with fiber, vitamins, potassium, and antioxidants blackberries are little pocket rockets. The contain vitamins A, E, C, to K, plus iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, folate, and anthocyanins.

Besides that, you can just snack on them – they are a great food to try practicing mindful eating being that they are so fun to consume. Melon 1. Try thirst-quenching cantaloupe melon.

only could it be mouthwatering

Not, but it addittionally offers more protein than you imagine. Melon is also packed with immune-strengthening vitamins A and C, which you know right now are potent antioxidants. Melon time: Break up chunky slices and savor them because they are, or get create a melon melange alongside other styles of melon like honeydew and watermelon.

You may also appreciate it the Spanish way with a slice of good-quality cured ham wrapped around it. Peach 1g protein per cup Peaches bring much more to the table than simply their plumpness and protein content.

The fun fact about frozen fruit is that the fruit is normally at its best when frozen, retaining its sweetness and nutritional peak. After that you can either thaw them or blend them into smoothies, or make instant sorbet as we did with this instant strawberry ice cream.

Most fruit contains protein, however, many have higher values than others. Keep this high protein fruits list convenient to refer to when planning your breakfast or snacks.

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  1. I lost 70 lbs in 10 months just from drinking raw red grapefruit juice
    avocados help clean out plaque from your arteries and aorta
    viva guacamole!

  2. They don’t tell you that an avocado has more saturated fats than saturated fats

    • That text didn’t come out right what I am saying is they don’t tell you that I will Cotto has more saturated fats then saturated fats

  3. I lovem to. I cutem in half. Stick a knife in the seed, and twist. Comes right out. Then use a butter knife to slice while in the Shell, in a slice dig motion scraping the shell. Its very effective, and efficient. I used to peel, but at times can be cumbersome, and messy. Either way works. Bottom line just eatem.

  4. DEAR DR. ERIC BERG ⭐️, … I would love to see a video on veggie fat vs. animal fat, Pros and Cons on the Keto Diet and for the human body in general. THANX 🌿💚🍀

  5. Hru Dr? Just to let you know i recently found out that 70% of the beneficial nutrients of an avocado 🥑 are in the pit . So i dry out the pit peel off the skin and i add it to my smoothies or shakes . Just thought u should know , God bless you And thank you for ur great info .

  6. 1:46 avocado is a fruit. But good video, I firmly believe eating an avocado for breakfast is the best thing you can do for your health

  7. What nonsense … do you know it has to be peeled like that and that stuff is concentrated there? Cite some chemical or biological analysis report or study else its hooey.

  8. Thank you for the helpful information. When I cut an avocado in half and scoop it out with a spoon I get virtually all of the green matter attached to the outer shell so why would I want to peel it and lose half of it?

  9. I am Alergic to that tipe of avocado.. With the ruff skin bumps. My . tongue get swollen funny sensation. Nomb. Like. But if I try the avocado with soft skin is ok. No reaction. Why ? THANKS .

  10. Anyone here experienced having sweet avocado? Just now i had a sweet avocado. I have eaten lots of avocado and i never had sweet avocado before. I contained myself and ate only half. My question are these types of avocado have high sugar?

    • aionwafu05 I had tried bitter avocados, during my visits to Philippines..

  11. I grab a bunch of avocados on sale, cut them all up into pieces, throw them in the freezer to save for my blender drinks. If a couple of them have brown in them I will take them right back to the store and they replace them with fresh ones.

  12. What do u mean low carb? One cup California avocado (the small dark one) has 72 grams of carbs – this is the Hass variety. The other variety, Florida (the bigger, greener one), 1 cup has 65 grams of carbs. If I need to be around 20g of carbs on keto, avocados should not be on the menu.

  13. But, why is scoping it out not good? you need to tell that as well, because I dont see the difference.

  14. When I make green drinks. I put slices of avocado seed in the blend. Thats ok right.

  15. I used to hate avocados, but recently, after reading all the health benefits of them, I gave them another try. Now, I love 🥑!


    • You have to substract the fiber carbs to come up with the amount of actual carbs.

  17. 16 ounces unsweetened cashew milk, whole avocado, tablespoon cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons monk fruit sweetener and a dash of vanilla extract and pink Himalayan salt……like meeting Jesus every morning!😋😋😋

  18. Dr Berg how many avocado I can eat in a day?please answer as Im on diet.

  19. Is guacamole OK? 70% avocado with cream and small amount of lemon and pepper

  20. He gave me anxiety by watching him cut that avocado the way he did lol 🥑

  21. Is 1 avocado per day to much? How much to consume to where it wont have a reverse effect?

    • It is ideal, even 2 but 1 average size gives you a cup and is ok for a day, that is what I do. Avocado, lemon and onions are the only food I eat daily.

