High fat foods for ketogenic diet

Bacon – He noted that the fatty acid profile of the much-vilified food is in fact pretty darn near to ideal. Healthy fats, perfect amount of protein and minimal carbohydrates – what more could someone eating a low-carb diet require? Bacon goes great with…well, everything. So consume! Sour cream – Just a few tablespoons of sour cream gives your fat intake the boost it requires to obtain into that glorious state of nutritional ketosis.

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Each goes on something I eat just. The key is to get the fattiest ground beef you can. This is often a challenge in this fat-phobic society.

The best thing about a burger could it be could be cooked by you in butter, then add cheese see belowand spread some sour cream onto it for a mouthwatering low-carb, high-fat meal which will put you well on the way to reaching nutritional ketosis. Sadly, a lot of people think Velveeta and American cheese are cheese. Not close even. Hard cheeses like cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Swiss are better choices. Find the types that you love, and make sure to get the full-fat versions.

Cheese is indeed versatile! Is it possible to tell I really like my cheese? The very best part about coconut is that its fatty goodness jacks up those blood ketone levels amazingly. Think about it as probably the most amazing ketogenic snacks. Chocolates is a keto snacks? Are you kidding me? Yep, I do sure! These things contains little chunks of real cacao and has real sugar in it GASP even! But I eat a half and sometimes a complete bar of the daily without negative effect on my blood sugar or blood ketone levels.

Cream cheese – Well, the same could possibly be said about cream cheese! These things comes with an amazing fat profile which will give your meals the type of boost they have to assist you to reach nutritional ketosis. I understand of no better brand than Philadelphia cream cheese. There are fish oil capsules and tablets offered by drug stores, but several have a tendency to be rancid, and counterproductive therefore. Be hyper-aware of the nutritional content of all you put in the mouth area.

Your lower protein, low-carb nutritional ketosis plan requires high-fat levels to be healthy optimally. Did I leave off among your preferred high-fat foods that you love by yourself personal plan?

Feel absolve to share it around in the comment section below together with the percentage of calorie consumption it offers. Perfect keto diet foods ought to be part of all your low carbohydrate high fat meals. Also, please provide any specific topics you desire for me to handle in future CarbSmart columns about nutritional ketosis.

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  1. anybodys name that ends with Berg, i will automatically believe everything you say

  2. how about seeds such as sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.. are they good for keto

  3. Thank you so very much :O) May God bless you for the great work you do :O)

    • Thank you michael anderson. I really appreciate your feedback and so glad that you liked it.

    • @LordStanley Since this was 11 months ago, I assume you caught the 70% vs 75% error in the Fat %

    • @LordStanley if you click on the video, you get an i coming with the menu. Click on it and you get the list of the videos referred to.

    • I dont want to lose weight. I need to gain Mass and fat. Can you talk about how Keto diet can work for it?

    • @Dr.Sten Ekberg Could you please tell me whether this is correct? Say I consume a 1500 calorie meal (1 sitting). Breakdown is % 70/20/5 ratio. My Fat total is 1,050 calories (or 116g., 1050/9) protein is 300 (or 75g., 300/4) and carbs 150 calories (or 37.5g., 150/4) correct? Tak

  4. Wowww amazing video! Its clear! Can you do one with the glycemic index? Thanks a lot

    • Thank you Diana Gomez Litan. Here are three videos for you I might do another. Thank you for asking.

  5. I like raw cashews, what about raw cashews. Also apparently fruit is high in carbs, does this mean I shouldnt eat fruit?

  6. You keep saying as long as the animal was healthy WHAT THE HECK ARE WE BEING SOLD?!

    • Assonda Paul I believe he means the Ones fed properly – Grass Fed Finished (no grains) and pasture raised (eggs) Fed proper makes them the healthiest. We are consuming what they eat. If they’re fed badly , their unhealthy for us.

  7. Hi Doctor, Animal fat is good for keto? Unfortunately I do not know English

  8. So what should my caloric intake be if Im 5 feet tall, weigh 160 and want to lose 40 pounds?

  9. dr doc,
    my cholesterol has spiked skyhigh after consuming after all the good fats as recommend

  10. If I don’t want to lose weight just to maintain it and want to stay healthy I.e hypertension and other illnesses free, then still I should do Keto diet or low carb diet

  11. I know this is getting into “the weeds” but I am hoping you might address those with the ApoE 4 allele. Like myself this 20-25% of the population has a poor response to saturated fat by overproduction of small LDL particles. I’m doing KETO using only Olive Oil and Avocado as my sources of fat. I also eat mostly fish and very lean cuts. Coconut oil drives my numbers way off the optimal. Note that I’m not buying into the cholesterol myth per se….but close monitoring has proven this physiological response both with my body and with others who are ApoE 4 (discussion on a forum).

