Can you have soda on a full liquid diet

For most CT scans, a contrast material, or dye, is injected or swallowed to emphasize certain structures on the X-rays.

When CT scans are accustomed to diagnose stomach or intestinal diseases, your physician may recommend a clear liquid diet just before the CT scan therefore the contrast is more noticeable and the CT picture is clear. Diet Basics Clear liquids are digested and leave minimal residue in the digestive system easily. Because of this, they are recommended for diagnostic testing often, such as for example CT scans, which require a clear digestive tract.

Based on the University of California NORTH PARK Health System, you generally have to follow a clear liquid diet for approximately four hours just before a CT scan. You ought to be in a position to take medications as usual, apart from certain diabetic medications. What things to Consume While on a clear liquid diet, you can generally have whatever you can observe through. Drink apple juice, grape juice, plain tea, black coffee, water, soda water, ginger ale and lemon-lime soda.

You may also consume plain ice pops and any gelatin that will not contain fruit. To include a little variety, add spices to plain broth to displace a lunch or breakfast meal. Although beer, white wine plus some spirits are obvious, alcohol isn’t permitted on a clear liquid diet. Considerations Generally, you can resume your normal diet directly following the CT scan. The University of California NORTH PARK Health System notes that you ought to drink at least five to six 8-ounce cups of water each day for at least two days following a CT scan.

This can help flush out one’s body, removing media used through the procedure. Warnings While a clear liquid diet keeps you hydrated, it generally does not offer the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you have to stay healthy for the future. Due to this, you should only follow a clear liquid diet for the recommended period of time. The Maine INFIRMARY notes that you might need a supplements if necessary to follow a clear liquid diet for a lot more than three days just before a CT scan — this can be the case if you are gearing up for an intestinal surgery.

Work closely together with your doctor or dietitian to look for the proper diet plan. It is necessary to precisely follow a clear liquid diet before a surgical procedure, like a CT scan.

Cheating can result in inaccurate readings and the necessity to reschedule the task. The SUMMARY A computerized tomography, or CT, scan is a diagnostic testing procedure which involves taking X-rays to create cross-sectional images of a location of the body.


  1. my dietician no milk because of the sugars no peanuts or any nuts which have a pinch of proteen rest of oil use PB2

  2. Omg super delicious 😋 I am 13 days post op so I needed some flavor something different thank you ❤️

  3. I had to drink 3 weeks of diabetic Boost, 5 a day, and only water or tea… I lost 30 pounds, but it was hell….
    I had mine 2 days ago…
    They dont tell you about the pain!

    The pain when you sit up.

    – when you when you sit down.
    – when you stand.
    – when you bend down to pick up something you dropped.
    – when you when you drink something.
    – when you walk.
    The big pain in the ass that I have been for people around me!
    – when you have to pass gas.
    – when you cough, sneeze, hiccup, etc…
    – when you cant crush all of your horrible tasting pills after because your stomach is too small for anything solid (screw it, im blending them in my bullet, too many chucks that hurt going down).
    BTW how can I crush a pill with oil in it???

    – when you finally burp.
    – when you drink more than 60ml/1/4 cup per hour. (ill be on just a liquid diet for up to 6 weeks more, thats 9 weeks all together, before and after the operation, and not booze LOL!
    Then 1/2 cup of thicker stuff, blended, pureed soups, smoothies, etc… for up to 8 weeks. Then introduce solids…

    The pain when you eat apple sauce to dilute the taste of the crushed pills. ( I think grapefruit juice or Cranberry might be stronger to help? Mango Juice works somewhat.. for the awful taste.)

    Thank goodness for T3s with codeine ( they help about 75%) and pills for my anxiety..
    They help to prevent me from getting too cranky…

    And, I AM cranky… LOL! 😛

    Oh well, its only for another week….. or two, or three until I can walk normal?

    Im Gorgeous! Haa haaa!

  4. 6 days post OP and I am so going to do this soup. I need flavor in my life. Lol

  5. Why add dry milk and skim instead of protein powder and liquid milk?

  6. What about for those that hate milk or don’t touch dairy products?

    • they have vegan based protein mixtures i believe and you can make your own with water.

  7. Thanks for posting this.  Its much easier for me to hold down vs the protein drink alternative.

  8. wow good to know about the consistency test I had my doubts about that

  9. I was told only clear liquids for the first 7 days, then liquids in a puree form for week 2. This is so hard

    • Loren Cook it’s hard but remember sister it’s worth it 👏🏻.. I’m in my second week post surgery and I’m happy from now 💪🏻

  10. Great Presentation, I will have my surgery this weekend and will follow your advice to the letter….  thank-you!

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