Gundry diet foods to avoid

Summary In the event that you buy something through a web link on this page, we may earn a little commission. How this works. Lectins are proteins in plants that studies have associated with both negative and positive health effects.

Some professionals have proposed the idea that a diet free of lectins can benefit health, however the available research will not support this claim. Some plant-based foods – such as for example beans and legumes, whole grains, plus some vegetables – include a high amount of lectins.

Lectins involve some links to inflammationand researchers have studied excluding them to control specific health problems, such as for example multiple sclerosis MS. In this post, we look at the considerable research into lectins and the lectin-free diet. Share on Pinterest Research will not currently support the alleged health advantages of the lectin-free diet.

Lectins certainly are a kind of protein that, in humans, may promote cell development and support communication between cells. In addition they are likely involved in the human immune response. There are several various kinds of lectins. Some are harmless to human health, while some, such as for example ricin, could be fatal in smaller amounts. Lectins might impact health in multiple ways, which range from digestion to chronic disease risk. Research has proven them to cause clustering in red blood cells also.

Some doctors categorize them as antinutrientsas they block the absorption of some nutrients. The kind of lectin within red kidney beans is named phytohemagglutinin. It is accountable for red kidney bean poisoning, which results from eating undercooked or raw kidney beans. Based on the Food and Drug Administration FDAconsuming just four raw kidney beans might lead to symptoms such as for example serious nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If a person has enzymes that properly do not function, consuming excess lectins might result in nutrient deficiencies and digestive problems.

This is since the physical body cannot break down lectins. Instead, they bind to nutrients and the cells lining the gastrointestinal tract. However, lectins often put on carbohydrates and leave the physical body before they are able to cause harmful effects. This step on carbohydrates has resulted in some test tube studies that recommend that lectins might affect the growth of cancer cells. The nutrients that accompany lectins in plant-based foods are crucial also.

Removing them from the dietary plan may have damaging consequences. Researchers are even looking at lectins as potential treatments for illnesses due to bacteria, fungi, and viruses. What’s the lectin-free diet? Gundry is a former heart surgeon who switched his focus to food and supplement-based medicines.

He describes lectins as the primary danger in the Western diet. He has therefore written a written book that provides information about how to avoid lectins, alternative food choices, and recipes.

Based on the written book, Dr. However, the exclusion is supported by no proof lectins from the dietary plan beyond condition specific diets. For the majority of individuals, the ongoing health advantages of a lectin-free diet are not clear. However, removing lectins from the dietary plan has confirmed ideal for groups of individuals with specific conditions.

For example, an assessment of studies highlighted the known fact a lectin-free diet may benefit people who have inflammatory bowel disease and MS. However, research hasn’t confirmed its benefits for the wider population yet. Risks The lectin-free diet is a restrictive plan, which may make it difficult for some social people to follow it long-term.

The program limits or eliminates many nutritious foods also, such as wholegrains, beans, and certain vegetables. An assessment of 45 studies showed that consuming wholegrains can help decrease the threat of overall mortality and many conditions, including heart diseasediabetesand various cancers. Fruit and veggies have many health advantages also. Eating fruit and veggies may lower the chance of several conditions, including heart and lung diseases. These food types may impact cancer risk and assist in preventing weight gain also.

A lectin-free diet could be problematic for vegans or vegetarians to check out, as legumes, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains provide plant-based protein. Legumes, wholegrains, and fruit and vegetable peels provide fiber. Also, following a lectin-free diet could be expensive, as the program recommends specialty milk, pasture-raised meat, and expensive supplements. Gundry recommends the next foods for individuals who want to limit their lectin intake: pasture-raised meats.


  1. Thank you for posting your references.  

    I could not get past his assertion that Italians do not eat pickled, whole, peporchini peppers since they do no teat the skins or seeds of peppers. That and trying to eat (5) uncooked rock hard Kidney beans would hurt your teeth and jaw long before you ingested them. He is selling is pharmacy of health products.

