Is eggplant good for low carb diet

Ensure that you frequently are the listed vegetables below in your daily meals. Broccoli is packed filled with vitamins C and K and only has 4g net carbs per one cup. Some studies also show that broccoli might help decrease insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics and could also contribute to avoiding a few types of cancer. You can wrap it in serve and bacon with aiolisimply grill it, or chop it up and add it to stir fries.

Asparagus is an excellent way to obtain vitamins A, C, and K and has been proven in animal studies to help reduce anxiety and protect brain health. Mushrooms Fungi is an excellent way to include some flavor into otherwise boring dishes. For instance, inside our mushroom cauliflower risotto, the infant bellas put in a great texture and flavor. Mushrooms have proven incredible anti-inflammatory properties, and over a 16 week period have proven to improve inflammation in those who have metabolic syndrome.

Zucchini The mostly used summer squash on keto, we often view it in dishes like Zoodles as a noodle replacement. Be cautious with the types of squash you consume because so many have higher carb counts.

Zucchini is quite low in carbs of them costing only 3g net carbs per cup; in addition, it serves as an excellent way to obtain vitamin C. Spinach has only 3g net carbs per cooked cup of spinach, and minimal digestible carbs raw. This veggie is an excellent way to bulk up lunches with salads You may make high-fat side dishes like creamed spinach to go with any meal, too! Spinach has been proven to protect heart health insurance and reduce the threat of common eye diseases. In addition, it provides tons of minerals and vitamins, most about ten times the recommended about of vitamin K noticeably.

Of them costing only 3g net carbs per one cup, you can observe why avocados are chosen again and again. Avocados are abundant with monounsaturated fats, which have proven to help lower LDL bad triglycerides and cholesterol.

Cauliflower the star of unique dishes Usually, cauliflower can be utilized for a number of things. Besides being fantastic because of its versatile cooking applications, cauliflower is quite low carb of them costing only 2g net carbs per cup.

Bell Peppers Low in carbs than its colorful counterpart, the green bell pepper or capsicum can be used in cooking. Green Beans Green beans certainly are a known person in the legume family, but they have fewer carbs than most other legumes significantly.

Sometimes green beans known as snap beans. Added texture will do to validate adding green beans to your dish alone, but the ongoing health advantages include improved brain function during aging.

Which makes these a great selection of vegetable on the ketogenic diet. Both are fantastic low-carb options with regards to vegetables also. They produce lots of vitamins A and C and show to greatly help protect against cardiovascular disease. While kale is more nutritious than lettuce, it includes a significant amount more carbohydrates per portion also. Make sure to be cautious with the quantity of kale you consume as carbs accumulate fast. Day keto meal plan Take a look at the Keto Academyour foolproof.

It has all of the tools, information, and recipes needed that you can succeed.


  1. OMG what a load of crap! Not eating vegetables doesnt cause ketoacidosis or fatty liver!

  2. Q. Will vegetable carbohydrates stop Ketosis??
    Answer = No. 👍🏻

    • It can actually. Some people can digest and absorb what used to be considered “insoluble” fiber. People who can’t digest it will stay in ketosis. People who can digest it will see a rise in blood sugar and stop ketosis.

  3. Big big fan, realy smart and logical.
    Love youre videos an the usfol infomation you put on them.
    Keep on the good work !

  4. 4 days into keto and I have lost 7 pounds I have a long way to go but I’m happy I started. My first 2 days was so hard, cravings and headaches but I’m feeling much better. When ever you feel like giving up or tempted to eat sugars watch one of his videos it will help you a lot. Good luck to everybody on there weight loss journey🥰

  5. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride put it so perfectly: plant foods are for cleansing, animal products are for feeding/nourishment. This is why oftentimes vegans feel higher energy and wellbeing initially: they are cleansing/detoxing. But cleansing is a place to visit, not live. You can remove stains off a wall with a pressure washer. But after too long, you start blasting off bits of the wall itself. That’s why veganism is unsustainable long term. I’ve personally found that too much time on either side causes me problems (Every time I’ve tried carni, i feel lousy in a short time. I was vegetarian and ultimately vegan for a combined total of 5 years and had to quit from nutritional deficiencies).. I try my best to strike a balance.