  22. Dr. Berg! I started eating more avocado in my Keto Diet, my concern is are all types avocado not same right? (Facts prove not) I bought some Smooth skin dominican avocado when i looked up the nutrition facts and i was really thrown off. This is what i found…

    Dominican smooth skin avocado
    Serving: 230g
    Total Carbs: 18g
    Fiber: 12.9g
    Sugars: 6g


    Hass avocado
    Serving: 136g
    Total Carbohydrates 12g
    Dietary Fiber 9.2g
    Sugars 0.4g

    I feel I should stay away from the smooth skin and only eat the hass one. Please advise. Thank you for your videos and time to respond.

  23. I just came across a post online giving the benefits of eating the avocado seed by grinding it up and putting it in smoothies. What is your take on this… are these claims true? Is it safe?

    • I tried this grinding but it gave me horrible anxiety w/heart palpitations. I even went to the doctor cuz I was freaking. I can eat the meat of the fruit but not from seed. If anyone has a latex fruit allergy then this is bad as well.

  24. I am a avid avocado lover and I have been eating my avocados the wrong way all this time. Thanks for the tip Dr, Berg

  25. I scoop mine down to the black rind. So, I think scooping is better than peeling.

  26. High in fodmaps, has lectins n it a stomach irritant . Not good for people that have IBS

  27. When I lived in Argentina we had an avocado tree in our backyard! Big, delicious, free avocados 😀 Then we moved to Europe and here you pay outrageous prices for a tiny avocado 🙁

  28. I peel and then scrape the skin. Yum
    One of my many brothers years ago, aeons, told me the nutrients were deep in the skin- that was prior to chemical every thing, abd in the veg stems that most toss.

  29. Some people are grinding the pip and adding the powder to smoothies. Is this a healthy practice?

  30. So 1 avocado have 12 gm of carbs. If I eat 2 a day, my carb intake is almost done. Confused.

  31. And remember to keep the big old seed and roast them. They are loaded with goodness

  32. We got a lot of avocado in my country…and at a very low cost…a half dozen for 1 us dollar…

  33. What about the avocado pit? Ive heard of people making a tea? Any thoughts Dr.B

  34. How is scooping out not as good? I scoop that until theres nothing left to scoop.

  35. Awesome. Love that tip at the end, no more scooping with spoon, Thanks Dr. Berg.

  36. thanks for your videos, can you make a video of how to mix food, like what to eat at the beginning just to avoid bloating. Also when you are Vegan and mix evertything you have gases. Also if you need to eat the combinations to get plant protein in the same meal, o during the day.

  37. Did he just say that this fruit has vegetarian fat? If you cant deal with the fats from fruits and veggies. Im performing assisted suicides at my home for all these people.

  38. Dr. Berg I would ask that you please please do a video expanding Im why the omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio that is 10 to 1 4 avocados is not bad or is not pro-inflammatory. The reason is that you read some articles that tell you do everything you can to limit omega-6 especially from vegetable oils and fats. They say you have to be very stringent with it where Ive heard some people say they would only eat one avocado a week and you know life just wouldnt be very fun with one avocado a week please please expound on why avocados would be an exception to the ratio that we would want in a diet of I believe 6 to 1 omega-6 to Omega-3. Also big question do you like chia seeds as a good source of Omega-3, the pharmaceutical fish oils I tried go rancid very quickly and that is totally unhealthy.

  39. I will tell you a secret.  You do not need a knife to eat an avocado.  Just grab the avocado with both hands and turn both hands in opposite directions.  Then just squeeze out the avocado.  EASY

  40. avacados are horrible for the environment. they are responsible for the water crisis in numerous places in the world. they are farmed almost exclusively by corporate farms who regularly steal the most valuable land from the native small farmer populations. these corporate farms suck up scarce resources in mostly poor undeveloped countries all so they can market this trendy food to a bunch of ignorant rich liberals at your local Whole Foods — @

  41. I ate an avocado and it gave me the courage to confront my abusive step-father. Thanks Dr. Berg!

    • There is no way you will scoop without leaving out the green coat, if it ripe enough the best way and the easiest is peeling by hand like Dr Berg, you need to see the green part as a whole not the greenish yellow part.I used to use spoon as well but stopped.

  42. Best way to peel an avocado is with a teaspoon, because you can scrape all that green stuff and get right down to the bottom.

  43. hi Dr. Berg can u please do a video on the avocado pit , is it safe to consume?

  44. When I eat these super foods I feel like a God. It literally changes like my energy or aura

  45. Idk if I’m the only one that does this, but I buy a pound of guacamole every day and eat it for breakfast. The whole pound for breakfast. Costs me $5 a pound.

    How many avocados are in a pound of guacamole?

  46. Ive just read: While phytosterols lead to reduced cholesterol levels, many studies suggest that they can increase your risk of heart disease

  47. Thanks dr eric berg dc for all da good info, i used to weight 245 lbs on January but now on May 2019 im at 190 lbs , gym & eating healthy with all this videos thank you DR. ,
    I found you on January 2019

  48. I hated the sight and the creamy texture of Avocado until I found out it was health for you. So i use to almost close my eyes to eat them. But someone suggested that I put garlic powder and pepper to taste better. Now I cant get enough of them!

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