Carb only diet low protein

Danica Benninghoven Danica started her wellness journey as a massage therapist, working with chiropractors and physical therapists. She continued to just work at American College of Healthcare Sciences, a educational school centered on the chemistry and biology behind nutrition and herbology.

Danica has written for a wide selection of clients. She’s researched and discussed the advantages of nootropics and turkey tail mushrooms for supplement companies. She’s guided parents fighting troubled teens through content for an in-patient treatment center. For the wonder and cosmetic industries she’s pushed for greener packaging and inspired readers to create conscious decisions about the impacts of a common products.

Danica’s dedicated herself to helping people’s health and fitness for over ten years. View Work The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that as of71 percent of American adults older than 20 were either overweight or obese. Some ongoing medical researchers recommend a low-carb, high-protein diet in an effort to lose weight.

Is this the response to the quest for fast weight loss? The common weight loss on a minimal carb high protein diet could be a bit.

Always talk with a registered dietitian before undertaking any major weight-loss plan. Short-Term Weight Loss Among the primary reasons that low-carb, high-protein diets have grown to be popular is that some studies have proven they produce faster weight loss for a while when compared to a traditional calorie-restricted diet.

So while everyone’s low-carb diet weight loss expectations will vary, people appear to see some weight loss. A report in StatPearl’s March issue investigated the impact of low-carb, high-protein diets and found low-carb diets to work for weight loss. The researchers noted that of the many low-carb diets studied, the keto diet was the very best. Generally, though, followers of the diets experienced immediate weight loss.

Eventually your bodyweight loss will taper off. After the initial weight loss tapers, these diets become similar to other diets when it comes to their effect on weight. So while there may be big losses initially, in about a year or to ensure that will start to fade.

Read more: THE BEST Guide to WEIGHT LOSS Water Loss and Weight Loss No carbs for 14 days results in exceptionally high average weight loss because of a lack of total body water weight instead of excess fat burning. A report in the May edition of the Nutrition Sourceexplained that after the body burns most of its glucose from carbohydrates, it starts losing fat. At that time your liver produces ketones from the fat, signaling the entry into ketosis.

Each one of these metabolic processes cause the body to expel more water than normalcreating greater weight loss. Though Eventually, you will expel all the water that the body has retained. Once that happens, you will notice the weight loss taper off because there will not be any longer water weight to reduce.

Diet Comparisons to Consider There are many various kinds of low-carb diets out there to select. It’s hard to learn which one may be the right one for you personally. Each you have its benefits and downsides, and you need to look at your personal dietary needs to determine which types will be best for you. The Atkins diet was the low-carb diet of the s.

HOWEVER THE Nutrition Source article discovered that the keto diet may be the better choice. It has been around because the 19th century, this means it’s among the better researched low-carb diets out there.

The keto diet is normally divided into 70 to 80 percent fat, 15 to 20 percent protein and 5 to ten percent carbs – that’s much more fat compared to the Atkins diet recommends. Should you have a medical have to maintain a more substantial carb balance in what you eat, than there are less extreme low-carb, high protein diet possibilities for you.

The moderately low-carb diet is comparable to the South Beach diet for the reason that it targets lean protein and high fiber foodstuffs. Carbs are limited by nutrient-rich sources such as for example fruits, vegetables and wholegrains while bleached flour products are out completely. Read more: Negative UNWANTED EFFECTS of Low-Carb Diet High-Protein Dangers Though low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets have already been tested effective for weight loss, there are several possible negative unwanted effects you ought to know of.

Much like any diet change, it is important to ensure that it is not contraindicated for just about any medical ailments that you curently have.


  1. what would you class low card diet tho? no carbs or some carbs under a certain amount.

  2. Doctor looks fat he should shut his trap and start a keto or low carb diet so he can get healthy and walk the walk rather than talk the talk.

  3. True, the brain needs glucose to run but gluconeogenisis takes care of the brains glucose needs during the keto diet.

  4. In my opinion, theres no best diet. It, first of all, it depends on you. secondly, try avoiding processed foods and go for the whole foods as much as you can.

