Cancer high protein diet

Compiled by Leah Hart, R. 08 July This author has been verfied for credibility and expertise, Fact Checked Finding a cancer diagnosis could be frightening and overwhelming. Making good nutrition important might help ease the discomforts of cancer treatment and could improve outcomes. Consuming sufficient levels of protein is an essential component of proper nutrition for cancer patients.

Need for Protein with Cancer Protein plays an integral role in lots of body functions like the maintenance and growth of connective tissues, muscles, enzymes and red blood cells. In addition, it helps maintain proper hydration and immune function. Cancer patients might suffer from hypermetabolism, a condition that changes just how that your body utilizes protein and calories. Consuming sufficient calories and protein with cancer can help maintain your immune system, prevent weight loss, improve strength and help ease unwanted effects of cancer treatments.

Protein and Calorie Needs With Cancer Individual calorie and protein needs vary based on weight, age, sex, activity level, kind of cancer and other factors. The recommended daily allowance for protein for adults is 45 to 60 grams each day. The Abramson Cancer Center recommends estimating protein needs by dividing your present weight in pounds by two 3. The answer will equal the amount of grams of protein to take daily.

Both calorie and protein needs may increase with cancer. Based on the Stanford Medicine Cancer Institute, cancer patients should try consuming at least 25 to 35 calories per kilogram of weight each day. Types of Protein Made up of amino acids, proteins are considered complete or incomplete based on the amount and types of amino acids they contain.

Complete proteins contain all the essential proteins. Most animal proteins are complete. Incomplete proteins lack a number of of the essential proteins. For the body to receive sufficient protein, incomplete proteins should be eaten and combined in a manner that provides all the essential amino acids. Several incomplete proteins that together provide all the essential proteins are called complementary proteins.

A good example of complementary proteins are legumes and grains 4. Most plant resources of protein, except quinoa and soy, are incomplete.

High-Protein Foods and Beverages Meat, fish and poultry are good resources of protein because they provide about 21 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving. One egg contains 7 grams of protein, and 1 cup of milk provides 8 grams. A half-cup of tofu shall provide 14 grams of protein, while a quarter-cup of nuts or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter provides 7 grams. Vegetables provide about 2 grams of protein per portion, which really is a half-cup cooked or 1 cup raw.

Protein supplements and nutritional drinks can truly add additional protein to your daily diet if you are struggling to eat sufficient amounts through food alone. Check with your health care provider before you begin to use oral natural supplements.

The SUMMARY Finding a cancer diagnosis could be overwhelming and frightening. The Abramson Cancer Center recommends estimating protein needs by dividing your present weight in pounds by two.


  1. Doesnt this study mean that we should not be here right now… because all those primitive cavemen (and their children) would have all developed cancer and died ages ago? I mean if this is in fact true, then theoretically, that is what should have happened… the human race should have stopped existing a long time ago because of wide spread cancer.

    • Hisham Aziz Our ancestors lived with food scarcity. They tried to get enough to eat so as not to starve. They ate anything they could get, although meat was a late addition to the human diet after being plant based for most of our history.

      We live with food abundance and can choose what to eat. With knowledge we can make better choices. Furthermore, our ancestors died young. Had I lived back then, I would have died decades ago! My goal is to live as actively, healthfully, and pain free as long as possible. Haven’t eaten meat for over 40 years and am doing great. I am healthier and aging far better than my mom did. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the knowledge of nutrition that I have acquired.

    • I think it was an amazing feat if a primitive caveman made it past 35 years old and you can have cancer starting in your early 20s and continue to live with it untreated for decades, for example. It is just that there has to be a certain amount of cancer, or a tumor has to be a certain size before it can be detected. But, how long was that cancer festering? There are some faster growing cancers, but for the most part, people who are eventually diagnosed with cancer, had it for quite some time before it was detected, and could still live for quite some time longer and reproduce all the while. Also, I think most cave women were probably having children at very young ages. So even if they were or would have gotten cancer anyways, they could still reproduce enough, obviously.

    • Dr. Campbell’s work has been around for a long time. As A vegan I’ve been familiar with it but why is this just coming to be noticed? Thank you!

