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What’s the Keto Diet? Wherever you are in your journey and health, the keto diet is hot right and getting a lot of attention and for good reason now. Keto is an extremely low carb diet, a day often this means only 20 net carbs. I have been low carbohydrate for 4 years just before going keto, a day and the carbs were coming mostly from non starchy vegetables my daily carb intake was grams.

Losing fat for fuel is eventually what happens when you take in keto as well as your body finally becomes fat adapted. Does Sugar Free mean Keto? For me personally then it meant no white sugar back, white anything or flour white or refined. I enjoyed sweet potatoes and even honey still. As the years continued I uncovered even natural sugars caused me to keep to crave and I eventually went low carbohydrate back I started my weblog in so prior tosome of the recipes aren’t low carbohydrate just sugar free.

All carbs turn to sugar within your body but many people are designed for eating sweet potatoes or regular potatoes rather than have any craving issues. I simply look at them and I put on weight and I crave increasingly more. I am very carb intolerant. The more I enjoy carbohydrates the more I’d like and on and on and onto it goes. Know how? By consuming keto! You can go from even 16 hours without feeling starving! Your hormones shall be balanced. No crazy mood irritability or swings.

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No. You will actually have the ability to stick to in this manner of eating because you’ll be satisfied! The shopping list is roofed and all you will have to do is food shop then execute a little prepping for the week ahead. I want to demonstrate how wonderful the keto diet is and try out this week for free! It was good really. I feel far better! More focused and energized.

An a supplementary added encouraging bonus is that I lost 6 lbs! I am migraine free for a week since I started the other day. After you have confirmed your subscription, you’ll be sent another email and for the reason that there’s a link which provides the menu plan, it isn’t an attachment, it really is a link you need to click.

Should this happen it really is a security setting on your own browser. You have to Google to allow PDFs for your browser. Related Posts.


  1. way way too much processed oil, just get more nut butters , avocados or ackee.

  2. The problem is that lentils, pulses and beans have carbohydrates. Id personally do vegetarian and introduce cheese and eggs

  3. And stay away from vegetable oils. If it doesnt come from a nut or a fruit, avoid it like the plague.


    • @GiveMeCoffee Please do some research. If oils are cold pressed and fresh they very healthy. Oils like flax and hemp have been successfully used to treat cancer and inflamitory diseases. So please do some research before making such misleading statements

    • @Herb Bowler no, seed oils are hydrogenated and have a horrible balance of fats, altering the omega6:omega3 ratio to unnatural levels, the seeds are healthy thought

  4. We want to help the environment so were going to rely on food imported from 1000s of miles away


    • No need to spam this comment in multiple places. We consistently recommend buying local on our website and in our articles. You have to keep in mind that some people dont have the fortune to be able to do that.

      Doing what you can is better than doing nothing at all. If you had constructive criticism and advice instead of pure useless negativity, maybe it would actually have an impact.

  5. I’m trying to figure out how to eat vegan while being Italian their is a lot of cheese in our dishes lol what’s a vegan version of mozzarella I think a vegan lasagna would be nice to make.

    • Check out the full article on vegan keto thats linked in the description – there are some ideas for replacing cheese in there (and some brand names of vegan cheese available).

  6. Damn vegan,keto, you might aswell do omad/intermittent fasting all together…

    • Plenty of people do, and honestly it would make it a bit easier to do since you wouldnt need as much variety in meals.

    • Oil typically takes years to go rancid. Check the bottling dates on the oil in your grocery store and trying to buy the newest one if that is a concern.

  7. I dont plan to go full vegan, and consume eggs. Other than that though, I want to cut out all dairy. I removed meat a couple of years ago.

    • Eating those artificial food are even worse than natural legumes or nuts. People should get protein from natural food.

    • It really depends on what you eat, but I do think its very hard to follow a vegan keto diet without eating some of the processed meat items that bring a good chunk of protein.

  8. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you that was super helpful!!

    • No, just like our website, we just offer information and recipes about each different type of keto diet out there. We dont force any of our ideas/beliefs on anyone – just trying to give help to all the different ketoers out there 🙂

      While we do have lots of vegan/vegetarian recipes (and working on adding more), we still primarily use meat in our cooking.

  9. If you are vegan……then you must try indian food….its all veg and fingerlicking

    • latha varatharajan just eat a ton of nuts! I’m keto, but I think I’m going to go vegan keto instead!

