Does eating a diet of potatoes cause weight gain

It is true they are bad, but everything depends upon the portions where you consume them and how frequently.

However, it’s important to avoid and remove these harmful foods from your own diet to be able to lose weight, during the day reduce cholesterol and also have more energy. Here we will identify the foods that cause the most weight gain.

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Individuals who frequently eat french fries can gain almost a pound . 5. Potato chips That is a great snack for an appetizer, get-togethers, or a little bite before dinner. They have a complete large amount of oil and salt, which in turn causes weight gain.

Processed Meats like sausages Just, processed meats include a lot of fats, calories, sodium, and coloring.

They aren’t healthy for children nor for adults, and consuming them isn’t advisable. Trans fat A huge selection of products observed in the supermarket contain trans fat, which is quite damaging for health. Pastries and Sweets Cookies, cakes, bakery goods, and others, are harmful to health because they contain huge amounts of fats and sugar. pastries and Sweets are some of these foods that cause the most weight gain. Refined grains Like rice, for example, which is another consumed food all over the world highly, because of its performance and price.

Nothing whitened is good since it is not natural. Opt for wholegrain Brown or rice rice. Fried foods Setting the potatoes that people mentioned previously aside, other deep fat fried foods or foods fried in oil are damaging. The ones that are ordered in restaurants or food stands Especially, way more than those prepared in the home. You can include any kind of breaded chicken or meat, vegetables in this category. Often their preservatives and coloring are bad for us.

We recommend you read: 5 Fruit Smoothies for Weight Loss Butter The fat used to create butter makes this harmful to the body and your skin. It has been tested that individuals who consume butter or mayonnaise have significantly more acne or oil on the face.

Professionals frequently advise against consuming these, being that they are foods that cause the most weight gain when consumed often: Pasta: particularly if made with bleached flour.

Everything which has carbohydrates and calories may cause weight gain. All of these include a large amount of fat and salt, making triglyceride levels skyrocket. Chocolate: we have to make a few exceptions here. For instance, bitter chocolate which has more cacao isn’t harmful if eaten carefully, of course. But if you choose the commercial and cheaper types of chocolate, that have additives definitely, preservatives, and sweeteners they might be harmful.

Liver organ: like chicken or turkey, removing the fat always. They satiate and also have a whole lot of protein also. Shellfish and crustaceans: clams, lobster, oyster, spider and calamari crab. They have very fat and so are abundant with iodine and zinc little, top quality proteins plus they have hardly any carbohydrates. Vegetables: spinach, broccolicarrots, tomatoes, onions, lettuces, cabbage, Swiss chard, leeks, asparagus, and the list continues.

They offer excellent amounts of minerals and vitamins and they have hardly any fat. They also give a large amount of water for your body. Legumes: lentils, garbanzos, soy, and green beans supply the body with zinc, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and lots of vitamins. Additionally, they have high degrees of protein. All the fruits provide water and antioxidants.


  1. I cant believe anyone would comment about your weight. You are VERY slim, and this must be haters or people with their own issues. So glad that you arent fallen into that craziness and putting your health first.

  2. So excited you are going to focus on plant based for us. Love you….I need to lose 45 pounds. Would love to do the 30 day potato diet with you. I would love to know how many potatoes you can eat. I was wondering if I am eating to many potatoes??

    • jajajaj yes thats a great idea!! Ill be plannig it out soon for all of us! as long as you feel satisfied thats whats most importatnt. and calories in vs calories burned is how to calculate

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    • I will do a video on what we eat in a day! Im going to see her this week!

  5. You are me in another body! ๐Ÿ˜‚ We have the same feelings regarding weight and body Image. Ive recently been diagnosed with Ovarian cyst and fibroids of which I TRULY Believe come from my obsession with a Low Carb lifestyle SMH. I lost 50lbs 4 years ago and gained it all back 1 1/2 years later due to stress in my everyday life and following another fad diet called Carbnite solution just to reach my Goal weight loss of 50lbs. I now am suffering the effects and have been following a Vegan plant based life style that I feel a WHOLE LOT better doing. Its only been 3 months but Im proud of myself for not being mentally controlled any longer with this Body image that my body doesnt feel comfortable with. Plus my head looks too big when I get too small ๐Ÿ˜‚. I also thought I was the Finest thang walking when people began telling me I should stop the dieting because I was getting too small. Once again THANK YOU for making me feel sane and not alone in all of this. God bless ๐Ÿฅฐ

  6. Youre SOOO gorgeous, Setareh!! I like your vibe, and focus on the health over aesthetics!

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    In the potatoe diet you .ca basically eat anything except egg, meat, cheese, chicken right?.

  10. Awesome video! Its really great to see people recovering on these foods. The fruit is where it is at! Lol I wanted to recommend a book, if you had the time (mayhaps), called Return to the Brain of Eden by Tony Wright and Graham Genn. Some really interesting and possibly mind-blowing information in there. Also check out Anne Osbournes Frutarianism: Path to Paradise. Keep doin what you do! Peace!

    Also, Tonys book is all about the hormones! Things seem to level out with fruit, but only fruit. D: Lol

  11. You look amazing where you are at and you are still really slim! Dont listen to the haters!

  12. Im a Doctor in Switzerland, my patients ate potatoes and they gained weight.

    • Wifi 55 Iโ€™m having the same problem, gaining weight on potatoes. I donโ€™t understand how there are so many videos saying they lost weight.

  13. Thank you for this video, I got what the other video about your mum was about, fare less cringy, was able to watch and was informative.

  14. I lost a bunch of weight at 1st and gained some back dont understand why

    • could be calories in vs calories burned through the day. and also depends what other foods your eating , what dressings your using, how much salt…could be many factors

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