How many carbs in a day on keto diet

Others consider the keto diet a short-term solution for weight loss. Tyler Drew, a year-old property broker from LA, first read about the dietary plan on Reddit and used it to reduce 45 pounds in half a year before returning to a normal diet.

But also for others, the keto diet fails. For some, ketosis could cause more negative than positive unwanted effects. Dorena Rode, a year-old author, and speaker from Occidental, California, for per month and experienced heart palpitations and dizziness tried the dietary plan. How to begin the keto diet Keto dieters eat meat mostly, healthy fats, and and non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens. Although fat may be the centerpiece of any keto diet, it doesn’t mean you have to be subsisting on butter-topped steaks, says Kristen MancinelliRD, writer of The Ketogenic Diet.

You also must not be counting on fatty meats going to your fat quota, she adds. Keto diet foods list Fats: Essential olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocado oil, MCT oil, avocados Proteins: Beef, poultry, eggs, fish Non-starchy veggies: Leafy greens, cruciferous veggies broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sproutscucumbers Keto foods to consume sparingly Full-fat dairy: Milk, cheese, yogurt Medium-starchy veggies: Carrots, beets, parsnips, peas, artichokes, potatoes Legumes: Beans, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts Nuts and seeds: Almonds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds Fruits: Berries, bananas, melons All sorts of sugar: Including honey, agave, maple syrup Grains: Wheat, oats, all sorts of rice, corn All food stuffs made out of flour: Breads, pastas Processed food items: Anything that will come in a bag or a box Despite how limiting the keto diet is, diet professionals say that with careful planning, you can still fit in all of your essential vitamins and minerals.

However, to play it safe, you should utilize a dietitian to create a well-rounded keto meal intend to avoid nutrition deficiencies. Keto diet unwanted effects you need to know about Reducing carbs way down really can wreck havoc on your body-at least initially. Here are all of the potential keto unwanted effects that can happen: Increased thirst Carbs hold fluids within your body think about how bread soaks up water in comparison to a chicken breastso when you scale back on the nutrient, extra water is excreted in your urine.

This helps it be essential for all those on the keto diet to remain hydrated. Increased threat of kidney stones That is because of dehydration and acidic urine that’s saturated in calcium. Cholesterol issues Depending about how you select your fats, the keto diet can contain a good amount of saturated fat, which raises degrees of dangerous LDL cholesterol and causes atherosclerosis, the buildup of fats and cholesterol in the arteries. If you opt to go keto, have a health care provider monitor your cholesterol levels monthly to make sure you remain within a wholesome range.

Keto breath As we earlier mentioned, whenever your body enters ketosis, it starts to store up fat in the kind of ketones. This consists of acetone, the same chemical in nail polish remover, that may cause “keto breath,” an awful, metallic taste in the mouth area. Don’t worry, though, it’s a side-effect that may pass as you modify to the dietary plan.

Constipation Because you’re limiting your carb intake significantly, which means you’re consuming less vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, and beans. Pair that with the known fact that you lose more water weight, and you have the recipe for constipation.

Nevertheless, you can improve your digestion by consuming more fiber-rich, keto-approved foods like avocados, nuts, and non-starchy veggies. Keto diarrhea In the same vein, once you change your daily diet drastically, it could cause some digestive distress.

Filling your plate with fat could cause diarrhea mostly. Moreover, some keto-friendly snacks use artificial sugar and sweeteners alcohols that may upset your stomach, so make sure in order to avoid those if you are sensitive to them. The “keto flu” A cluster of symptoms called the keto flu typically kicks per day or two after starting the keto diet, says Mancinelli, and seriously as your body undergoes carb withdrawal.

Keto Flu Symptoms.


  1. I believe the type of carbs are far more important than the number. Non starchy carbs—eat a lot of non-starchy veggies. Much needed vitamins and fiber, plus an excellent way to eat fat by adding delicious fat to it. I’m usually around 40-50 net carbs a day and I eat a lot of veggies

  2. Hi there, love your videos, just subscribed! 🙂
    I wanted to ask you what would you classify as “worthless” fiber?
    Im trying to get the balance right between counting total and net carbs, so I wanna make sure I just count total carbs when I spot some of that bad stuff or the “OLS” 🙂
    Thanks a lot for all the info shared and keep it up, will be definitely coming back for more!