  6. the data on those doing a carnivore diet doesnt support the statement that you need vegetables to avoid a fatty liver. i agree that veggies have lots of health benefits. but that does not mean the carnivore diet leads to fatty liver. carnivores usually end up with low insulin levels, and yes higher LDL levels. but their HDLs are higher too and research has shown that it is the total triglyceride level to HDL level that really matters ( a level of 1 or less NOT correlating to atherosclerosis). in your other video on keto diet in epileptic patients you point out how unhealthy their version of keto was (cheese whiz, soybean oil, corn starch solids, etc), and this is likely what lead to 6% showing evidence of liver dysfunction.
    SUMMARY: veggies good doesnt equal carnivore diet bad
    PS: i would avoid pulling out a text book in your videos. they are notorious for having old information.

  7. Dr Berg
    Are you saying that we shouldnt count carbs from vegetables in our daily net carb counts? Are you saying… Essentially vegetables are all considered zero carb for Keto macro calculation purposes?

    • Eat 7-10 cups of good veggies per day, the carb count is very low 3.5-5g, so can easily be attained in the keto diet. Look up his other vids on veggies 🙂

  8. I usually try to eat a cup of veggies with every meal, which usually end up around 25g of carbs not subtracting fiber. Is that enough or should i consume more per meal?
    Do i need to change anything up?
    My calorie intake for my diet is 2285 and my macros are 25g carbs 143 protien and 178 fat. Currently 280lbs 511. Active job and go to the gym 3-4 times a week for 45min. Since ive started, 3 weeks ago, ive lost 17lbs. But i want to lose it the healthiest way.

  9. Dr Berg, I follow your regimen with great results. Intermittent fasting, 2 meals a day, proper nutrients, etc. Can you tell me if eating 2-3 cups broccoli and less than 6 ounces of protein at a meal is ok? Is broccoli slowing down my weight loss because it’s more carby? I put a lot of Kerri good butter and enough salt on the broccoli. Should I switch to baby spinach or asparagus instead? Or does it matter? Thanks!!

  10. How many cups of veggies would you recommend eating daily while on keto, to prevent a fatty liver?

  11. Does vegetable stock kick you out of fasting? I used Broccoli, onion and zucchini for the stock.

  12. to me at least, this is his single most important video. essentially what he is saying, is that we should not count the carbs in vegetables in our total count of daily carbs, and that the more vegetables we eat, the better. this has enormous implications. for example, it means that one can be a total vegan, and yet follow the keto diet. it also means that the keto diet is something one can live with, and that it is not an extreme, crazy diet after all. in fact, i wonder what would happen if i would allow myself to eat whatever i want, as much as i want, with just one rule: to eat no carbohydrates whatsoever, other than an unlimited amount of vegetables

  13. This was very informative!!!! Love it. I tend to feel pretty ill when I take away all the veggies. But I do bloat. I just watched dr Berg video on visiting the place they grow his wheat grass product on his website Going to order today. Check it out. Really good

  14. You have had a video for every keto question I have! I love your channel!!

  15. You want a good dose of potassium eat a cup of beet greens or beet tops not the bottom part leave that alone. One cup = 1309 mg of potassium. I steam them along with baby spinach and broccoli a power house of potassium

  16. He only considers spinach when talking of carbs from veggies and doesnt recommend any other vegetable other than it. Then he jumps to talking about which ones to avoid. Im confused.

  17. I love that your videos are short and to the point because after 12 minutes its like I zone out. However, your information is so interesting you keep my ears eager to listen.

  18. From 5a-2p I had 3coffee w/1T cream/stevia ea plus a 3.5m Walk. ACV and plenty of water.
    67b/s @22hr fast
    I ate a big salad:
    3C romaine,
    2C bell pepper,
    1C broccoli,
    1C broccoslaw,
    1 C celery,
    2T pumpkin seed,
    2T lime juice,
    2T fresh salsa (no sugar),
    2T 365 herb de Provence dressing, s/p, & 1C salmon steak.

    1hr post meal 98 b/s
    4hr post meal 107 b/s

  19. At 101 you say eating meat and fat and no veggies produces waste which builds up and causes ketoacidosis. It is my understanding that although ketoacidosis and ketosis are often confused, that ketoacidosis requires one to be a type 1 diabetic, making no insulin – and I believe one of my sources for that was you, in another video. Please clarify. Thanks.