  5. I am a type 2 diabetic. As a retired RN, I have taken care of a lot of diabetics as well. I dont follow a keto diet, I do follow a low carb diet, and most of the carbs I do eat are real foods like potatoes. My A1C stays between 6.0 to 6.4. I know that could be lower, that is after 10 years on Metformin with 3 dosage changes and no other diabetic meds or insulin. Keto recipes are great for desserts and breads, especially using nut flour/meat to bake with. Low carb is better for people who are carb sensitive and not just diabetic

  6. Keto vs Carbs, ppl assume that the benefits from keto are coming from running the body from fats. No the benefit is coming from stopping the consumption of processed carbs. Don’t believe me.. Italy has one of the highest life expectancy in the world, and you will find it very hard to find a McDonald’s. Pasta and the med diet, no kfc McDonald’s pizzahut etc in every town

  7. Dr berg says differently idk who this doctor is but for years doctors have been paid to spread false information he might be one of them

  8. I might take this dude serious if he wasn’t vegan. Vegans are too cultish.


  10. This so called doctor has no clue of how beneficial Keto is to so many people around the world.

  11. so you have a masters in nutrition this Doctor is not as qualified as you when it comes to nutrition. He should be asking you about carbs.

  12. This is such BS….If carbs are so essential to the brain…please explain the bodys use of Gluconeogenesis.

  13. You literally did not mention ketones once .. which is the entire argument .. you just said carbs do this .. bloody bias I feel way better keto than high carb do your research people

  14. Im a type 2 diabetic and I started a low carb/high healthy fat diet in January 2019. I lost 40 pounds, my A1C dropped from 6.8 to 5.1, and per my physician I recently stopped using insulin (still take 500mg Metformin twice a day), stopped using hydrochlorothiazide, and cut the dosage of my statin drug in half. Additionally, my cholestrol, trigycerides, and all other blood and urine labs were in a normal range for my age whereas they werent before. You can say low carb is bad, but Im proof that it can improve the quality of life for at least some people. To anyone reading this: Check with your own physician before making any drastic lifestyle changes.

  15. Our bodies don’t need carbs , this doctor fat himself 🤦🏽‍♀️ lies ! lies ! lies

  16. It’s frightening how massively misinformed most of the population is

    Plant based is the most healthy diet everyone, make sure you eat enough calories, make sure you get your nutrients, but go plant based

  17. Name one Dr, on YouTube you trust. Dont worry I will wait.

  18. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrates. You need protein, amino acids, and veggies. Check the USDA RDIs…..there arent any.

    Also look at Eskimos. Are they are dying form poor diet?

  19. For those on keto diet, you are consuming carbs through the veg you eat. You are very likely consuming more carbs than you think you are. Your experience of weight lost, health improvement, and heightened energy may have more to do with IF than consuming low carbs. Keep in mind the longest living people are all doing IF typically one meal a day and eating whole foods mostly plant based with some meat and fish couple times a week. Havent heard of anyone living over 100 healthy on strict keto, yet.

  20. Because of evolutionary biology we are made to eat a low carb high fat diet. When our ancestors were Hunter gathers are bodies adapted to a high fat low carb diet. Thats what was available to eat. So if you want to eat a Keto diet, go for it. No problem. As far as the brain needing glucose, thats correct. But the liver will produce the glucose through a process called gluconeogenisis. So no problem. As far as carbs are concerned, look at the glycemic index to find out what carbs you can eat. Like Dr Robert Lustig says: Eat real food. The real food in
    markets is on the perimeter of the market. All the bad stuff is in the middle. if its in a box, its probably bad.

  21. This doctor is a comedy goldmine. I love the editing bananiac does to try and make him seem coherent.

    The things he says are not true at all. The brain loves ketones (fat).

    As noted hes obese. This is proof his diet isnt healthy. Blaming lack of exercise is a lie. I never exercise yet maintain a healthy weight eating as much meat as I can.

    Despite the low quality of information I will click videos like this in the future to enjoy the unintentional humour!

  22. essentially what we r figuring out is two things are important.
    1. Keeping insulin levels down (I.e intermittent fasting)
    2. Whole plant based carbs (I eat 500-1000g of plant foods raw and cooked each day and I feel good on that in the context of a high protein moderate fat, intermittent fasting diet)
    -but again, a temporary existence on ketones increases metabolic flexibility so you should be primed to do both, not one or the other.
    The doctor has it slightly skewed.
    Problem is the liver will suffer if you don’t do it correctly

  23. Your body absolutely does not need carbs, there are no essential carbs, like there are essential amino and fatty acids, when you go into ketosis, ketones provide energy for your brain as well, and the little amount of glucose it requires is supplied by protein from gluconeogenisis.

