How many carbs in diet coke?

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This implies that you probably will not be drinking your preferred sugary drinks on the Keto Diet. Even so-called “healthy” drinks are chock-full of carbs: an eight-ounce glass of orange juicefor instance, has 27 grams of carbohydrates.

So what is it possible to sip freely and what when your avoid? Here’s a convenient keto-friendly beverage guide. Is it possible to drink juice on the keto diet? Most fruit drinks are saturated in carbs, making them extremely difficult to drink on the Keto Diet, according to Dr.

Mike Israetel, a sports nutrition consultant and former professor of exercise science at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Just to illustrate: eight ounces of cranberry juice has 30 grams of carbs. Apple juice? That’s roughly 24 grams of carbs. Having said that, there are diet or reduced sugar juices which contain minimal carbohydrates. The products are packaged to the full-calorie versions similarly, so Israetel says you will have to browse the nutrition label to make sure your juices are actually low-carb.

Is it possible to drink coffee and tea on the keto diet? Stefka PavlovaGetty Images Yes. Plain, unsweetened tea and coffee served black are keto-friendly. If you drink your coffee with milk, however, that could be a nagging problem, as you cup of dairy has almost 13 grams of carbs. If you are on the keto diet, Israetel recommends using heavy cream. A tablespoon has significantly less than one gram of carbohydrates.

There are new even, flavored creamers particularly for individuals who miss flavored coffee or tea on the Keto Diet. Be cautious of bottled coffee drinks, which might be packed with carbs. Good, on-the-go option are unsweetened sparkling teas, like Sound and BOSthat are super flavoful without added sugar.

Coffee addicts have lots of options unsweetened options, like RISE. Is it possible to drink soda on the Keto Diet? Unsurprisingly, regular carbonated drinks are out, as an individual ounce can of Pepsi has 41 grams of carbohydrates. If you would like to fulfill your soda craving, you need to choose diet sodas, designed to use artificial sweeteners. According to Israetel, the fake sugars won’t knock you out of ketosis.

But he does say that artificial sugars, furthermore to raising numerous health concernsmay trigger cravings that cause visitors to eat more. Numerous studies in mice and insects have linked overeating to consumption of synthetic sugars, presumably since the substance triggers cravings for more sugar, Scientific American reported.

Is it possible to drink booze on the Keto Diet? Getty Images Not necessarily. Hardcore keto followers may choose to altogether avoid happy hour, as alcohol “stops weight loss dead in its tracks,” Israetel says. Alcohol consumption bumps you out of ketosis temporarily, and it’ll also imply that you’ll receive drunker fasterso you need to be careful.

Don’t want to stop booze, but want to get rid of fat still? Wine and Beer are saturated in carbs, so you will want to adhere to liquor, like whiskey or vodka, and drink it on the rocks. Venturing out for cocktails will prove difficult also, but you can make a low-carb mojito or margarita at home easily. Is it possible to drink protein shakes on the keto diet? Getty Images Yes. Protein shakes are a simple on-the-go breakfast for keto dieters who can’t just grab a smoothie.

Actually, Israetel says chocolate protein powders make an excellent addition to coffee if you are used to picking right up a mocha on the way to any office. Of course, not absolutely all protein powders are lower in carbohydrates, so you need to check the label. Israetel recommends a powder which has casein protein, which is digested slowly to assist you stay full longer.

Or, you could try a protein powder formulated to be almost carb-free for keto dieters. Is it possible to drink almond milk on the keto diet? Laurie CastelliGetty Images Yes. However, you will want to check the label since some almond milks have added sugars that drive up the carbs.

Plain unsweetened milk almond, such as this one from Elmhurstonly has three grams of carbs per cup. Is it possible to drink soy milk on the keto diet? Kristin LeeGetty Images Yes! Unsweetened soy milk is an excellent option to traditional milk and won’t consume your carbs. For instance, one glass of regular unsweetened soy milk contains four grams of carbs. However, you will want to ensure that you purchase unsweetened or flavored varieties as certain options can drive up carb count-and kick you out of ketosis.

Is it possible to drink dairy milk on the keto diet? Westend61Getty Images Yes, but you will need to be careful of meal! Make sure to pick dairy for the bigger fat measure and content just how much you drink. An individual cup of dairy has almost 12 grams of carbohydrateswhich occupies almost half of some dieters’ daily carb allowance. Is it possible to drink matcha on the keto diet?

Of course, you need to check the label to make sure there is no added sugar, but many brands offer low-carb mixes. Is it possible to drink milkshakes on the keto diet? AkayArdaGetty Images Yup! High in fat Typically, milkshakes could properly be keto-friendly if prepared. You will want to use low-carb bases-try mixing unsweetened almond milk and heavy cream.

