High protein high fat low carb diet

As you can plainly see, the idea of a high-protein, low-carb diet may differ substantially. As the Atkins diet begins as similar to a ketogenic diet the macros change as you progress through this diet’s phasesthe Zone and South Beach diets are essentially low-carb, moderate-fat, high-protein diets.

Low-Carb Diet Benefits Both high-protein and high-fat low-carb diets have a number of benefits. According to an October study in Acta Pharmaceuticathese diets might help people manage numerous neurological and metabolic disorders, including epilepsy, Alzheimer ‘s Parkinson and disease.

Based on the study in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, the traditional low-carb diet particularly the ketogenic diet was created as a way to treat epilepsy. Although it’s now referred to as ways to manage diabetes and improve triglyceride levels, the dietary plan may be most widely known for promoting weight loss.

High-protein, low-carb diets are less and newer well-studied. It’s unclear whether there are more health advantages in a low-carb, high-protein pitched against a low-carb diet; few studies have compared both directly. More research is necessary to be able to conclude that among these diets is preferable to the other, particularly since there are no scholarly studies discussing the professionals and cons of long-term consumption of the diets. Both diets have the potential to be unhealthy if consumed over the future.

Ultimately, the health advantages of these diets may come to the specific macronutrient ratio that you decide to consume down. More important, the healthier diet will be determined by the precise foods you eat. Every day Chan School of Public Healthmost adults need between 20 and 30 grams of fiber.

Fiber is important since it might help protect you from health issues like cardiovascular issues, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes and certain types of cancers. Yet, according to a February study in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicinethe the greater part of adults don’t consume enough fiber.

If you are on a low-carb diet, it’s likely that you will battle to consume the recommended amount of the nutrient. It could be challenging to find plant-based foods that are lower in net carbs but nonetheless rich in fiber. Most people need to restrict themselves to leafy greens. They are healthy, but you would need to eat a complete lot of them to get an sufficient amount of fiber.

Based on the USDAyou’d need to eat in regards to a kilogram of spinach, each day to consume a reasonable amount of fiber radishes or alfalfa sprouts. A kilogram of the is the same as 22, 16 and 19 grams of fiber, respectively. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’d eat a kilo of any vegetable each day. Hence, over the future, it can be easier to consume a far more liberal low-carb diet. A liberal low-carb diet might not have the same range of benefits as a ketogenic diet, but it shall offer you usage of a wider collection of nutrient-rich, plant-based foods and permit you to consume a more varied diet.

The reason being many dieters have a tendency to gravitate toward animal proteins and animal fats when following these diets. Foods like meat, poultry, cheese and other milk products are all well balanced meals.

However, it’s needed for the products to be consumed in moderation, particularly if you’re choosing the high-fat versions. Animal products like all of these contain saturated fat. The American Heart Association says consuming huge amounts of saturated fat gets the potential to improve your blood cholesterol and threat of cardiovascular diseases. In the event that you intend to follow a normal high-fat, low-carb low-carb or diet, high-protein diet, make certain you’re consuming well balanced meals.

This implies integrating healthy plant-based fats from nuts, seeds or fruits like avocado into your daily food diet. It also means mainly cooking with healthy fats, like avocado oil, sesame oil, essential olive oil or flaxseed oil, of butter instead, margarine or lard. Many high-fat, low-carb diets never let much versatility in the amount of carbohydrates allowed.

This may make it challenging to select a plant-based protein over an animal protein. However, you can always choose seafood that’s abundant with unsaturated fats, like shellfish and fish. Certain fatty fish are particularly healthy because they’re abundant with polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 essential fatty acids.

If you’re carrying out a flexible high-protein, low-carb diet, you might be in a position to integrate more nuts also, legumes and seeds into meals.

Several plant-based proteins are abundant with protein and fat and will be a perfect replacement for animal products. Swapping out dairy cheese for cashew cheese or steak for seitan might help integrate more nutrient-rich plant-based proteins into your daily diet. High-Protein vs. Low-Carb Diet Downsides It is important to recognize the downsides of both high-protein and high-fat low-carb diets. While these presssing issues may not be a problem for a while, they can result in serious problems unless you take them under consideration when following these diets over the future.

Reduced fiber consumption can obviously be detrimental to your wellbeing if you were to take such a diet over the future, increasing your threat of developing conditions like cancer or diabetes.

However, a November study in the journal Cell reported that insufficient soluble fiber consumption can affect the fitness of your gut microbiome. This, subsequently, has the potential to cause you to more vunerable to pathogen-borne diseases. Similarly, all low-carb diets have the potential to cause health issues in the event that you consume a diet abundant with unhealthy fats. Excessive saturated fat consumption has been connected with weight gain and the development of cardiovascular issues, among other health issues.

The analysis in Acta Pharmaceutica reports that low-carb diets have the potential to cause acidosis and other medical issues when consumed over the future. An April study in Nutrients reports that this issue is mainly caused by animal-derived proteins. However, counteracting the issue is simple – simply consume a larger amount of fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, the majority of the potential issues linked to low-carb diets drop to your unique dietary choices and the macronutrient ratio you’ve made a decision to adhere to.

Swapping unhealthy fats for healthy fats like omega essential fatty acids and animal fats for plant-based proteins could be easy if your daily diet is fairly flexible.


  1. When I’m sore from workouts I’ll up my protein for a day or two. I did feel a little more hungry (I do the OMAD/KETO diet) but I’m so used to “discomfort “ from not eating that it didn’t bother me long term.