  24. Dr?? There is not 1 essential carbohydrate the body needs, your brain as he puts it is mainly fat, ketones are our history until man made carbs.
    Sugar (carbs) make you put on Weight

  25. How are you saying that a keto diet is bad for you if you still can eat a whole food plant based diet under a keto method just youre still eating under 50grams of carbs per day but still getting your major protein and fiber from your leafy greens and vegetables?

  26. How can we trust Dr.Milton Mills a smart man would not be fat. Pretty sure that is not muscle.

  27. Great video as always,Doc knows his thing so well.Just wondering how is he overweight,not taking the piss,serious question

  28. So than why are all of us in the chat healthier for being on KETO I know I am.My body and blood test say Im fine.

  29. I am on LCHF/keto for 2 years, It is important to enter this with a mindset of changing your lifestyle and habits that are bad and replacing them with healthier ones and keep doing it/that.

    Not to mention going into LCHF slowly start with keeping your carbs under 100 grams a day. and go for healthy mix of saturated, poly and mono saturated fats that are coldpressed. and no vegetable oils. go for good quality protein sources from food or powder form

    As your body learns to use the fat and protein more efficently you can decease the carbs further down the line over time.

    I have been water fasting 7 days (hunger came back the 8th day) I had no hunger pain, and that thanks to this diet giving me the cellular infrastructure necessary to do the fast virturally without any hard effort.

    During the water fast I made sure to be properly mineralised and have optimal electrolyte levels. (salt, calcium, potassium and magnesium)

    I prepered my self like above the day before i made a 24 hour dry fast(no water drinking or eating) and during both fasting periods my mind was knife sharp and I noticed a boost in preformance at school and was full of energy. 1 day of dry fast also gave me similar results of 4 days water fast.

    My body produce its glucose it need from protein while offsetting the deficit by using ketones and other fatty acids/trigycerides. (at the end of the fast my blood sugar levels were 1.8 of excess glucose instead of my usual 3.7. I had no headace, dissyness or balance problems and my mood was great)

    Naturally my kolesterol went up to the roof. but in abscence of insulin and high levels of glucose level in the blood, virturally none of the kolesterol got oxidised (if any happens during a fast this long) in its process to transport ketones/ triglycerides to supply my body with energy it needed during the fast. and get rid of waste products to be recycled in the liver.

    oxidised kolesterol , hyper glucose and insulin levels in the blood that is caused by carbs/sugars and insulin that basically lies behind the majority of all modern western deceases and complications that we are facing.

    some of my main sources are the following


    The alheimer antidote (amy berger)

    the diabetic code

    grain brain

    brain maker

    youtube channel sources

    Thomas De Laurer channel

    • Marcel Mendoza Hmm it is complicaded so I give you my daily/morning rutine instead. so you get a more complete picture.

      It is not just food involved, like I said it is a fundmental lifestyle change that I have gradually built up. One good habit at a time.

      I live on a keto vegetarian diet ,( since I live at my parents house so I will respect their wishes and it is a nice challenge)

      I am slowly but surely transisioning to cleaner keto diet by eliminating pnuts and cashew nuts and dairy products that has the casin type 1 protein. (that is really bad) (Really focusing to optime gut bacterial flora for everyone in the family.

      I am even fermenting my own foods to make delicious sauces or cold brekfast/lunch salads. that are stand alone/complete meals.

      My rutine is waking 3-4 am, take the dog for a walk/run, make a leafy cruficious greens juice.

      I cook breakfast that is dominated with fat and a reasonable ammount of protein. (15 or 20% daily intake)

      Lunches has higer ratio of protein like 60 or 70% of the daily intake/allocation.

      dinner is fat dominated again like breakfast it is a drink or meal or keto dessert. they are all a complete meal on their own right

      it is mostly in dinners I really play around with different recipies

      I adapt the ingredients/ ratio for the individual needs of my family members.

      In my case in the morning I go for bulletproof coffe or other fatty drink with 0.20-0.25dl of whey protein. after drinking leafy green juice and green tea.

      I later do 20-40 min of morning calistenic gymnastic/ excercise then wim hoff method breathing excercise with extreme morning cold and hot showers.

      I later eat the rest of my breakfast and prepare the lunch boxes. and go for work.

