Is grapefruit good on a low carb diet?

But how could it be really? Sometimes other variables are also considered e. Everybody knows that fruits aren’t allowed on a keto diet aside from avocados and very smaller amounts of berries. Citric fruits are often considered among the worst fruit choices on a ketogenic diet. However, grapefruits are a little exception and you may want to occasionally include them in your diet.

Grapefruit is just about the only fruit you can eat and escape with it in case you are on any weightloss program. More and more research both on animals and humans demonstrates grapefruit helps lose weight and get rid of fat.

One of the biggest advantages of a keto diet is that it boosts insulin resistance which really is a universal problem among overweight people. As it happens that grapefruit also boosts insulin resistance so in ways it works similar to a keto diet.

We can not deny the actual fact that grapefruit exactly like most fruits in saturated in carbs. A big pink grapefruit may have even 20 g of carbs and 17 g of sugarwhich is your daily allowed quantity on a keto diet. Since a keto diet is more about keeping insulin levels low, grapefruit with a GI of 25 is OK to take every once in awhile. An extremely huge grapefruit that may literally stuff your stomach has no more than kcal.

To remain as keto-friendly as possible, eat only whole grapefruit as well as fiber it contains. I recommend consuming it only on your own carb-up days or about your workouts ideally after your exercise to restore glycogen. I would recommend eating them no more often than times weekly. Check out the medical articles that discuss grapefruit and its impact on weight insulin and loss resistance. Foods are analyzed based on the quantity of nutrients, vitamins, minerals or toxic ingredients they contain.

There are actually a large number of studies and medical articles taking about great health properties of grapefruit. And so rightly! More and more studies also show that phytochemicals limonin, lycopene and naringenin within grapefruit have great cancer-fighting and anti-tumor properties, making grapefruit among top ani-cancer super foods. The compounds within grapefruit assist in preventing hearth disease in lots of ways.

For example, grapefruit helps reduce the amount of LDL bad cholesterol and raise the known levels of HDL good cholesterol. Grapefruit is one among the foods highest in vitamin C and the red and pink variety can be filled with bioflavonoids that additionally raise the immune system.

Inflammation may be the precursor of all chronic diseases and grapefruit helps reduce it because of plenty of vitamin C it includes. Grapefruit is among these foods that’s extremely abundant with antioxidants that produce this fruit so unique therefore healthy. Not merely does grapefruit include a large amount of vitamin C that supports the disease fighting capability but it addittionally contains lycopene within red and pink varieties that helps fight free radicals and limonoids which have anti-tumor properties.

Grapefruit might, unfortunately, connect to some medications and might not be the best mixture together with plenty of caffeine it can decelerate the elimination of caffeine from your body resulting in its overdose. Each day In case you are on any medications and drink a great deal of coffee, you should seek advice from it together with your doctor at first. Browse the medical articles that discuss grapefruit interaction with medications and its own unique properties.

A great deal of great health properties of grapefruit properly balance the fact that it’s relatively saturated in carbs which you want to avoid on a keto diet. In addition, grapefruit is lower in calories and includes a low GI, which means this helps it be a keto-approved food. The very best little bit of advice is to consume it occasionally, count it against your daily carb intake and ideally eat it only on your own workout days and around workouts.

In this manner you can reap the benefits of its great health properties rather than disrupt your keto diet. If you discover this mini guide helpful and useful, please share it together with your friends on social media. My goal is to attain as many folks as possible to greatly help them make wise dietary choices and transform their lives.


  1. It is not only the net carbs important for the ketogenic diet but also the glycemic load and the way how you will combine it with the meal. Kicking off ketosis is realy easy, with one meal, but getting back to ketosis takes time. So better not having fruit on keto diet.

  2. i stick to fruits like summer squash, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes in moderation i avoid tropical fruits.

  3. The unfortunate truth about fruit, particularly the high-carb fruits, is that due to industrialization they are harvested well before ripeness, meaning that they dont have the complete nutritional profiles indicated in most literature. Fruit that is not local or seasonal is largely fiber and sugar. Still far better than processed sweets but you cant depend on such fruits for many of the nutritional benefits (protein, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc.)

  4. I love fruit thats my only concern (watermelon, melons, apples, cherries, figs… YUM) but is it all about carbs can you explain more about how fructose goes directly into the liver ? thanks

  5. low carb fruit! Selective breeding= more Sugar? Lemons are yucky….I would think melons would have a lot of carbs .Bananas are yummy ! better than a candy bar !

    • Dr Dan Maggs check out the beat diabetes channel comparison banana vs Hershey cookies and cream candy bar. Banana tested 60 points higher than candy bar

    • Much better than a candy bar! – Check out this link Eli! Its fascinating!