  2. my uneducated guess is that the excess aminoacids would be used to produce glucose, meaning no depletion of oxaloacetate, meaning no ketones.

  3. I don’t think energy (fat+carbs) should ever be lower than 1:1 with protein. And of course, fat is preferred over carbs.

  4. I seem to need higher protein and less fat. I was eating about 50 grams protein a day. But became weak and sore couldnt do a full workout. I now eat 60 grams on active rest days and up to 80 on days I weight train. Ive been losing weight and gaining muscle. No more weakness or extreme soreness. ✌️

  5. Would be interested in what you think of Ron Rosedales theory on lower protein high fat low carb diet being optimal for longevity.

    • It falls short in understanding some of the necessary mechanisms of mTOR and protein

  6. PUFAS are in everything, I wouldnt recommend actively consuming them as youre bound to get them anyway

    • But if youre eating a healthy diet, then are you eating these foods with additional PUFAS and omega6s? Probably not

  7. One of the most confusing aspects of keto, trying to work out how much protein you need to maintain or even build muscle mass. Im currently doing 1g per lb of lean body mass but previously have done as little as 0.5g. Any recommendations on the correct ballpark figure?

    • Go back and forth between high protein for a couple weeks, and low protein. Yiur low protein weeks you shouldnt lose muscle, but you will become more sensitive and see gains when you go high, until you desensitize.

    • According to Phd Stuart Phillips, at least to prevent sarcopenia, everybody should be eating at the least .8g x Lean Body Mass in protein. So anything above that is fine. What Siim says is true though, protein intake is actually has a very wide range. From .8g/LBM(in lbs) all the way to 2 or even 3 for very high performance athletes. As long as we we take in the minimum amount recommended (.8g x LBM) we can live long an healthy lives 🙂

    • keef1971 maybe get more practical then ? You know your body the best. Do a fortnight of higher protein and get a tape and measure your muscle mass then slowly lower the protein and see if there is a change? Experiments are how you can test your limits and knowledge. Give it a try.

    • Well, there isnt a specific set point. Your body can adapt to eating less protein and vice versa.

  8. for me too much protein does have a negative effect. i get very tired. and in my case, because i am still a little bit insulin resistant 1g protein per kg bodyweight is enough to get that effect. but i think it depends if i fasted for three days or if i had a rough unhealthy weekend behind me. that probably changes the state of insulin resistance. also if my amino acid pools are empty or almost full before eating changes that effect.

  9. This guy knows NOTHING about nutrition. As you age, the one micronutrient you NEED THE MOST, is protein. And plant protein are mostly not bioavailable. YOU NEED TO EAT YOUR MEAT. 80% of your plate should be meat! These so called experts know NOTHING. The EXCESS PROTEIN MYTH! 1. Protein is the most valued micronutrient in nature, it is also the most VERSATILE – it can be used as fuel or for building & maintenance of the body. The body however considers fat is predominantly as a fuel source. 2. The break down of protein as fuel is an energy intensive process – your body will opt for that only in DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES. Your body wont break Protein for fuel, in the presence of carbs or fat! 3. You CANNOT OVER CONSUME natural Protein (meat). Any excess will be just removed. And the body WILL NOT EXCRETE valuable good Protein. It will break down the old defective Protein in the body to excrete in presence of excess protein. And use the good dietary protein to build the body. Which is what you WANT! 4. Protein is natures signalling molecule to mTOR, which you WANT to be activated when building & strengthening your body. After a fast, its the REFEEDING on protein where you get all the catabolic benefits. 5. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that excess protein leads to kidney issues. If that was the case, all lions & wolves would need dialysis machines 🙄 5. Protein consumption in America has been on the decline in the last 50 years, during the same period metabolic diseases have been on the rise. 6. Protein stimulates insulin, true. But what the experts dont tell you, is that the INSULIN CURVE you get post protein consumption, is the HEALTHY CURVE, smooth rise & fall, unlike carb spikes 7. People on a pure Carnivorous Diet eating copious amounts of only meat and zero plant foods are REVERSING a whole range of health issues and getting healthy!

    • Denis Prieur I had the same experience Dennis. It’s because of the insulin resistance that we are not able to tolerate the high protein!

    • Pratim, i was diabetic.. i pretty much reversed it with about 3 months of keto! I started the carnivore diet, but i immediatly noticed a significant rise in my blood sugar! Im not realy convinced that a carnivore diet is the solution for me! It seems that gluconeogenesis is real with me! I Dont realy understand why, because on the Charlene Anderson web site(meat heals), there are so many people who got rid of their diabetes, and had great weight loss, eating up to 3 pounds of meat every day!!! I guess im still insulin resistant, then again , my glucose level is always in a good range now….Dont realy get it!!!!

    • Dont eat meat for breakfast instead you should eat cereal and drink orange juice lol

    • Lexi Taylor

      Their system is in ketocis most of the time all their lives.

      By the time they are old they are still able to absorb the protein.

    • destroyerplayer

      While Hyperbolic..

      He *Does* have one basic fact right.

      As one ages, the absorption of Amino Acids and Protein digestion in general becomes harder. Less thorough.

      Carb have only two uses.


      Tagging molecules for breakdown.

      Any Enzyme; Protein, sometime fat.

      Hormones, cell walls, ext..; Fat.

      Now. With the above considered.

      When Protein is converted to glucose (due to too little glucose in the System) it creates Ammonia, which turns to urea..

      That gets removed by the Kidneys.. And too much can tax them.

