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Called Avandia, this medication would make his cells sensitive to insulin and suck the sugar right out of his bloodstream literally. Robert started taking Avandia and the doctor’s promises came true.

His “impossible” diabetes became very simple to regulate, and he even discovered that he could sneak the casual little bit of pie or chocolate chip cookie and stay directly on target.

Avandia appeared like a wonder drug. In a couple of months, however, Robert started noticing swelling in his feet. He got exhausted from walking upstairs. Worse Even, a week while almost – but not quite – properly following his diet he was gaining two pounds, and he felt hungry all of the right time. What doctors didn’t know initially, and didn’t tell their patients even though the science was updated, was that Avandia worked by triggering a gene called PPAR-gamma.

This gene transformed the stem cells that otherwise would become baby bone cells and baby blood cells into baby fat cells. Avandia didn’t make cells more sensitive to insulin so blood sugar would plummet. It made more fat cells to ensure that collectively they would store any excess sugar in the bloodstream, and excess essential fatty acids, too.

Actually, fat cells are times better at storing extra fat than they are storing excess sugar. Millions of individuals who took Avandia gained 20, 30, up to pounds 10 to 50 kilos even. And practically every one of them were scolded by their doctors for eating an excessive amount of! When you have a drug that turns baby bone cells and baby blood cells into baby fat cells, you have a tendency to get osteoporosis and blood diseases, and you also tend to get serious problems with appetite.

Fat cells are constantly binding insulin to move sugar. This will not leave as much insulin to move the amino acid tryptophan in to the brain. Tryptophan may be the foundation of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that the mind uses to fight depression. See tryptophan and serotonin. Avandia and several other drugs cause you to fat. And if that’s not depressing enough, they change your metabolism which means that your brain will not make as much serotonin, making certain you getter fatter, more tired, and more depressed, even if the drugs do what they are designed to do originally.

When you eventually stop the drugs due to other unwanted effects, however, the fat behind is left. What is it possible to do? The response to medication-induced weight gain may be the serotonin power diet. Wurtman is a superb investmentbut the essential principle is easy: Eat small portions of carbohydrate about one hour before you take in protein. This could be as simple as nibbling 5 or as much as 10 crackers before meals is eaten by you. The tiny amount of carbohydrate triggers insulin release from the pancreas.

When your stomach digests the proteins from the protein foods you take in an full hour later, there will already be insulin in your bloodstream open to help the tryptophan in the meals you eat enter the human brain so it could make serotonin. It’s important never to eat any fatty food together with your pre-meal snack, because fat competes with glucose for insulin.

If you were to, for example, have crackers and cheese before your meal, the essential fatty acids from the cheese would also need to be kept simultaneously as the glucose from the crackers.

But if you eat a little amount of carbohydrate at your main meal just, without stuffing yourself, the body is better ready to send tryptophan to the mind.

There exists a major advantage to eating in this manner. A little indulgence in carbohydrate now prevents cravings for a number of carbohydrate later. Since carbohydrate cravings are the primary way to obtain excess calories in medication-induced weight gain, a snack now can later save a binge. And getting control over your eating may be the first rung on the ladder to time for your normal weight. It’s better, of course, merely to avoid medication-induced weight gain to begin with.

Any medication for diabetes that was in keeping use before could cause weight gain. Most medications for depression and seizure disorders cause weight gain. Obesity may become as significant a health challenge as the problem that had been treated.

But when you have already experienced serotonin-induced weight gain, control your calories, and be sure you get at someone to calorie serving of starchy, high-carbohydrate food with every meal. The human brain will function better, and that may help you lose the weight that medications made you get. Related Articles.


  1. I know that I am addicted to sugar…for sure. So happy for this. Thank you Dr. Hyman.

  2. These are good tips, however I think it is too much for people to do all at once. We humans like to do things in small steps and then its more achievable.

  3. This is so true, my brain is literally on fire when I eat sugar, it is like an orgasm😁 I dont get why people spend money on expensive drugs when they can simply have sugar😅

  4. Anyone here who eats horlicks without milk and completes whole within 1 or 2 days😅😅

  5. It destroys me knowing that I can stick to a healthy diet but the second there is pizza infront me i can never eat just a couple.

  6. Do you go back to dairy after ten days? Keto diet use dairy products and has been effective for a lot of ppl

  7. Ive given up coke,weed,smoking cigs ,most alcohols. Ive cut down from 3 sugar to 1 teaspoon but this is the hardest battle

  8. say what you what but i would rather live spitefully against that intro smile than quit anything

  9. Pussy and sugar….. most deadliest addictive things to eat all day long 😉😘

  10. Damn just thinking about no sugar makes me crave it. We are all addicts! 😭

  11. Sugar is more addictive then cocaine. Break your addiction by going cold turkey. How many people do you know who broke their addiction to cocaine were able to just go cold turkey? Everything I see and read about breaking sugar addiction says the same fing thing. There has got to be a way that actually works.