  2. Shouldnt the title then be instead titled The Danger of Animal Protein Diets?

    • Teo_live
      well everything is carcinogenic to a certain degree, bro. Did you know that processed meats are category 1 carcinogens (category 1 is tobacco and asbestos category) and red meats are category 2A carcinogens?

    • Level 1 Activist No, since it didnt include meat protein (and soy protein was found to also be carcinogenic to a lesser degree)

    • Nod Amob ….did you even bother reading anything? Firstly stop assuming I even like dairy you strawman >.>

      Secondly and more importantly the myth got debunked due to the addictive chemical being irrelevant due to it being *unable to bypass the blood brain barrier thus preventing your body from being addicted to it* . So unless you decide to inject milk into your brain you will be fine lol!

      This (well known) fact proves once that vegans are deceitful cherrypickers that dont tell people the WHOLE truth when pushing their so called science.

    • Nod Amob Dairy is not addictive. This myth was debunked MANY years ago when vegans tried comparing dairy to cocaine lol… but they forgot to mention the blood brain barrier (i.e vegans got caught cherrypicking once again). Unlike you I get my information for ALL possible sources I can find, not just lying vegan vloggers.

    • Dont assume my meat preferences. I prefer wild game and fish. When thats not possible I buy from local farmers who care about their animals. But eating factory meat happens, just like vegans eating unsustainable, and environmentally damaging fruits and veg.

    • Nod Amob Yes dodgy meat practices exist, they are easily avoided though. So no most meat isnt additive filled (hint: dont buy cheap)

    • Manly Commercials

      Please, tell us more about how you roam the grocery market isles in search of your pray.. store packaged meats and containers of bovine secretions.

  3. Im plant based myself..but this study only tells that rats dont do well on cows milk. There has to be better human studies!

    • Nod Amob
      _I asked how a majority of hospitals could hold a majority of hospitalized patients_
      – ……………lol! Okay it seems grammar isnt your thing I will just give you the benefit of the doubt and assume English is not your native language like Paula.

      _You would have been more accurate if you added the word visit_
      – How on earth did you come to the conclusion that the word hold was somehow not a visit? Again, to be nice to you I will dismiss your lack of English skills as an honest non-english speakers mistake. Please stop embarrassing yourself though

      _The debate however is those that correlate to dietary matters, not just people going to the doctor. Chronic illness from poor dietary choices._
      – So you want to go back to the argument before it got hijacked by your idiocy defending RaSunlights pre-made spam? Well in that case there is no debate, pro-animal consumption has the vast majority of expert opinion, scientific literature and anecdote. Right, wrong, or indifferent veganism is currently a minority in all those fields.

      _I am a healer so I try to share how to heal_
      – So am I. This is why i dismantle fad diet pushing stupidity (such as those pushed by paula which make no sense whatsoever) and use the whole unbiased truth so people can make up their mind without prejudice if they want to be vegan, keto, paleo or whatever. Unlike you, I have no moral victory to gain from someones dietary choice so I have no need to push propaganda or misinformation.

    • Nod Amob WOW I respect you so much. Im similar in my spare time, but you could teach people a lot, it becomes addictive as its withheld information. Lucky people who know you 👏👏👏

    • Ra Sunlight I dont even like dairy but your argument that dairy consumers are in hospitals is outright ridiculous. Of course the majority of the population takes up the majority of the hospitals you idiot >.>

    • Im just curious, why are you not vegan?

      Plant based is a diet, just doing it for your health instead of doing it for everything together, the animals and the Planet, the whole ethical side of it.

    • Hospitals are also full of vegetable eaters, and fruit eaters, and oxygen breathers. Its a 100% verifiable and well known fact that everyone who dies has consumed massive amounts of Dihydrogen monoxide.

  4. The science here is horrific. IGF-1 is not bad. IGF-1 is bad if you are already sick and unhealthy. Its gas for the fire not the cause of the fire. IGF-1 isnt bad, bodybuilders purposefully try to increase it because if youre healthy and active it builds muscle. Muscle mass is one of the most important factors to healthy aging.