    All of the healthy diets that are healthy promote whole foods over boxed foods, removal of omega 6 healthy plant based manufactured oils ( Corn, soy, canola, rapseed, grape seed, cotton, palm, etc.), refined grains, and variety.

  2. This video is not fair to Plant Paradox in my opinion. The reason for this is because it is asking for strong scientific prove. Show me one proper scientific prove for any medicine or cure or medical solution? There isn’t any! Doctors know which pill/drug cures which health issue but they never know the 100% of the reason or the theory of how it works. Finasteride helps avoiding male baldness by blocking production of DHT hormone. Noone knows why DHT cause baldness, noone knows why it causes more hair in body. Noone understands human body perfectly. Plant paradox is a safe and healthy propose for resolving health issues.

  3. Az lifes comment to this lady was kind and professional.
    Lady….you will not get that kindness from me.
    You are the smartest dumb person on the internet. Lectins create holes in your gut that allow toxins into your blood stream and bad bacteria into your gut.
    Your too young to have that hunch in your back. Its obvious you suffer from micro nutrient deficiencies. Im sure you are not getting the rda 4700 in potassium, the b complex, selenium and copper.
    At the very least ensure you up your water soluble vitamins.
    Remember bitch… sound smart to somebody who is dumb.
    Do yourself a favor and sell your internet camera.
    Get off Dr Gundrys nutsack hoe. You come off as a damage control agent for the CDC, Pharmacudical companies and all the other fucktards making money keeping Americans in a fucked up health state.

  4. Are you acting geeky? You would be cool just as you are and just as credible or more

  5. its not eating anything thats killing us its that we are eating way too much

  6. Did you read the original Plant Paradox book or the cookbook? In the original book Dr. Gundry cites scientific studies, papers and articles that support his claims. And in the cookbook he shows how the people in the blue zones prepare their vegetables to eliminate the lectins.

    • I did read the original plant paradox book, and additionally read the studies that it cited. Frequently the book misinterpreted studies, or cited studies that didnt actually support the claims in the book.

  7. If I can get my health in order and live comfortably will that translate over to the next life to come? What about Tom Hanks and his Corona?

  8. It seems there are a lot of people in the comments backing Dr Gundrys claims with their own experiences, which I expected to see. This videos seems to be using his name to get views, but not a good job of researching from what I have read into the subject, and Im no doctor. Probably why the channel has almost no subscribers.

    My own experience with the plant paradox diet is very positive. No longer experience IBS symptoms, have more energy, can still eat a wide variety of foods (including meat) and no longer need to spend money on pricey Gastroenterology appointments.
    I have tried many diets and eating plans including FODMAP, but have had limited success (and relapses) due to the trial and error nature of these approaches. My GP doctor was all for me changing to this diet due it essentially being healthy foods, and has recommended I stay on it due to the success I have experienced.

    I hope in future this channel takes out the bias, and can provide balanced views that dont use click bait titles. The picture for this video asks lectin free diets, healthy or not?, but you never actually answer this question. More science of your own perhaps, as that is what you are claiming to do…

    Good luck in future 🙂

  9. I cant express how relief i feel now, watching this video, And youre so convincing, thank you, A big hug for you ! Thanks a million!!! Enjoy my latest 3 oploads.

  10. You lost me at whole grains are healthy for a humans. Gundry is one of the worlds foremost heart surgeons and has been awarded for other medical discoveries. His info is built by strong evidence. Sorry Doc 👎👎👎

  11. So, being an M.D. Im guessing that you had approximately 4 or 6 seminars on nutrition in your 8 to 10 years of schooling. Doctors arent trained in anything besides prescribing pills these days, being that the great percentage of medical schools are funded by the pharmaceutical industry.
    I eat a keto type diet and Dr. Gundrys philosophy coincides with mine, minus the lectins. How could it be bad?

  12. So what have you done? Have you tried the diet? Or you just talk from “ scientific data”? Because what we see is that humanity is sicker and more stupid. What is the science you talk about?

