Full liquid diet just because

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View Work The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse indicates that a lot of everyone encounters constipation at some time in there lives. Constipation may be the consequence of poor diet or hydration often. While a liquid diet will not provide you with all of the essential nutrients you will need, liquid diets aren’t followed enough to cause malnutrition or constipation long. A female is drinking white liquid from a glass. In case you are constipated, you might find it very difficult to get a bowel motion and your feces are apt to be small, dry and hard.

You might feel constantly bloated as if you have a complete bowel and your bowel motions could cause pain and straining. Constipation isn’t a disease; it is an indicator — of an unhealthy diet often. Factors behind Constipation Constipation includes a variety of causes. Too little fiber in what you eat, leading a sedentary lifestyle, certain medications and consuming much milk could cause constipation too.

Having irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal dysfunction, a stroke or being pregnant can result in constipation also. Taking many laxatives too, and conditions of the rectum and colon, are connected with constipation also. Dehydration is another justification you might experience constipation. Liquid Diet A liquid diet can be used for people who cannot handle solid foods because of vomiting, nausea, difficulty and diarrhea swallowing.

Liquid diets may also be used for preparation or recovery from surgery or a test relating to the stomach or bowels. Liquid diets are digested and place little strain on your own digestive tract easily. A liquid diet is any food or drink that’s in liquid form a available room temperature. According to MayoClinic. Foods allowed on a liquid diet include water, clear soda, clear sports drinks, gelatin, ice pops, juice without coffee and pulp or tea without cream or milk.

Liquid Constipation and Diets Based on the National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse, research implies that increased fluid intake cannot relieve constipation. Fluid, however, will help you avoid dehydration, that may result in constipation.

Liquids help provide you with the colon with fluid. Fluid adds bulk to your stools, making them softer and simpler to pass. As a total result, constipation while on a clear liquid diet is unlikely highly.


  1. If youre right at the 40 BMI point and you go on the Pre-Op diet will the insurance company still pay for your surgery?

    • ▶ *WOW!* *Beyoncés* beauty *secrets* revealed => *MyDietStory .Us* (remove space and open in browser or google it, sorry youtube not allows to post me this link) Your Pre-Op Diet – How to eat just before weight loss surgery.

    • @stephanie walker I cant speak for insurance companies, so I dont know. I would make sure that I did not have my weight recorded after I started the diet, just to be sure. If they try to weigh you before surgery, politely refuse.

    • No problem, theres lots of other foods you can eat. Avoiding cheese is always a good thing

  2. My surgery is Dec 1st 2018 i think i got this ive been doing the pr- op diet test run and ive lost 18 lbs in one month i got dymatize 100 percent whey isolate protein powder 25 servings 25 grms protein 120 cal 0 sugarr 5.5 grm bcaas chocolate i mix it with 2 percent milk ( you could use fat free or almond milk) its $16.00 at Wal-Mart i think they had also in vanilla i do that break fast and lunch then baked swai fish with seasoning of garlic pepper or chicken breast filet again garlic pepper seasoned and one biggg cup of steamed broccoli or asparagus for dinner and nothing after 8pm and with out exercise lost 18lbs in 30 days my primary care dr was like whatcha doing i told him he said keep it up and you might not need the surgery but i do im about 150 lbs over weight so i know by the time pre_ op 2wk diet is ready itll be EASY

  3. Will having some cucumber and Roma tomatoes affect the shrinking of the liver? My surgeon only has us drinking 5 protein drinks a day, chicken or beef broth and water for two weeks and I’m dying!!!

    • Lucinda Reese keep going. You will get there and you will love the outcome.

  4. I needed to hear this and watch this video today. I have the best surgeon ever. Thanks Dr. W for your wisdom and right on point talks.

  5. if i crave a protein bar i make my own a scoop of powder and torani flavored sugar free syrup and form it into a bar put it in the refrigerator overnight

    • pre op the nut said no fat or low fat , curious about the sugars in banana and the PB?