    If you arent an active person, eat a moderate amount of protein. Too much does nothing for you. If you are healthy and active try to get about .8 grams per pound of lean body mass. If you want to build muscle, aim for 1.5 grams per pound of lean body mass.

    The best proteins are: Whey, Casein, and Animal Meat followed by Pea and Soy.

    Protein isnt a Carcinogen. Saying Protein is bad is extremely deceptive and bad science.

    • Nod Amob How the bloody hell did I try to twist words when I gave credit to vegans and said you are being unfair to vegans? Is this another one of your English fail moments?

      There is no proof that vegan bodybuilders are more healthy than their meat eating counterparts. However I agree that they are healthier simply because they are NOT winning which means they are not as massive and/or as ripped thus having less associated health risk from both extremes. It also indicates they are using less steroids (or they simply respond less to them) which will mean less negative PED health implications.

    • +Paolo Scutus Arnold has always had a Birth Defect in his heart and has had multiple surgeries already. The problem isnt related to bodybuilding, steroids, or diet. I would love to look like Arnold at 70 years old. Healthspan not lifespan.

    • The point about Bodybuilders wasnt to say they are healthy, but to say that Protein and IGF-1 arent unhealthy for most people.

      Obviously injecting drugs to increase muscle mass is potentially very dangerous.

    • Nod Amob They are different sciences yes (doesnt mean you cannot be a health conscious bodybuilder mind you). Unfortunately champion bodybuilders care about winning, not health. Same can be said with any sporting field on the planet.

      Though you are being unfair to imply ALL athletes care about winning over health (you just did a giant shit on the vegan bodybuilders out there by implying they too dont care about health lol >.>)

  5. Th experiment of high protein intake leading to tumer growth was done on rats. Has it been tested on human?

    • Ra Sunlight Correlation does not equal causation… ofcourse the majority of the population takes up the majority of the hospitals. Stop repeating this moot point >.>

    • Sam Mcwindy I can understand you. I was also not just believing its true. Its Good that you question it. And its hard to know without any Knowledge to the subject and with all Those debunked Videos online. I would suggest you Reading the China Study fully and in depth and I also suggest you reading Stop Feeding your Cancer by John Kelly who put the work from Campbell into Practice to reverse cancers in this patients (even if Campbell talked about preventing it). Just Keep going I also needed 2 years to learn and understand the conclusion of all statisticle analysis and observational studies he used and referenced. 🙂

    • Ra Sunlight I say again, WHERE IS THE PROOF!! PROOF… Not speculation, not opinion, but PROOF!

    • Actually No, Where is the direct connection between animal protein deits and cancer?!

  6. Did anyone know you can get b12 from seaweed instead of a pill, seaweed is very easy to gather for free grow your own fruit veg an herbs an you won’t need a doctor

  7. Can’t compare rats to humans, these are rodents full of disease and God knows what else, I call bullshit

    • Mark Earley not comparing, but simply using s digestive example on an animal but it may be difficult for a rodent like you to understand. Respect all of mother nature and think with your head not mouth!

  8. Its time to stop using animals in researches that are meant to benefit humans. Why not make it on humans and pay them for that… and of course take care of them when things go south? There has to be better human studies! Ethical and Effective ones! In humans. Two thumbs down from Brazil :o(((((((((((((((((((((9

    • AMAURY ALMEIDA your heart is in the right place. I just wouldnt trust them to make you better if things went south. Take care.

    • By all means lady… lets pass the bill and Ill gladly do it for you and the all mankind. Big Hug From Brazil.

    • AMAURY ALMEIDA…wanna volunteer first for that? Set the example…and when things go south they will make it all OK.

  9. Interesting study but it would have been nice if they tested meat protein as well. So far all we got out of this is both milk AND plant-based protein are potentially carcinogenic (plant protein to a lesser degree).

    Regardless the benefits of high protein diet still seems superior to a low protein diet which is only really suitable for couch potatoes.

  10. The less plant protein I consume the better I feel. The more fruits and veggies the better I keep getting. Im doing what my body is telling me to do and its working till this point. Im currently on a low protein high fiber/carb diet and I feel absolutely amazing. Oh and I also consume lots and lots of bananas.