    • zebresel _ you can buy vegetable ghee and also use oils instead in some cases like for parathas and takar dal

    • @Sangeetha I often get sent on mission to Thane near Mumbai, I beg to differ!!

    • @delloda lol, Indian cuisine not consist dumping masala on everything like the US versions…. A lot neutral less spicy food exists, especially in regional foods…

    • @zebresel _ not if you make it yourself, Im Asian and vegam and curries are my go to, obviously it depends on which one tho.

    • At least give a reason for what you are saying, because it is false that coconut is unhealthy

  10. Most Kimchi has one of three fish products, fish sauce, Fish paste, or anchovies……..which isnt vegan

    • Black soybeans are actually pretty low carb, but almost all other beans are too high in carbs for keto.

  11. Thank you SO much! This is the most complete and comprehensive video Ive seen on Vegan Keto.

    • @nope not me You can do keto for under $5 a day. Youre connecting a lot of random dots in your comment – we have never said that happiness is solely based on your diet.

      I dont see the point of coming to a youtube channel specifically about the ketogenic diet and then trying to find a way to argue against it. If you dont want to do it, you dont have to do it – simple as that. We say that over and over. There is no point in forcing yourself to do something you dont agree with. Maybe you should take some introspection from your own comment and try to find your own happiness instead of spreading negativity online?

    • @RuledMe
      $8 a day?…i could get some rice and a large green salad and cheap orange juice ..1 maybe 2 meals … how about indians living in slums of mumbai? do you think they care about diet fads?…yet they try to be happy other ways, its not ALL about diet.

    • You can do keto on a budget pretty easily. We have quite a few articles and even meal plans for budget shoppers on our website.

  12. I was a vegan for 14 years and now have been eating meat for many years now. If you look at Vince Gironda, he is known as the Guru of body building and was born in 1917 and was the most greatest bodybuilder ever I challenge you to check him out and look at his physique. I dont approve of his diet but he only ate steak and eggs and later employed a salad. He lived to a ripe old age.In that day and error there was no protein powders or other supplements we have today. His meat and eggs were as they should be, all natural. His methods of body building was all basic with no machines or other elaborate equipment. If you check even the Bible it talks of eating meat and I have challenged, with other pros, on meat and meat eating. It specifically states what meats to eat. Even the fish is supposed to be the fish with scales. Research shows the fish with scales filters out most mercury and other harsh chemicals we now have in the waters. Catfish is a bottom water fish that skims the bottom of the waters and eats lots of junk. I am 69 and have had only 1 common cold in 29 years and am turning 70 in March 2020 and doing things in the gym 16-my age cant. My aunt turns 93 this year and refuses to go to a nursing home. My grandfather lived to be 92 and was an alcoholic. My great aunt outlived 3 husbands and lived to be 98. My mom smoked from 20 years old until she turned 69 and had a heart valve surgery and still lived to be 82. I dont believe in being a vegan makes you healthier or live longer, you just have to know what to eat, how to prepare it, how much to eat and eating at the right time. I am holistic and an herbalist. 85% of ALL MEDICINES, PILLS AND SHOTS are derivatives from herbs. No medicine can heal you, they only help the body to heal its own self.

    • Im vegan for the animals and the environment. We cant afford not to be in terms of sustainability, and I couldnt bring myself to eat sentient beings any more.

    • Yes Jesse. From a dietary point of view I follow you. But my Veganism is based on the cruel practices carried out in factory farms. Most people have no awareness of the additives injected into animals, such as anti-biotics, hormones, etc. Feed, which is the remains of dead animals. CJD, Thats Mad Cows Disease, is reportedly on the increase. The living conditions are appalling with so little space, covered in sewage, never to see daylight, the sun or a field to run around in. Diseased animals, many screaming in pain because of pus-filled udders.. Beaten, kicked, skinned whilst still alive. Dead piglets rotting, having died because the mother has no room even to turn round in their cages and the piglets trampled and squashed under her body. Thats for openers. I could go on and on. I wont take part in practices that I feel are barbaric. Sometimes I could fancy a good old sausage and some bacon, but in all honesty cannot justify any form of unnecessary cruelty to man or beast. Not in this modern age of profits before everything.

  13. Did anyone else cringe at the MASSIVE amount of oil that was used to cook that egg at 3:11?? Good lord!

    • High cholesterol by itself is not bad, it depends on other factors, while low cholesterol is deadly.