    • There are better ways to do this using peanut butter, bananas and cocoa powder.

  6. My surgery is on Monday, January 23, 2017. I am worried because today I ate a boiled egg for breakfast and then for lunch chicken corn chowder broth only….

  7. Hello there, I want to know if Fenoboci Diet Plan, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular lose weight secrets.

  8. I have to do a 4 month supervised diet, the Medicare requirements. So what kind of diet should I try to do for that long of a time.

  9. I guess you dont have too many PCOS patients. I am heavy in the middle more so than anywhere else. No i am not diabetic. I have been tested. Pcos causes alot of issues. Also adds water weight.

  10. Hi Dr, is it advisable to start meal replacement shake earlier for breakfast and lunch? Such as ensure powder form brand. Earlier before the 2weeks optifast diet

    • +Southern Storm Band you often need to adjust your diabetes medications- discuss this with your doctors

  11. Liquid diet is killer. 4 protein shakes a day nothing else. Surgery can come fast enough. (Hunger pains)

  12. Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search search. On there youll discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can lost crazy amounts of weight. Why dont you give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  13. What about adjusting an out of balance hormone system due to (many reasons) one of which is STRESS. Stress is a major cause for weight gain and an inability to lose it over time. Stress from trauma throughout life contributes to belly fat and under arm fat. It strips the good fat and muscle from the buttocks and thighs to keep the body alive.
    Eliminate weight gain without extreme trauma to a wonderfully made body that only needs the endocrine system set right. To slice out a major organ that contributes many hormones to keep a body alive is barbaric and cruel, since the patient not only loses hair for a year and a half, yet stops major functions from happening… less to no natural body oils produced to keep awesome skin subtle and great looking. Now the patient is bald and has sickly looking skin. Also the patient will lose proper levels of intestinal lubricant due to hormones not being sent to signal the need. So this leads to severe tearing and possible surgery to cut more of the once awesome body apart.
    Sure one may appear thin for a while yet the patient is slowly dying inside and out. One in fifty (1-50) die from this surgery on operating table due to heart failure. Systemic stress is a large percentage in the first thirty days. Stomach ripping open and many other dramatically lethal combinations kill more after thirty days. However, if you die past the sixty day mark,your family must prove the patient was NOT at fault.

    One can keep weight off with reducing stress in all possible areas of life, not destroy a wonderful body using a one time plastic surgeon to do the destructive acts.

  14. I wish this were my pre-op diet. Struggling through 5 protein shakes a day, staring at my delicious bananas and mandarins across the kitchen. I know it will help make my surgery safer, though! Watching this (and all the rest of your vids) for motivation to make it through.

  15. Hello Dr. Weiner.  You mentioned a pre-op program before the pre-op diet.  Do all of your surgery patients follow this program for a certain amount of time?  Or is this determined by the patients insurance company?

    • We customize the program to each patient.  For many, the insurance company dictates the length of time required, for others, we decide together how long someone stays in the program before we move forward.

  16. I lost 15 pounds so far in 12 days… I stepped on the scale this morning and lost another 2 lbs…. my surgery is on 4/23.

  17. +Dr . Mathew Weiner,I have heard after Gastric sleeve, and by-pass that people can no longer tolerate fruit and vegetables.Also romaine lettuce,it kills their stomachs and is very painful when they eat healthy,even 3 years down the road after their surgery!Why its this?

  18. I have been on the pre-op for two weeks and only lost five pounds. Do I still qualify for the surgery this week?

    • Dr. Matthew Weiner
      My surgery is tmrw Mon. 3-27-17 and I have not followed my surgeons instructions when it comes to liquid diet what do you recommend I drink or take, to clear my body… I had vegetable soup last night, and planning of taking only liquids today sun. up until 12 midnight. what do you recommend, Thanks

    • Sadie Mae
      😃 Hi Sadie May, how did your surgery go? mine is tmrw 3-27-17 I didnt follow my pre-op diet (liquid diet) 😏 Im scared to be honest, I trust in God, just a bit nervous…
      theres so many things I was not told by my doctor, that Ive learned from YouTube.