  20. My Alton Brown veggie soup nutrients has 36 grams of carbs! I didnt add the corn. Added cabbage instead. I NEED vitamins glad Dr. Berg has these amazing videos.

  21. Adkins didnt say to just eat fat and protein. Stop putting words in a dead mans mouth.

  22. I eat veg, i use the if it grows above ground less carbs, if it grows underneath more carbs. Lost just over 1 stone in 4 weeks.

  23. where are Carnivore Keto followers get their Potassium and Magnesium from?

  24. Avoiding vegetables will not put you in ketoacidosis, this is extremely inaccurate

    • Muse It Up agreed. Ketoacidosis really only affects diabetics from every medical journal I’ve read for 5 min. I’m in no way a doctor though.

  25. Great keto soup- green bean/ b. Sprouts with sausage or ham. Cook green beans – puree beans and sprouts to thicken soup leaving some beans aside. Add chicken stock and fried sausage/ onion mix. Add garlic minced. Low carb and delicious

  26. My question is, that nobody can clearly answer is: If Im on limited 10~15g of carb a day diet and I consume, say 20g of broccoli or cauliflower, am I going to affect my bodys ability to burn fat since I over loaded myself with veggie carbs? I enjoy broccoli and cauliflower but, with my really low carb plan, I cant have much more than 3-4 cups a day maximum(?). Good doc always says eat all you want?

    • @Jessica Billingslea Meats got NOTHING to do with carbs.

      I limit my net carb intake to 12g or less per day. That means I can eat @27oz of broccoli before maxing our my limit. That us a lot but, I dont max out ANY of my macros.

      Yes, obviously you DONT get where Im coming from. Id like a balanced diet consisting of all the macros.

      Good docs notion of eat all you want veggies are NOT practicle when you count carbs, net or total.

      12g of total carb with 12g of dietary fiber technically = 0 net carb but, its still 12 g of carbs you eat.

      Yes, I do understand the G.I but, I cant get passed the numbers I see.

    • @kodiak536 well maybe eat more than just veggies eat some meat with it. I eat double veggies with my meals but I dont eat all day so I guess I dont understand where ur coming from … I hope you find your answer

    • @Jessica Billingslea I still go over on carbs. Youre not getting MY point. You CAN NOT eat all you want veggies no matter how you subtract the fiber.

    • From what I know, no cause you subtract the fiber amount from the carb amount and thats your net carbs count

  27. I break my fast with a smoothie that consists of 200g kale, 3 cups almond milk and 20g mct oil. Is this 10.3gcarb/20gfat interaction not beneficial?

  28. Do I need to count vegetable calories? If I eat a lot of vegetables like kale and spinach throughout the day will it stop ketosis

  29. Can I eat unlimited cucumbers or peppers since they are above-ground veggies? Or does unlimited only apply to green leafy vegetables?

  30. I was doing horrible until I watched enough of your videos and realized that I need it more greens.
    I also think the lack of greens is what caused me to get the Keto rash and I also switch from coffee to hot coco because all that caffeine was flushing out the little electrolytes I had and ones I stop the coffee and added more greens the heart palpitations also stop.

  31. If the worst thing in your diet is vegetables, you’re doing a-ok. Eat the vegetables!

  32. Forget about vegetables. Eat fat all day long. Its great for your gallbladder and migraines

  33. So vegetable net carbs are not included in the 20g allowance?
    Every time I add the veggies I’ve eaten on MyFitnessPal and subtract the fiber from the carbs I get too many carbs just from ´low carb’ vegetables..

  34. What about dried veggies? I really love dried tomatos, will they kick me out of keto?

  35. You say theres no potassium in meat. Thats incorrect. Red meat is very high in potassium. 270mg potassium per 3oz of beef (@85% lean) for example.