      When a person eats *Too Much* protein in means fat and Crabs are not enough to take care of the Caloric needs.

  10. Im new at this. Ive been trying to change my diet and figure out what I can and cant eat for 6 months. Saying that, my wife is hypersensitive Type 1 at 140 lbs and Im not but at 250 lbs. I ate 4 eggs 1 pound of bacon for breakfast after a 4 day saltwater fast. Lunch I had steak,cheese and cooked veggies. My wife had very little to eat until dinner where I cooked ribs and pork loin for dinner with a salad. That night her blood sugar went low in the 40 range and was sick, mine was fine. Im still deep in ketosis and feel fine. Shes really tired today and grouchy. So, this proves to me your not lying and this does happen. It all depends on the person you are and how you can and cant eat. Sorry this was long and may not mean anything to others but it opened my eyes on how much everyone is different and you have to figure out how to eat correctly. Hope this may help others, thats why I wrote this. Thanks Siim.

  11. If you eat high protein on keto then it aint keto any more. Ketogenic diet IS by definition a high fat diet for ppl like me with any form of epilepsy (mine is a mild form of temporal lobe). This is Ally McWowies error over & over, she loves the high protein and says to add in fat if you need it. But we carnivores will not thrive unless we eat the high fat meats, including organs. Since most of us dont eat those we still eat all animal as in using butter, cream cheese, eggs, good fatty cheeses, etc. Nina Teicholz has that great story of the tribes (I think they were in Florida, defly North America) who were bringing home skinny deer bc it had been a bad winter and the men looked smaller & sickly. They complained when asked by some explorer that the animals did not have enough fat on them! What this doc meant by use of unsaturated fats & poly unsats is beyond me, does he mean vegetable oils, which will get you nowhere except possibly ill?? As to Jimmy Moore – what is his excuse these days? The man needs to fast as often as possible and do small refeeds and fast some more. He no longer speaks for the fasting or the keto community imho, get to it Jimmy! Thx Siim!!

    • A ketogenic diet is a diet that induces nutritional ketosis and it shouldnt be defined by certain macronutrient ratios. That doesnt go to say that to achieve ketosis you still need to eat low carb high fat

    • Ive heard from a few including Dr. Shawn Baker that eating organs are unnecessary with a carnivore diet. Also, that by eating liver, you may get the toxins being processed by the liver.

  12. High protein makes me feel like shit, the more fat I eat the better I feel. Simple. I also lack respect for people who still believe the antioxidants lie.

  13. So how much protein is enough 3oz a meal? I eat only 2x a day 10:40 Is first meal and 5pm is my last meal then I fast till 10:40 am the next day.

  14. I am a 57 yr old woman, not a diabetic. I have been strict Carnivore over 6 months and eating 18/6 window, with very little weight loss.

    I had many episodes of sleepiness after eating fatty meats, not added MCT oil or anything else. My blood sugar levels were high. My ketones were below 0.5. I exercise 5x per week.

    I had to do something, so I lowered my protein, added salads with low carb veggies and my blood sugar ranges went down to low 90s.
    My ketones went back up to 1.7, which I never could get there before. I feel better now.

  15. Great video. I agree. Im 6-1 225 I do resistance training been doing Ketogenic diet since 2001. Around 180 -200 with no problems

    • He proves that metabolic conditions determine greatly how certain macros ratios work

  16. 1:1 ratio between fat and protein isnt keto, wtf? Is this guy clueless? Does he even know that the ketogenic diet was invented as a treatment for Epilepsy? Its a low to moderate protein diet. If you wanna make something yourself, dont call it a ketogenic diet.

    • 1:1 ratio means grams not calories. 1 gram of fat for every gram of protein. About 70% of your calories are fat and about 30% for protein.

    • 1:1 ratio between fat and protein is keto. But we must also take into account the amount of all carbs. Thus as long as we have a 1:1 ratio between fat and carbs (that includes protein and sugar), it is still keto.

    • If wed say that a ketogenic diet is a diet that puts you into nutritional ketosis, then the 1:1 ratio is a ketogenic diet as youll still be in ketosis virtually the majority of time. The macronutrient ratios are arbitrary as you can still eat the 5/15/80 macros without getting into ketosis or using ketones for fuel after keto-adaptation. Ketogenic diets are diets defined by fuel utilization and use of ketones not by specific grams or percentages

    • I agree with you 100%. I had to make changes, probably would not work for you or the next guy. Everyone is different, and that goes for the guys in this video. That being said, I would not have stumbled on what does work without some insight. So there is a place for this to help others.

    • Keto Police alert. You guys are to serious for me. I think every body is different and everyone should master their own macros as they see fit for what they need. The end.

  17. I’m a bit confused by how people on Keto are getting fat percentages as high as 70-80%. Besides avocados, olive oil, some nuts, fish and eggs, there don’t appear to be a ton of food choices for that to comprise almost 2/3rds of one’s diet focused on just fat.

    What am I missing?

    • I’m on a ketogenic diet and I never go overboard with fats and never do bulletproof coffee. One or two healthy fats with my meal.

    • One can always put more butter in their coffee and chug down MCT oil. HAha, not that its a good idea

    • Yup… a tablespoon of olive oil is already more than 100 calories. 1 tablespoon of butter is also 100 calories. On average meat products are 50/50 fat and protein. There are so many ways to increase fat intake, I did a bit too much and didnt lose any weight hahah. I now practice about 50-60% fat and finally seeing fat loss.

