Is science diet good substitute for digestive care hills

I tried the wet food and the dry food. He wouldn’t eat it. His appetite is okay, he knew better just. Had to resort to every trick I possibly could find to get him to consume. And his weight dropped and his health worsened. There is nothing in it that warrants a prescription.

It contains things that are commonly within the cheapest quality foods, at a lot more than double the cost of top quality brands. After a year of struggling to get him to consume it, I quit and started cooking a low-iodine diet for him in the home.

He has regained weight and his thyroid levels are testing better. It’s rather easy and inexpensive Shame on the vets who push this food.

Whatever incentives your clinics get from Hills are in the trouble of the pets who get stuck choking these things down. They changed it — he snubbed his nose at it recently, but had to consume it due to the diabetes. Took him to vet.

Brought him home. Fed him dinner. Continued to seize, back again to vet where he was screaming so very bad from the seizures. That they had to provide him anesthesia. Said he would keep on with this if he became popular the anesthesia. Had to place him down. The one thing different was this food.

Had his diabetes managed for 5 years!!!! He did well with it and his diabetes was managed. Unfortunately the ingredients also changed and it has caused many problems with our dog. His glucose levels aren’t as predictable, he is suffering from upset stomach, soft stools and tremendous gas. I’ll no more buy anything from Hills. The changes to the food weren’t explained by Hills or advertised and I suspect the standard of the ingredients has truly gone down.

Their food makes my pet sick. Joey’s hind legs started shaking under his weight suggesting a direct effect on his nervous system? Joey has forgotten how exactly to utilize the two little steps to greatly help him up to the ottoman, which he does without thinking normally. It’s really scary. I keep checking to ensure Joey is still breathing. Going to take Joey for a brief walk to get some good of the poison out of his system hopefully. Scary seeing Joey in this state Really.

I ceased dispensing Hills Metabolic suspecting Joey is allergic and reacting to 1 of its components. Meanwhile, it’s back again to the prior diet perhaps in lower quantities. Regards, Seamus.


  1. This company is not heart broken! They just got caught! I puppy got sick had to go to vet! The vet feed him and gave me 4 cans of this nasty food! My dog hates this food! It looks nasty smells nasty! Its chix veg stew! I see why my sick boy didnt want to eat the slop

  2. no way am I feeding my dog this crap. The vet recommended Hills and this isnt the first time Hills has had a recall. And if you look at the consumer affairs reviews HILLS pet food has killed a lot of dogs due to renal and kidney failure. The dogs seems to have the same symptoms after the food. Damn I fed this crap my dog for 2 days it better not of done damage. Why on earth are VETS thinking it is ok to give this crap to dogs. Wolves dont go to the chemist and by supplement. GEEZE now where giving dogs supplements what happened to a proper nutricious diet with WHOLE FOODs. Meat and veg. HILLS is full of wheat, corn sunflower oil as if a dog should eat that crap and a bunch of fancy supplements. ANd vets love to sell it as they get a good commission from it. They sell it for double the price as what it is worth.

    • Fran Sinclair my cat got sick last week from their c/d food. Hills now wants to pay me to shut me up.

  3. My dog will rather starve himself to death rather then eatting his food. My dog is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY picky. Can you help?

    • If u go to a place like Pet Valu, Petco their personnel usually can tell u what dog foods have had recalls on dog foods. Merrick is a good dog food.

  4. My dog was given a prescription dog food for his sensitive dog food, my dog was eating it and he must of sensed something was wrong with it he would longer eat it and it was on top of his regular dry food and i had to throw both out wasting my money. Thank God for dogs instinct to not eat this anymore.

  5. Lets feed these vultures hurting our loved ones lets feed the to the ravens they are better off in a ravens gut then on this earth in human form

  6. Our cats were just switched to hills dry food due to food sensitivity and possible allergies. Once we do allergy testing in early March we will be going against veterinary advice and switching them to another brand. The fact that cat food was not effected in this recall doesnt give us comfort. We do not trust this company at all. For such a expensive and vet prescribed premium food mistakes like this should never have happened. The fact they are not switching suppliers and were not quality checking their ingredients them selves shows just how little quality control they have. The way they have been responding to pet parents is disturbing and speaks volumes on how little they actually care about pets.

    • My male cat got sick last week from the c/d food. Neither one of my cats will eat the new bag. They’ve been on it for 8 years. My vet said it was normal for my male to throw up the food nearly every day. Last week I had to take my boy to the emergency vet. Now hills wants to pay me to shut me up. No way. Ever since taking my cats off Hills the last 7 days, haven’t puked ONCE and is doing better eating a human grade cat food now

  7. Hills cat dry c/d now tainted as well. They want to reimburse my emergency vet bill, but they also expect me to shut up. I don’t want their money. I will continue to speak out about this toxic food. My cats had been on this shit for 8 years, then last week when I opened the new bag, both cats refused to touch it. Ever since taking them off the hills the last 7 days, they haven’t thrown up once and my male cat is doing better on a more human grade somewhat raw food.

    Screw Hills and any vet that recommends it. Royal Kanine isn’t any better.

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