  12. Me: is about to go binge on a slice of cake at 2 in the morning
    Video: It only takes 10 days to break free from your sugar addiction!
    Me: it takes 1 minute to eat the cake slice

  13. Im starting to break the addiction, so I drank unsweetened tea today, some noodles with edamamae, soy sauce and Turkey breast, Im kinda craving some sugary snack right now….Ill try to stay strong

  14. I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

  15. Isnt this guy Will Smith and Familys doctor? LOL or he was on that recent episode at least

  16. Eat real animal fat – butter or pure soft cheese and eggs- whenever hungry , to kick sugar , for 5 days. Then convert to keto diet and fasting. Works like a charm.

  17. I cant quit cold turkey, my brain doesnt function properly without it. Some people need a cup of coffee in the morning, i need a glass of soda. With all due respect, just quit, is no advice at all.

  18. i would but i just bought maltesers and they expensive so after this pack ok??

  19. Then there’s me, shoving a bunch of sugar down my throat and being skinny still.

  20. As I started following diet and training plan from NextLevelDiet, I took my confidence to the next level. Girls finally started noticing me.

  21. This is so true, straight to the point, go cold Turkey, I have a very sweet tooth, I definitely need to have self discipline, self belief and go for it.

  22. Eating protein at meals, removing sugary drinks, and switching to the right amount and type of starch foods, I agree, are important strategies for removing sugar cravings. however, Ive found that including occasional intentional treats, instead of quitting 100% of sugar, is more successful for clients over the long-term.

  23. Consume addiction reversing foods! Takes 10 days
    The how ro begins at 1:20 !
    1. Decide to quit
    2. Quit cold turkey
    3. Don’t drink your calories, eat them
    4. Add protein to every meal
    5. Eat the right carbs
    6. Eat good fats
    7 . Manage your stress
    8. 10 days no Gluten or dairy
    9. Get your sleep!

  24. I work on the overnight. Sleep is difficult, but I have to somehow do better.

  25. My problem is gaming. I’m so used to playing with a 2 liter bottle or a big bag of gummies next to me. I fear I might just have to give up video games as well.

  26. Thank you very much for this video. It literally turned my life around. I used to eat one bar if chocolate + a dessert everyday. What this person says, its easier to do than it seems and it works like a charm. Ive recommend this technique to so many people. Now, I still remember the pleasure of eating sweet things, but I cant do it anymore. If I try, I feel like my tongue is getting attacked! I know there are many people struggling like me, so as someone who has experienced the same problem, I urge you to try this method. Its a matter of only 10 days.

  27. youre an idiot if you think sugar is more addicting than cocaine. Completely irresponsible to spew that propaganda to the youth. just stupid!

  28. I agree with the premise but cold turkey invites people to burn out and then…give up. Slowly weaning off of it is more helpful. Make the decision aggressively, yes, but not for everything. So like, instead of reaching for the popsicle in the fridge, reach for a handful of frozen fruit (this is a personal addiction I’m fighting xD), instead of packet oatmeal, get plan oatmeal but use milk, cinnamon, honey and fruit to make it taste better – little changes at a time

  29. 10 day?!
    You can get rid of sugar addiction even faster with water fasting.

    But yes if you have a shit diet youll just go back to sugar addiction.

  30. Umm ok but I can stop eating sugar whenever I want, I will gain another 10lbs just thinking abt it.

  31. Sugar is addictive because we are supposed to eat fruit

  32. Sugar changes to fat in your liver(their base is very similar [carbon,oxygen & hydrogen]) causing you fatty liver problem.

  33. After this video, I talked to friends. I decided to not consume sugar and sweeteners for 30 days. I asked my Friends if I could call for support. I will also cut out dairy, and gluten for 10 days. Oy.

  34. If you have also caffeine addiction is recommended to get rid off it at the same time as sugar?

  35. Ok I did cold Turkey but in less then 12 hours I ran 101 fever due to it and was getting sick for an hour before I went to the store for soda. Took one sip and it stabilized my system out.

  36. I would definitely have consumed the chocolate cake right after that video

  37. Well yea this all sounds great but the difficult part is actually stopping im hooked on soda so bad when i crave it nothing else will help other than a soda its so serious

  38. Hey! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but Im not sure if it is good. Have you considered Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many awesome things about it and my cooworker lost a ton of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  39. okay so here is the thing. When there are no reaserch papers attached but only a guy in *labcoat* a table full of sugary bad foods and sais things like *detoxifying* ..and has a lot of bullshit link in his description to his clinic that make money of of people i automatically assume its bullshit. Yeah he is right in some things but anybody with a basic level of chemistry and biology can smell the marketing side of it, not scientific, just pure bullshitting.