    • @Dr. Matthew Weiner, thanks and after talking to my doctor he explained that this surgery is not based on loosing a certain amount of weight, but mostly to shrink my liver for the surgery. Wish me well since my surgery is tomorrow, 1/12/17 and Thanks again for your time and consideration.

  19. Hey Dr. Weiner, I just create a video on Surviving the Pre-Op diet, hope you dont mind that I added a link to your video as resource for further info?

  20. Are any of your slideshows available for printing? I would love to be able to print these and make a binder for home.

    • Ive watch this at least a half a dozen times. This is by far the best video and information I found on a preop VSG diet. Thank you

  21. Im curious that if a person was capable of following the same POST op diet as your surgical patients would they lose the same amount of weight? If bariatric surgery changes metabolism, how does it do this? and for how long? It has to be more than just restrictive caloric intake, correct?

    • Sueseajoy absolutely correct, they will lose more after surgery on the same diet. Check out my other videos or poundofcureweightloss.com for more info about how this works

  22. HI Dr. Matthew I bought your Book a few days ago just came in today I will start reading a little in bed

    • +Sigurveig Grimsdottir no advantages over other processed protein as far as I know

  23. What is weird about by pre-op diet is that my surgeon is having me stop solids 2 days before surgery.

    • +Michaela Coleman I stop them one day before – not that different. We used to bowel prep everyone, thankfully not anymore.

    • Outpatient sleeves are around $12K, if you need to stay overnight, it’s about $5K more, around $20K for a gastric bypass

  24. Surg date for me coming up on Feb 13th. Dropped 37 lbs last month. Hope another 30 before surgery.

  25. Hello, so I’ve been put on a liquid diet before my vsg which is on the 29th. The liquid diet is not bad at all, I haven’t cheated but I do have a problem. So with my liquid diet I’m supposed to have 5 Robards which is equivalent to I believe 820 calories a day and about 80-90g of protein. I am only consuming about 510 calories and about 57g of protein. I’m not starving myself purposely but I didn’t have enough money to buy out my full 2 weeks of pre op diet food. Another reason is I actually haven’t been as hungry because I’m constantly moving around. My BMI is around 42 and my weight is 272. I still have 8 days left before surgery day. Do you think that I should take in more calories and protein? I’m nervous to tell my surgeon because I don’t want her to cancel my surgery. I’ve worked really hard and have not cheated.

  26. is it alright if i drink diet drinks after surgeory
    im supposed to get bypass surgeory
    i heard you can drink carbonated drinks

  27. Can I add vanilla extract to my premier protein shakes? Can I have skim milk? What about chicken broth from a can?

  28. You recommend your patients eat highly processed foods before surgery?

  29. I have surgery in 5 days. My surgeon is tired of hearing your name from me. 😊 I do love your smoothie recipe and have been drinking it for a month. I just really want caffeine and to use a straw – thats when I say, well Dr. Weiner said . . . I have watched most of your videos and really respect your long term eating plan. I could eat lentils every day! Super excited about the surgery but of course pretty nervous.

    • @Dr. Matthew Weiner Im home from surgery and feeling pretty crappy – 4th day post-op. Thank goodness no pain but cant walk across the room without feeling like I am going to pass out. Blood pressure is 111/73. Ive been getting my liquids in and a Premier Protein shake a day. I got some Pedialyte today hoping that would help. Any suggestions?!?!

  30. Being in 8 months of classes and watching your videos for the last 6 months has helped me enormously and I watch them over and over, lost 20 lbs. on my own. Im on a doctor supervised 2 week Optifast preop starting today. Mahalo mahalo mahalo for your kokua. My surgery date is 8/1.

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