    • We all have some biochemical individuality. That is why it is so important to monitor and pay attention to how your body is responding.

  12. I love your channel! understanding the science behind my health moves is key to winning arguments with family & friends on why my fasting OMAD diet is healthy.

  13. Dr. Ekberg, thank you for this information. I do have a request. You mentioned how grain fed beef is not good for us and we need grass fed beef. Would you please post an actual sided by side analyst of grain fed beef verses grass fed beef so we can see the differences in the meat and the dangers? Thank you

  14. Another great video! I find these explanations so much easier to understand. Theres a lot of videos that are confusing and contradicting. Thank you Dr. Sten!

    • Thank you Mayra Blanco. I really appreciate your feedback and so glad that you liked it. That is the purpose of my channel. To help people understand the principles. Comments like yours makes it all worthwhile.

  15. Dr Sten Ekberg, you are mind blowing & calming too!! I apply the information!! You are changing peoples lives thank you.

  16. All of your videos are extremely informative. Thank you. I would like to know what strategy you would suggest for me. I have had a total thyroidectomy, take synthroid daily, but still fatigued, gaining weight and losing hair. Just started carnivore diet and intermittent fasting June 1st, 2019 and Im pretty happy with it so far. Are there any supplements that you think will help, especially with the hair loss?

  17. @Dr. Ekberg, suppose I am fasting from 10 pm to 1 pm (next day), then can I eat 1-2 spoons of butter or ghee in morning??

  18. Dear dr Sten i follow your talks very regularly and for the most part i can follow and agree. Only the definition of aerobic exercise gives me some douts. You limit those exercise at a hb of 120, but i made a vo2max test: i use to run , i am 68, my mhr is 175 and the amount of acid lactate stays below 4 mol til the hr of 160. From this level it goes very fast very high, meaning that i am in the anaerobic zone. I don t want to emphasize that i want to run close to 160 but 140 even higher has been described as mainly aerobic, i also have no problems with talking at those heartrates
    So, my question: is 120 not too low as a marker of aerobic exercise? And running a little bit faster is so much more fun! Thanks for your extremely good talks not only in terms of content but i appreciate the way of your talking, slow and clear as we are foreigners, that s rezlly great
    Jef Desmarets

    • Dear dr Sten you say that you still can breath trough your nose running at 135 hb i still can do it at a little higher hb but my wive says that this is due to my much bigger nose 😉

    • Thank you jef desmarets. The 120 is a just rule of thumb. The key like you say is more about how much youre huffing and puffing. I can usually get up to 130-135 and still breath slow and regular through my nose. You have a very high max rate for your age so you can probably go higher than most. I just pushed my max to 177 three days ago. ( but Im only 54)😄

    • Almonds are pretty good as well, but dont make it into the top category. 9.1 g/100. Just dont eat too many. one ounce would have about 3 grams of carbs. Does that fit into your carb budget?

  19. What about the theory of fat increasing metabolism, and body fat being released when fat intake increases.

    • Thank you mweb1. I really appreciate your feedback and so glad that you liked it.

  20. I really enjoy your videos, you are so good about explaining things. I really appreciate them.

  21. Hi Dr. Ekberg. Im wondering if you can help me to determine the amount of protein that I should have with my meals. I do intermittent fasting, my window is 12/6. Im 52 and 148lbs. I dont know if you go by that or not.
    My first meal is 12 noon, I have 2 boiled eggs, a nice big salad and a half of an avocado. Does that sound like too much protein? Is it enough fat? I would really appreciate your input. Thank you!

    • Dont worry about the protein, it wont drop you out of ketosis like he says. Hes right about the bodily response concerning blood sugar, but the body will continue ketosis regardless. There are a ton of people testing their ketone levels while on the carnivore diet (pure meat, mostly beef), many of whom eat 3-5 pounds of meat a day. Even if those people maintain a 70-90% fat to protein ratio, the amount of protein from the sheer quantity of food should drop them from ketosis according to Dr. Sten, but that just doesnt happen in reality. Nor does it happen at 60-40.

      Your meal seems fine to me, depending on the makeup of that salad. Id add a fermented food, perhaps sauerkraut, or cut out some of the vegetables for animal fats and proteins. Maybe cook the eggs in leaf lard/bacon fat sunny-side-up for a bigger fat bomb. The best method is to experiment with how you feel and keep a diary.