  36. I don’t even count the non fibrous carbs I get from veggies and I have no problem staying in ketosis going as high as 70g of total carbs in a day of it all comes from veggies. I usually eat about 10 oz of salad and 12-16 oz of brussel sprouts, broccoli, or asparagus

  37. I know this isnt good but I do have a small sweet potato sometimes thoughts

  38. You are wrong when you said that if you dont eat vegetables you will end up in ketoacidosis and get a fatty liver. There is a difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis. I think you pointed this out in one of your newer videos. Total lack of insulin in a type 1 diabetic will cause ketoacidosis but low insulin levels in a normal or type 2 diabetic will cause nutritional ketosis which is a good thing. People who are carnivores dont go into ketoacidosis. They are in nutritional ketosis, which is a healthy thing. You should correct yourself in this video. If you dont believe me you should watch KenDBerryMDs videos. He is mostly a carnivore and he keeps himself in ketosis. There are a lot of carnivores and they are perfectly healthy.

  39. So I should not worry about the carbs in spinach? cuz there is a lot. And I don’t know how to stay between around 20carbs.

  40. Thank you! This is my problem I rarely eat veggies when I start keto! I lose weight bu I feel weak right now

  41. I caught that minimal sarcasms he got from when he mentioned people eat corn he has self control in other words people are stupid

  42. Potassium is present in milk, eggs, livers
    Animal products in general have much more vitamins and minerals than vegetables

  43. So do we not count veggie carbs? Sometimes Im like omg I want more veggies, but Im afraid of going over my 20 g net carbs a day? I would love to be able to not count veggie carbs

  44. I know this is an older video, but I must say Im shocked. I do enjoy your videos and Im a subscriber. There seems to be a lot info in this particular video that does not seem accurate. It might be a good idea for you to watch it again and see if you still agree with it.

    I also want to say that you might be holding veggies in much higher regard that what you should be. To put it bluntly, theres nothing in veggies you cant get from animal and dairy products. I find that I feel my best eating the least amount of veggies possible. I keep my veggies to no more that one serving per day.

  45. I have gone from eating approx 10,000 calories a day (mostly protein & veggies)…. to low carb veggies & fat…. doing intermittent fasting, eating only one meal a day….and I gained weight….. I have everything wrong with me and I am definitely new to Keto. I am finding it very hard. Anyone experience any horrible symptoms the first two weeks? Tia…. P.S….. I love Dr Berg and he has taught me so much so far.

  46. For whatever reason… Even the recommend low carb veggies (including the wheat grass juice powder) all knock me out of ketosis 😩☹️

  47. I cannot imagine doing keto without vegetables or, but Has anybody ever measured their blood ketones or a glucose levels to prove that it is OK to do a diet with this many vegetables and still remain in ketosis? I trust you quite a bit Dr. Berg but I feel like I need some proof here, I am not trying to do keto just to lose weight I have health issues and don’t want to waste my time doing something that is not going to heal me

  48. Where do you even start with the fallacies in this short video. Ketoacidosis is actually rare and only appears in Type 1 diabetics who have high levels of blood glucose AND super high levels ketones…and it has nothing to do with not “detoxing” with veggies. Fatty liver is caused by eating excess amounts of carbohydrates. They feed geese corn not fat to fatten their livers. Cholesterol can increase temporarily as people are actively losing excess fat but that is normal. And finally, there IS potassium in animal products. That is public knowledge. What is creepy is that this man speaks arrogantly about things as though he is an authority on them and the masses just nod and believe him without questioning it.

  49. I just Googled ground beef it has about 900 potassium and salmon about 700. Why do you say theres no potassium in meat? Im confused

  50. Avocados have Potassium and other minerals. Theres no need for other vegetables.

  51. What about generous amounts of fresh vegetable juice from the lowest carb vegetables as part of a meal combined with plenty of fat?

  52. wow, that was amazingly informative. I have been keto since Christmas and have lost 14kg. I am now in the healthy weight range for someone of my height and age. I stick to a maximum of 20g of carbs a day.
    I was just working out my meals for the day and I really felt like lots of baby spinach and brocolli with my omelet for dinner, but the carbs would have pushed me out to 25g for the day. I sat here thinking that I should just not eat all those greens, which seemed counter-intuitive. I sat down and searched your channel and…just wow. What you say makes absolute sense and will really positively influence my way of life going forward. Although I am very close to where I want to be weigh and fitness wise, I want to live this lifestyle long term and had wondered how I could fit my vegetables in for long term good nutrition. Thank you, thank you.

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