  14. i am still vegan ..low carb — since 7 years…even without eggs 🙂 would be interesting if here are peoples from France..perhaps Alsace..too : ) ?? its sure hard to find some understanding peoples in my space here……my french is unforutnately so bad : (

    • @Camille C i would make a lot of sports.. have a moving lifestyle and IF Fasten.. Or like I do omad could help., Keep your protein high even if its just with powders.. from nutrition side I would choose fire beans or white beans.. or green lentils. Of course dont forget the Greens like Broccoli.. Parsley..

    • Andreas Fragmichselbst I am vegan low carb too :). I get tons of questions and rolling eyes. Lol. But it’s my body. Not theirs. I don’t owe people my story or illness story. If they feel great eating their diet good for them. Don’t let them shit on yours. Don’t yuck other people’s yums. Lol

    • Hi ! Im from north east of France, Vegan for 5 years. Have you always been low carb? I find vegan low carb/keto harder to maintain long term. Any tips?

  15. what crackers were shown in the video? that’s my biggest struggle with vegan keto… i love low carb dips and spreads but have nothing to dip /spread them on

  16. This is too hard for me right now, I truly wish to go vegan but I am severely overweight, almost obese and I wish to prioritize keto and go vegan after I am already healthy… sorry if I disappointed you 😢

    • Not disappointed at all – Im a big believer in doing what works best for you. Vegan keto is extremely restricting and not the healthiest if you arent following everything correctly/getting all of your macros/micronutrients. I think your plan sounds great.

  17. How can I remove curd and milk from my diet 😭😭😭😭😢😢

    • al astair berries are not high in sugar at all, they actually lower your glycemic index. Berries are superfruits.

    • Yes, because rabbits are the only creatures that dont have at other animals.

  18. I was doing this but I stopped because a lot of vegan products are processed. Keto, whether vegan, pescatarian or meat, is about real whole quality food, not created processed foods. I went back pescatarian and no dairy and have lost weight.

    • @case based accusing someone of cherrypicking when you have no idea of the volume of info or what they know about the topic shows how biased you are, and you can say what you want because I wasnt looking for your opinion, eat your pasta and be happy

    • GiveMeCoffee- You have a medical condition then, of course do what’s right for you. Cherry-pick papers all you want, but consensus among dietitians and physicians is that those foods are beneficial for most people.

    • @case based carbohydrates cause me intestinal problems, period, Ive been better since staying away from fruits and lentils and Ive read a fair amount of papers that support that lectins, agglutinins, and fructose do more damage than good

    • GiveMeCoffee- Carbohydrates aren’t evil. Vegetables, fruits, lentils, etc. are good for you. Stay away from processed junk

    • Right? A keto diet (be it vegan or meat-based) always seems healthier than any other choice, mainly because the isnt anything processed and carbohydrates go out.

  19. So if I ate for a few meals,
    Advacado, olives and almonds would that not be a complete protiens?

    • Avocado, olives, and almonds would give you some protein but not enough for an entire days worth.

  20. stop looking to the side, there is no point, unless you like being irritating

  21. Unnatural lifestyles go nowhere. Good luck. 💚 It is healthy stuff, but is it ketogenic? Avoid seed oils. Soy is Poison ☠ as is sugar. 🥚 Butter, milk, no substitutes exist.

    • @Anon X Soy cultivation involves high levels of GMO fertilisers, pesticides, etc. Same goes for corn. Therefore its best to avoid all things soy and corn in the current times.

  22. When you say 35g total carbs. Is that even possible? Did you mean 35g net carbs? I ask because a single avocado has 12 carbs but only 2 net carbs. Another example is most nuts, walnuts in particular. Half of their carbs are fiber. Even 10 olives has 6 carbs but half of it is fiber.

    • This is why people rely mainly in fatty meat cuts and fat bombs, but again, it depends on what kind of avocado you are eating since there are tons of varieties and some are sweeter than others

    • I have been doing 20 grams of carbs most days. It is possible. Requires careful planning.

    • Most people aim for around 25g net carbs, and 35g total carbs (though if you are eating fibrous ingredients you can usually get away with slightly higher total carbs).

  23. Yikes, Im a big bean eater! Being Vegan is hard enough. But I will give a try.

    • @RuledMe I had been researching some stuff about it but Im just deciding whether to or no. Thank you for the reply:)

    • I always recommend researching and reading into it first so you can make an informed decision. Vegan keto is pretty difficult to do and might not be the healthiest long-term unless you really research all of the needed macronutrients and micronutrients you need. With such a huge restriction on food, it will be difficult to get your needed nutrients without planning ahead.