  40. My issue is salt… Can I use these methods for my salt addiction? I have high cholesterol.

  41. I decided to drink water every time I wanted to snack, and not only did I snack less, I was more hydrated, and in a few days of having fruit or other savoury food instead, my skin has cleared incredibly quickly and my abs have defined more.

    • I dont have access to sweets/choc cos of the quarantine so all Ive been doing is drinking water instead to fill me up alongside having proper meals. And damn I can deffo agree that my skin has gone so much better!

  42. im gonna go 10 days without artificial sugar but i cant cut out much bread/carbs in general bc there isnt much food in the house other than that lol. ill incorporate more veggies though

  43. OK so I can even wants to go to the states to get surgery that’s just contrary to what I believe more doctors get sued in the states and in Canada that’s what I think

  44. Wait, but a bunch of Vegas told me it wasnt sugar but animal products giving me diabetes. Whos more trustworthy? A medical doctor from a renowned medical facility? Or animal rights activists telling me not eating animals???

  45. It’s hard to cut my sugar addiction when there’s people living in my house that loves to buy sugar

  46. I am on day 2 and stangely I dont crave sugar. But I do have a lot of headaches. Is this normal and is there something I can do about it?

  47. Him: the key to stopping your sugar addiction is to stop eating sugar and have a healthy diet. Me: 😐

  48. Does Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) help me lost lots of fat? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss methods.

  49. Been off sugar for 5 years. I quit meat too. Plants have all the protein we need. Always have. Yuck, wait what?! meat is protein?–no this guy is only halfway there. Potatoes were instrumental in my breaking from meat/oils/sugars. Starchy vegetables are GREAT for us. See McDougall. Look up WFPB if you want to live longer and stronger, feeling better, being slimmer -and EATING MORE!!! (Jeff Novick).

  50. for me im guilty using 1.25 liters of condonsed milk for a month this quarantine. i use it for my coffee and matcha as sweetener. i dnt add much sugar tho. just condensed milk. and butter, and all purpose flour consumption. got irritable moods, bloated feeling, always sleepy. Thats why im watching this kind of videos. I need to decide to cleansed again.

  51. Ok I’m going to try this. I have some what started. I’ve warned my family and friends that I’ll probably be extremely irritable for the next few days/weeks 😅 Do what you can to cheer me up 😂

  52. This guy kind of bothers me for some reason… it might be because he’s telling me the truth

  53. As expert, I do think Custokebon Secrets is actually good way to lost lots of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

  54. Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search. On there you will discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can lost a lot of fat. Why dont you give it a chance? perhaps its going to work for you too.

  55. This wasn’t helpful at all. We KNOW we should stop eating sugar. Instead of telling people what they shouldn’t eat (because most adults already know) it would be more helpful to tell us why we should be eating. How about sharing a meal plan for those magical 10 days?

  56. I didnt realize how addictive sugar was until I went on the keto diet for 30 days. I had to come off of it for medical reasons and decided to have a cinnamon roll, against all my better judgement. I could not believe how overpowering the sweetness was, and how little flavour was in it, firstly. But then I was blown away that despite not liking the taste and and wanting to stop, I kept eating and eating, feeling like a slave to the compulsive urge to just lose myself in it. I was so blown away because Id never realized what it was really like all the years of having a sugar-filled diet, and how disgusting it actually is to eat the food.

  57. Like nigga its not hard when you see something you want to eat go get something else you dont really want it or need to eat it youll see when it happens its not hard to reject foods that are bad for you if you realize that its just another food I didnt even stop eating sweets and stuff but I stopped drinking them and like a month later I said why not and just had a soda and it was actually not very good lol

  58. So… no diary no gluten no flour no sugar (also fruits) so.. what except meat and egg has left? What can vegan eat? Only vegetables?

  59. Im really addicted to sugar, I dont mean candy or other eatable sugars but I do put roughly 8 pounds of sugar in my coffee per week. But my weight is just 125 pounds. And my bloodsugar still is okay. I do have some heartproblems lately wich I think is also caused by that. So I really want to cut down/out with the sugar!! Its just that even one day without any sugar makes my mood really irritatable and I get a really bad headache. (Wich also proves its addictive for your body).

  60. This was not helpful at all. I am sure it works, it seems like good advice….just not practical. Its hard enough for those of use addicted to sugar to give it up, and I understand the cold turkey thing. But to give it up then give up all those other things all at the same time?? Thats like totally revamping your diet all at once, and that rarely works.

  61. I only use sugar in my coffee. Its so bitter, I guess salt is the only option from now on…damn

  62. Im starting tomorrow. Ill keep you updated.(promise)
    *Its 4th day of no-sugar challenge. And I feel great. Actually I havent consuming sugar for 2 years but I started it recently. I want to get back to those days

  63. Me whos suffered with BED and BPD for 1 year: Hell yeah, Ill finally be able to become skinny!
    *2 minutes later*
    Today I have consumed a raisin, time to fucking binge because 1 cal over and you know the rules and so do I

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