      I like to cook fatty asian inspiered like fried, soupy or steamed vegetables meals that are creamy and crunchy with exotic tastes.

      with pea protein tofu or musheoom protein/tofu and some soysauce(japanese brand with none of the xeno estrogen in it)

      I add essence of meat that the vegetables and tofu soak up the steamed flavor) or oven the vegetables that have been marinated over the night with nice flavors. ( all my meals have mushrooms cummin, chia seeds, olive oil, pumpkin and sesamy seeds added. )

      I also make my own home made ghee from butter.

      (I do take shourt cuts and take a portion of the breakfast and add more protein and other tasting sauces and package them in lunch boxes that goes nicely with ketogenic bread I also prepared before hand.

      Absolutelly no snacking between meals and no eating after 6 pm. and trow in fast every now and then.

      if you eat before sleep the blood supply will be focused in the gut inorder to digest everything you just ate when it is supposed to be in the brain and squeese the brain down like a spunge to drain/replace brain fluid or somethin along those lines.

      I sleep around 5-6 hours and am full of energy for the rest of the day.

      (If I do eat carbs during lunch or dinner I get sleepy so when I need to I spike my leptin i do it the morning with a bland carb like a plate with just chickpeas or lensils with salt. It can be spiked with standard ketogenic diet but using carbs is more efficent. in combination with fasting.

      since I tend to over eat protein and fat, it does make me fattier and I love my food that I prepare, ( over eating a bit also builds muscle as well)

      thomas delaurer acv drink in between meals is also quite nice.

  30. At 4:48 – he says it causes a greater risk of what ? Couldn’t decipher what he was saying

  31. When I scrolled past the thumbnail, I thought he was Morgan from TWD, lol.

  32. As with most things, moderation is the key word. You wont die from eating a donut topped with chocolate and frosting. However doing this day in day out and not just one but several will eventually lead to obesity and most likely diabetes, since most will chuck that down with sugared water like soda, sports or energy drinks. I hate this idea of black and white, for some reason there aint much in the middle. I eat considerably less meat, but i still do it. I eat eggs and hardly fish. I eat predominately veggies. I do eat white bread, i do eat refined sugar and yes i use olive oil, but all in moderation.

  33. The war isnt necessarily against carbs, its sugar. Hes partly correct. I live a low to no sugar low carb lifestyle. Hes just annoyed by the diet. We arent dodging carbs all together, we are dodging refined stuff.

    With that said, I feel better than ever doing low carb. And its only temporary weight loss if the lifestyle is temporary. Duh. Thats with ANY method you use.

  34. Dr. Mills does not do low carb. Dr. Berg does low carb. You can see the difference in their body composition.

  35. It would help your injuries doctor if you ate keto vegan or keto vegetarian….you do not need to excercise to be lean…you need to be in a catabolic fat burning mode as often as possible…how do you do this? By keeping glucagon up and insulin down…how do you do this?…by eating the lowest carb diet possible…..see dr ben bikman dr jason fung…dr dom dagostino…ivor cummins…etc….

  36. The whiteboy looks a little befuddled. He doubt what the blackman is saying. His bubble burst when he was given a lesson on potatoes.

  37. Bismillah, do what works for you. I truly prefer eating and incorporating Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wasalam style of eating which is to fast on Mondays & Thursdays, and consume more fruits like watermelon and food high in nutrients like honey & dates. Water up, and stop eating before you get full.

    The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for him to eat a few mouthful and keep going. If he must do that (filled his stomach) then let him filled one third with food, one third with water & one third with air, – Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wasalam.

  38. I did keto for a year and it was fine. Once I became pregnant thats when my health went downhill. I ended up so sick that I had to be hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration in my third trimester. You see my doctor wasnt aware I was doing keto while pregnant because everything I read said it was great for pregnancy. Come to find out my baby was actually being poisoned by the excess amount of ketones and depriving my body of everything just so he could grow and get some nutrients somewhere. I stopped the keto right away and added a more varied diet. Felt better after the first meal and the baby began thriving. I believe these restrictive diets are fine and probably better suited for men because they require less body fat than women to function. If you are a pregnant woman do not risk it. It really isnt worth it. I was scolded by my doctor for doing this.