  24. Sorry to be pedantic, but mushrooms are NOT vegetables; they are fungi; and fungi are neither animalia nor plantae; they are a separate kingdom, which also includes moulds and yeasts. To give you a glimpse on how different mushrooms are from vegetables, consider this: Vegetables consume CO2, release oxygen, produce glucose… Mushrooms, like many animals, consume glucose and oxygen, and release CO2. Plantss main structural material is cellulose; mushrooms main structural material is chitin, which characteristic they share with arthropods and insects exoskeletons. The real mushroom is an extensive underground body, while the mushrooms we eat are the reproductive organs the main body projects out of the ground. DNA-wise, fungi are as far removed from vegetables as they are from animals. You could say the three kingdoms form a triangle … — not quite true, as there are other kingdoms; but much better than bunching them with vegetables…
    FYI, the largest living thing in the planet is a mushroom in a forest in Oregon, whose underground body extends for like 4 square miles.
    End of pedantic rant.

    Tofu is loaded with phyto-estrogens. At one point I was bodybuilding and eating extra tofu, and I had all kinds of estrogenic problems, particularly upper abdominal fat, horrible looking; after I quit consuming tofu that problem, and the others, gradually went away.
    Seitan … Isnt that the thing thats almost pure gluten? That is TERRIBLE advice. And no, you cannot argue that gluten is a problem only if you are allergic to it; that is OLD theory; today it is well known that gluten causes inflammation everybodys intestines, inducing immune responses universally. The only question is WHEN will the constant insult and immune response lead to a self-sustaining auto-immune condition called Celiac Disease. Gluten CAUSES Celiac Disease, sooner or later; and the more you consume it the sooner it will happen. Not only that: gluten often leads to asymptomatic leaky gut, leading to all sorts of health conditions that are hard to diagnose back to their cause. Seitan should be treated as a biological weapon of mass destruction, and it is only allowed in the market because health agencies dont really care about public health anymore; but thats a long story.
    Finally, I dont know why you are advocating a low carb; **high protein** strategy. That is the old Atkins diet; not Keto. Keto is **moderate** protein, high fat, low carb. A teaspoon a day of vegan protein powder is probably a good idea; but most people nowadays consume TOO MUCH protein. Any excess protein you consume is converted to glucose via a process call gluconeogenesis, which is Ketos enemy number one.
    Meta-finally, any vegetarian, and particularly vegan diet, requires supplementation of vitamin B-12, the amino-acid L-Carnitine, and the peptide Carnosine, as well as EPA and DHA omega-3s; and this should be mentioned in any diet advice source.

    The rest of the video is great!
    Disclosure: Im Keto-Vegetarian (but NOT Vegan).

    • How much tofu did you consume back then? Im currently eating tofu once a week, is this too often? I recently also got into bodybuilding. Thank you for all the information! Another question: what do we need the carnosine for? In my research I found its mainly used for supplementation by older folks.

    • @Elizabeth Walker Either that, or you are very ignorant. Mushrooms dont even taste or look like any vegetables at all.
      EDIT: And just before you argue on the basis of relevance, note that here we are in the sacred halls of vegan religion, which trumpets plant-based dogma to the four winds, ignorant of the obvious fact that mushrooms are not plants, and are, in fact, closer to animals than to plants, evolutionarily speaking. The vegetarian diet doesnt suffer this contradiction.

  25. Beyond Meat products are Keto Friendly…adding them has seriously helped me with a vegan keto diet!

  26. SOOO what if I hateeeee coconut anything? Tried it and EW yuck LOL..Help ? almond milk ok??

    • Avocados and avocado oil, macadamias/macadamia oils. Look at other nuts.

    • It depends. The coconut milk in a can is very thick and has a stronger coconut flavor. The coconut milk in a carton is relatively tasteless, and almond milk would be able to replace that easily. The coconut milk in a can, you may have to replace with almond milk and some type of thickener depending on the recipe.

    • Seitan is made from gluten, which is protein. It can be purchased in flour form then re-hydrated to make vegan meat. Its generally low in carbs, but if you purchase it pre-made you must be sure to check the nutrition labels because some may have added carbs. Many choose to avoid gluten on keto, but if youre not sensitive to it than it is an option.

