Can you drink mio on keto diet

To find out more on the sweeteners that are found in your preferred water enhancers, go through our article on the very best and worst low carbohydrate sweeteners.

Sparkling Water, Seltzer, and Club Soda These bubbly drinks may appear like they are one in the same, however they involve some distinct differences. Sparkling mineral waters, for instance, have bubbles that are smaller and finer and the carbonation is naturally occurring.

However, club soda could have bicarbonate salt put into give it finer bubbles, along with a little of a mineral-y taste. For this reason seltzer is often flavored – otherwise, it would taste sort of bland.

The carbonation in this beverage is indeed subtle that it barely qualifies as sparkling water. San Pellegrino. Italian sparkling water that comes flavorless and in lots of fruit flavors. However, their sparkling fruit beverages contain as much sugar as regular soda, so ketogenic dieters should adhere to the unflavored San Pellegrino products. LaCroix Sparkling Water. If you are searching for sparkling water with natural, subtle fruity flavor no calories, then LaCroix is a perfect option for you.

Voss Sparkling. With a flavorless sparkling version and a few fruit and herb flavor combinations, Voss Sparkling is another viable zero-calorie option for ketogenic dieters.

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. Perrier is another great zero-calorie option with normal sparkling water and simple fruit flavors like orange and pink grapefruit. Cascade Ice Sparkling Water. Although Cascade Ice claims that their products have zero calories, a few of them do involve some trace levels of sugar from juice concentrate. These drinks remain keto-friendly, but ought to be consumed in moderation. With a wide selection of flavors that are zero-calories, Polar Seltzer is ideal for any keto dieter who would like something bubbly with subtle flavors.

Vintage Seltzer. If you would like directly seltzer with nothing added, then vintage seltzer is for you personally. They involve some zero-calorie fruity flavors like lemon-lime and orange also. Schweppes Seltzer. That is another popular brand which makes various calorie-free flavored seltzers Keto-friendly Club Soda: Of all brands that I researched, do not require put any flavorings or sugar in it.

So, If you want something advanced and bubbly with no flavoring, try having club soda then. Coffee and Tea Coffee and Tea are a wonderfully healthy keto drinks and may be especially helpful in assisting beginners overcome the energy lull that’s typically experienced through the first couple of days of keto. The only problem with coffee and tea is what a lot of people add to it. Keto Coffee Drinks Rather than adding sugar to your coffee or ordering a frapcrapa macchiato with special syrup, try a few of these keto-friendly coffee preparations: Plain black coffee.

Enjoy drip, espresso, cold brew, french press, iced, etc. With full-fat dairy or a dairy alternative. Put in a splash of unsweetened full-fat heavy cream or milk, almond milk, morning cup or blend it with espresso for a no-sugar or coconut milk to your, low-carb latte.

Add fat to your coffee. Put in a healthy fat source, like MCT powder or oil, coconut oil, or grass-fed butter, to your coffee and blend it up. Not sure specifically how much fat you should add? Follow our coffee recipe to discover ways to make an ideal Cup of Ketoproof Coffee. Use zero-calorie sweetener rather than sugar. With a couple drops of liquid stevia just, the bitterness could be cut by you of black coffee and make it more fun.

Make your own keto-friendly special coffee drink. By combining healthy fats, full-fat dairy, some spices, and a small amount of zero-calorie sweetener, you could have your own specialty coffee drinks without needing to head to your local restaurant or cafe.

Keto Tea Drinks Most teas have no carbs virtually, so they certainly are a great option for keto drinks. Some different kinds include: Black teas.

Great hot or iced and present you the most caffeine and a bolder flavor typically. Green teas. Provides a little less caffeine than coffee and includes various health advantages and a good earthy flavor. Herbal teas. Herbal teas offer you something warm to drink without the caffeine buzz.

You need to be cautious of any teas containing dried fruit or sugar derivatives because they will leach some sugar into your cup of tea since it steeps. Or it could be kept by you simple and then add heavy cream and keto-friendly sweetenersuch as stevia, to your tea to create it more palatable.

Diet Soda You almost certainly already know this, but regular sodas aren’t a good for your wellbeing – especially on keto. There are always a complete large amount of sugar-free sodas out there, but the majority of them contain artificial sweeteners and other dubious ingredients. In the event that you would stay as natural as possible rather, then there are two healthier diet soda options that I understand of: Zevia. Zevia comes in so many flavors that you will look for a healthy probably, keto-friendly version of your preferred soda. Each flavor comprises of all 100 % natural ingredients including stevia, monk fruit extract, erythritol, and natural flavors to provide your palate with the taste and feel of your preferred sodas without the calories.