  11. Wait ✋🏾… @ 2:01 they put UV sun rays in the same category as pesticides ,aerosols and vehicle emissions… wrong !!
    Sunrays are natural and supports life pesticides, aerosols and vehicle emissions are made by men and destroys life.

  12. Rats are often used in laboratory experiments. The Office of Technology Assessment estimates that between 3.4 and 3.7 million rats are killed annually in research laboratories, and estimates from other sources range as high as 23.6 million every year.1 Rats differ markedly from humans in many respects, making rat experiments difficult to extrapolate to humans. Heart disease is the leading killer of American adults. But rats are very different from humans in the ways their bodies process fat and cholesterol.

    For example, rats have a much higher activity of the liver enzyme 5-desaturase, which is used in the body to change the chemical structure of fats.2 This enzyme is found in various tissues in the body, including platelets, the liver, the adrenal glands, the kidneys, and fat. The result is that “the rat is not an appropriate human model for studies involving lipids,”3 according to a researcher at Boston’s Tufts University. Another researcher wrote, “It is not possible to extrapolate directly from rat to human studies because of differences in plasma lipoprotein [cholesterol and triglycerides] metabolism between the species.”4 n humans, bile acids are formed from cholesterol in the liver, then excreted into the gallbladder and from there into the intestine. Rats do not have a gallbladder,5 so their bile acids are secreted directly into the intestine. Rats manufacture a bile acid called muricholic acid, which is not made by humans.6 Researchers believe that muricholic acid is responsible for the rat’s ability to quickly eliminate cholesterol from the body.7

    The results of these differences are that, unlike humans, rats are very resistant to changes in serum cholesterol, and are also resistant to diet-induced plaques in the arteries. To produce these lesions in rats, they must be fed a combination of cholesterol, thiouracil (an anti-thyroid drug), casein, and cholic acid (a bile acid).8 Humans need only add fat to their diet to show such lesions.

    Rats have much higher levels of the enzyme ATPase in the heart, which is important in energy metabolism, so they are very resistant to digitalis drugs used in humans for heart failure.9 They also have differing anatomy in the cardiovascular system,9 and their normal heart rate is 300-500 beats per minute. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S. Yet rats differ from humans in many ways that have major effects on cancer research. Beta-carotene and related compounds, called carotenoids, are central to cancer and nutrition research, yet rats handle beta-carotene differently from people. Rats split carotenoids within the cells lining their intestinal walls using a specific enzyme, thus forming vitamin A. Rats convert most or all dietary carotene to vitamin A. Humans, in contrast, absorb substantial amounts of unchanged carotenoids, and store approximately 15 percent of it in the body.10 On a normal mixed diet, humans store a total of 100-200 mg of carotenoids in their fatty tissue (80 percent), livers (10 percent), blood (1 percent), and other tissues.11 The rat does not store beta-carotene in the fatty tissue at all, and small amounts are found in their livers only if they are supplemented with large amounts of beta-carotene, etc etc so there’s no way these tests are accurate.

  13. Whilst rats are not people you should know that a) virtually ALL medical research uses rats and mice as the mammalnproxy for people, and b) the cancer results in Campbells study are reflected empirically in epidemiological/ empirical observations across many human demographics (for example see China Study and nutrition

    • Yeah, Im not buying any of that. Pro Vegan agenda? Whats the agenda, health? Stopping cruelty to animals? Saving the planet?
      If you want to eat carcinogens, btw you skipped processed meats a class 1 carcinogen (the Vegan agenda must be responsible there too) then have at it. You sound a bit like a flat earther, the holocaust never happened type of guy.
      A WFPB Vegan diet has gotten me off BP and Statin meds, will a meatcentric diet do that? If you think so then have at it. Happy trails my friend.

    • Leif D No.

      A class 2A carcinogen (the current red meats classification) is limited and/or inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in humans.

      The World Health Organisation also admits to pro-vegan bias potentially to blame for the observational data results which the 2A carcinogenic classification was based on.