    • Its 4g net carbs per 2 tablespoons – seems a bit high in carbs for keto, though it could work. JUST brand also has a vegan egg product but its 1g carbs per serving – it may be worth a try.

    • @David Chaplin I guess that is why people that get there energy from carbs and fat are the healthest and longest living.

    • @My Account I take it very seriosly when i get ridiculed for telling the truth by someone that doesnt know there ass from a hole in the ground.
      A way to many people believe those lies !!

    • @My Account Not everyone had a chance to get a good education. My spelling may not be great. But do you have to be an asshole about it???

    • @Sam Healthier or not is only a matter of opinion. There is no hard evidence in either camp on what is healthier or not. One fact is that the human body has terribly good at dealing with what we put in our bodies and it tells you physically if you are getting it right or not. Get it wrong, get fat or weak so you die early and take your genes out of the gene pool as quick as possible. natural selection in progress.

    • @Dario Rabasco No no my friend! no malice here. I was just reminding you that this vid is about a keto diet and fruit has too many sugars to be included and the truth about cereals which is basically a multivitamin with each bowl. However, there is no need to be gluten-free unless you have celiacs disease. The symptoms that they portray as gluten sensitivity are all from eating too much-refined carbs like pasta, ramen and bread. In my experience, I get sometimes get these symptoms even from gluten-free processed foods when I eat too much of it. I dont eat raw foods as an Asian, I will always flash stir fry everything even if its for 10 seconds on high heat. Raw food does not digest well according to Asian practice but I can be good to lose weight.

  27. Im still curious about how much can you eat to get a reasonable amount of calories for your daily activity and not to mess the macros. I do a meat-based moderate ketogenic diet, and not being able to consume dairy makes it quite difficult already.

  28. Hello @RuledMe. Thanks for this information. Could you do a vid on how much salads would work p
    er day? Cheers 🙂

    • It would depend on what type of salad youre eating, the contents, the ingredients, and the amount of ingredients. We have a keto calculator on the site (and a video on how to use it) that will help you find out how much to eat per day to get toward your goals.

    • David Chaplin the only reason it’s healthy is because of coconuts high fibre content it doesn’t have an effect on cholesterol (it does taste good tho)

    • @unboxingking Are you brain dead? All food is unnatural unless you get it off the tree yourself or kill the animal yourself.

    • unboxingking I don’t eat processed foods. All of my meals for lunch and dinner are based off of homemade pressure cooked beans. Breakfast is oats, smoothies, occasionally toast with butter/avacado.

    • @RuledMe thanks. Ive been reducing my potato intake recently. Never realised avocados and spinach had potassium

  29. Your two meals a day should ideally be breakfast and lunch skipping dinner as food after 5pm is hard to digest.

    • @Natju J If you did 3-11 and then 11-7, there would only be 12 hours fasting time between that. Thats the bare minimum to get your body into a fasted state. If you could reduce the windows on that, it would be better. Something like 3-6pm and 11-3pm.

    • It really depends on the persons schedule, but Id say before 6:30pm. Most people do lunch and dinner for IF since it fits into most peoples schedule a bit easier that way.

  30. I got sad just to imagine myself eating that grilled onion salad. 😿😿😿

  31. tofu is chickpeas, so can you eat chickpea? it says peas are off limits

  32. I made the vegan porridge. I was blown away. Yum! Used chocolate protein instead of vanilla. Thank you for the recipe!

  33. WHY ME GOD!!!!!!!! I found out I am genetically likely to form type 2 diabetes…. But I dont want to eat the little animals.

    Fuck me. No rice, no beans, no ketchup or bbq sauce……………………. Man suicide looks better and better every day.

  34. This is so useful I want to switch to keto but I am sad about lentil beans and chickpeas those are in Indian restaurant

    • Keto isnt healthy in the long term. Its only good for short stints. 2 weeks on then lowered carb intact is better. So 20g of carb max for keto, then less than 100 afterwards.