You can’t add sugar, but stevia drops certainly are a keto-friendly sweetener. Is it possible to drink smoothies on the keto diet? Arx0ntGetty Images Only when you’re super careful about measuring ingredients! You will have to select a low-carb base like unsweetened almond milk, add a keto-friendly protein or matcha powder, lots of ice and only a little amount of fruit.

Berries have the cheapest carbs, and so are the safest bet. For instance, a half-cup of blueberries will come in at around 10 grams of carbs. Be warned: enjoying a smoothie means you need to skimp on carbs for the others of meals and snacks. Is it possible to drink energy beverages on the keto diet? Extreme MediaGetty Images That is another situation where you will need to focus on labels. Some energy beverages can have up to 30 grams of carbs, so you will have to select a sugar-free option, which lowers carb count.

Zevia energy beverages are sweetened with Stevia you need to include no calories. Advertisement – READ ON Below.


  1. This is stupid, the first study only measured who drank diet drink and didnt control any other variable such as dietary; fats, sugars, etc. 2nd study isnt back up with a study, and generally speaking people drinking diet drinks are obese/overweight people, which have a higher rate of depression due to this, not because of the diet drinks. The addiction hes talking about is a physical dependence on caffeine that they used to replace the sugar, the same thing will happenif you use their shitty workout. Also your body does know the difference between real sugar and artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners only tricks your taste buds as it has a similar structure to sugar, so can therefore fit into enzymes active sites, and doesnt affect blood glucose levels as it doesnt have the same receptors as real sugar. Also your body doesnt produce insulin as soon as sugar hits your tongue, its sends a message the the pancreas to secrete insulin when your blood glucose level is above a certain point; this is unique for everyone. Also with the cell doorway shit, its complete bullshit, i cba to explain it, but its retarded and completely wrong. If you have the choice between normal and diet, pick diet dont listen to this guy, but overall water is the best.

  2. Diet soda is not healthy. You can lose weight while drinking, but the problem here is what you want ?look good ? You can. Healthy? The video has the answer

  3. Step number one for me was kicking the soda habit a year and a half ago. Nothing but water.

  4. whats the good word on orange juice? That has sugar in it as well. Is it okay for losing fat?

  5. Ok being lean and healthy are very important. But the fact is:: this guy and others like him need to get a hobby other than devoting their lives to looking like that. Super lame!! Is this your way of getting women? Are you that insecure that you need to have more muscles than everyone else in the room? What is it?

  6. Then why does stevia not spike insulin and raise your blood sugar when it hits your tongue? 🤔

  7. I love the fact that Pepsi Max is my favorite, then i won’t have to feel so bad all the time. I don’t really drink anything else ecxept for water and milk

  8. Hey bud I enjoy the videos that you post which are extremely informative and easy to follow along with! I am on a mission right now to lose at the least 75 more lbs. I am currently 6-3 and 280lbs which Im proud of at this moment because I was 324lbs. Two months ago. So I appreciate the information on the diet tips! I just need to get an exercise routine now

  9. Youre starting to talk about the right wing conspiracy theory and pseudo science again. The FDA has been doing researches about aspartame and other sweeteners for decennies and not even one scientific experiment shows the negatif effect of aspartame. What youre saying (our body doesnt know how to digest aspartame) is simplist and, if you would excuse me for my arrogance, stupid. Aspartame is simply not a sugar. It has nothing to do with either carbon or H2O. It comes out with the same formula with your urine. Next time you do a video about biology, at least show us some of the papers youve been getting information from other than taking stuff that came out of nowhere like some anti scientific forums. I mean I still support you guys work and everything but this video is really not Im waiting from you. Sorry for my English.

  10. Bodybuilders who eat much powder with fake sugar, you ruin you body, you look good now when you are young, but will pay with diabetes rest of the life.
    Kids with ADHD/ADD, your body goes crazy with fake sugar.
    People with mental disorders, your brain goes crazy if you eat fake sugar.

  11. Well maybe 3 litres of Diet Coke a day isnt the best thing, Great video!

  12. Why dont you link to the actual scientific reports. Id like to see for myself because this goes contrary to my experience and research I have read myself that says that there has been no negative symptoms associated with aspartame. Im drinking about 8 cans of diet soda a day and I have no problem losing weight and it helps me kill hunger.

  13. What your saying is so true. I started to drink diet soda because I like to drink something cold with caffeine in the mornings. After drinking diet cokes and Diet Pepsi’s for over 8 years I can no longer lose weight how I use to be able to. It’s like my metabolism is out of whack. I now have diabetes, weight gain, sleep apnea with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am slowly trying to wean myself off. I also find I get major headaches and migraines. It’s sad what our government allows.