  6. I have a friend who is on Keto, so I knew about blueberries and bananas – such a good list to keep in mind. Thanks for your post!

  7. Dr. Dan, what about papaya and persimmon? Apple juice is as sweet as Coke or so it tastes.

  8. My early errors include yoghurt with kiwi as my low carb brekkie. Now I occasionally have mango salsa which prob comes in around 8-10g of net carbs and that’s the only fruit I have.
    I avoid alcohol of the time through ignorance of carb values so keen to know more there!

    • +Banjo790 Ange Will def do an video about alcohol on a low carb diet as there is some interesting hormonal stuff going on too! Not just a matter of carb counting as it goes down a different metabolic pathway

  9. I dont know if it works but I sprinkle cinnamon on my fruit πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜

  10. Water melon is low in carbs per 100g weight but it’s full off water and therefore relatively heavy, so it is carb dense thus meaning you can only have a small piece if you’re watching carbs. It’s not a great option, best to stick to berries. Avocados are the Keto king of fruits πŸ‘

    • trouble is Ive tried but I dont like the texture of avocados – yuck

  11. I mostly use lemons to squeeze on avocados. 2 fruits paired with another fruit – the delicious tomato. Hmm…thats 3 fruits but oh so yummy!

    • @Dr Dan Maggs When I learned that my red bell peppers were a nightshade food I replaced them with celery.
      Not sure if I really needed to do it but oh well.
      And Ill never give up my 90% dark chocolate bars.πŸ‘

  12. Bananas are a herb, not a fruit.
    And tomatos are a fruit, not a vegetable.

  13. During photosynthesis plant makes glucose. Plant with more dark green colour contain more high chlorophyll than other. Which means they produced more n more glucose compared to other plant that red, orange in colour means that u need to eat variety of fruits n vege not avoiding them n plus keep avoiding fruits n vege n being selective means u can get enough source of vitamin n minerals that body need for cell respiration. Low carbs diet (sugar) doesnt mean avoiding sugar but take those carbs in modest proportion without losing any benefits of it

  14. Dr Daniel Maggs

    As a General Practitioner (GP), you’d think Dr Dan Maggs
    would know how to get his weight problems under control. Yet despite
    several attempts – adhering to a β€˜balanced diet’ as specified in the
    UK’s national dietary guidelines – he found himself clinically obese in
    his early 30’s.

    Thankfully, a chance encounter whilst on holiday in 2016 led him to
    discover the power of a Primal diet, built around a low carbohydrate
    intake… In the following six months, he lost an incredible 30kg (over
    60lbs) and rapidly normalised his weight! Since his remarkable
    transformation, Dr Dan has developed a love for exercise and well-being
    and is now in the best shape of his life.

  15. To be healthy ; eat low crabs ; dont eat rice ,breads. wheats . noddles .cut off all carbohydrates and eat more veges soup.& meat soups & nuts & seeds .Dont eat and avoid junk foods such as KFC ,Mc donald ,fry chicken .oliy cooked foods.fry foods.
    Eat various green vege soups mixed with meats fish .Dont eat process foods and deep fry foods .Do walking exercises 10000-20000 steps per days .Drink water 2-3 leters per day .Sleep 7 -8 hr per day .Reduce stress and tension .Dont worry for tomorrow.Pls be mindful in present situation and try to do meditation 15 -30 min per day if you have times.

    • Too stressful worrying about all those dos and donts, just cut out carbs, cook in fat with lots of eggs and fresh veg – sorted

  16. Tropical fruits seem to have so much more carbs… mangosteen.. jackfruit.. star apple.. lychee..durian.. rambutan.. pineapple.. Chico.. etc..

  17. Dr, what happened to the downloadable guide with carb contents of fruits, vegetables etc.? I want to recommend it to a couple of friends. But I could not find it.

  18. This is helpful information to have–rewriting some of my grocery list now!

  19. Bleeberrs? Please, speak carefully as you have a great but close local accent, 😲. Sorry, but is hard for some of us to understand, by then I am left behind πŸ™ƒ

    • I have aphasia, and for me since my TBI I cannot understand accents. Is way better if I can read their lips. I didnt understand this in the beginning and I would get furious when I had to speak to someone with an accent and I was the only one who didnt understand what a person was saying. They were frustated too because I was the only one who didnt understand them and they mistakenly thought I was trying to be difficult by making them repeat …. or I had to ask someone to interpert what they said. All I heard was gibberish. Titania Harms was being polite. If I wasnt living this nightmare, I wouldnt have known or understand this issue. Anyways best wishes to you!

    • Titania Harms… Youve gotta be jokin. This bloke speaks as clear as day.