  13. So if he had spent his time writing a study on the 1,000+ patients that he has helped with this eating program (not a diet), THEN wrote his book, you would consider him as responsible? Hahahaha. I feel like he is MORE responsible by getting the knowledge into the publics hands because of his CERTAINTY that it works. He put aside peer acceptance for the publics benefit by rushing his findings to us. Besides, by putting a study out first, he forfeits his opportunity to get a jump start against competition creating supplements to augment this eating program. Rather, he came into the supplement world and took it by storm unexpectedly and has a drastic head start on competition. Thats just smart business! Well done Dr. Gundry!

  14. theres been no human studies, because its much more profitable to put patients on life long medication

  15. this is pretty on point. kudos on providing tons of references. your video is better referenced than his entire book. YT needs more channels like this

  16. Thing is we can already tell in the beginning you are biased against Dr. Gundry just in the way you made the funny air quote speaking about his so-called claim. Nutritionist needs to understand just how hard it is for the average Joe to find whats actually good for them without having to go through so many contradicting informations and you almost lost me just in the beginning, since I actually like what Gundry brought in his book. Your video was still interesting to me and its nice to get other opinions, but you still got some stuff wrong as Gundry doesnt say you shoulnt eat veggies at all, just some types (seems like thats what you believe it is) and barely warn against any fruits except tomatoes (then I might be wrong but thats what I recall), if I remember correctly he also said its ok to eat beans sometimes as long as they are well cooked and not raw.

    I consider myself educated and am really interested in everything health/nutrition related but nutrition science seems to me like the less credible science and its even softer than social science IMO. Youll see a guy on youtube who has no nutrition studies background and yet seem way fitter/healthier and more credible than some nutritionist whore fat and out of shape (not saying its always the case but yeah its not always trustworthy to me, sorry not sorry). Also lots of people still believe misconceptions spread by nutritionist 15 years ago, like when my moms tells me I shouldnt be eating 2 eggs for dinner almost everyday etc. So yeah I dont think we should ditch Gundrys approach because it doesnt have cold hard scientific facts but its ok to have some doubts too.

    Like Gundry, many other say you should stay away from wholegrains and it seems like wheat/gluten is becoming the thing to avoid so Ive mostly cut it from my diet and replaced it with mostly buckwheat, oatmeal and almond flour.

    You might correct me or add your input on this but it seems to me that what makes consensus is:
    – Stay away from processed (and ultra-processed) food
    – Almost everything should be taken in moderation, even the good stuff
    – Have variety in what you eat (this might be the hardest thing for me)
    – No refined sugar (or as few as possible)
    – No artificial sugar
    – Eat bio as much as you can (especially small fruits and fruits that youll eat the peels)

  17. Surprisingly cardiologist wants us simple to belive , like hev never heard about evidense-based medicine…I want to read in NEGM about his randomized trial based on facts and numbers of all those pations that he cured . Scientific pruves, please!

  18. Wheat gluten intake increases weight gain and adiposity associated with reduced thermogenesis and energy expenditure in an animal model of obesity.

  19. Thats what Science tastes like – What an unnecessary and condescending closing to what could have been a video with a credible voice. Are you a medical doctor or a PHD doctor of nutrition or some other subject..? That isnt clear, so lets science that, first..

  20. I just watched a lecture by Paul Mason about lectins. It seems that lectins as well as gluten and pesticides induce leaky gut.

    From my own experience stopping all high carb foods including healthy whole grains such as stone ground bread, rolked whole oats, wholewheat pasta etc has helped with weight control and gut issues – no more bloating, stomach cramps.

    Most of the studies on diet are poor quality observational studies not rct.
    Things like the 5 a day idea is not based on science – just guesswork. Gov food advice is highly influenced by big food companies and the hidden agenda of its panel members.
    Prolonged Insulin levels seems to be the cause of many modern disease. Carbs whether wholegrain or not spike insulin. Eating every 2 hours because you need a carb fix is not good – keeps insulin high.
    Only protein & fat are essential in the diet.

  21. Purpose of this video is probably just trying to leach views through his popularity. He’s obviously got you beat Helping way more people. You both sound good But he obviously has way more experience. If people weren’t so against going against the grain of society and tradition he would’ve helped so much more people. Most people can’t admit they’re wrong and would rather just suffer going with the flow of the norm. Come on sheaple!!