  22. I’m happy to say I got my keto meter yesterday checked my blood last night and was amazed to see i registered.8 on the meter!! I had pie on thanksgiving…. 😆 But I’m hitting the keto diet hard with intermittent fasting and exercise also in fasted state. This am my blood read .6 So not bad… I’ve got a lot of weight to lose so it’s going to be a long road… 75 pounds I think…. 😊 thank you Dr. you’ve been very helpful!!

  23. I miss cashews, but now I eat lots of macadamia nuts, so I dont miss them much. 🙂

    There is no such thing as a truly raw cashew sold as a food product.
    The raw cashews you can buy have been steamed, as actual raw cashews would be dangerous to handle or eat.

  24. You have not discussed almonds in your list of nuts, i love them doaked with skin removed. Also i buy raw peanuts in shells & roast them myself, r they better. Really enjoyed ur video am watching & sharing.

    • ramesh chander bedi. Almonds are also good, but I limited my nut list to the ones with the highest fats and the lowest carbs. These also seems to be the least allergenic.

  25. What about linseed oil? It is very popular in germany and famous for the healthy benefits. I linke it im leafy green salads for the nutty flavour. I havent heard it in any of your videos.
    Thank for your videos, your work and your inspiration!!

    • Cholesterol clogs the arteries, but they are not the problem. They are the solution. Just like you see ambulances at the site of a car wreck the ambulance came there after the damage was done, it didnt cause it. Cholesterol helps repair the damage caused by inflammation, which in turn is the result of sugar, grains and insulin. Here are some videos on cholesterol

    • @RLSCS kay so in thecase of non-diabetics what can i do to keep my arteries clear?

    • Clogged arteries are due to a build up of plaque. Ive read that this can be caused by different factors. In the case of diabetics, it can be caused from too much sugar in the blood.

  26. Hi Doctor Sten thanks for your information and I learn a lot from you.I am 63 yrs old female and I have been diabetic for 30 yrs and I am taking metformin 2000mg/day and 100ml long lasting insulin and 3 times a day rapid insulin and I have stage 3 CKD, my question is are nuts and avocados are good for me and how long shall I live with CKD stage 3? Will Keto improve my health? Thank you

  27. Excellent information, Ive always been a little confused on which nuts are the best and maybe which ones you should avoid

  28. Macadamias have a good omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Peanuts have high omega-6 oils percentage which can contribute to chronic inflammation.

  29. 11:32 I cannot afford the fancy organic foods. If that is the only way to eat keto, if keto will not work for me unless I spend the money I literally do not have, I guess Ill have to just go back to poisoning myself with carbs and sugar.

  30. This video is fantastic! Ive been looking for info on these percentages and how to incorporate them correctly because its confusing and nobody else is explaining this on YT. THIS HELPS SO MUCH!! Thank you!

  31. Doc thanks.
    I overeat a bit daily on good label macadamia nutbutter. Say 100g a day 💩. Is it bad for a galbladder?
    I like the taste onviously, but also it is one few things below 5 on insulin index. Low on omega6, low on phytic acid. And it helps with cravings/cheats. And it blunts a carb meal like oats

  32. These fats are not equal to human body. Unfortunately, the universe works at a subatomic level all the time. Heres what to do before buying a years supply of macadamias. Get a glucometer and check your blood glucose levels until you know which foods make your BG shoot up. Spoiler, the plant-based foods cause it to rise fast and stay high longer. I tried the nuts and seeds and learned that eating plant-based diets means insulin resistance, as we see. Eat for a lower BG level and your health problems start dissolving.

  33. Dont forget raw cashew is actually poisonous. They roast it so it become edible.

    • Keto is a diet so low in carbs, the body starts burning fat for fuel. Look at my channel for the playlist on keto.

    • Dr. Sten Ekberg, Hummus is great ??!? 🤗 I have been depriving myself all along then! No doubt this video is the best of the best on Keto but this news about hummus is the chickpea on the cake ! 😁 So I guess the other legumes are ok as well (lentils, beans etc)? That opens a lot of interesting perspectives… Also I never knew I had to count the % by calories and not by weight so thanks heaps for all this information.
      Still I have a question. On your list the meat is 38% proteins, which is huge, but you didn’t comment on that. Is there a specific reason?

  34. Hi Dr Ekberg, would you please make a video on the quantity of each item that would give those numbers? For instance, how many medium size eggs (or may be its just one) will give 36% of protein? Thank you.