  14. ive noticed when i have a diet soda my tricep fat and some other places like to come out but when im eating healthy none of that happens

  15. Anybody who believes this crap that Diet Coke makes you fat or it releases insulin in your body ot tricks your body bla bla bla is retarded. And so is the person saying those things. Diet Coke HAVE ZERO CALORIES No sugar = No insulin response = no weight gain. People like you really piss me off.

  16. my guess is that soda diet or otherwise is not good for you, but this video is bull shit if you think that cutting out soda is going to be all that you need to do in your diet to remove fat and not cause you to have a lot of other health issues. listening to ANYTHING on youtube and buying into it without further research can be dangerous!

    one more thing, have not had soda in years and ZERO reduction in fat on my body. therefore, living proof that you video is bull shit. Belly Fat is not just from soda.

  17. You might as well say cigarettes cause weight loss and find a study to back it up, because diet soda will have an insanely low chance (if at all) of making you put on extra weight if youre eating under maintenance, its all about total caloric intake

  18. Also if diet soda caused insulin spikes drinking it fasted would cause you to pass out or die. Done it a trillion times and still alive and feeling great.

  19. hey Im no muscle builder or anything like that but the day I found out I was diabetic I switched to diet soda my story began ever since I was a 5 year old boy my mother fed me nothing but soda and TV dinners she never made home made meals that where healthy anyways getting back I was always unhealthy as a child and lets travel into the future about 5 years I am ten I come to the town I currently am in and me and my dad are on our own my father left my father I wont get into it but I became even more depressed and started to eat more and more un helthy foods so lets travel into the future about 3 years I am 13 years old and I started to get these feeling of weakness so I went to the hospital and found out I have type 2 diabetes it really hit me hard I started to eat mor and more healthy and drink diet sodas about 6 to 7 months after that I lost a total of 25 pounds and at the time it sounded very good to know that I accomplished somthing that I havnt done for years and it felt really good to know that I have done that so lets travel about 4 years later where I currently am I am 17 years old and it seems that I havnt lost any but I havnt gained any and it dosnt feel good but it dosnt feel bad either. so my question to you or to anyone who is willing to open up and tell me…………..What do you suggest my next step is ?

  20. Hi Mr. Thomas I drink a bit of french vanilla coffe-mate daily on my morning coffe and I started working out, can the french vanilla coffe mate affect my results? should I drink my coffe black? please advice

    • Black coffee is your best bet. Creamer usually contains fat, carbs, and sugars. So yes, creamer can affect your fatloss results. Here is some useful and knowledgable information on black coffee and fat loss:

  21. new here, great video, but whats with all the camera angles? is it necessary?

  22. We very seldom drink a whole can of soda with a meal, so we both
    stopped drinking soda from 12 oz (355 ML) cans and now drink
    16.9 oz (500 ml) bottles of soda so we can put the twist caps back on,
    and put half back in the fridge, so we can finish the soda the next day.
    Most people feel obligated to finish a can, once the pop tab is opened.
    Reusing the twist caps keeps a bottle of soda from going flat.
    I tend to drink more instant coffee (with milk & no sugar)
    and fruit juice to further reduce my consumption of sugar.
    Delaware County, PA

  23. Proper kick up the arse for me this video. Drinking 2 cans of Diet Coke a day, It explains so much the way I have been feeling of late. Thanks.

  24. Water. All you need to survive. You lose the cravings for Coke and fanta once you drink water.

  25. 1) say you will drop research on viewers
    2) dont provide any links for research papers mentioned and hope people believe you

  26. with that logic dont drink any of the protein, pre or post workout supplements bc we cant metabolize it thats bullshit

  27. All that based on correlation research. Im going on a leap of faith here saying that a good amount of diet soda drinkers are overweight. Garbage info.

  28. haha diet sodas will make us fat? LOL no wonder i stay 6% -8% bodyfat year round with diet sodas and aspartame 🙂

  29. Very informative. Wish people were less ignorant and more open to such information.

    • +Thomas DeLauer youre so dedicated to trying to make yourself and others healthier! The fact that you go through and reply to every one of these comments amazes me. Keep up the great work dude!

  30. Hi, this comment isnt related to the video, I just did go to the newest SPS video so I could get reply, Im 14 year old and Im trying to train abs, biceps and triceps, the fastest as possible, could some of you give me tips : Should I take protein supplements etc what exercices I should do, thanks 😀

  31. Hmmm what about xylitol or erythritol or stevia?
    And as far as the artificial sweeteners go, it doesnt only apply to sodas correct? It could be tea, crystal light, bars, protein powders etc…. And it would do the same thing in the body?

  32. Stopped drinking sodas over three years ago. Just drink water with a slice of lemon. It really works. Lost 5 pounds

  33. This video is incredibly subjective. Please do your self a favor and research for your self and form your own beliefs. This video did a lot of This does this, this does that. Its true because a study said so. No scientific evidence was presented.