  22. Energy in energy out.garbage in garbage out.what no-one talks about is just how inefficient our bodies actually are!the better the fuel the better the energy out-put!the man is on to something 🤗 give it 20 years,then we all will know more.research/data collection/DNA analysis etc.OH try reading the/his book 😋its working for me.and i actually work for a living,I mean work!my call out is work hard or go Home!I never would have guessed that a vegetarian life could be the answer! and by altering it to excludelectinshas been Even more effective! I read the book and a week later I read it again….it does read like a SI-FI novel!my mothers people are Cree corn is a staple, cucumber,pottato, tomato,grains,etc do I a half blood have resistance to lectins? maybe but half the time I eat popcorn I feel…….queezzy,just for a little while.😡I only cook w/pressure cooker now.stove top, Crock-Pot nomore .i see this as an experiment in my health,a very important experiment for sure.i aint selling nothing, just sharing.Health/wealth/happiness,peace 😎

  23. By chance i clck too, infect to many, if you have health problem go to doctor, not to YouTube, a advice YouTube only for music, and spare time.. There are good channels thou but it is not easy to find.. I will always suport science then any bestseler just like classics over bad authors or books..

  24. I have had ulcerative colitis for 10 years now. I started getting a flare up the end of January and my gastroenterologist prescribed me antibiotics which I took for two weeks with no improvement. A couple of weeks ago my friend recommended this book, as we share the same auto immune disease and suggested I give it a try (by the way, she lost 28 pounds and is feeling better than ever). I ordered the book and I already finished reading it. For the last 10-11 days I have started eating only the things Dr. Gundry is “suggesting” and I completely eliminated the Sugar, white bread, pastas and all the foods on the NO list. I am amazed at how much better I am feeling now and how my flare up is finally dissipating, plus I have lost some weight. I’m going to continue with this, what I call “lifestyle change” and be back on remission. Thank you Dr. Gundry

  25. You forgot the Native Americans who lived very long lives from making buffalo meat their main source of food they didn’t have legumes or grains.

  26. What I got from the video was science. She doesn’t say that Dr. Gundry is incorrect. She just states that the research that has been done has been done on animals and that there are no recorded human trials. Scandalous! I’ve read a lot of comments where people have had good results following Gundry’s advice. This is great news! I’m happy that it works for you. This doesn’t change the fact that peer reviewed clinical trials have yet to substantiated Gundry’s claims; Granted diet studies are difficult due to the amount of variables. My advice would be, if you think the diet is working for you, keep it up. If you want to know if your results fair better than than the placebo effect, then encourage an experiment.

  27. I cannot eat any of the lectin foods from my own elimination diet over the last 15years . I was supprised that when i seen doctor gundrys informative video is pefectly accurate to my own diet but i just didnt know it was lectins causiing the issues. Beans, legumes, wheat flour, rice .. i didnt know but i suspected tomatoes, eggplant zucchini…. cooked onions, potatoes, beef, lamb, pork.

  28. You must be a hired shill. Who paid you to make this video? Lectins are soooooooooo bad for you!

  29. Thank you so much for the honesty I didn’t think it would be true. If it was proven medically to fix all the problems Dr G claims to fix every Dr would be recommending this diet.

    • @rattlethewise Its ok for you to trust this Dr. G guy, I dont… only because his research is not in medical records and validated by an institution. I sure think its interesting what he says and im taking some of his advice, but I would not trust him blindly if I were you. there is no formal documentation backing up his research. He could find allies in other industries, and smaller allies. but it wound to me like he is selling a miracle product thats all. Trust your instincts and good luck.

