Keto diet brownie recipe

Pin After what appears like a huge selection of test batches we finally have these extra fudgy keto brownies to share. The awesome thing concerning this brownie recipe is that it only uses a little amount of coconut flour to carry together the overwhelming amount of chocolate fudge flavor!

We even created a simple to check out recipe video which walks you through the step-by-step process of steps to make keto brownies. Take a look below! To your surprise, the coconut flour brownies actually arrived fudgy and more flavorful. This is because of the fact that coconut flour is more absorbent than almond flour, so you need significantly less of it. This allows for the chocolates flavor to shine really.

Bakers chocolate is solid at room temperature so that it is what helps hold these brownies together if they emerge from the oven. Get The Free E-Cookbook! You always want to combine the dry ingredients together in a single bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl, combine the two then. This creates a far more constant mixture and even distribution of flavor… and chocolate!

Choose the best Keto Sweetener Our sweetener of preference because of this recipe is erythritol. Erythritol is our favored granular sweetener, it can be used by us to replace sugar.

Stevia is our favored liquid sweetener and will be put into this brownie recipe if you would like to raise the sweetness. More often than not a mixture of both sweetener options are certain to get you the most well rounded taste with no of the aftertaste that sugar replacements are recognized for. Pro Tip: Find the mixture of sweeteners that you most enjoy. Some social people are extremely sensitive to the after taste that comes with stevia, while others will get bloated through the use of much erythritol too. As time passes you shall find what is most effective for you when coming up with keto desserts.

Temperature Matters with Chocolate Keep an eye on the temperature of your batter mixture throughout this technique. The chocolate is wanted by you to be liquid rather than heat it any more than that. If the mixture gets hot the chocolate can burn too, or the eggs can start to cook when they are added by you. They should often be studied from the oven if they feel a bit under done.

Because they cool they shall set. Generally of thumb, err privately of under cooking keto desserts always. Allow to Cool Completely If you get impatient which is understandable you might finish up with a tragedy on your own hands.

Keto brownies are crumbly until they cool completely notoriously. Pro Tip: Put the finished brownies in the freezer to cool so that you can eat them sooner.

They take about thirty minutes to cool in the freezer. They shall last for about 10 days within. This makes for an ideal after dinner snack and extends the shelf life to 1 or 8 weeks. There are so many brownie recipes out there and because they are my all time favorite dessert I’ve gone through a whole lot of batches!

Before this weblog even started I was trying out other brownie recipes I came across online, and nothing has compared or satisfied me like these have ever. I kid you not. Once, Matt tried making me avocado brownies, and obviously, these were a go no. Although, since writing this we’ve think of a delicious avocado cookie recipe that you could take for a try. Give those a go and tell us how they operate against these fudgy Keto Brownies!


  1. Made 2 batches. They both were disappointing.. Somewhat flaky , not fudgy and tasted less than desirable. I would not recommend this recipe. It is unfortunate that I wasted so much ingredients making these so called brownies. And, yes did follow the video very closely.

  2. I just made these and I don’t think they could taste anymore like dirt

  3. Ok I followed that recipe exactly and they are not fudgy. They are dry and the sweetener doesnt stay it bakes out and leaves it sour.

  4. This was disgusting!!!! I made two batches and yuckkkk like poison !!

  5. Thanks for the recipe. I made these yesterday, but replaced the fake sweeteners with dates…definitely fudgy, even more so the next day, but for anyone who thinks theyll be as sweet as normal brownies, no, they are not…I dont mind, Im more of a dark chocolate (as opposed to milk chocolate) kinda gal, so these fix my cravings…even better with double cream and some berries (w/ the berries the sweetness adjusts itself and is just right). I know you guys are anti-fruit, but Im not. Lucky me.

  6. Made these, they were so so bitter. Texture was good but man they were unedible due to straight bitterness.

  7. I tried it and its really yummy and fudgy thanks fot the recipe. Big fan ❤️

  8. Gonna try this on Wednesday as Im planning to do a low carb diet that day

  9. an helpful tip you can set the power on your microwave to a lower setting I set mine around 40 percent and it took only 4 min to melt the chocolate and the butter. I could of set it to 60 but you could do this while mixing the wet ingredients.

  10. Do you realize you blasphemed you’re Creator. Oh , your not Christian. Well that won’t matter when your kneeling before him.

  11. I actually really liked the old ones. Anybody know where that recipe can be found?

  12. Thanks for making this recipe. My daughter cant have almond flour, and she was missing out. Now I can make her brownies with coconut flour!!