  34. Sugar is the enemy , Aspartame is the worst all that cancer and shit is a nice side effect.

  35. Hey man, I am going to quit diet soda after watching this video. I have reason to believe that you have changed my life with this video.

  36. Love your videos! I really hope MORE PEOPLE would WATCH this and knew this! Thanks!!

  37. This video suggests that insulation is released when we test something sweet, as opposed to actual sugar being consumed. I am not convinced that it is correct. If that was the case then there is no point in having a product called sweetener ?

  38. Explain how I lost over 100+ pounds while drinking Coke Zero lol This is total bs. Its what fat ppl chose what to eat for fatty foods with their diet sodas. I dieted with Coke Zero and like I said. This is nonsense.

  39. This guy is an absolute idiot lol no wonder he makes videos on this channel.

  40. this why I laugh at people who buy diet coke talking about they on a diet lol

  41. god bless you my friend . I am a 53 year old guy with type 1 diabetes . I am now coming to realize that diet soda is really bad . Thank you for taking it home for me .

  42. I agree that claims should be backed by scientific evidence; but I dont have time to read long scientific journals all day. Thanks for the post!

  43. Hi all, I doubt anyone will care about this post. But today I start my adventure, I will start and will push through the challenge of losing weight, this thing called Fat has taken to much from my life and today is the day, at 16 years old Ive decided I will start and defeat my enemy. Thanks guys, and hopefully Ill win ^-^

  44. Have you completely cut out all soda? Or do you have it on some rare occasions

  45. Ok,,, maybe now, you se that fake sugar is POISON, but you forgot the researche on cancer.
    Here is another one .
    Caffein makes you go, give you energy to do what you need to do and when you are 20, one cup will do it, but whe you are 25 you need 3 cups and when you are 30 you need 5 cups to have the same feeling. dont that tell you that caffein is not good for you.

  46. 2:00 sugar is bad? Last time I checked the only fuel a humans brain can work on is glucose (a type of sugar) and u can get that from fruits. So if u dont get glucose in ur body u will become mentally retarded.

  47. Thomas, this is the 1st time Ive seen you or your posts, im a soft drink abuser(!!) enjoy both diet & full strength and as a 52yo with a belly im going to have to change, hopefully its not too late, cheers from DownUnder

  48. The leading cause of obesity in the united states is from people eating apples. This channel tells me Im better off eating peanut butter cups and taking steroids

  49. Coffee, Water, Juice. Seriously I gave up soda 2 years ago and I dont miss it at all.

  50. Honestly i think it just depends on the individual if Diet Soda makes them fat. I drink Diet soda have been for a while now and i drink about 1 to 2 cans a day and i still managed to lose 40 pounds and got down to 8% body fat. It hasnt affected my mood or my motivation, however Ive always been a very highly motivated person as for the soda make you crave food cause after all thats what is making people fat they drink the diet soda then crave sugar foods. Get some fucking control over yourself, yes its easier said then done but it can be achieved or if your gonna drink diet soda have it before you eat something or if you know you love sugary foods just dont touch the stuff. But thats just My opinion i lost weight/fat while consuming 2 diet sodas a day and a lot of other people have too.

  51. I cut it soda 2 years ago due to my lack of motivation. I felt a lot more motivated since then. The road to ripped.

  52. im on a serious diet ………………………………………………………………….. starting tomorrow

  53. Did you know that theres a soda alternative called Zevia? Look it up.

  54. +Thomas DeLauer You got some points, but I disagree on several of them. Why? Becauause my weight one year ago was 220 pounds, and a BF of 16%, I started my diet, BUT drank pepsi max each single day, for a year, give or take a couple of days, with a cheatday every friday. And in one year, I went down to 182 pounds, and a BF of 6%
    I did this while drinking diet soda each day, and a cheatday every friday. And if what youre saying here is true, (and I understood it correctly) then this should be close to impossible.

    For the record, I only consumed my diet soda with food, I never drank it to quench the thirst.

    Hope for your reply.

    Best regards.

  55. are there any alternatives to sugar you would reccommend to sweeten coffee?

  56. Have what you want! In moderation. I cut out full sugar drinks 6 months ago and have lost nearly 2 stone along with working out.

  57. I want to say this, and I am honestly not a troll. You are the only person on this channel I take seriously. While the other guys may have some facts, they arent good at explaining them and often have hollow and shallow reasoning behind their statements. You seem to understand a lot of things, or at least do a lot of research. I appreciate that because you have such a huge audience, it would be such a shame if people were negatively affected by it.

  58. I drink diet soda but I use it as a way to keep myself happy on days I dont eat. Im not fat. I also smoke weed. You can accomplish goals without the perfect lifestyle. Drinking booze is the biggest hindrance when trying to get in shape. Take it from a ex fatty, who has become a hot hotty in the last few years.

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