    • @alvaror88 Yeah just like if they could make a light bulb that could last 100 years, everybody would be making and selling it. Well they can make it and sell it for the same or lower cost. But they dont bc its a conflict of interest. You wouldnt buy another light bulb for 100 years. If youre not sick, why would you go to the doctor? You dont think doctors want an empty waiting room do you? Sure they want you better…but not that much better. No worries. Do what you feel is the best for you. But…what if youre wrong and hes closer to correct than your doctor? GAME OVER

    • @rattlethewise Exactly… Dr. G is also making money out of his books, his recipes, his Youtube and his many products, and being a doctor. Why would he be different from the rest of the medical industry? if this would be legit many other doctors would be recommending it and researching it. And publishing thir discoveries in medical records, not by publishing companies that are all about making money selling books and they would sell anything that has a good title.

    • Thats silly logic. The medical industry is about money not about our health. Dont you realize Drs make money treating symptoms not healing illness?

  30. Type O blood is about half of the people and we can eat a big variety of food including some meat….happy about that….cant remember who wrote the book sorry

  31. Not saying that Dr Gundry is correct about all of his claims but just taking a few tips from his book has helped me noticeably reduce my GERD symptoms and to be honest after using my pressure cooker I never want to cook beans any other way, they turn out much better and cook much faster than the stove anyway, never was in love with peanuts, soy or tomatoes, I just ate them because people said that they were healthy, now I really question that.

  32. I think you missing the point. GMO plants we eat have increased Lectins to make them more durable. It’s not the same food we use to eat. You need to read papers from Europe and Australia! Our plants are grown in the lab. Chicago Whole Health MDs have been treating Autoimmune diseases with over 90% success with Lectin free diet for 30 years! Do some research outside of USA!

  33. Saying that whole wheat carbs is good for diabetes is where you just fucked up you imbecile, go to nature stop going to school. Youre not even a scientist bye

  34. Pseudo-science? How about the Phytohaemagglutinin lectin that is known to be highly toxic to humans?

  35. Gundry is promoting a lot of nonsense not supported by science. So glad you recognize it as irresponsible pseudoscience.

  36. I wont be surprised if she was hired by the grains and legumes industry.

  37. I have recently followed Dr Gundrys advice and guess what ? I have leaky gut because I consumed all those so called healthy Legumes and raw vegetable so much and had digestive issues, weight gains. Lucky I found Dr Gundry he saves my life ! I cant thank enough to him

  38. Here is a link explaining that Steven Gundrys book is unscientific and does not prove his claims:
    The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry MD– A Commentary

    Although I am open minded to possibilities, I have a bigger reason not to believe what Gundry is saying. Just looking in the Bible. When you consider things from a perspective that is not based in the idea of evolution, but in that God created all things, it doesnt make sense to say that edible foods, such as vegetables etc, are poisonous to our system. If something is going to make us sick, such as poisonous mushrooms for example, we are going to know about it right away. But to have so much sneakiness lurking in so many foods whereby one may get sick by consuming too much of, cannot be embraced by one who believes in God. It makes sense to eat a variety of foods for the best health, and that is normal to do. However if we want to know the reasons for so much illness today, its not coming from whats natural in food. Its coming from the poisons added to food or from depleting what is natural in food, and from drugs and how man tampers with the natural. Its coming from man made contaminants. For those of you who believe in the Bible, consider these following verses:

    Romans 14:2 For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs. 3 Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth:

    1 Timothy 4:4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

    Further: corn, wheat, barley, honey, bread, etc. are all approved as food in the Bible. In the beginning God said that every fruit from every tree is good for food (and forbade just one). So if none of this is tampered with in an unnatural way, then they must be fine. It cant be that Lectin rich foods are causing illness. If people are getting better by changing their diet, I would say it is not because they stopped eating something perfectly natural to eat. There is some other reason.

  39. The Plant Paradox diet, if I get it correctly, is too exclusive of lectins. I believe that Gundry is right to some extent, but takes it too far. We need some lectins, but only small amounts. To exercise the villi in the gut. If you eat too much lectin, it leads to inflammation, and leaky gut, etc. You need grains to digest, and for minerals, vitamins, and other benefits. By soaking/ sprouting grains, other than wheat- which is beyond help- and soaking legumes overnight before boiling for 30 minutes, you reduce lectins, and yet still have the grains and types of fiber you need. Ive been reducing my lectins for around three weeks, now. And my gradual recovery from leaky gut has accelerated, yet Im digesting ok. I wasnt able to digest on the no-grain Gaps diet. Check out Thomas DeLauers video on The Truth about Lectins

  40. Hello doctor Gunday could you please tell me what is wrong with wheatgrass powder thank you?

  41. Wheres her data? Lots of success stories from Dr. Gundry. She must not have any stomach issues…. Ive destroyed my stomach and this diet really helps to repair it. I would imagine in the future after Im healed Ill be able to handle more foods.