    • athena energy Shine exactly the same for my partner and me! These are the ones we will miss most and they are staples of our diet 🥺🥺

    • Its low carb not no carb. You can still eat beans lentils etc as lo g as you stick to that 5 to 10% carbs …

  35. Eat vegan, just dont eat sweets. Dont eat sugary vegan foods or pastas. You will be fine. One thing I notice when you go vegan is you discover new vegetables and foods that you never tried before… like miso or coconut aminos. You can make vegan butter and cheese easily too. Good luck everyone <3

  36. How to make a no soy no gluten vegan keto High Protein bodybuilding diet easy:

    Use Lupines as an alternative to soy and seitan
    use flaxseeds and make wraps out of it wich are gluten free
    Make chia puddings
    use unsugared vegan joghurt, coconut cream and frozen berries to make desserts
    Make your own vegan egg srumble mixture by using mungbeanprotein powder
    Buy vegan meats wich are made of pea protein
    Look around for the mushrooms that are available for you wich have the highest protein content and the smallest volume
    eat nuts

  37. Vegan Keto diet: avocado and salad breakfast dinner and lunch 😂😂

  38. Watch you nut intake and ensure your stevia choice is NOT Splenda Stevia. Spend the money and get the Now Better Stevia Powder. I made that mistake. Been vegan a long time and actually my diet was pretty close to keto by accident…just a few adjustments. Finding the balance has been a bit difficult … tweeking persay….. Im only about 15 lbs from my goal after a doing vegan intermittent fasting and vegan diet with lots of walking. From 240 to 167 lbs but have plateaued and wanted to even out the hunger issue. … so I changed to Keto Vegan Diet.

  39. Im on this and its easy. basically got the best of keto and vegan. Eliminating starches processed foods, meats and grains, (basically removing dead shit from my diet). My workouts have gone insane, strength up 40-60% I love it!

  40. The things people dont mention about vegan diet, yes its cheap to go vegan, however its not cheap to stay vegan. Nuts, and a variety of plants, and plant based alternatives are quite expensive for people with very low income like myself. Ive been vegan for 2 months now but Im finding it hard to get the fats I need and the amount of protein I need without getting carb overload. This is very important to me because Im an athlete and when I first started my vegan transition I felt great but now I feel like I cant put on muscle and my digestion is horrible, Im talking pooping upwards of 5 times a day and its almost always liquidy, sorry for the tmi its just that no one talks about the fact that vegan doesnt work for people in different circumstances. Maybe one day when I have enough money to afford everything I need in order to sustain a vegan diet I will go vegan again but as of today Im switching back to an omnivore diet. Its way too cheap to get a carton of eggs and get all the fat and protein I need minus the carbs vs 10 bucks for a bag of nuts thats gonna be gone in a couple of days and Im gonna have to eat loads of other things like lentils and beans on top of that.. lentils and beans are cheap no doubt. But they dont provide me everything I need either. And cause serious carb overload. Basically everything in this video breaks the budget. Its just not cheap to eat like this consistently. Sure when you go to the store and get a bag of kale for a couple of bucks that sounds cheap. But you realize how much kale and spinach and almonds I have to eat in a day in order to make my calorie goal? A fuck ton. And yet I literally never once met my calorie goal on a vegan diet. Not only that but every single day I was short on fat, short on protein and wayyy over on carbs. Sure being vegan and being healthy is possible. But not everyone has the funds to get the variety and quantity they need in order to sustain it. It really bugs me that so many vegans in the comment section call meat eaters evil. Most of these people probably have cats, or dogs, or since theyre vegan at least appreciate them. Yet they wouldnt harp on a wild animal for eating another wild animal. Cause its natural. We eat animals get over it. Sure the way some of the meat industry is run is horrific but its not the people eating meats fault. Its the people running those places fault. Humans are omnivores, some of us carnivores, some of us herbivores. Thats fine. The way we eat shouldnt divide us so much. So to the person in comments that called the meat eater evil. No youre evil for patronizing a human just for trying to eat food in order to keep on keeping on.

    • April everything we do is detrimental to the environment grow up and see the bigger picture. The world isn’t all sunshine’s and rainbows lol homie. Also you clearly didn’t pay attention to any of the problems i had while being vegan. Yes i fucking ate tofu btw. No shit i ate tofu who’s vegan and doesn’t ever eat tofu. I now eat fish, eggs, and chicken tho and i feel absolutely amazing and yes i still eat loads of veggies and fruit. Now that I’m getting a complete diet that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg that i don’t have I’m feeling fucking fantastic. So no not gonna go back to vegan anytime soon. And the more people try to tell me bs about vegan makes me not wanna touch vegan with 10 foot pole cause y’all are annoying fucks.