    • Paul Horowitz its cause fat is so calorie dense. Fat is 9kcal per gram, as opposed to 4 with protein and 4 with carbs. You get a lot of fat from just adding a tablespoon to your food.. for example I roasted my brocolli with avocado oil, which gave me an additional 14g of fat (126kcals). I also added some cheese. If you take into consideration eggs cooked in butter with bacon for breakfast, mct oil and cream in coffee, and fatty cuts of meat for dinner (say a steak cooked in olive oil with some mashed cauliflower) it isnt so hard. I personally do omad and on average get around 90g of fat per day. That comes to around 810 kcal a day, or 67% of my RDA. In order to increase the fat in the example meal, I could simply add half an avocado to my breakfast and have a handful of nuts, and voila! Around 80%.

  18. You should interview Andrew Scarborough. He eats mostly fatty protein I believe like brain, kidney etc plus fatty insects. His diet helped him manage a brain tumour.

  19. Hey Siim, huge fan, i regularly follow ur youtube content but do you have an actual podcast? Im on spotify so if you were to branch out i would definetely follow and i already recommend you to everyone i can cos your message and mission is so positive. Thanks dude.

    • Yes, I have a podcast. Its Body Mind Empowerment on all the major podcast apps but not on Spotify yet.

  20. Should you be feeding you gut low energy foods full of mainly indigestible substances, with low bioavailability of nutrients which are not all concentrated in a few food sources, necessating consumption of a wide variety of foods, foraging & constant eating, spread through the day to stave off nutritional deficiency, not to mention, these foods also come with a cocktail of natural anti-nutrients (Oxalates, Lectins, Phytates etc)… And other harmful substances (Gluten, Fructose, Inflammatory Omega 6 fats). Thats Plant Foods for you!

    Or should you be feeding your gut the most energy & nutrient dense foods on the planet with the HIGHEST BIOAVAILABILITY of nutrients, pound for pound, ensuring greater levels of satiety, making constant feeding redundant. With a healthy balance of proteins & saturated fats, most valued in nature. While these foods come with NO downsides or negative nutrients or toxins, in its natural state. Thats Animal Foods for you!

    I think the answer is self-evident on the application of some basic common sense!

    Dont ever let IDEOLOGY cloud REALITY!

  21. for beginners or overweight who recomp with lifting high protein diet with slight deficit is giga good and superior . otherwise for normal or intermediate yes its not that ideal

  22. That is very informative. So, over- or undereating proteins would be having an impact on you (in a bad sense). I know it was mentioned here, but how much intense physical activity modifies this threshold, should you increase it, by how much?

    I have very intensive mornings cardio (running and swimming) and heavyweights and muscle endurance, and I just cant gain weight anymore (body fat is 8-9% now and slowly dropping – I am 76kg) even when consuming over 3.5kkcal/day – I consume around 60-80g of protein /day (trying not to overdo proteins because of keto).

    Funfact, when I occasionally consume a little bit more proteins with carbs I cant see so many negative effects if I consume it at the end of the day.

    • Thanks Siim, thought so. Will try for a month and will let you know how everything changed. Extra question, what do you think, Should I add those extra proteins on the top of caloric intake or exchange some fats and try to stay in the range?

    • Id say youre undereating protein. For your weight and activity you can safely eat about 120-130g with no worries

  23. hey Siim is it true that Keto may cause Hair lost? There are really same weird videos on youtube about it. Whats your opinion on it?

    • Thank you for your answer. If You make a video about that topic you will for sure get al lot of cliks. And pleas Keep going with your work
      best Regards from Germany

    • Stress causes hair loss. Ive been keto for 4 years and my hair and teeth havent ever been stronger

    • It might cause hair loss when making the transition to keto. It happened to my girlfriend, however, after the transition she got her hair back looking much healthier than before. Now, from what i know, hair loss can happen if youre not getting enough nutrients in your diet or youre still consuming high carbs. Make sure youre getting plenty of red meat when making the transition while you lower your amount of carb intake, and you should be fine.

  24. There is this MYTH that plant foods are Health Promoting and benign! Essential part of the Human Diet.

    But, what silly humans forget, is that plants have been on this planet longer than us. And they are expert chemists, producing a host of chemical poisons to defend themselves from animals.

    Take for example, the killing of Kudu antelopes by the Acacia Tree.

    Acacia trees are able to raise the tannin-C levels in their leaves when browsers start to eat them. Within fifteen minutes of an animal starting to eat, the tannin-C levels can shoot up to a higher than normal level. While tannin-C on its own is not a poison, it can combine with protein molecules from food in the gut of an antelope and make the leaves indigestible.

    Tannins are JUST one type of plant poison. They are full of a range of them. Phytates, Oxalates, Lectins and more! Eating plants is like low grade poisoning of your body. Over decades, it will make you pay a heavy price! Eat Animal Foods instead. They dont have such issues! Only good for your body!

    • Animal foods ??? Ya let’s shit on plant based food while we eat steroid injected meats! And hey, let’s drink milk from a cow instead of our own as infants, animals don’t go looking for human breast milk but I doesn’t matter, milk from cows taste good! Great logic!

    • Pratim Putatunda Some of these so-called poisons actually extend human lifespan or prevent disease…

  25. Okay…..59 male weight 345, after Keto down to 275 in 14 months. Stalled for five months…started OMAD Zero Carb and down 15 Pounds in five weeks. Goal is 180, I’m 5’10”. Great Stuff Guys!