  42. I am going to try to paste that link again:
    The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry MD– A Commentary

    I hope this time the silly computer system works

  43. I developed an auto immune disorder. I read 13 books on various approaches to healing it naturally. My philosophy is…EDUCATE…then… the proof is always in the pudding. It will either work or not work. So I went glueten-free, lectin=free, vegan and every symptom went away. NO MORE PAIN! The proof is in the millions of people who are reversing disease and healing naturally. In doing so, they are becoming free of big pharm and DRs. This video feels like big pharm and DR promo. In Gundrys book he says most vegetable lectins can be destroyed by pressure cooking. Buy a Instapot…that simple. Need to read the book for details. LOVED the book!!! BUY IT AND TRY IT for two months. The proof will be in your health. It is just eating the RIGHT vegetables and avoiding environmental toxins for heck sake. What can it hurt? Unlike the millions of side effects from drugs that cost people hundreds of $ every month. Good grief~~~ I would rather be pain free and give up a few things.

  44. I’m NO scientist but I’ve read the book. Dr. Gundry doesn’t propose staying away from or permanently eliminating lectins

    He proposes fasting from them and then eating them responsibly

    He states that only a small percentage of people with specific chronic disease should completely avoid lectins

  45. This woman is trying to kill us 🙄 all these theories… People are getting well with Dr Gundry… After eliminating the lectin food, thats the evidence 😊

  46. lol! Yes, after this I will have a breakfast with eggs bacon and a LECTIN salad!!

  47. And your evaluation provides zero scientific evidence that Dr Grundys proven theories are pseudoscience. How do you (or can you) explain all the hundreds of his patients who received help following his program? Many of the case studies he share in his book included years of frustration experienced by his patients, when they saw the health care professionals you suggested in your video. Besides that, what makes you and your conclusions any more credible than Dr. Gundrys conclusions about the effects of lectins on the human health? If there is smoke then there must be fire! Next time you should investigate how so many people were helped by a health program rather than just trying to discredit a man trained in the medical sciences and bringing real relief to people. Of course, you can ignore this advice and continue to be a mouth piece for status quo health and nutrition programs that have failed the people of this society for a few decades, and has helped create the health and nutrition crises in this country. Chow!

  48. I presume when smoking was initially discovered to be unhealthy, there was also not concrete evidence to support it. But I do imagine there were groups of people who experienced large health benefits once they stopped. I feel like this is where we are with these very new and revolutionary lectin discoveries. Im believe in keeping a neutral, yet more so positive perspective on scientific revelations.

  49. Dr, remember the very lecture you are giving (with great certainty) on healthy biomes was rejected by science and medicine until recently.

  50. Pseudo-science by definition is something that can not be replicable by everyone. Try a leptin free diet and experience it results is something that me and you and everyone can replicate. Lack of evidence does not make anything pseudo-science, it make something new, something that could be the base of our future. There is less probability for us in replicate the travel to the moon than this and we call that science. I suggest you to stick to the fact that there is lack of studies, because evidence on this, there is plenty, just look at how many people is doing better on this diet, that should count as something.