      The real kicker though is all WHO advocating governing cancer authorities globally do *NOT* advocate the China study (with some calling it an outright joke). Seems the China Study was too far-fetched and biased even for the World Health Organisation that openly accepts biased materials lol!!

    • Teo_live and just as an aside, dont you think that the World Health Organization classifying processed meats as class 1 carcinogen and red meat as a probable carcinogen bolsters Campbells research at least in part?

    • Leif D I figured the point will go right over your head and you would jump up and down like a harpy with post nazi history hence I added a the analogy being trump supporters buying the Hillary book (that you conveniently ignored).

      Sigh, OK lets just stick to health documents to make it a little easier on your brain.

      Eat right 4 your type (sic) boom sold 7 million copies and got debunked years ago. No decent doctor, scientist takes the book seriously and the book was made by a non-medical professional with no published study backing it whatsoever. Copies are still being sold and even I want to buy a copy knowing quite well it is full of pseudoscience.

      The china study is no different in this regard (actually its worse with NO governing health authority backing it lol). Obviously to debunk a book they would have to have purchased it and read it first (unlikely they will download an illegal copy of the book). Yet again even I want to buy the book knowing quite well it is a joke.

      So do you now realize how book sales work or do you still confuse publication/profiteering success for scientific success?

    • Teo_live and people dont line up by the thousands to buy books they dont like (unless youre living on Nazi Germany) that is also ridiculous.

  14. Soy makes fat plus messed up my hormones before birth (also the child had 3 fractures before being 3 years old). Didn’t do soy with other pregnancies and no problems!

  15. I sincerely worry for all the high protein gym junkies out there. They think they are super healthy and doing the best for their body, but its going to come back and bite them on those buns of steal.

  16. if you are doing weight training….high protein diet is needed….for muscle recovery…

  17. Animal protein is great for ya go to the gym lift weights/we are not rats make stuff/get weird with animals

  18. In the northern countries of Europe 80-90 % of all food was animal fat and protein prior to 500 cenetry. After that and until 1950-is, about 70-80% the same kind of food. Still cancer was not a common illness until Keyes idiotic ideas based on falsarium emerged. All those ideas having us eat plants will kill us and the planet we live on.

  19. we dont need rodent studies to show the effects of animal foods , the sky-rocketing cancer in us proof enough .

    • kate davenporty It is actually decreasing despite life expectancy increasing…

  20. I see a lot of comments by meat eaters. Which seems like a strange place to post such comments? But maybe youd all like to know what is healthy and what is not – if we generalize. I posted this in reply to someone else and decided to put it here on the top level replies in case it helps anyone.
    Check out the Loma Linda studies. As a lot of people are saying, it is not easy to perform the exact same tests on humans. But we can see from population studies that diet will make a difference in chronic diseases. The easiest to beileve are the Adventist Health Studies. I find them very creditable where they compare specific parts of the population with another based on diet. This way they are not comparing two different populations with different ways of life – they are comparing a very homogenous populaton normalized for only diet differences. Check it out if you are really interested. Just google for it and youll find all kinds of data at
    On a side note, Id recommend you check out the microbiome talks on youtube by the Sonnenburgs and others. Personally speaking my microbes are voting for more fiber and not more bile to break down into bile acids to cause leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, and a lifetime of repeated colonoscopies. Just sayin.

  21. Actually, in order to benefit from T. Colin Campbells research, being plant-based isnt enough. You need to make sure that your diet eliminates either grains or legumes. Or, in any case, it _must_ be deficient in one of the essential amino acids. That way, you can be cancer-proof by dying prematurely.

    • That study shows, plain as day, that theres nothing magical about plant protein (gluten, in this case) in its ability to suppress the growth of cancer. When lysine (the limiting amino acid in gluten) was added, gluten became just as powerful a cancer promoter as casein.

      The problem is, even if a particular meal does not include all of the essential amino acids at once, the body is capable of storing them. As long as all of the EAAs are eaten throughout the day, as far as the body cares, it gets complete protein. Im not sure why Dr. Campbell doesnt make this point clearer.

      Its possible to eat a vegan diet and still get too much protein, in amounts that are cancer-promoting, no different from the milk protein casein!!!