    • david alexander Youll make it and YOU are doing great work! I left keto after 2 months in favor of carnivory and fasting & dry fasting. My whole metabolism has changed for the better, hard for me to regain weight, easy for me to put on muscle now and Im an older woman. Harder to get into a state of autophagy tho so I do IDF, intermittent dry fasting and also some 24s & 48s w/salted water or dry fasts. Good luck & health to you!!

  26. I am 14 days in my carnivore diet experiment and I feel the same as in keto. I am not hungry and I can do intermitent fasting easily. I eat fatty cuts, liver with butter and fish.

    Somebody should answer why some people can only eat meat.


    • I am doing keto for 7 months now, hit plateau after 52 lbs loss. Thinking to going carnivore. I am start feeling tired and no too much energy lately.

    • It simply eliminates the low grade inflammation from plants and other processed foods. Carnivore is just a hardcore elimination diet

  27. Excess protein is why the Atkins diet failed as there were liver and kidney issues. Protein has to be balanced with good fats and green leafy veggies. And every one of us needs to determine the amount of protein that is right for us. Trying to live real food keto, I just dont think all of the new keto friendly products are too helpful. Many people are now just hopping from one processed food to another to simplify their lives. People need to get back into the kitchen and prepare their own healthy meals because a healthy life isnt necessarily easy and certainly doesnt come from a food producer.

  28. i tried carnivore for 10 days. I noticed an increase in strenght in the gym, but I could easily feel I was not as deep in ketosis. more protein doesnt necessarily mean instant gluconeogenesis, but I was definetely not as deep in ketosis and i noticed the increase in insulin. also just eating meat really didnt work for my digestion lol. people in carnivore groups on social media preaches that you can eat as much protein as you want.. but I doubt that. Ive tried it, and while Im raising my protein to about 0.8 grams per lbs of lean body mass I wont go into the 160+ grams rage simply because i wont stay as deep in ketosis as I need/want to. 110 grams is what Im at now and it works perfectly

  29. This doesnt really explain the fact that thousands of people have been thriving perfectly and for decades on the carnivore diet, many of them not even eating organ meats. Take Mikhaila Petersons and Shawn Bakers cases. I dont support protein shakes, but a meat-only protocol seems to be a powerful way to get rid of autoimmune disease.

    • East West, you say this because you didn’t have to heal from anything. Once the keto diet heals you and reverses disease… you’ll sing like a canary!

    • Ha. Say that to my kidneys. I am reversing kidney failure due to this way of eating. Also, migraines are gone, as well as brain fog, insomnia and inflammation.

    • East West I have helped a person with Parkinson to get better and another woman her breast are going back to her previous size. Thats my experience.

      Some women get the sane results in paleo.


    • I think people are obsessed with keto only because it creates an immediate slimmer effect because of the water loss and when people cheat on the diet and eat carbs they think they get suddenly much fatter because they hold more water. A dehydrated body looks often better than a plumped up, hydrated body.

  30. I would like to see this experiment done with women. I have been very successful at raising my protein and lowering my fat with a nutritionist. Due to hormones and have a lot of fat to lose, it worked very very well for me.

    • I cycle between keto and carnivore. Carnivore has helped my digestion, muscle definition, strength, skin. I cant recommend it enough! Dr. Berry has some awesome videos on the topic!

    • Its the ultimate elimination diet. Great if you have autoimmune disease. Start with carnivore until you feel better and slowly add one food item and check your reaction.

  31. 3:1 is a lot, I listened to that podcast with Dr. Naiman, and he did say its going to be harsh. Dr. Ted did recommend 1:1 Protein to Energy. I was actually wondering why they decided to do 3:1, it was almost like setting up the experiment to for negative results. Even before the experiment ended I already knew the comments would not be good 😀 If you are trying to lose fat, a little higher P:E ratio would increase the fat loss. For me 1:1 is already optimal, or even 1.5:1

    • Yes, the experiment showed that 1:1 is very good and optimal but 3:1 is probably pushing it

  32. The DEMONIZATION of mTOR by the Keto & Vegan Experts looks a lot like how the Medical ESTABLISHMENT & Big Pharma painted Cholesterol as the boogyman!

    When basic common sense applied to knowledge should tell them otherwise.

    The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway integrates both intracellular and extracellular signals and serves as a central regulator of cell metabolism, growth, proliferation and survival.


    Errr, hold up. Isnt mTOR (just like Cholesterol) a natural, fundamental part of the human biology with a CRITICAL ROLE to play in cell metabolism??? And you want to SUPPRESS it (like the Cholesterol, HIGH FAT & statins fiasco) by cutting back on protien in the diet?

    And CANCER because of protein? And not because of the other gazillion crappy, UNNATURAL, industrial foods & chemicals, toxic oxidised oils, processed sugars & trans fats thats dumped into the body? Not to mention overcooking meats (often full of Nitrates) with oxidised oils at high heat and truly turning healthy plates of food into cancerous madness! REALLY? What a freaking JOKE!

    It seems like not only do we NEVER learn from past mistakes, the so called EXPERTS are the chief culprits in creating NEW red herrings… instead of EATING IT!

    • They could be right if you eat daylong as westerns do. Fast 20h and have a ln organ and regular red meat meal. It is asl night/day difference. Even insuline is good if stimulated only once a day. mTor is vital

    • Pratim Putatunda : Brilliant again, your analyses make so much sense. Thank you. Your overall acuity and grasp of nutrition, begs me to ask you to outline briefly your summary of what overall diet you recommend ? Cheers!