  41. What if youre allergic to all types of nuts, sesame seeds, and severely chickpea? XD

    • @RuledMe Tysm <3 A lot of protein powders often contain Chickpea, and Ive been looking into it. If you have any recommendations on which type of powder to use, please tell me.

    • It would be very hard to follow a vegan ketogenic diet to be honest. If you truly want to, youd just have to use plenty of plant based fats and vegetables. Some thing like tofu and check to see if there are any protein powders that would be acceptable for you.

    • You can make your own keto-friendly versions of a lot of foods. Check our some of our cracker recipes here:

  42. Lots of soy proteins in this video. Try Beyond Beef Burger, vegan keto friendly and free of soy!

    • @Alaina S. It says that both in the video and in the article. Vegan keto is extremely restrictive and can be unhealthy if not followed correctly. Youd want to aim to get lots of vegetables, you can add oils and cook in oils or make sauces from that. Avocado, nuts/seeds, coconut cream are going to be some main sources of fats as well. It can be done healthily, but it is very difficult. Im not personally vegan, but we try to offer information for everyone that wants to go keto.

    • @RuledMe no i know but im saying its next to impossible im on the keto diet myself and i already have a lot of limitations but a lot of vegans run on starches and vegan meat which most of it is not keto im saying that they would basically starve using just oils is not healthy and its not enough protein or healthy fats its literally impossible if you want to actually loose weight in a healthy way

  43. Eating high amount of oils while vegan makes me feel really nauseous, yet I wouldnt feel nauseous from eating too much animal fat. Id avoid heavy use of olive and seed oils personally.

    • Yes, unfermented soy is extremely unhealthy and really should only be eaten on occasion if one desperately likes it. The best soy products are Tempeh, Miso and Natto.

    • Those are Marys gluten free crackers. You can get big bags at Costco. 😀 so good

  44. I am so excited that you made this video. For climate-related reasons, I want to be vegan. Thank you!!!

    • Just read through most of the comments until I was absolutely disgusted in people only worried about the climate but could not give a shit about the short miserable lives of the meat they consume. To the person who said the local farmers grow their animals with love and care you are joking right? They love and care for them so much they will murder them and then eat them. Ffs you make me sick you selfish pricks.

    • @monkeymanwasd123 for personal health reasons and because I live around farms and see farm animals out all the time and cant bring myself to eat meat when I see them happy grazing the fields. When I ate meat and animal products I never felt that good but it turned out Im sensitive to dairy so I cut that out after cutting out meat. Since going low carb vegan I lost the extra weight I was carrying and was able to start gaining muscle mass. But its definitely not healthy for everyone in my opinion as everyones bodies are different. But I dont judge meat eaters. In fact my whole family eats meat except for me and I have to purchase meat products for my dogs and cats so I know it can be necessity to have meat products even if its sad for me

    • @S C You could choose to support regenerative agriculture and positive impact farms that raise animals on pasture and dont use any GMOs or pesticides. Pasture-raised animals are beneficial to the environment.

      So yes, youre right that the modern meat INDUSTRY is a big part of the reason of the climate issues we have, but eating meat and animals have nothing to do with it.

      Support your local farms and any positive impact farms. Also go pasture-raised!

    • @April every single one of the things that he has brought up has been torn apart because they obviously stretched it to fit an agenda so I dont want to hear anything from anybodys f****** mouth

    • @April that movie is a most ridiculous f****** movie with so much s*** that wasnt even put out correctly and stretch studies

  45. Following vegan keto except the eggs. I have my own chicken, they have a great life, live as long as they life, taking them to the vet. I know what they are not suffering. However, I dont know if that is 100% the case with other animal products so I dont buy them.

    • to those of you who think the eggs that come from backyard hens who are well looked after arent vegan, get a life. veganism has to do with animal exploitation and suffering not with some ridiculous idea that any animal product ever is bad. for example lab grown meat is on the horizon. it is genetically the same as meat from animals and the original cells came from animal cells, but no animal is exploited from lab grown meat, so you could be totally vegan and eat a steak and egg sandwich theoretically as long as those products dont come from animal exploitation and suffering

    • run me over with your car I agree with you. Eggs are not vegan and you can either be vegan or not vegan. All I’ll saying is, as a vegan, I’m okay with what she’s doing… not that I’m some supreme vegan who’s opinion matters, I’m just sayin’ I’m cool with it.

    • Eggs aren’t vegan 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ if it comes from an animal, it’s not vegan.

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