    • Worthless fiber, in our opinion, is the fiber manufacturers add to a food to bring the net carb count down.

  3. Thanks so much for this info. I’ve been on the keto diet for 3 weeks and lost 4 pounds. Never went into ketosis and I can see now I need to go down to around 30 on my carbs.

  4. Are you talking about total or net carbs? Also how many carbs per meal? Or is it the total carbs in day?

  5. I agree on the net carbs. Net carbs should really be used to be able to eat a lot of vegetables and some really low carb fruits not keto products.

  6. YOUR videos are great! Love your style of delivery with the hubs…please dont change ANYTHING! Also, love your website and ALL that you offer! Im so excited to have found the 2 Fit Docs!

  7. Gaining weight? Especially if you mix sugars with fats, the sugar makes your insulin shoot up and store the fats. Your body can run on fats or sugars. You must decide. You have free will. Sugar causes cancer and diabetes. Humans have been running on fats for most of human history. Sugar is highly addictive and they put it in most processed foods in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is more addictive than cocaine. Quitting sugar takes your body about a 2 week process to adapt to fat burning (ketosis) and most people get physically ill (ketosis flu) when transitioning. My normal weight was 235, its now 170 going on 2 years and I eat bacon, sausage, steak, butter, etc. Not every day but most days and my LDL (bad) Cholesterol is much lower and I dont take ANY medications at 53 years old. The choice is yours, how long do you want to live?

  8. Hi, I’m new to Keto. Can anyone please tell me, if my carb intake sometimes goes to say 60-70gm, will this amount kick me out of ketosis?

    • You have to buy a tester and see for your self no one can answer ! Everyone is diff

  9. Im morbidly obese weighing in at 485 pounds. Im also insulin resistant. Can I get into ketosis eating 30 grams of net carbs per day?

    • John, I do a lot of driving and I take along with me the cheese sticks with pepperoni wraped. Its a good snack.

    • No , try to keep it down to 15 or less a day and the weight will fall off . They may say 30 a day but shoot for half that if you’re serious !

  10. How are there 54 carbs in grilled shrimp? 😣 Also.. i am down 45 pounds since starting to watch your videos last November. I do about 20-30 ish carbs a day plus the IF.

    • Congrats on the 45 pounds lost! Another viewer thought that maybe they included the count for rice or something that would come with the grilled shrimp entree instead of the shrimp as an add-on. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt since I like their steaks. 🙂

  11. This pair are so real and practical….easy to understand and inspiring. I love the testing, the honesty, and the short videos.

  12. Do you have a place or email that a person who has a question might go to for advice or does that person have to be enrolled in your course?

    • We do reserve our time and resources for answering individual question to members of our Coaching Course.

  13. I did it backwards. I knew to eat fats, veggies, meat reasonably to satiety. So I did that for about a week, recording my meals, but without totaling anything. Once I hit ketosis ( I knew), I started number crunching. I do best in the low 40s for the longterm. BTW – love the mature, intelligent way you present this information. Keep up the great work!

  14. I started a Keto diet last year by listening to a young couple who act like they know it all and its a disservice to many people watching them. I have now watched Dr. Berg and Dr. Jockers and right now feel more confident following Dr. Becky. Last year I lost 30 lbs The Hard Way. I didnt understand that 5% carb was not 5g carbs. Dont judge. So of course I got the Keto Flu really bad. Was sick for almost 2 weeks. So to hear you say 50grams of total carbs is shocking to me. And Good News! I am struggling with the intermittent fasting. If I can stop eating at 6:30pm then that is really the best time frame since then I am sleeping for part of the 12 hrs….but I am on gabapentin, tramadol and advil and my biggest dosages are 8:30-9pm and first thing in the morning. Plus I am 70 and have physical issues that prevent me from really exercising. I have 20 lbs more to lose. Thank you for giving a reasonable plan of doing 12/13/14/16 hrs to slowly work up fasting lengths. Just watched your keto coffee test results, and maybe I can just do that either in the morning or at night with decaf so I can take meds with cream/butter in my stomach instead of nothing. Thank you both so much for your videos! They have been a blessing.

  15. Can you please do some videos on keto and whether this diet helps with chronic pain, gut issues, and mental health problems like anxiety and depression? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  16. In my opinion, net carbs should only be counted in whole foods. Processed foods may be a different story but vegetables, nuts, fruit and dairy can definitely be looked into with confidence.