Make your own. You may also make your own healthy soda by mixing sparkling water with keto-friendly sweetener and citrus or other desired flavors. In the event that you benefit from the fizziness of soda, consider switching to a seltzer or sparkling water alternative from above in this article. It is typically a far greater choice. Keto-Friendly Juice Alternatives Whether you are on the ketogenic diet or not, juice isn’t a wholesome drink option. Even the freshest of juices contain minimal fiber and only a few of the nutrients from the fruit, while leaving you with a concentrated way to obtain sugar and water.

An improved option for nutrients will be a savory broth. In case you are thinking of having juice, have the complete fruit instead, and in case you are on keto, stick to low-carb fruits like berries or drink some juice alternatives instead. Carefully gauge the amount of juice you are going to drink to ensure that there is no need way too many carbs. Powerade Zero. Searching for a keto-friendly sports drink with zero sugar?

Powerade Zero is a superb option. Vitamin Water Zero. Vitamin Water contains adequate vitamins, however they are are filled up with sugar aswell typically.

Vitamin Water Zero, however, gives you all the goodness of vitamins with zero carbs. Flavored Water Enhancers. Simply buy among the water enhancers we learned all about earlier in this post and put a few drops in your water.

Wave Soda Sparkling Juice. This drink is a hybrid between sparkling juice and water, and it makes an excellent juice and soda alternative for keto dieters. Each can has around 5 grams of net carbs. Hint Water. Hint is purified water with a hint of non-GMO natural fruit flavor.

These keto-friendly drinks are like fruit-infused water without the trace levels of fruit sugar. Popular Keto-Friendly Juice Alternatives.


  1. Horrible background music, also talk to me like a normal human. This isnt an essay

    • If you were a normal human, you wouldnt be bitching about a free helpful video.

    • If you prefer to read the article this video is based on thats located here 🙂

  2. I really despise, almost puke to see butter in Coffee. That is some BS. Think of it this way, putting butter in wine. Coffee is drunk for its taste yoall, not for its caffeine effect.

    • Wrong. People drink it for caffiene more than taste otherwise decaf would be the norm

    • Agreed, it was weird at the start for me too. The same as drinking apple cider vinegar twice a day also. Once your brain gets used to the fact that Keto is now the norm, your tastebuds change and things that were crazy weird at the start, actually taste nice now. Stick with it and you’ll get there 👍🏼

    • Lots of people add cream and sweetener to their coffee. Butter is made from cream so its not as far of a stretch as you might think 🙂

  3. Shes so helpful and what makes it so perfect is that she gets straight to the point ✌🏻

    • @Dirty Hippie I do this with La Croix when I occasionally drink. Its so good

    • Yes, sparkling water like La Croix is a great choice. They dont add sweeteners which is a big plus (higher sweetener consumption usually leads to higher sugar cravings).

  4. The vodka and club soda is not working for me, because only two drinks make me sick as a dog for two days after. I’m doing everything I should, drink a glass of water for each drink, eat collagen, using very good vodka, but nothing helps. The only thing I can drink two drinks of is Michelob Ultra or Corona Premier. Just my own peculiarity I guess.

    • RuledMe you’re right. I guess it’s really true that everyone is just a little bit different! 😁

    • Its just coffee, butter, MCT oil, sweetener of choice. You can find a lot of those items in regular grocery stores. The rest you may have to shop online for or visit a specialty grocery store.

  5. So far, every time Ive broken out if ketosis was when I was drinking and ended up munching on pizza drunk.

    • Most 80 proof drinks have 0 carbs by itself. The carbs come from mixers and additives such as cranberry juice, coke, triple sec, etc.

    • While some brands may have sugar in the form of flavorings, plain vodka has zero carbs.

  6. The keto diet completely changed my life! I used to weigh 17 stone, but now i’m a homeless alcoholic

  7. I just tried vanilla chai tea with almond milk and whip cream. No sugar added. It will probably replace my coffee addiction.

    • Danny King that’s some good logic you have there buddy, just because we’ve done something for centuries makes it ok lol. Idk why you’re in denial alcohol literally is a poison dumb dumb.

    • Keaton is 100% on the money here, all you weak fucks are just searching for an excuse to get munted and still think youre healthy, you probably mouth off to all your mates when youre 8 vodkas deep about how healthy you are and how they should be just like you…its actually laughable. If you need alcohol to have a good time, you are one boring sumbitch.

    • micky363 you can get the same antioxidants from a cup of blueberries or other fruit without the alcohol. That’s just a saying for society so they can justify putting poison into their bodies. So buh bye…

    • @Keaton Jenkins Wow. Thats kind of extreme. People like to drink sometimes, its not that serious. Now if youre drinking everyday and being crazy about it then yeah you shouldnt drink. Doctors say a glass of red wine once a week is healthy because the antioxidants.