  33. 3g protein to 1g fat is 43% fat by calories. Plus, it was a hypocaloric diet which also contributed his body fat as a component vs. TDEE. Jimmy was consuming perhaps 90g of exogenous fat a day, which is light years away from any fear of protein poisoning or rabbit starvation.

  34. This sounds like the issue isnt eating too much protein, but not eating enough fat. So a ratio issue, rather than an absolute value. So is the recommendation 1 to 1? 50/50 macro ratio of protein and fat?

  35. Too often people obfuscate REALITY in order to walk on egg shells and not SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID. Its a fact that HUMANS can survive on a wide variety of foods – but surviving isnt THRIVING. And too often people confuse the two in their bid to justify their BLINDED BELIEF SYSTEMS about food – be it the vegan myth, the Vegetables are essential myth, Fruits are healthy myth, Real Foods myth and more junk that people peddle… But the point is, THERE IS SUCH A THING AS AM OPTIMAL HUMAN DIET, which is defined by EVOLUTION and not by random whim about what you like to eat, or basis selective cherry picking of what one tribe eats or not! If you have the intelligence to apply some common sense to basic science of WHAT ARE PARTICULAR foods doing to your body, what are the messages it is sending to your HORMONES, you can figure out EXACTLY what should be the chief component of an OPTIMUM HUMAN DIET. And the anthropological data is unequivocal: FACTS that highlight that our PALEO ANCESTORS (not some random tribe living today) but our evolutionary ancestors ATE ALMOST AN ALL CARNIVOROUS DIET. Max Planck Institute has done tests on Paleo bone fossils and they have shown that we WERENT EATING PLANTS, but hunting animals. Thats what you EVOLVED to eat. Plants are something humans resorted to in times of crisis and famine. So a lot of people may want to deny facts to make EVERYONE happy, but facts remain facts. Ignore evolution & human biology at your own peril! 🙄

    • Exactly! What is the Optimal human diet?! The archaeological sites….what do they find…..primarily arrow heads and other tools for killing/processing meat. Let’s use our common sense people! By the way, the vegetables and fruits we have today have been bred and engineered to be so much larger and tastier today….they wouldn’t have been recognizable 10,000 years ago.

      Anyone who cares to do the research and reading can find plenty of material that states aboriginal peoples lived on meat and only ate vegetables in times of famine. Also, back then there was no influence from the “Food Industry”. Sheeple…..time to wise up and think critically, or the food industry will cripple you, then the drug/health industry will bleed you dry before they burry you!

    • Praying, your comments come across crystal clear. Many thanks for cutting through the Verbiage.

    • Great points. You should be making videos on these things. I see that you watch Dr Darren Schmidt. I watch him too.

  36. Haha You MORONS talk about CONFIRMATIONAL bias, and only CONFIRM not just your bias but your total IGNORANCE about nutrition. You idiots go and eat UNNATURALLY high protein levels without naturally available animal fats that come with the meat for SEVEN DAYS, and then say, I didnt feel nice so PROTIEN is the issue! I mean, could you guys be any DUMBER? When you were Keto Adapting away from carbs, did you just TRY it for just seven days? And AHAHA the mTOR BULLSHIT just highlights how IGNORANT you lot are: The DEMONIZATION of mTOR by the Keto & Vegan Experts looks a lot like how the Medical ESTABLISHMENT & Big Pharma painted Cholesterol as the boogyman!

    When basic common sense applied to knowledge should tell them otherwise.

    The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway integrates both intracellular and extracellular signals and serves as a central regulator of cell metabolism, growth, proliferation and survival.


    Errr, hold up. Isnt mTOR (just like Cholesterol) a natural, fundamental part of the human biology with a CRITICAL ROLE to play in cell metabolism??? And you want to SUPPRESS it (like the Cholesterol, HIGH FAT & statins fiasco) by cutting back on protien in the diet?

    And CANCER because of protein? And not because of the other gazillion crappy, UNNATURAL, industrial foods & chemicals, toxic oxidised oils, processed sugars & trans fats thats dumped into the body? Not to mention overcooking meats (often full of Nitrates) with oxidised oils at high heat and truly turning healthy plates of food into cancerous madness! REALLY? What a freaking JOKE!

    It seems like not only do we NEVER learn from past mistakes, the so called EXPERTS are the chief culprits in creating NEW red herrings… instead of EATING IT!

    • Neither of us said that protein or meat is bad. Of course, the amounts of protein they were eating is unnatural and devoid of nutrients and they wouldve gotten much better results eating less protein and more fat from fattier chunks of meat. The results of this experiment simply showed that an unnaturally high protein diet without enough fat or carbs leaves the individual in a state of energy deprivation. What it also showed was that most people are actually better off eating more protein rather than less. Like John said, he increased his protein intake after this and has seen great benefits. No one even mentioned cancer

  37. No respect for Jimmy Moore. He has lost all credibility. There is no way he is living a ketogenic lifestyle!

  38. Did anyone else work out their macros from what he said he ate? 3:1 Protein to fats with only 190g protein…. so 64g fats… no carbs, so a total of 1,336 calories a day. NO SHIT YOU WERE HUNGRY!

  39. Great vid. thanks Siim! …but please, you guys, quit referring to hunter-gatherers as proof for anything …almost nothing is known about people on earth pre 6-8000 yrs ago. Its ALL speculation. Keep it scientific, even N=1 or anecdotal observations are fine and relevant but there is no need whatsoever to parrot non-anthropologically studiable references as if they are fact

    • youre the best man…thanks again. Your vids are so encouraging, informative and…hilarious!!!!!!