  17. Strange I am eating more green veg than I did when I was a sugar burner yet my daily carb intake is still below 20g all I have done is replaced the processed carbs with good fats

  18. Im a female 22 years old and I am on my third day of keto and Im consuming 13g of total carbs a day and Im not sure if thats too low or not.

  19. Of course this guy needs to more extreme about his ketogenic diet. Because of his medical condition it is, indeed. I am 15, and from what Ive read, it is harder to enter ketosis the older you get. Worse if you have had medical conditions as this.

  20. So I started the keto diet a week and a half ago I started at 18 net carbs a day… I lost weight but I’m starting to see I’m going over the 18 I’ve been doing anywhere from 20 to 25 is it ok to go up a little in carbs and would I still be loosing weight?

  21. Dear 2fit Docs! hi there, could you PLEASE mention some kind of examples of how to count these 50 gr carbs? I mean examples with real food; I´ve started this keto journey 3 weeks ago, Ive measured my ketones almost every day and I can say, I´m in ketosis. I´ve also downloaded your 0123 daily checklist (big thanks!!) but I find still difficult to count the macros really in the right way. I hope to hear soon from you or from anyone who has more experience in this great lifestyle!! greetings from Germany ;-))

    • Hi Lilana! We use the Myfitnesspal app on our phones to easily track our macro intake. 🙂

  22. This makes me a little more content with the approximately 60g or so I had for a cheat day with a friend. Ive been very good with being under 20 lately, so its good to know 🙂 Still was very hard to even get myself to cheat, and I know there will be a little bump getting back in. Ill just have to restart my IF regiment right away.

  23. Hi Dr. Becky. Great video.
    I was wondering as I experiment if I should cut-out fruits or Limit them to 1 pc a day. Im 37 yo, male, good health & have cut-out starchy carbs. Its ez for me to do that. But Ive always carried fruit w/me to snack. How do I experiment? Do I need to baseline my carbs intake for a week or two? Only carbs I now intake are leafy greens accompanied w/meats.

    • Were big proponents of experimentation! Just remember to do your best to alter one variable at a time.

  24. My average carb intake over the past 3 weeks has been 19.5 total carbs. Never cared for sweets or bread so this diet works well for me.

    • Lucky man, I have vivid dreams about happily eating a tub of rice every night.

  25. I thought net carbs were from watching too much YouTube LOL 😂
    In case it helps anyone, I find “easy” fasting helps kick in ketosis, plus probably limits calories in general. You get an 18 hour fast by eating your dinner one day early and your lunch very late the next day. I call it easy fasting as you’re sleeping most of it. Skipping breakfast is generally not a bad idea anyway.
    I just ate a huge bowl of blueberries and a small bowl of strawberries. Had a crave. Will probably kick me out of ketosis until tomorrow morning. I’ll skip breakfast and start eating at lunch. Likely a zero or 1 carb lunch. Think that’s better than if I spread those fruit over 24 hours in very small quantities, nibbling often, as I’d probably tip myself out of keto the whole time. I chose my “binges” to ensure that with any carbs it’s something very nutritious that I really enjoy.

  26. What are these people talking about? If you ad fiber to a product, youll just subtract it later. And what youre left with is net carbs. What kind of doctors are these people.

  27. Not very helpful advice in my opinion.

    If youre on low carb and serious about your health you shouldnt be eating processed rubbish, and with a high fat 70%+ coming from healthy fats you wont have the cravings from lowering carbs that make it more likely to feel the need to cheat or constantly snack.. so then alcohol sugars really isnt the issue as you wont get any from olive oil or butter!

    Its about fibre in low glycemic whole foods such as avocado, tomato, chard, cabbage..

    And you should be discussing the soluble and insoluble factors behind whether to treat these veggies as net or total carb..a massive difference with 1/2 avocado having 6g carbs if treated as total carbs which doesnt give much room for other carbs if trying to maintain 20g a day

  28. I feel Terrible. Any suggestions. I’ve upped the pink salt big time, I’ve upped the potassium big time. But I just feel weak all the time, dizzy, tired, slight palpitations. It’s been months. It never gets better. Carbs between 20 and 30. This is just ….I don’t know. I just always feel horrible.