  35. Can you suggest a beginners meal plan, please.  What should be the total weight for a meal?

    • I will work on some suggested meal plans. Thanks for the suggestion

  36. I have a question: how many eggs can I eat for day? I eat between 5 or 6 whole eggs? Is it ok?

  37. I dont get it, all this weight and procent, how much do i eat in a day to stay 74/20/5?…like 20g protein is only 100g of meat, i will starve

    • Dr. Sten Ekberg Hi, In the carbs count, even when fibres are written separately we still have 2 numbers, one being for sugar. Is the other one for starches? If so, should we differentiate the count between starch and sugar in carbs or for keto is it one and the same? Thanks for this great video.

    • 1g fat = 9 calories, 1g protein = 4 calories, 1 g of carb = 4 calories. So on a 2000 calorie diet, 75% fat is about 165 g of fat, 20% protein is 100 g, and 5% carb is 25 grams. Then you need to look up some nutrition tables in books or online to know how much is in each food. Let me know if that helps.

  38. We eat peanut boiled here, and its way tastier and healthier, no need to roast

  39. Very good video. Thanks so much for sharing the information.
    Two questions for me
    Can you tell me how does Tofu fits in this chart?
    I want to do the Keto/IF for health reason, dont want to loose wait, will my muscle and body tone will decrease if i am on Keto or IF?

  40. I am not so much in interested in weight loss. I am more interested in the effects on brain health like memory. Thanks for the info.

  41. Would you please include your lists in writing down in your show more? Please!

  42. I really appreciate your videos! Thank you. In regard to flax seeds, your male viewers should know that flax seeds are a fyto-estrogen, so for them it would not be wise to consume it often.

  43. Sauce Hollandaise really is delicious, and it is so easy to make it yourself. Thanks for showing that.

    • So glad you are watching multiple videos. That is how you start understanding the big picture.

  44. Somebody please explain how butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc. are not processed foods? A coconut is not processed, an olive is not processed… but im pretty sure it takes quite a bit of processing to get from a whole coconut to a pure oil. please explain

    • I think its to do with chemical changes vs physical changes. A lot of what we call processed foods undergo a chemical change via heating or mixing with acidic or base substances. This changes their nutritional value and can produce by products which are harmful. Many of the best oils are described as cold pressed as this is a physical method of extracting the fat from the source without changing its chemical composition. Im sure his video on the topic will correct me if Im wrong but thats my take.

      So for example, you can make butter by taking normal milk and churning it, or shaking it up in a bottle even, if you want a really achy arm. This is a physical process as opposed to a chemical process and leaves the fat essentially unchanged but causes it to clump together and no longer to be emulsified with the original water content. Then you have the process of making yogurt which involves the use of bacteria for fermentation, this changes the chemical structure of the milk as the bacteria feed on the lactose content and turn it into lactic acid. I guess this is a very simple processed food and generally not bad for you but I think that is the or a distinction.

    • Boiled should be fine if they are organic and youre not sensitive to peanuts. Powdered I would stay away from. Too processed.

  45. Why do certain nutritional doctors still advocate a very low fat diet? Mcdougall and esselylton come to mind.

  46. Can we add peanuts in our kito diet? Will it raise the blood glucose?

  47. Is it healthy to live on coconut oil only without losing strength?

  48. This was a great video, could you please do a vegan keto list ? Or is that impossible to achieve 🙂 ?

    • Thank you Vidya Krishnan. Ill loo into that. It is possible, but more limited.

  49. I would like you to make a video on Carnivore v/s keto for weight loss.

  50. I enjoy your videos. You dont talk fast plus you talk clearly and I find the videos relaxing and understandable. Over the last 4 weeks I have transitioned into low carb and I doubt Id ever go back to carbs this time. Im 68 and the last 6 months I put on about 25 pounds, 20 of which Ive already lost. Ive been doing mostly OMAD since Sept 12, 2017 with 4 weeks of recent ADF. LC is definitely a good addition to my IF lifestyle. I hate to think of what all the fruit was doing to me. I was addicted to it, and it wasnt worth all the headache it put into my life.