  39. I vote in favor of a low Carb diets. No denying they work for weight loss Has worked for me and down 43lbs in 5 months. The only time I have carbs are in their whole forms and avoid eating them in conjunction with fats and protein. Meaning my main big meals are carb free yet I’ll eat a fruit or vegetable as an individual snack in between.

    • @Le Review Channel , Eactly. In the Western caucasian culture being thin as a rail is automatically healthy. Wrong!

    • He damaged his spine in an awful car accident, he has recently had major surgery and will be exercising again.

    • Callum MacKay
      1 year ago
      A lot of salty low-carb diet pushers on here are laughing and making the point that Dr Mills isn’t in the best shape ie, a little larger than what would be healthy.

      This is due to him being in a terrible car accident which nearly crippled him & damaged his spine, he cannot excersise because of it, hence him appearing slightly overweight.

      He also barely ever has to take pain killers for a partially collapsed spine, he attributes that to the plant based diet he is on, because it is very low in inflammation.

      Please think before you pass judgement…
      Try reading the comments

  40. There is so much evidence out there that says limit the Carbs. This Doctor needs to stop the lying along with the rest of the AMA Con Artists!

  41. At the 1:33 mark, the overweight and sugar overdosed doctor gives it away. The brain uses 25% of the energy in the form of SUGAR!. then tries to backtrack to the carbs nickname. The medical definition of carbs is carbs are sugars, starches, and fiber. The brain runs on Glucose, agreed. But the body can make its own glucose in the absence of sugar via gluconeogenesis. Eating Low-Carbs is eating low sugar, low starches, and low fiber. Period. And when theres no sugar being eaten, the body creates glucose for the brain and bodys energy needs by tapping into the energy reserves in the body fat but breaking down fat into glucose. At 3:28 its a lie… The brain runs on Glucose… Not carbohydrates, time 3:54 the body does not run on starches, it runs on Glucose. 4:00 grease does not go into the fat cells. 4:17 remove carbs and lose weight is true, but only to an extent? 4:40 studies? Which ones? And what makes sense? The brain needs glucose and the body can make glucose from stored body fat. 4:50 yes youll lose weight, but whats the point of leaving a thin corpse? Listen to that again. At 5:30 when carbohydrates are surrounded by fiber (remember that carbohydrates are sugars, starches, and fiber) now that sugar is magically protected. At the 6:37 mark, the doctor explains how all so-called healthy carbs (potatoes) are basically starches waiting to be broken down into sugars and then into glucose in the body and some like the Russett potato is too high in starch and will cause high blood sugar levels. At the 7:30 mark, he explains that even though root vegetables have (uh, uh , carbohydrates, meaning sugars) the fiber modulates (slows down absorption). My note on this point. The speed of which sugar is processed has nothing to do with the amount of sugar process. A slow overdose of sugar is the same as a fast overdose of sugar. At 7:50. All carbs are not equal? All carbs are defined chemically as neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen. Bad foods with carbs and good food with carbs… yes! Bad carb, good carb no. 8:10 mark, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Really? At the chemical level, Carbohydrates are neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen. Carbs go from good to bad because with grind them up? At the chemical level, Carbohydrates remain neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen no matter how we process them. Sugars, starches, and fiber. 11:24 Refined juices are bad? Its not refined juices that are bad, its the excess amount of sugar in the juice. Processed fruit juices have identical amounts of carbs (sugars) as freshly squeezed juices.

    • Carbs are sugar… Read the food label of table sugar, maple syrup or honey. 1 for 1 sugar and carbs…

    • There needs to be a better way to refer ALL sugars entering the body.

  42. This Dr has all of the visual signs of out of control glucose, dislipodemia, hyperinsulinemia, obesity… I think I have seen it all after listening to his pile of garbage. He obviously takes his own advice and is on an express train to pain. At least hes not a hypocrite, hes doing himself in along with anyone that is treated by him.

  43. Low carb took me off 6 pills a day dropped my A1C too a 5.1 and 9 pills a day for bp… so he needs to so more studying. I agree with the whole foods part though. Keto works for me!

    • I dont do Keto myself but I do feel better on a low carb diet less than 100gr. a day is good enough for me

  44. Everyone knows better than the doctor lol just remember people there are a lot of people on YouTube calling themselves Dr so and so who are not medical Drs..