  29. Thank you for your sage advice and thoughtful analysis. I am resistant and leaning how to limit carbs.

  30. How can you eat one bid salad a day, 2 cups of vegetables at night and stay under 30g of total carbs?

  31. What electrolyte supplements do you use or recommend? Everything I’ve found includes maltodextrine, sucralose, or something similar.

  32. I am spending my weekend learning, your message is so informative and easy to understand. Thank you!

  33. Hello from Wales. I just turned 61 and want to lose my pot belly and hip fat. Ive been on a 16/8 fast for six days now, although I had cut down on calories for a few weeks prior. Ive lost about half a stone {7 lbs} so far and weighed yesterday, 10 stone 4 naked, 144 lbs. Im 5 ft 8 and quite strong, having done floor exercises consistently for forty long years. The gut crept crept up on me like a ninja in the dark. Ill keep on with the ACV and eating routine until I can hopefully see my abs again, as was the case in my 20s. Trouble is, with low carbs, I feel like Im going to fall over at times. Cereals are my particular bete noire, Im afraid.
    Your videos are helping a lot of people, well done and thanks,

  34. More than 30 grams of carbs triggers my eating disorder so Im stick to less than 10 gr

  35. Those no sugar foods taught me the importance of understanding not only the nature of ingredients but also their nicknames 🤨

  36. Wonder how they got more carbs in that grilled shrimp! That is just pitiful! Thanks for all your YouTubes

    • Somebody did mention that the nutritional breakdown could include the rice. Makes sense. 🙂

  37. I think it also depends how much protein u have. How much protein does Keith have per day?
    And exercise makes a difference if u want to get ur stored sugars down. What exercise does Keith do?
    For an athlete i recommend protein @ 0.75g/lb Lean Body Weight. For a non-athelete 0.6g/lb LBW.
    Using 0.75g/lb I got into ketosis for the first time within 3 days having around 70-80g carbs with about 15-20g fibre. Levels were between 1.5-4.0mmol
    Now (2 months in) i like to have 0.75g/lb LBW protein around 30-50g nett carbs and for fat loss around 300-500 total Caloric deficit so i calculate fat g based on that. Its working well for me building muscle and losing fat lifting weights 2-3 times/wk and doing 2-4 minutes of Tabata cardio 1-2 times a week.

  38. Carbs per day didnt work for me as much as carbs per meal. After a lot of testing with a glucometer I found that I could eat 8-10 carbs per meal with no appreciable rise in blood sugar (given there was adequate fat in the meal). I also found protein was a problem if there wasnt adequate fat. I need at least twice as much fat per gram as protein to keep from having spikes in blood sugar. I can eat more carbs in a salad per meal though because of the type of fiber in vegetables as well as having a high fat dressing to help curb any potential spike. Hope that helps someone tweak what otherwise is such a helpful diet for those of us with blood sugar issues.

  39. I dont count any vegetables when I input my carbohydrates. When I eat raw salads (with added fats) or stir fried veggies, I dont count them. Only they fats, proteins and any other carbs is what I count. When I make a keto bread, I count all the ingredients. At this time I am only in my 6th week of keto. I was only about 20lbs overweight (so not obese). I have lost about 10lbs in that period. I average about 23 grams of carbs and about 16 net carbs per day. Doing and feeling great.

  40. Hi, I’ve been in Ketosis for over a week and doing/ feeling great. I keep my carbs 20 or less. I just wanted to know how high can you go in carbs without falling out of Ketosis? Also is the ketogenic diet ok if I have a NA fatty liver and gallstones. I’ve been feeling fine. Do the stones dissolve?

    • If you eat only one meal in a day, a little high carb shouldnt be a problem

  41. Im a little confused about Keto and Diabetes. Unfortunately on Lantus and Humalog along with some other diabetic pills. If insulin stores fat and Im trying use fat how do I get results while still on insulin or even the diabetic pills? Thanks

    • Hi John! You should discuss this with your doctor. For someone like me who is highly insulin resistant (possibly type 2), limiting my carb intake leads to naturally lower insulin, then ketosis from fat metabolism. Your doctor (who is hopefully knowledgeable re: ketogenic diets) can help formulate a workable plan for you. Best wishes! 🙂