    • Bobby Ocampo good question. Living in Asia I’ve always wondered about green mango as it’s my fav as well as pomelo.

  20. Damn. I cant stop myself with coconut meat. Ill inhale it like air.

  21. What about grapefruits??? Because they are source of Vitamine C??? TKY

  22. I like this video and those of yours Ive watched, and Im subscribed… but… I didnt like seeing a picture of you smiling with a watermelon. Its misleading. You somewhat mentioned in the video that portions are important, but who would eat 100 grams of watermelon?

    • I just watched another program that watermellon was low in carbs because it contains a lot of water .so now we cant eat anything .my doctor told me not to eat we cant say a apple a day keeps the doctor away..its not the carbs in the fruit is harmful to you its all the chemical s poisoning that sprayed on the food we are eating .

  23. Very nice and encouraging video
    Thank you Dr
    My dad is new to following a low carb diet as he was told it’s good for his weight lose to help with his coronary artery heart disease and lately found out about partially NAFLD
    He is replacing rice with bulgur or even couscous to have at main meal
    Two eggs at morning
    As for snack he likes all fruits but tends to have not whole fruit per day
    Like half banana or quarter of an apple and so on
    Because he believes most fruits have goodness in them and he doesn’t want to miss on getting the natural benefits even by eating slightest amount
    I hope he is doing the right thing to stay as low carb dieter πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»

    • I saw a video yesterday on making a HEALTY chicken vegetable soup. She mentioned that for heart disease peppers were really great at opening the artiries for better blood flow. This is including black pepper. With internittent fasting the cells in his body can attack bad cells. Look up timeline of intermittent fasting and it will explain how. Best wishes!

  24. Also you should focus on the glycemic index because bluberries and apples for instance have fiber.

  25. Very good info…especially the fact that the β€œhealthy” smoothies people believe are so beneficial are glucose/fructose sugar bombs more sugary than canned soft drinks. Hopefully your message will enlighten people about fruit carb content. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  26. I just love this video. Thanks for correcting all these misconceptions about low-carb diet.

  27. My husband and I try to stick with all dark fruits on our cheat days. Otherwise we just stay away from them. We found fruit leads to other cravings. Great video as always Dr Maggs

  28. Wild blubs?? Naaawh! Lower! Very helpful. Always done great with a lot of fruit. But now I want metabolic flexibility…so… to ur cheat sheets!! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ What do u say about the blubs? The real, wild ones… ?

    • Dr Dan Maggs mhmm i think they are lower indeed. (I am in Sweden and the forest is full of them in late summer… like lingonerries too. Thank u for helpful content!!

  29. They are Gods given foods just like veggies. πŸ’–πŸ“πŸ’πŸŽπŸ‰πŸ‘πŸŠπŸ₯­πŸπŸŒπŸˆπŸπŸπŸ₯πŸ‡β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™

    • @Kevin Power I really enjoy it. Some things smell bad but are great to eat. After a while, you can appreciate the aroma as well.

  30. What is 100 grams?? Is it a cup or like for example a handful of raspberries??

  31. I thought blueberries were fairly low, don’t know where I heard that.

    • My keto cookbooks has blueberry bread muffins and blueberry smoothies .eat everything in small amounts I lost 130 pounds by exercising and eating less.blueberrys and fruit is better than pop potato chips chocolate bars and processed food.I always make home made food is killing people .because women now is to lazy to make a descent meal.

    • Dr. Berg said they were low in glycemic index. I eat them all the time and they dont Spike up my sugar.

  32. Stop lecturing us about fruits and just declare what is good! Please stop blabbering and just get to the point!

    • Is it really necessary for you to be so rude or do you just lack any kind of self control? Its not like anyone is forcing you to watch! Hows that for a point?

    • I think his video is quite quick. He is just giving us the information we need to make the correct decisions.

  33. Thank you Dr Day
    I too lost weight going keto
    And yes I was eating too much of the fruit that was high in sugar
    I completely changed my diet and low sugar
    I didnt realise blueberries were high in sugar
    Omg I will cut these down
    Yes very useful
    Thank you dr Dan

    • In moderation, not really.
      Just keep under 50 gram of Fructose.
      Because after that it will store as fat.
      Fructose goes straight to the liver, unlike glucose where it process a bit.

  34. Hi Doctor Dan Mags youre my hero ; can you please tell us the use of low carbs & witch kind of cheeses , how to use & when include it to our ketos diet ? please

  35. I absolutely love bananas, oranges and apples. But – berries are fine too. Thanks for the info!

  36. Great video!! Especially for those at keto maintenance. Looking forward to that phase as I still have 20 pounds to go and fructose of necessity, remains on my no-no list. Your comment about grapes though – very funny. Thanks! new subscriber.

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