  8. Miller light.. 3 carbs!! And you don’t have to sacrifice alcohol content

    • I wouldnt recommend drinking it regularly, but every once in a while would not knock you out of ketosis.

  9. I think Im going to try Keto, currently the only carbs/sugar I eat is my orange or banana for breakfast, all other meals are chicken pretty much or red meat twice a week. So far by just cutting out fast food, and that 2 cans of soda a day Ive dropped two belt sizes! I do drink though, but its a couple drinks of gin or vodka, the clear stuff never gives me hangovers. I also drink ten 8 oz of water per day so hydration is pretty good.

    Is it ok to drink sugar free Monster or Redbull? I drink one of those per day for my morning pick me up, if I drink coffee alone it bothers my stomach.

    • @RuledMe Thank you! I like how theres a ton of options eating keto, even snacking on pepperoni or beef jerky beats a low-fat diet. Had 3 eggs & Ham steak for breakfast, yummy! Cheers.

    • Sounds like you are pretty close to keto already, you just need to cut out the carby fruits and you should be good to go. As far as Monster and Redbull go, both have minimal carbs and you can drink them and still stay in ketosis. Try to aim for the Monster Ultra Zero since they will have the lowest carb counts and blood sugar impact.

  10. A great diet. 3 bottles of dry white wine a day, no food… Only kidding. Vodka is OK with low carb mixer.

    • Most 80 proof drinks have 0 carbs by itself. The carbs come from mixers and additives such as cranberry juice, coke, triple sec, etc.

  11. I just want to know how to kill a hangover while in ketosis. If I kill a 750 of vodka Im hungover for at least a day later even if I drink a couple gallons of water and go on a 5-mile hike.

  12. Sports drinks and energy drinks? …You lost me there. Garbage. Keto friendly? Maybe. Still garbage.

  13. @ 4:17 This is So So True.
    Before I got on the Keto Diet I could drink a 6 Pk of Bud Light and 1-2 shots before I get intoxicated
    Now 1 Glass of Whine Im feeling like I drank 2 Beers and 2 Shots.
    Guess thats good since it shows my system is in Keto mode lol
    Also dont have to drink much.

    • Not every beverage was included, of course – we were just giving some generalized examples to help beginners out.

  14. I can drink a fifth of vodka and stay in ketosis? All I need is ice with that. Thank you maam!

    • @RuledMe pace yourself….lol you should be a comedian! Only joking maam; although I promise to if I can have a comment heart too.

    • Be careful because its easy to get overly intoxicated at a much faster rate while in ketosis. Pace yourself 😅

  15. i dont care at all about keto but this is well done and provides great info.

  16. Omg- if you dont drink a lot, watch out the first time you drink on full ketosis! I majorly BARFED

    • Theres a small amount of carbs in it, but it should be fine to drink in moderation. I dont think it would promote ketosis, though.

  17. Thank you for the information. Vodka, water, lime, and Mio grape. Yum!

  18. last night I drank a half pint of gin. this morning the keto meter puts me at 3.5 mili mol.
    mixed it with 2 0z pashion fruit juice, 1 oz lemon juice, selzer and some stevia.

  19. Im trying to figure out if spiced rum is ok. Specifically the Kirkland brand. Thanx for this video btw. You look great.

    • @mike naples Thats a good point. Maybe I should look into buying a different rum.

    • Your question made me curious since I drink Sailor Jerry spiced rum which is 92 proof (same as Kirklands Signature rum). A little Google research reveals that 1oz of Sailor Jerry has 0 carbs. 1.1 oz of Kirklands Signature rum has 12g of carbs. This sounds high to me but I do know that some rum makers add sugar (after the distillation process) to sweeten their product. Perhaps a matter of taste but a few years ago I tried the Kirklands brand and I couldnt drink it. Sailor Jerry even though a little more expensive has spoiled me. Again maybe just a matter of taste.

    • Its hard to say because different sources have different carbs (some say 0, some say up to 12g carbs per serving). Alcoholic beverages are soon going to have nutrition labels on them – you may have noticed that some of them already have the nutrition labels on them.

      Unfortunately Id say try to avoid the spiced rum until you know that its okay. Some spiced rums are fine, but others have added ingredients into them so its hard to say. You may be able to alternatively contact costco to ask if they can provide the nutrition information to you. For rum, try to stick with clear rum to stay on the safe side.

  20. Don’t forget Distilled Vodka is also really good on Keto. The alcohol being distilled is easier to process by the liver. Svedka, Icelandic volcanic Vodka, etc.