    • WOW! what a find… welldone!

      It does make sense since the pro-vegan cancer claims and their supposed longevity claims are mutually exclusive, so is their weak supporting scientific literature. It wouldnt surprise in the slightest if vegan advocates like Greger mislead the public by cherrypicking out the number one cause of cancer (i.e living longer). I will look into this

  22. 20% milk protein bad, 20% soy or wheat is ok,,,,,,,,,the next test should be 20% fish, beef and chicken protein.

    • Nod Amob _Teo_live Pound for pound spinach and nettle have more protein than your steak._
      ….Typical vegans. just try eating enough spinach to match a steaks protein gram for gram. You would have to eat several buckets full just to match a small lean steak lol! This is why you need to equate for sheer *VOLUME* and caloric content per serving size, not just weight. Not really sure why vegans continue with the deceptive tactic by omitting volume and realism.

      Furthermore all vegetables have more caloric inefficiency due to their so called protein sources being mostly carbs or fats. The only exception is soy which is not only riddled with health issues and negative stigma but it still maintains a poor caloric:protein ratio compared to meat. So vegans have natural inferior protein sources both on a calorie:protein ratio perspective and per serving (and I havent even bothered mentioning the poor animo ratio here). This is why so many vegans naturally will pretend protein is bad and/or protein is not needed for humans since they get caught red handed indirectly advocating low-protein diets.

    • Are you a high fat consumption vegan? You have to be slamming in the oils then?

    • The key question is will every single person feel amazing going 100% plant based, or are there a few people who do not feel amazing.

    • I know people can survive with really low cholesterol, but can cholesterol in some people go so low that they do not feel amazing? I forgot the name of the chart but there are drastic differences in peoples cholesterol when they eat the exact same things. I think it is called the hexatec or hexatat formula…….anyway, an example is someone can eat 5 eggs per day and be at 180 cholesterol after many many months, while anothers cholesterol will be sky high at 250 eating the exact same thing. If both of these people went vegan, both of their cholesterol levels would plummet per the hexatec,. the 250 person might feel amazing and the person at 180 might not. Every single hormone is made from cholesterol. Having too much is definitely bad, also, maybe having too little is why some vegans do not feel good and then quit.

      Also, 3% of northern europeans cannot convert ALA to epa/dha. And many other europeans have genetic variances which limit the already tiny amount of the ALA conversion. Why is this? Why would evolution do this…..unless, throughout history, europeans ate a semi consistant amount of preformed epa/dha. Why europeans have this genetic variance and not people in the tropics? Could europeans have eaten more seafood over thousands of generations compared to others? How would these 3% feel on a 100% plant based diet? Along with the others who have limited conversions? Why is our brain made mostly out of DHA? Did we start eating more fish as we split off from the other primates?

      There are also conversion of other vitamins which if a person lacks a sufficient amount of the conversion will start to become deficient over the months and years. Animal meat has preformed vitamins which do not need any conversions. Look up vegan DR klapper who also acknowledged this.

      Why do we have the taste bud umami which tastes for the amino acid glutamate, which by the way is sky high in many seafoods. That is why manufacturers put MSG in food, because of the glutamate.

      Our stomach PH level, has the ability to go down to 1.5 which is the same as other meat eaters. Why did we evolve this ability. It is so costly to have this low stomach acid.

      Brainless shellfish is the way out of the ethical dilemma. They are not sentient. Fish digests almost as fast as fruit, in less than an hour.
      A small amount of seafood is the key for people who do not feel amazing going 100% plant based. Just like the okinawins, 90% plants and 10% seafood is the pathway for optimal COGNITIVE health. Not heart attacks but cognition. Yes, the 10% of seafood might give people heart attacks at 90 or 100…..just like the okinawins. The seafood consumption of the japanese has enhanced their cognition, not hindered it. Selenium binds mercury, selenium is sky high if fish……which is why we cannot see any sign of problems in the Japanese. In fact, some would argue, that a high omega 6 diet, which competes with omega 3 causes some impairment in countries such as the US who are petrified of eating a little fish. Im not saying eat as much fish as the japanese,,,,,,,maybe eat half what they eat.