  13. I am very disappointed. The chocolate does have carbs and this recipe has a lot of chocolate, even 100% cacao. I started Keto not long ago and I’m trying different things. Please don’t lead people to the wrong path. I like you you two, you are very likable people, and for that makes this very hard to express this I satisfaction.
    I wished I didn’t make it. I am interested in staying in keto, not cheating on the side telling myself stories. No thanks!

  14. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY. replaced the erythritol with jaggery(i know its not keto) and used two eggs
    and it came out delicious!!Thankyou for this recipe.

  15. I can always count on you guys to bring the Coconut Flour! I love it and I want to use more of it!

  16. I made these today..I added pecans in the batter and ( dont judge me) cream cheese icing keto of course! They are good.I do have a question said 2 sticks of butter but then when you added the butter you said 12 tablespoons.

  17. So good! Extremely rich and fudgey. Didn’t have bakers chocolate, so I used 1/4 cup of Lily’s (low carb) dark chocolate chips. I would recommend doing this if you don’t want your brownies to be too rich/bitter as well. Also added in about 1/2 cup of Lily’s semi-sweet chocolate chips to get that double chocolate factor🤓

  18. ok, im giving these a try. im rootin for you. i think theyll be just fine. ill be back in about 2 hours. just put them in the oven. theyll be tested by me and my roomate

  19. I don’t use/have any of those sweeteners, so can I use regular white sugar or brown in this recipe? Thank you!

  20. I made these tonight. I pulled them out A little early(a toothpick came out clean). I used SweetLeaf Better Than Sugar frosting blend(Erythritol w/ stevia).

    They weren’t sweet at all – the sweetener needs to be doubled, IMO. I’m gonna try them again, but bake them longer & make them sweeter.

  21. How many total g of carbs here? If you know both total and Net thats great.

  22. Stick of butter? I use Kerry Gold. Its really starting to suck that we cant get weights.

  23. Made these yesterday but added some sugar free syrup and they were great! Thanks for the recipe.

  24. I made it twice …disgusting 😭😭 it is not your recipe but i can not stand the bitter taste of the chocolate ..i added a lot of swerve and yet still disgusting and had cakey texture ..why make it twice!? Bcuz i am bad at cooking and i thought my 2nd will be better but it was not ..both products went to trash right away ….
    If i stop doing keto it will be just bcuz i want the real sweat chocolate not a fake one i am forcing myself to eat

    Wish i had good result

  25. Hi Keto Connect, can this be bake in an airfryer? If yes, How many minutes will it gonna take?

  26. So first of all bravo bravo bravo! Soooo Fudggggie! Yes! Achievement unlocked! I will enjoy these. Here are some of my thoughts:

    I am not keto, I am diabetic. This is my first time using erythritol. So my taste buds may not be adjusted to this as a sweetener but the batter tasted quite bitter to me (revision: after sleeping on it, I think its quite possible I didnt get a level scoop of erythritol in there.I only needed to add about 2 to 3 tablespoons extra erythritol in there to make the batter taste right, so Im thinking I may have messed up there, but I would still recommend tasting the batter before you bake). So I added some stevia sweetened chocolate chips and a little extra erythritol in the batter. The chocolate chips came out great in there!

    Also I must have not have incorporated/melted the butter and bakers chocolate together well enough. Three-quarters of the way through the baking process I noticed the brownie was swimming in butter. I had to dab it out with a paper towel. I had this experience baking actual fudge once and a professional Baker told me I needed to make sure I really had the butter and chocolate at a good 6-minute rolling boil to make sure it was incorporated.

    Otherwise, its definitely fudgy, baked perfectly, and is deelish!

    I definitely didnt get a good level scoop of erythritol in there and I guess a little goes a long way with this stuff, so need to make sure get the absolute exact measurements in there, as with all baking LOL. I also tasted these in the morningAnd they are even better! Usually I really prefer baked goods warm from the oven, but these are the other way around! I chopped up a little banana and ate it together with some milk for breakfast. Yes breakfast.

    Good job guys, thanks for doing all the work to get this deliciousness in my belly!

    • Okay, I definitely think that I didnt take enough time to make sure I was putting the exact amount of erythritol in the batter. I think a little goes a long way with erythritol and tasting the batter and deciding to add that extra couple of tablespoons, I think brought the batter where it was supposed to be. It made all the difference! I also had these the next morning with a couple bites of banana for breakfast and I have to say they are even better when they are cooled down and room temperature!

      Im looking forward to using this recipe as a basis for all of my diabetic brownies! Cant thank you guys enough for taking the time to get it right!!