    • I agree but the physiological pathways are the same. We even share similarities across species

    • Jimmy Moore is a joke in this industry, hes not dedicated to the lifestyle.

  40. Gluconeogenesis and too much protein explained video:

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    Stay Empowered

  41. This is not for vegetarian or vegan plan protein better. Soy has more protein than steaks.

  42. My question is simple can I eat high GI carb under 20 gram and still be in keto please answer

    • Also how much activity.

      If you use it very fast, your body will begin to use ketones.

  43. in the morning i have to try a beet root salad with tuna. on the long run canned tuna with nothing else on the side gets goring. then i get extra nitric oxide and boost my energy level

  44. Fasting!!! There is no macro ratio that works the same at adressing the insuline resistance, etc. Even carnivore makes me gain weight (many muscles too) if 3x day. It is not natural to stay anabolic daylong

  45. A total aside to the video Siim, your skin looks amazing here! So glowing and clear… another great side effect of good clean living 🙌

  46. I eat fatty steaks everyday around 160g protein from half a kilo and I remain in ketosis

  47. Do people not know that Protein and Fat together barely trigger insulin but Glucagon?

    If you do not have a lot of carbs in there the protein boosts the fat.

    • If the protein has been eaten in excess to stimulate gluconeogenesis sufficient can make you fat, but this happens because of the calorie intake not because of protein… If you eat fats the same thing will happen

    • @Hrishi Kanta paul yes and yes gluconeogenesis is fundamental to you dont get hypoglycemic

    • famOmry so does the ingestion of Fat and protein with no carbs will trigger Glucagon secretion? If so then will it trigger Gluconeogenesis? I dont have that much knowledge on nutrition just learning a few topics on keto and fat adaption

  48. As it turns out, ALL THE CHIEF CULPRITS behind derangement of the Human Metabolism are PLANT SOURCED FOODS: Vegetable Oils, Fructose (Fruit Sugar), Glucose, Starch, Carbs, Gluten, Lectins, Phytates, Oxalates, Tannins and a host of other ANTI-NUTRIENTS.

    Join the dots. Eat meat. Not plants. 🙄

  49. I have had the exact opposite experience with High Protein Keto. I felt amazing and gained alot of muscle and look leaner then ever. I did alot of controls including watching what I eat down to the almond and counting calories & intermettiant fasting and lifting & cardio every day.

  50. Greater awareness of KETOSIS is GREAT, with KETOSIS Experts questioning & debunking some important Nutrition Myths, like carbs are healthy or necessary – However, I feel they just dont go far enough… Dont follow the logic through to its fullest implications:

    For instance, other MYTHS that need Debunking:

    Fibre is healthy – FALSE. Fiber in plants is just the INDIGESTIBLE part of the plant. Applying basic common sense, that should tell you, that anything the body cant digest CANT & SHOULDNT be the whole and soul of your food intake! 🙄 New research is showing that indigestible fibre is an abrasive STRESS on your gut lining, like taking sandpaper to your innards (its INDIGESTIBLE FOODS, for God sake.) That gut lining that u so want to protect to prevent autoimmune outbreaks! 🙄 These ASSUMPTIONS again come from old held beliefs that fruits & vegetables are healthy.

    Get beyond ASSUMPTIONS, apply logic!

    Also, people eating a CARNIVOROUS diet without any plant foods and fibre are reversing all bad health markers, including things like arthritis!!! DEBUNKING conclusively the PLANTS ARE HEALTHY MYTH. (Lets not get into the Lectins rabbit hole either! 🙄)

    #WakeUp ppl. You need to be very selective about your plant consumption and MOST CERTAINLY not make it the MAIN FODDER!

    Diversity in foods is important – FALSE. There is NO PROOF WHATSOEVER for this. In fact, Paleo man had a very set pattern of what it hunted and ate (or could gather & eat), just like ANY GOD DARN animal in the wild! All animals eat pretty much the same thing, day in day out, when they can catch something, which is usually rare & infrequently. 🙄 WHEN you feed your body predictable Nutrition which is HEALTHY & what it has EVOLVED to digest, then the human metabolic processes ADAPT to optimise absorption & use of those foods. When you constantly throw curve balls at your digestive tract, you always keep it off balance! 🙄

    Gut flora diversity is key – FALSE. If gut flora diversity was so crucial, people who arent feeding the gut any fibre (Carnivorous Diet eaters) should be the most UNHEALTHY people in the world! But thats not true! They are thriving. They are reversing gut issues, autoimmune conditions, etc! Your gut flora is merely an ADAPTATION to what your food intake is. If you feed it lots of carbs, your flora will change. If you dont, it will adapt and change again. BUT ITS IRRELEVANT. If u are eating a clean diet without artificial foods, either way, your gut flora will adapt and stabilise.

    Experts at the cutting edge of Nutrition need to think DEEPER and not be afraid to question ALL ASSUMPTIONS! After all, its those ASSUMPTIONS that have caused the current metabolic disease epidemics sweeping the world!

    • Linking some random video on a keto-biased channel doesnt make it solid research…could you possibly link to some concrete studies or meta analysis so I can read them and check who funded them?

    • Pratim Putatunda mhm check this out if you even heard of Dr Ted Achacoso this should wisen you up alot more on this entire topic

    • Pratim Putatunda Im open to the possibility, show me the science…

    • Andrew Urgo ACTUALLY there is only FLAWED BULLSHIT Science supporting your nonsense belief systems, and there is plenty of BASIC SCIENCE based facts about the Nutrition in animal foods and how they are far more bioavailable than BULLSHIT plant foods which are loaded with plant TOXINS and anti-nutrients! Haha Talk about being DELUSIONAL! 😏

    • There is no science on the carnivore diet and it can actually be harmful and cause inflammation from all that fat without any polyphenols & flavonoids from vegetables

    • Ken W a small n refers to a sample size vs a capital N typically refers to the size of the population. In this case hes saying he is but 1 person not representing everyone in the population.