  51. Im kind of confused here because Im reading a book from this lady from Europe lives in the States now her book is about reversing diabetes for good because I was told Im pre-diabetic she says black beans in a lean high fiber diet its one of the main things in reversing diabetes she said black beans is super good for your health

  52. As far as mainstream medicine is concerned IBD and other auto=immune diseases are for life . I have ulcerative colitis , or rather had . I was told by a consultant that changing my diet would not impact the course of the disease . Not only is this a lie , but the link between starchy foods and auto-immune disease has been known since the early seventies . Starchy foods, bread , sugar pasta , cannot be broken down by people with impaired digestion , and anyone who takes a variety of prescription drugs has impaired digestion . These undigested foods feed bad bacteria in the gut , especially , klebsiella . This bacteria mimics our bodies tissues to the extent that our immune system cannot tell the difference . once the gut is compromised you get widespread inflammation as the bugs and undigested food get into the bloodstream . People with auto-immune diseases should google London Diet for help that perhaps isnt backed by science like anti-inflammatory drugs , steroids and anti-tnf etc , on the other hand it wont kill you , and in my experience you might be able to dispense with one of the major causes of IBD , in my case that was indocid . The Plant Paradox Diet is correct in my opinion although maybe a little bit extreme .

  53. I have been able to succeed on a cyclical Ketogenic diet by following Dr Gundrys advice. Prior to that, i could not eat vegetables on Keto because i had leaky gut. Which was caused by the lectin-containing foods that i was having when getting out of ketosis.
    Removing those foods completely reversed my leaky gut and made me excel on the ketogenic diet.

  54. To all the Gundry fanboys in the audience. What crystal pendant should I wear to promote wellbeing?

  55. Well, you asked for research and science about Lectin, there are 40 pages at the end of the book with details, since you didnt read it you might like video more:

  56. Does this lectin free diet mean histamine free diet too? I have histamine intolerance that drives my blood pressure high.

  57. I think its only tomato. It is known to be toxic. Italians dont eat raw tomatoes, and they dont eat ketchup. But Im still going to get the pressure cooker, just to fun for it 🙂

  58. I had to comment on this video. I have watched a lot of responses to Dr. Gundrys book, and they all kind of line up with this video. Saying Dr. Gundry is wrong, and it is pseudoscience. I find this laughable. Dr. Gundry is brilliant. Sadly, it seems 99% of the response videos set up a strawman argument, then beat the crap out of the strawman, and claim victory over Dr. Gundry. I really find such behavior disturbing, as there seems to be a group mentality with this. Yet everyone is misstating what Dr. Gundry actually says! Did ANY of these doctors even READ the book?!!! Dr. Greger, Dr. Fuhrman, and so many others are showing they have zero reading or listening comprehension.

  59. Give it 20 years and see who is correct Ive lost 40Lbs since June 1st.i started a vegetarian life Sept 15th 2017 and at June 1st I was at 236Lbs,after a year and 5 months of no meat I had lost a grand total of 10Lbs,not bad but not as much as I thought I would. I am now @196Lbs!!!!no real effort.i never ever!!!!! Go hungry and my energy level is significantly upI have never heard of you or your site you are well articulated in your words but,I believe you are are in many people die before there time and all I ever hear is badGenes!!!!!!!! Im stronger now than when I was in my 20s/30s/40s!.my point is investigate, investigate, investigate,!!!!its the 21st century and we are still dieing from an incorrect diet/lifestyle. At least you pronounced his last name correctly.😸

    • Cutting lectins completely certainly seems to be helping me. I feel better since completely cutting out lectins – I was already vegan (15 yrs) mostly raw and cut most grains . legumes, fried foods, hydro oils, salt, all processed sugars and many carbs)(7 yrs) but still ate the lectin high fruits and veges and potatoes. Cut all these last 20 days and massive improvement in health, gut, even mood etc. I have also reduced weight by 3 lbs to correct level as of 40 years ago

  60. you will see what you did, you think is small but it is the second mistake in the hall world.

  61. I feel better listening to your opposing opinion. But I’m trying lectin free diet.

  62. I followed the lectin free diet for 4 weeks. Thats all I could do. I finally gave up. I could not afford the grass fed meats and expensive items on the list to keep my nutrition up. You see, Im a senior on a small retirement budget that has no extra wiggle room for expensive foods. I followed the diet to lose a little belly fat and hoped to get rid of my pain from chronic scoliosis. I was down to eating lettuce, kale, a few local apples from a neighbors garden and a can of sardines. When I went for my check up after a month, I had not lost a single pound or inch, and developed a case of anemia. Cholesterol and stress hormones and bp up. Sorry. Not for me! Dont do it unless you have to!