  27. What is the last thing you put? Is that Dry ingredients is Cocoa 。I never cook before. I gonna try to bake after watching your videos. Look so very tasty ❤️

  28. Wow, I have to say, that is a lot of butter. How about coconut oil, or will it over soften the brownies?

  29. I made these and I hate to say it but they are gross. The consistency and texture is perfect but dang all you taste is that bitter ass unsweetened bakers chocolate.

  30. Just made these , added cashews !

    Very fudgey , I may add some almond milk or less cocoa powder 🙈 but texture is amazing!!!!

  31. I made these and for some reason the butter was bubbling on top of the brownie loaf. I literally had to drain the butter from the pan! The texture was spot on, love that. Why would the butter do that? I followed directions and made sure the eggs were room temp, I even used the same whisking attachment like you did 🙂 I did use stevia drops since I didnt have erythritol. I thought that could have been the problem but I see another viewer commented that she had to drain the butter too. Should I just let the butter absorb into the brownie as it cools?

  32. So sad. I just made it but it didnt turn out well. Brownie wasnt tasty. Dont know what I did wrong. I followed the recipe 😭

    • Awe man mine are in oven hope it comes out good I used almond flour instead and monk fruit sugar

  33. Hi! Like when you do Keto, like how many grams can you consume within a day on these? Thanks! 😘

  34. Make sure to take that rusted-out pan to the bodyshop for 16 ounces of Bondo. Make sure its imitation flavor and NOT EXTRACT! Then dump in the stuff into the rust bucket for seasoning and youre in bidness.

  35. So guys, I dont live in the US, so is it possible to to substitute the Bakers brand chocolate with another dark chocolate? Or is Bakers special somehow?

    I live in Germany and lots of brands such as Lindt also has 99.5% dark and whatever.

  36. Absolutely loved it ……it came out so dammm good😍….. everyone loved it in my house ❤️🙌🏻

  37. Just did this brownies and they are Súper Fudgy and delicious!!! Great recipe!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  38. I spent 54$ to get all the ingredients i didnt make your recipe just one similar i googled. Using almond flour. I had no problem with its texture it just tasted gross. I was extremely depressed. I made it with my 3 yr old grandson and we were so excited only to be disappointed. I will try your recipe in hopes of getting a better brownie. I love your recipes so i have faith. Fingers crossed. Although ingredients similar different measurements.

  39. We just made this was good but really oily mybe I put to much oil on the pan but still good

  40. dDoes the Erythritol melt properly or does it stay somewhat grainy? Can Xylitol replace the Erythritol? Thanks!

  41. These are pretty good . I would bake them less next time 40 mins was to long. I used almond flour and monk fruit sugar instead and also added walnuts ontop I would make again just bake 30 mins

  42. In the oven right now. I’ll edit for the result. Excited!
    Editting: It turned out great. But it definitely doesnt need more than 35 minutes in the oven. If you take it out still jiggling a bit, you get the fudgey brownies you want. Plus, chill at least for an hour before eating.

    • I baked mine for ,40 it was so dry so now redoing another batch . Horrible recipe for ruining peoples money but yummy brownies

    • No, a coconut is not scientifically a nut, but the FDA considers it to be a tree nut, which is why you’ll see warnings on food with coconut that says Warning: contains tree nuts(coconuts)

  43. Ive only just started Keto, and am really struggling, maybe because Im also doing it the 7-11 way (one meal at 11 AM, the other at 7 PM). I really want to make some Keto snacks for when Im tempted to ditch it altogether, and these look great. But I have a Q: why erythritol? why not stevia, or apple sauce, or…? Apart from being keto friendly, is erythritol even safe?

    Secondly, can these brownies be frozen and just taken out when a craving hits? Because Im afraid Id eat the whole lot in two days if they are just hanging around outside or in the fridge!

  44. Can I ask what is the carb count .is this a once a day treat or once a week . Asking for a friend sweet tooth in ohio !🙂

  45. I’m making these right now for our New Years Eve dessert. Can’t wait to try them.

  46. add Chopped Hatch Green Chile, 1/2 to 1 cup. You New Mexico Brownies

  47. You just saved me $15.00 lol I was going to order from someone but I should try my own.

  48. I have all these ingredients but can I sub the butter with coconut oil. Butter is expensive

  49. Just made these today and they didnt last 3 minutes….family ate them all, and no complaints about them being keto🥰. Thank you..BTW, I also made the cauliflower everything baked potatoes…A HIT!!! 😍

  50. I made these last night. They were tasty last night. They were absolutely delicious this evening after sitting covered in the fridge since last night. I suggest waiting a day and allowing them to completely set before rendering your final verdict.

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