  51. I am under weight and have insulin resistance, please provide sample diet with 2000 cal with high fat to gain weight

  52. Sir what about barley flour and chickpea. Some doctor said these are good for diabetes

  53. I like to crack the husk of the peanuts and eat those nuts lol I don‘t like those with salt and roasted in sunflower oil lol

    • ahmad aly no nitration or fiber but if you like it,mix with Roman or spinach and then your getting some good nutrition too!🤗

  54. Dr Eckberg, I have been trying to introduce my mom who is type 2 diabetic to Keto but she is vegan & says that since she has gone to plant based foods, her sugar levels haven’t been better but she has to be on metformen to keep her sugars normal. What I am worried about is that she is eating too much carbs still & too little fat. She is convinced that she needs some carbs & no fat. That fats increase her sugar levels. She says she does better if she eats bread or rice than if she eats nuts or avocado. That sounds like the opposite of everything I have heard and read about what spikes insulin & what doesn’t. And she says she can’t fast for any more than 5 or 6 hours because her glucose goes up. Again, it makes no sense to me but she has checked her blood sugars in all those situations & indeed, that does happen. One thing she can’t seem to be able to do is to lose weight. She counts calories & yet she can’t drop the last 5 lbs she wants to lose. She isn’t overweight but she isn’t at her ideal weight either. She is 73 years old. About 5’3” 135lbs. Has been diabetic doe 3 decades & has many other problems that are related to diabetes such as: peripheral neuropathy, high blood pressure, a thyroid condition & now a heart condition where she needed to have 3 stents put in her heart. And of course she has to take meds for all of them. I have convinced her to lower her carbs some but she is hungry all the time because she does not eat any animal products or nuts or avocados.she is forced to fill up on some carbs. She simply does not accept the fact that fruits are bad & fats are good. So how can I help her reverse her diabetes when she is not able to intermittent fast or eat more fats of any kind?

    • Please tell her , that Queen Elizabeth the second is 93 y old , and never ever takes any medications , never been sick and she is always super healthy . Explain your mom , that all royals diet is meat , fats and very very little carbs , for breakfast , lunch and dinner everyday !

    • Almonds are good. They are the next nut on my list after macadamia, pecan and walnut.

  55. I need help with this. Im doing dairy free keto reaching 35 total carbs (Home-made) but Im eating about 600 calories and I need 500cals more for my bmr (Im already using cooking fats for my meals) Should I just drink plain olive oil?

    Edit: I also eat a little of dark chocolate mixed with chia and almonds. But it isnt enough.

    • Eat an avocado or two and if you are still short on calories chug some olive oil.

  56. Commercial lard and tallow are actually highly processed. One small tub of lard could have been sourced from 20 different animals.
    The possibility of getting fat from a sick animal(s) is too high.

  57. Thank you Dr. Ekberg, you cleared up a lot of my doubts, am struggling with diabetes and obesity, I have not started on any medication as yet and don’t think I ever will, your videos have been so very helpful and my sugar levels have already begun dropping as has my weight…..never have I come across clearer videos as yours….Thank you for your efforts….you are a blessing and a God send, I am 46 and from India….cheers – Arvind Reuben

  58. Overall it just doesn’t make sense. Most of your meals are going to be vegetables (carbs) and protein (increases insulin) and supplemented with fats. Therefore there is no way that your diet is going to be 60% fat calorie content. The numbers just don’t add up.

  59. I see a lot of advice on losing weight on Keto but very little on gaining or
    maintaining weight.

    I have < 11% body fat and Im not trying to lose weight but enjoy the physical and mental effects of Ketosis. Its phenomenal the amount of people that comment like But you dont need to lose weight. That said, Well done on the whiteboard list. We need more breakdown information like this. Nicely done Dr!

    • I agree. Its very difficult to find information on gaining and maintaining weight on Keto. I want to lower blood sugar but NOT lose weight.

    • It Is my case, too. I dont want to lose weight. I need to gain it. But I need to do Keto diet in order to get More health.

    • Thank you lmwrt. I really appreciate your feedback and so glad that you liked it.

  60. Protein doesnt just turn into sugar, this is a myth. Gluconeogenesis is demand driven. Even if it happened at high levels satiety would first kick in

  61. Happy to see your channel growing so fast. Congrats. Please keep the good knowledge coming.

  62. Good to know about roasting because I have a keto praline recipe and it calls for roasted pecans. I wont again thats for sure.
    Kraft makes a great peanut butter. The only ingredient is PB with no salt added, and it does separate; you need to keep it upside down in your fridge once opened.

    • @Gina Lee I wont take credit for it; its marked on the jar… and I didnt know why so thanks to you too!

    • Hey Peddler! Great tip. Turning the jar of peanut butter upside down after opening, that way the oil is at the bottom!! Yay!!

  63. Great video doc as always. Anyways question for you, and I know it maybe even irrelevant. Do you personally think its safe to leave out butter on the counter at all times? Or would you not even recommend it?

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