  51. So, Ive now gone back and watched this interview again three weeks later and am still a bit angry. I believe that the Jimmy Moore / Dr. John Limansky High Protein experiment was designed to fail from the start. Dr. Limansky acknowledged this concern early on in the experiment and insured viewers and listeners such was not the case. However, when terms like rabbit starvation, sustainability, and mTOR activation get interjected into the discussion, I believe it greatly diminishes his credibility in my mind.

    And all of this discussion of the Ketogains 1:1 protein to fat ratio is also ludicrous. At 1:1, that is 9 calories from fat, 4 calories from protein, 13 calories overall, and a 69% fat, 31% protein diet by calories. It is just math. If you actually do the math with the Phinney & Volek recommendations for nutritional ketosis, you will find that a sedentary adult eating at maintenance level calories will need to eat around a 73% fat diet. If you are overweight and trying to lose body fat, you eat less fat and hence a lower number of calories and a lower percentage of fat in your diet. If you are more active than that, you eat additional fat and calories, and your fat ratio goes up as well.

    I strongly believe that Dr. Naimens 3:1 Protein grams to (Fat +Carb) grams protocol was misapplied here. If Dr. Naimen recommends the use of these ratios as part of a Protein Sparing Modified Fast for obese dieters under Doctors supervision for a limited amount of time, then that is one thing. When an already lean Dr. Limansky attempts the diet and reports that he remained in ketosis, gained lean body mass, lost body fat, but did not feel that great doing it, I have absolutely no idea what he is complaining about. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS DIETARY PROTOCOL WAS DESIGNED TO DO. Even Dr. Naimen said this is not an easy hack. But comparing this PSMF stunt to the current controversy in the ketogenic community encouraging already lean dieters to dangerously undereat protein because of their ignorance and the hawking of fat bombs by some is disgusting and bordering on malpractice in my opinion.

  52. I work with severely overweight people. I can get them off carbs easily. All stalls point to way too much protien Intake. Low carb high protien only works temporary. Keto, when protien is limited, always,works.ALWAYS.
    I tell my male clients only 18 ounces of protien. Women only 8 to 10.
    If they do that, they shred fat off their body like crazy. Their weight may even stall at that, but they still lose fat. My male clients lose 3 to 4 pounds a week after the tibial water losses. Then they will stall at month 3 almost every time. But they end up getting smaller in the waist that stall. It usually lasts a month to two months where th e scale does not budge but their waist shrinks.
    Personally Ive gone from 35% body fat to 12 in 6 months. No struggling no hunger. All verified by a Dexa scan.
    Keto works. High protien is a disaster.

  53. I trust nothing involving Jimmy Moore, I did research and its sad, sad as the car salesman joke

  54. I think organ meats (except brain) dont have a very high fat content. Much more protein than fat.


    A new study from Japan proves the point.

    A team from several universities and government agencies gathered detailed data on more than 1,000 volunteers. At the start of the study, the subjects’ average age was over 67.

    Over 7 years, almost 24.4% of the volunteers suffered functional decline. That is, they lost some of their ability to think clearly and/or perform daily tasks.

    Men with the highest intake of animal protein were 39% less likely to suffer a decline than men who ate the least animal protein.

    The researchers also looked closely at plant protein intake. They didn’t find any link between plant protein and functional decline. Volunteers who ate lots of plant protein were just as likely to suffer a decline as those who only ate a little.

    Source: Imai, E., et al, “Animal Protein Intake Is Associated with Higher- Level Functional Capacity in Elderly Adults: The Ohasama Study,” J Am Geriatr Soc. 2014; 62: 426-434

    • I just find it absolutely unreasonable to suggest a diet higher in meat is BETTER than a whole foods plant-based diet. Surely you hardly find anybody who is not biased in some way, inluding yourself and myself, so in the end we can only really trust personal experience.
      In my case, a plant-based diet has worked out a lot better than keto or animal products as for many other people – not to suggest it is ideal for everyone in every condition.
      The studies linked above are rather easy to debunk using other studies…so one can pretty much always reason with certain studies to justify their point of view 😀
      At this point, there is an abundance of evidence speaking for a plant-based diet, but comparably little for keto and animal products, which is why I choose to eat and feel great on plants alone!

    • Learned Freedom, im pretty sure that Dr. Greger fits in the description of _the so called experts_ but who is in reality clueless. I used to watch his videos when i was a vegan. I thought he was the best until i started finding out on my own things i didnt know. Now i realize how screwed up he is with the biased studies he selects to present to his viewers. There are many different studies out there, and you better understand what they are and how theyre done. There is someone here on YouTube who explains very clearly how these many different studies and researches are done, of which many are totally useless. I believe that some of the people who do these studies are either clueless themselves, they lack intellectual stimulus, or else theyre drunk or theyre smoking too much pot which affect their ability to reason and correlate.

    • Pratim Putatunda Thats not the whole picture:
      Here you will clearly see that plant-based proteins are still prefered.
      Plant-based proteins like beans, contrary to animal protein, are alkaline and therefore reduce systemic acidosis that may come with older age and prevent functional decline more effectively.

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