  42. How to do 15 gm carbs or less a day? I lost 10 lbs but no more 3 mos later so frustrating! I bake low carb bread and deserts (had to slow down on the latter). My keytones show low on test. I’m not a big eater, having history of digestive problems reason o don’t eat much, have 15-20 more lbs to go and am trying. Does the fat and protein have to be high? I can’t eat 3 meals day. Feedback appreciated. 💕✨🌈

  43. If i eat bread once a day with with a sandwich can it throw me of ketosi

  44. Its ridiculous you cant eat anything anymore I guess the best way to lose weight is just to quit eating

  45. I dont count total carbs because I am getting 70g total, 40g of which comes from fiber. Perhaps clarify your view that If you eat mostly packaged, processed foods, count total carbs; if you eat clean, count net carbs. Could you imagine the amount of leafy greens/veggies I would be missing out on if I counted total carbs??!!

    • You have it spot on! You want to eat larger quantities of whole foods like greens, veggies, etc (okay to count net carbs). and fewer processed carbs (count total carbs).

  46. When I went to a diabetes diet class; they said 15 carbs per meal and up to 60 a day. They had things like 1/3 c pasta came to 15, etc.

  47. Well this video answered my kefir question by knowing 50 grams a day is about the max for ketosis. Your channel is awesome.

  48. Someone please explain to me how do people go about this cause to me this seems impossible, like one banana alone has 23g carbs, how do you stay under 50g per day. Please explain am so lost.

  49. Longhorn Steakhouse using cheap cuts of meat, and meat glue to make their beef look high quality!!! Meat glue, aside from being disgusting AF… has CARBS IN IT!!

  50. I maintain my weight at about 50 carbs per day. I lost the weight with about 15 carbs per day. It took 9 months and went from 188 to 130 pounds.

    • Congrats on your success JJ R! Curious, were you counting total carbs or net carbs?

    • @2 Fit Docs sir as in your video u said 50 gram per day of carb is the highest side, what should be gram intake per day of Fat and protein? And will i lose my muscle in keto?

  51. Why do you want to be in ketosis to begin with? What if you just eat low carb?

    How do you test for insulin resistance?

    • Its mostly for people who want to lose weight, but are too lazy to exercise.

    • Tido Razz there are quite of a few benefits to being in ketosis. One is weight loss but make sure your drink a lot of water( due to the fact the carbs store water), two is less cravings and fuller more for less food. There are benefits for people with diabetes but I think it’s only type 2. You should do some research for both and figure out what you want. Make sure to watch multiple videos and research papers. The newer papers are better because the ones from multiple years ago are really against it but the newer ones have more information about keto and the benefits etc

  52. I am really insulin sensitive even now after loosing over 100 pounds and being very fit with very low body fat . I dont think you ever really lose the sensitivity. That being said it was the OMAD lifestyle that I will give the most credit to. I dont eat sugar and most of my carbs are unrefined but I never really counted them. It just seemed like I woke up in keto and stayed in keto until I ate again 21 hours after the last time I ate. How often do you eat ?

    • Doc, have you done any testing with apple cider vinegar? Just curious as to any results you might have come up with for or against its use.

    • Hi Mike! I typically eat just lunch and dinner in an 8 hour window. 🙂

  53. Hey guys you are amazing I always send your videos to people on training could you please tell me the best keto friendly blue cheese salad dressing one could take

    • @2 Fit Docs thank you very much for taking time out of your day to let me know Im very very excited I sell start hunting and pass the information along to everyone Im training

    • Weve been using Primal Kitchen Ceasar made with avocado oil. Full fat blue cheese without soybean oil is very hard to find for some reason.

  54. Thanks for the information guys. Appreciate your efforts. Also, that made me laugh at the beginning: “Ah well…no comment”. 😂

  55. I love to see Keiths progress. It is so much easier to take your advice as I know youve been there and done that. A lovely couple to boot. Thank you for your help!

  56. Why would you count carbs that are not digested and do not spike insulin, ie fiber? Those carbs do not affect ketosis. Theres no point in counting/limiting them. In fact, fiber can be quite beneficial to your digestive health.

    • Then lets see you do a scientific experiment on total-vs-net carbs. My hypothesis is that net carbs is the correct measurement.

    • Im not saying fiber isnt important, just that I want to be absolutely sure that Im not going over on my carbs. Weve seen plenty of examples of food companies skewing carb counts by using net carbs. It just seems like a slippery slope for me. If youre comfortable with net vs total, keep on with what youre doing! 🙂

  57. Dr Becky i am not on a Ketogenic diet ,all ll i do is a diet withhout suger so far i am doing well from 170 pond down to 147pond.I have not to much more to lose Thank you for your help!