  63. I wish I would have found Dr. Gundry a year ago. I was so sick. Couldnt eat for days at a time. Now Im on my road to recovery and gut health.

    • me too – I feel better since cutting out lectins – I was already vegan (15 yrs) mostly raw and cut most grains . legumes, fried foods, hydro oils, salt, all processed sugars and many carbs)(7 yrs) but still ate the lectin high fruits and veges and potatoes. Cut all these last 20 days and massive improvement in health, gut, even mood etc. I have also reduced weight by 3 lbs to correct level as of 40 years ago

  64. The people that are obsessed with studies in humans, or lack there of, should ask people who have created their own study within them selves. People who have been on this diet for a year or two and have seen incredible health changes. How are they not studies? I was a vegetarian for 20 years and had horrible endometriosis pain that I only was told could be solved with only by way of hysterectomy. my last attempt before a third surgery was going on a keto diet, ditching most lectins and I am pain-free for a year now. No one else gave me any advice worth a damn. I believe that is a fair study.♥️

  65. It took me 10 seconds to go to PubMed and advance search Lectin + Microbiome + Endothelial + Human to find 100s of studies. Not only that, 100s of studies related to lectins in other circumstances. This is commonly referred to as multivariate analysis (MVA), but what do I know.

    • Just tried it. Pubmed advanced search: Lectin+microbiome+endothelial+human = 0 results. So I thought maybe try without the quotes. Now I get 5 results.
      I also tried it with epithelium (which is the lining of your gut) instead of endothelial (which is the lining of your blood vessels); now i get a whopping 10 results. So…..?

  66. Gluten is lectins. Celiac disease

    Tomatoes skin and seeds are shock full of lectins. Bad breath = bad health.

    Onions are stuffed with lectins. Dulls the blade of a knife by chemical reaction. The body treats it’s like poison, like alcohol.

    Raw beans will kill any human beings.

    What more evidence do you need.

  67. You can make your claims without using the Drs name . I havent checked this all out but I think he may be onto something because when I eat tomatoes my arthritis kills me. If you dont have any chronic pains or unresolved weight issues you wont visibly or physically understand. What works for one person may not work for another. Certain blood types should eat certain foods dont doctors know this. Food sensitivities and allergies also play a big role in all of this . I think and in reading these comments tells me Dr. GUNDRY is onto something. The Dr. Is twice your age , a heart surgeon, and has just discovered all of this in his later life. He looks healthier and says he has more energy and feels better and also lost weight he couldnt lose. So I think you should get your head back into the books and well see you in another twenty years.

  68. Just as it took 2 centuries for Aristarchus theories to be proven, (there are still wackadoodles that believe the earth is flat) Dr. Gundry seems to be on the cutting edge of food science research. Just because there have not been double-blind, placebo controlled studies done to date, does not mean that Dr. Gundry has not proven his theories to be true in at least the 1200 or so subjects he has cured of many ailments. And how large is the normal cohort for a NDA clinical trial application? 800-1200 subjects is a good number for a Phase III study. So, I would say that Dr. Gundry has well established a Phase I-crossover cohort with his patient population. And they will swear by his diet. Only time will tell if the lectin restrictions will lead to increased quality and quantity of life, but my bet is on the good doctor and not his detractors.

  69. i like dr gundrys theory… ive been avoiding lectin foods for several days and already notice a difference. i thought i was eating healthy for the past 10 years but i never became healthy. now im learning that most of what i was eating was high lectin foods. so im going to stick with the low lectin diet now that im learning more and more about how lectins affect my health

  70. If you read eat right for your blood type its similar to this and he is correct depending on your blood type…its all ready been studied but he is very informative…only certain blood types can eat beans…I am type O so I can only eat certain beans…I know sounds complicated

  71. Look at your Unlike Ratio…
    your audience knows
    corporate disinformation

  72. You never did mention who would benefit from a lectin-free diet that was unSciencing or Science-free video

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