      People are not lying when they say they do not feel amazing going 100% plant based. There is a reason! It is easy for you to stay vegan because you feel amazing, but there are some who dont.

    • Teo…… that I think of it, yes, they probably did run the test with fish and other meat….and decided not to publish it. I have never been able to eat 100% plant based (have tried for years). Im currently eating like the okinawins…..lots of plants with some seafood mostly mussels. I can finally say i feel amazing. When I ask 100% plant based people if they feel amazing with tons of energy, most of them just get mad.

  23. This makes no mention of a wholefoods plant based diet and how its so much better for people, the animals and the Planet, it stops cancer growth in Humans because theres no carcinogens and dodgy hormones and all the other crap that comes from meat and dairy. I learned recently that the Human intestine is that of a herbivore, its very long so when people eat things like meat, it takes a long time for meat to pass through it and because theres loads of bad cholesterol in it, all that cholesterol leaches out into the body and causes all types of cancers.

    People need to wake up from all the lies of the awful meat and dairy industry. So much injustice and cruelty just to have a bit of taste. I wasnt always vegan, I used to consume so much meat, eggs and dairy before I woke up and changed, nothing justifies so much horrific torture and slaughter of innocent beings that just want to live. Theyre not products, theyre life and all life matters.

    Theres loads of great documentaries about all this if anyones interested, Ive linked them below.
    What The Health is mainly about the ethics and the least graphic, Land Of Hope And Glory is the most graphic and true to what really happens. These are the things that the disgusting meat and dairy industry dont want people to see.

    What The Health –

    Cowspiracy –

    Land Of Hope And Glory –

    If you want help to start being vegan and are not sure where to start, theres something free called Challenge22 where you just try lovely plant based recipes for 22 days, its tailored to everyone as an individual –

    Go vegan =)

    • well said mate , i just got home from seeing dominion ,even more horrific than i excepted , we can eat whatever we want without being cruel devils ,so why not enjoy tasty food thats cruelty free . animal food is a cult of death .

  24. The question is: Is this phenomenon limited to aflatoxin-induced cancer? Has any one repeated the experiment with aflatoxin? How about with other carcinogens?

  25. WOW now things are starting to fall into place. I did not know that about the promotion stage that is so important as it can be reversed or promoted just depending on whether you eat animal or plant protein. What a bight man he was during his career. Rats have a similar requirement to humans so it is still valid in my humble opinion.

  26. Glad Im not a rat or I might come down with cancer! As for humans, Ill wait until I get a study on them before I stop eating meat!

    • Peggy Harris – thanks! I am still pretty silly answering a troll! Lol, seriously. Like he knows his great grandfather ate mostly meat! Mcwindy must be of inuit descent 🙂
      And I thought he really did want more information! Hahaha oh man.

    • Sam Mcwindy the way animals are raised today is different than your forefathers. (I dont have the patience to explain) Todays meat is not what your grandpa ate. Best of luck meathead.

    • Sam Mcwindy – You asked for study data on humans. I gave you some. But it turns out you actually just wanted to tout your family luck in placement on the bell curve! Ha! Sometimes I feel pretty silly!

    • Xerxes 666 meat eaters are the biggest CULT they dont give murder a second thought. Which side would you
      Trust?? And answer truthfully???

  27. Question regarding initial rat aflatoxin experiment. All rats fed 20% protein had liver cancer or pre-cancerous lesions. But did the 5% rats who didnt get cancer live? Or did they die from something else?

  28. I once had a fatty liver. The Dr. asked me if I was a heavy drinker and I said no. I then went alcohol free for 10months and still had a fatty liver, and my numbers went up.

    The next meeting with the Dr. he told me to cut out all animal products for the next three months and go whole food plant based. After those three months my fatty liver was gone and my numbers went way down to almost normal.

    • Manly Commercials hmmmm really. Oh yeah I forgot to say I didnt eat out either unless it was necessary to do so. Ive never really been a process box, can or tv dinner type of eating person. I did a lot of home cooked meals. But I guess ribs, chicken and grass fed beef with potatoes, veggies, a salad and fruit for dessert is really processed. Its all good though. LOL.