  58. I stumbled across you 2 and think youre great!! I like the fact that you dont stick with the 50g of carbs. Youre about learning how your body adapts.

    My question for you two is; how do I keep my carbs below 50g on a approximately 3000 calorie diet? Im an avid weight lifter and have had great results from time restricted eating and a low carb high fat diet. With that said my goals are to maintain muscle and burn fat, but to get into ketosis I have failed according to the strips.

    • Oh, to answer your question. There is still some fat that Id like to loose and from what Ive read and watched this seems the best way to reach that goal.

    • 2 Fit Docs
      Right after I asked the question I started to play around with my diet and thought that eliminating a food and replace it with coconut oil would do the trick.

      I also liked how you both showed that adding fat like coconut oil or MCT oil doesnt break your fast ( according to your blood work). You read so much info out there and you have this feeling that you need to go to extremes without faltering, so its nice to see that I can put some coconut oil in my black coffee just to have it be a little more enjoyable without screwing up the days diet.

      Congratulations to your husband on the weight loss!! Keep up the good work. You 2 are awesome!! And most importantly youre real people who are just trying to help.

    • Hi Sean! You mentioned that youve already had good results from lower carb/high fat, is there a reason you want to get into ketosis? You will most likely need to be below 50g/day which means at 3000 cal/day youre only getting 6-7% carbs. It can be done but youll need to first make sure youre protein needs are met and fill in the remaining calories with fat.

  59. You guys are so much help. I just started keto a week into. You help me understand it better.

  60. Omg i am having a panic attack from reading the total carbs and net carbs . If i look at my total carbs 20 i cant even eat a salad even once a day . Plz some one shed little more light for me . I have been trying to do this since jan of this year have list about 11 pounds only . What am i doing wrong ? Plz help thank you in advance

    • Dr Keith generally stays below 30 g which allows him to have a salad most days but he will have a day or two where he keeps carbs a little lower so the veggie servings do suffer a bit on those days. Also be sure to keep proteins moderate.

  61. I understand your husbands frustration. My doctors have diagnosed me with metabolic syndrome ; aka insulin resistance; aka prediabetes . It is extremely frustrating . I have been doing Keto for two and half months and lost 15 pounds. Of course, this is by keeping my daily carbs at 20 or under. So , I can attest that some of us have to keep our carb intake to bare minimum.

  62. Great authentic couple. Hahaha, glad you folks are open to not always going out and finding satisfaction in the greater things of life

  63. Hey 2 fit docs. Been in ketosis for about 3 months with no weight loss.

    • Could be a calorie issue but difficult to tell from your description. These are the types of issues we help people with in our coaching program.

  64. Im keto and IF, 25g or less of carbs per day. Losing weight like crazy. 85% of 1700 cals daily from fat, 5% carbs, and the rest protein. I get most carbs from spinach twice daily, some from a avocado. I dont do net carbs. When I go out to eat I get ceasar salad or caprese salad with salmon or shrimp.

  65. Im 270 pounds right now. I hope I can stick with keto and loose the weight!

  66. My new (relatively) MD is into functional medicine. I had T2 diabetes but instead of putting me on metformin (sp?), we worked on my diet and gut health and have avoided the pharmaceuticals so far. My BP was fairly high too (I hadn’t been to a Dr in years, but I came down with Lyme and these other issues were discovered when I went for a diagnosis) but with the change in my diet (low carb) I lost weight and came off the pressure meds. She’s a great doctor, I’m lucky to have her. I’m trying the IF the last couple of weeks and so far, so good. I am enjoying your videos, so informative!

  67. This is great I will share with my mother. She is very health but needs to lose belly fat. This might be a great for her.
    Thank you lovely people.

  68. I’m sure that Longhorn shrimp carb count was for the meal, potato, bread etc.., not just the shrimp. Another super video. Thank you.

  69. Was thinkng its the age, because the older you get, the more sensitive your body gets to carbs and less sensitive to protein.

  70. So you dont count the fiber in your veggies like salads or broccoli or anything you just count total carbs?

  71. I am a full-fledged carb addict and I have to keep my carbs under 20.

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