  21. Monster Ultra is a life saver , its splenda based and it tastes amazing .

  22. Ur providing a gr8 diet…bt plzZz make sjre for jayesh chaudhari….wht willl he has to do then we keep it uo

  23. Why drink at all? Completely defeats the whole purpose of healing your body with food if youre only going to contaminate it with toxic liquids. Finding it hard to socialise without booze probably indicates you have bigger issues at hand…

    • @Dr Deadbeat Totally worth it to see all the health hypocrites getting triggered with their responses. Reginas probably the most retarded thinking not drinking equates to not having a life 😂😂🤣 i rate her comment 11/10 potato logic.

    • Ernesto Caamano very true, if you enjoy a social drink or two in moderation and make the right choices with diet exercise etc why not.

    • being social with booze is a reflection of a problem? The real problem is that people who drink as well as people who do Not drink, at the end we all will die. So you have 2 choices, enjoy your booze and die, or dont drink and still die. Cheers.

  24. The problem with alcohol is that the liver handles it almost exactly like sugar and both are toxic to the liver.

    • It handles alcohol quite a bit differently than sugar. While I do somewhat agree, alcohol is a big part of our society so we include options that are low-carb for viewers that choose to drink alcohol. Alcohol will always impede weight loss progress, so its definitely not a necessity to include into your diet.

  25. well doesnt pertain to me as i dont drink;];];];] great video tho;];]

    • I appreciate you stopping by anyway! Hopefully you found some great choices in the non-alcoholic drink portion of the video. 🙂

    • Gin is fine, but tonic usually contains a lot of sugar. Look for a diet tonic (with no carbs) and you can definitely do a gin and tonic.

  26. I love keto ! I’ve started a channel about keto because this channel inspired me !

  27. so a whisky with 53% with no additives , no chill filtering and no colouring is fine???

  28. Dry reds are my favorite. I do carnivore, so 5 carbs is nothing once in a while.

  29. Well produced video. Informative. People often underestimate the amount of resources it takes to make a video like this. From writing a (good) script, to all of the shooting and editing. It’s also difficult to find on air talent that’s competent and photogenic. All boxes checked here. Good choice of music also as combined with all other positive elements put me in a bit of a trance. Maybe I’m hungry. Lastly….butter in coffee?

    • Pyootchnich, love the comment, love the channel. Butter coffee shocked me, too, the first time I heard it. This channel and website is a wealth of information.

    • Thank you for your kind comment!

      I have some more info about butter in coffee if you are interested:

    • There might be some variations based on where you are at in the world, but thats how its pronounced in our neck of the woods. 🙂

  30. I seem to be able to drink while on keto and these are cocktails too. I’ve tried it twice now and both times didn’t knock me out.

    Each time I had 3 cocktails and 2 apple sourz shots. Took me down to 0.6 blood reading. It’s not something I’m going to do often but good to know I can.

    • RuledMe yeah I know the official acceptable drinks, but diet drinks of any kind are seriously bad for migraine sufferers so they are no good.

      1 day after the cocktails reading of 0.8 and a day after that back up to 1.5 so I can safely say the cocktails don’t knock me out of keto or have any adverse effects which is good to know for the future.

    • Alcohol typically deepens ketosis so it may be a residual reading based off of that as well. Id highly recommend sticking to something like diet soda + hard liquor instead of having a sugar cocktail. That said, some places make cocktails without sugary ingredients.

  31. ok that smoothie sucks, i recommend a PB&J smoothie with one cup of berries, two table spoons of peanut butter and almond milk

  32. Nice video. I wonder who the 22 whiners that thumb the video down where and why. You covered your topic perfectly and even pointed out the downside have any alcohol. Oh well, cant please everybody.

  33. I’m almost a month into Keto & IF. 4days ago I went out for dinner and then impromptu drinks. Fast forward and I unconsciously drank as I would have done before. Wow the hangover was strong. For the first 24hrs I couldn’t even keep water down. On the third day it was my mums birthday and we went out for dinner. I managed 5 mouthfuls before having to ask the waiter to take it away. I’ve been drinking water since I could keep it down but I still feel really nauseous. I feel too sick to eat but managed dinner last night. Now I feel like the foods just sitting on me. How can I move my body past this and back into normality it’s almost 5days now ☹️

    • I believe so but maybe not enough. I’m now on day five and feel the same as yesterday. Made a soup yesterday with Ginger in it so that’s helped but still feel nauseous. Think I’ll go grab some dioralyte if it’s not too late lol.
      Your video was very helpful for the future, if I ever dare to drink again after this lol

    • Are you getting all your electrolytes in? If youre still nursing a hangover then that might be the way to fix it. Otherwise you might have caught a stomach virus.

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