    • Your doctor is wrong, the problem wasnt animal products, it was processed foods and sugar.

  29. Soy makes fat plus messed up my hormones before birth (also the child had 3 fractures before being 3 years old). Didn’t do soy with other pregnancies and no problems!

  30. 👍👍👍👍👍【The China Study】- T. Colin Campbell PhD 👍👍👍👍👍

  31. All our food supply has been modified in some way, just for the mighty dollar.

  32. Excellent summary of the effect of cow milk casein on human health. Thank you.

    • Lori N Just to clarify; I dont think that casein is good for human health either though!There are several videos about that too based on human studies. 😊

    • Sam Mcwindy – I believe Dr. Campbell did go to on to find a link between dairy protein and the development of liver cancer in children in the Phillipines who were being supplemented to alleviate malnutrition. And from a personal viewpoint, my daughter had severe ear infections and digestive issues and my own IBS cleared up completely when we stopped all dairy products. That may be anecdotal to you, but it was life changing to us, so thats all the proof I need that dairy was not beneficial to our health. Thank you for your comment, the unnecessary profanity notwithstanding.

    • Perfectly healthy- but even if you ate legumes and nuts all day every day you wont get the amount of protein that would become unhealthy for you.

    • If you are working on healing something in the body, I would be inclined to use the Morse Code😉 avoid too much protein until your are healed, then its ok. ( see Dr.Robert Morse)

    • Teo_live Go eat your RAW FLESH and be gone with you… Im not getting into a childish Argument with a child.
      Im 20 years Vegan now you need back off get out of here… If you think you know it all good for you, you shouldnt have so much time to be on here, shouldnt you be out in the wild hunting for you flesh for the next few meals.. Dont even think about arguing with a vegan because youve lost before you even begin. Good day!!

    • Paulas Life …

      _One thing I love about vegans is they dont lie_
      Seriously do you live under a rock lol? Possibly the *BIGGEST* criticism of vegan advocates is their constant cherrypicking (which is dishonesty). How did you not know this?

      _by the way all vegans research stuff nonstop thats why they are vegans_
      Nonstop huh? Is this why your best criticism against me is… the China study? 🙂

      _how old are you 12_
      I am 31, but I might as well be 12 since even a 12 year old will figure out you are full of shit. You have yet to make one statement that is backed with any solid evidence. Even your anecdotal statements are random and have no thorough description.

    • Oh and by the way all vegans research stuff none stop thats why they became vegans. How old are you 12 ?
      You come across very NAIVE if youre a very young person then you have nothing to worry about, but only
      To be admired..

    • Peggy Harris bullcrap, they got caught red handed cherry-picking.

      They failed to mention soy is a incomplete protein source, and when it became useful from being complete it was just as carcinogenic as all other sources. So just propaganda, nothing healthy or magical about plants lol.

    • Nod Amob Wait… you told me to go do my research; I respond by telling you I have done this; so you now think I am lying because your random assumption was incorrect? er…. lol?

      So paranoid lol. No one is lying to you. You simply just dont like being told the inconvenient truth (pun intended).

    • Nod Amob Good for her, I am glad her health improved. Her doctor sounds like a bit of a moron TBH being so surprised that someones bloods can change in several months.

      For your information I and many others have in fact gone vegan and/or vegetarian. This is part of the entire reason we caution against it. Just like most people we quit and most of us was for health reasons (over 80% of vegans quit, its not a great diet statistically). Now I personally got my bloods checked and my testosterone was at an all time low after removing animal from my diet (as expected, I figured Gregers pro-vegan testosterone rants were based on useless correlation). My blood work dramatically improved after I dramatically increased my meat intake (most noticeably testosterone was up roughly 40% WITHOUT adding exercise).

      So yes I and many others have tried it and unlike you we research BOTH sides to see where the truth lies. Also unlike you we have no bias for or against someone choosing what they want to eat nor do we have ethical issues with someone eating a steak lol. We are also skeptical of any fad diet pushers (especially ones that make a profit out of it without admitting it such as Greger) and go over this type of so called science with a fine tooth comb.

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