  45. Question, and Im not trying to be a jerk, but it interest me that you have a masters in nutrition yet you are eating a hybrid banana in your video intro. So I asked the question in my comment but to be more to the point. Did you know that real bananas are actually those tiny little bananas that we dont see in super markets any more, just like white and burgundy carrots, oranges with no seeds I could go on for ever. So you having a masters in nutrition I would imagine that you are also a pro in the field of herbs? If not, how can you say you have a masters in nutrition knowing only some or nothing about herbs. Can you pls answer and explain? I like your videos, but you are attributing to yourself a masters in nutrition because you were given a paper and yes you studied and worked hard to get it and I dont dispute your efforts in acquiring that paper that says master. Herbs are food, in fact they are nutrition period. I await your answer respectfully sir.and pls no semantics, you can not separate the two, if you have a masters in nutrition you must know about a toned about herbs and this is not an opinion, you cant separate them, its like trying to separate the ocean from the sand, cant be done, they go hand in hand. Thank you in advance for your attention if you give it to me.

  46. Total BS. This doctor is not a nutritionist as they only cover a small proportion of this in med school. I know this as my best friends a doctor and she promotes keto to her patients

  47. Damn so I lost 60 pounds on keto but now Im having issues with bad brain fog…I think its time to increase my carb intake, lower the fat and make sure its good carbs. Brain fog sucks.

  48. Please interview Dr Fung and Dr Hyman. No wonder your doctor is obese.

  49. Idk what this guy is talking about..I eat alot of carbs and such….and when i took my A1C I become type 2.

    I went on a Carb diet because my diet is why i became type 2 diabetic. Just switching to low carb diet i was able to
    lose weight, control my sugar level from 280+ down to 110 average, and my A1C test came out that im no longer type 2
    So idk what this guy is saying but me doing a 30g carb a day has worked for me.

  50. A low/no carb diet is simply the most optimal/natural diet a human can consume. The appeal to authority in this country is ridiculous.

  51. I wanna believe it but with all respect I can‘t when looking at Doctor Mills.

  52. All low carbers must have died a sudden death due to the fact that they have driven their bodies metabolically into ketosis and have no sugar for their brains to function. They are all vegetables. Wait wait wait. Maybe just Maybe our brains are benefiting from years of evolution and we have the ability to run on a different type of fuel when we run out of carbs. (lucky for the human race) What if we start using our body fat for fuel by being in ketosis and running on ketones. Alleluia. Keeping the carbs low keeps your insulin low and promotes autophagy.

    My father 82yo who is Type 2 was on 74 units insulin 6 months ago now takes none. Any potato will spike his sugar and insulin. Wearing a Continuous Glucose Meter tells me what suits him and what doesnt. High carb plants spikes his sugar level. Leafy greens broccoli cauliflower spinach cabbage nuts avocado olive oils keep his sugar level relatively flat 24/7 mod protein fish etc

  53. Sorry doc. You need to go low carb by the look of you. I have lost 25 kg bloods 100 per cent improved. Stuff your starches where the sun dont shine and lose some weight.

  54. I’ve learned, well I thought I learned, that the body can create glucose from other sources, not just carbs. And the brain can run on ketones, which are a better source of fuel than sugar. I think these people are YouTube are purposely trying to confuse us.

  55. I am confused. Even in vege diet there is a selection of food which is good for u. Not everything is good in vege diet. How do i know what to eat i plant based diet .. any list

  56. Just eat what your want. I think this doctor is misinformed but who cares! I do Keto and have lost 60lbs and feel much better with more energy. I don’t agree within his philosophy but it’s his life. I’m about bio- individuality and I’m gonna stay with my high fat low carb medium protein diet.

  57. plant based perfect to thrive on and see massive improvements. especially from menstrual cycle.
    3 years vegan and improved this no end.
    Plus vegan for the animals and environment always

  58. Your liver makes the glucose your brain needs. YOU DONT NEED SUGAR . Other doctors that dont push the Big Pharma medications will tell you that.

  59. This doctor is full of shit. I’m on a keto diet and I have reversed type 2 diabetes of clients just putting them on keto. Epilepsy stops with keto. This guy is a moron. I never felt so healthy and so strong before.

  60. It looks like this doctor needs to lose some weight himself. May his diet is not working too well for him! Just an observation, but I could be wrong.

  61. In my opinion, theres no best diet. It, first of all, it depends on you. secondly, try avoiding processed foods and go for the whole foods as much as you can.

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