Keto diet drink salt water

By Anita Aldridge Salt is a subject we ketonians discuss often. Up until now, all you have already been eating on a typical Western Diet has been salted out of existence.

Did you take in takeaway food? Did you take in sweet cereal? Did your home is on energy sodas or drinks? If we were eating all of the carbage and fortified food still, junk that is deliberately stuffed filled with salt and a bunch of other vitamins and minerals, consuming an excessive amount of salt can become a concern then. High-carb consumption causes the physical body to retain water and salt. Salt Sodium, Na performs many important functions in the physical body. It can help keep our cells hydrated through assisting the elasticity of the cell wall.

It assists in maintaining the delicate fluid balance in and surrounding all of the cells inside our body. It plays an essential role in digestion- along the whole digestive system, from the acidic environment of the stomach, to the absorption of fluid in the bowel. Our bowel and kidneys will expel the surplus salt, along with fluid- which is where threat of dehydration should come in if people intake too much salt without enough water.

If we are fat-fueling our anatomies, our body won’t store excess sodium then. It is the procedure for carbohydrate-fueling which makes excess sodium a substantial long-term issue for the heart and kidneys specifically. Nobody told us that though did they… As Ketogenic Lifestylers we need approximately 2 teaspoons a day. This may come in a few of the foods we consume, like cheese and salted butter etc, nonetheless it is vital that you use salt as a seasoning also.

Rock Salt may be the most suitable choice but budgets win sometimes. Potassium Iodide evaporates with out a stabiliser, which explains why maltodextrin is added. The Maltodextrin added is within an amount so small that it’s unlikely to cause cravings. In Canada, Australia and Europe, Potassium Iodate can be used, and a stabiliser isn’t needed, so Iodised Table salt in these places doesn’t have Maltodextrin added.

To learn more see www. Salt is among those minerals about which we’ve been fed a very important factor and told another thing, without being given the info we needed really. Fall deeply in love with salt, it could save your valuable life. Post Views: ,


  1. This was a salt flush!
    Did anyone else drink this and spray poop out. A salt flush used 4 cups of water and 2 tsp himilayan salt, so I think this works the same. Be careful! or did I do something wrong?

  2. Hey Thomas – how would we adjust this if we were doing a longer term fast, say 3-5 days?

  3. In short, this video is for those who fast for short periods of time, a couple of days or so. If you are doing a long term fast stay away from this video lol.

  4. Can i use iodize salt or sea salt ? Is this electrolytes drink? Thank you

    • I didn’t watch the whole video before commenting so I just got my answer 😂

  5. Dang. That is good. I didnt have the limes on hand but its still good. Im on hour 10 of my first fast and so far so good.

  6. Thomas you are the MAN! People like you are a plus to humanity, a real gem. I stumbled across your videos and I like them alot. The presentation are great and very informative. You are inspiring me to follow what you are teaching so I can get a grip on my health both mentally and physically. I appreciate everything you are doing. Please keep up the awesome work and much blessings to you sir.

  7. +Thomas Delauer, why does Apple Cider Vinegar work, but not regular white vinegar?

    (Or is it both, and you merely prefer apple cider vinegar, and I am not realizing it??

  8. are all these things common grocery store items? Like that pink himalayan salt?

  9. When I am on a fasting I only drink water and I do Thomas delauer advice today I was 266 I am 250 in one month I am a working progress…

  10. Dude, you’re the nutritionist I’ve been looking for all my life, I love that you can give us enough of the science and research basis to cut through all the conflicting opinion b.s. out there!

  11. Do apple cider vinegar tablets have the same effect? I struggle drinking the liquid.

  12. Are there any substitute for cream of tartar? Can’t seem to find it in my local groceries.

  13. ALSO WATCH: 3 Best Foods to Break A Fast:
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    • Hi Thomas, i love your video. Thank u for sharing… but i have a questions How many glasses(per recipe) i can drink per day ? How much is the max limit .?… thank you

  14. Ah. Poo. Im looking for something that I can take while on a fast for autophagy.
    I dont think this is it.
    Thanks, tho.

    • yes, it is!! I drank this on a two week fast, half way through I thought I was going to drop. If I hadnt watched this video, it would have been a 4 day fast. I reached autophagy for that last week! It was awesome. That cream of tarter is what saved the day. I prayed for something to get me through this fast FOR AUTOPHAGY and found this video! Coincidence? I think not!! 🙂

  15. Day 5 of IF. Woke up with a serious headache. This recipe did the trick!

    Creme of tarter…. who knew?

  16. Heres the best way to drink apple cider vinegar. Step 1: pour in toilet bowl – Step 2: flush toilet bowl.

  17. I really enjoyed this video. Really good information. I didnt know about potassium and sodium balance and lime as helping with detoxing. I learned a lot in this video that will benefit me in soooo many ways. Thank you so much. I was wondering if this drink would be ok 1 time a day during extended fasting for detoxing and water up take in cells ? Does it effect the autophagy process ability while doing extended fasting ? Should I space this drink out while doing extended fasting or just leave out the lime then add it back in while I entermiittent fast ?

  18. Would you recommend making into a shot size so it’s easier to get out of the way or dilute it with water?

  19. Thank you for posting this. Can you tell me more about eating paleo diet after fasting, especially raw /baked nuts and seeds like in this recipe: I will soon break my 40 days totally non-food fasting period and was thinking of this bread as a starter. My body also seeks for sweet-sour vinegar from canned sour cucumbers – this desire I never felt after fasting, until now. Thank you for advice.

  20. would sea salt be a suitable substitute for pink Himalayan salt? I am afraid of yetis.

  21. Warm water, ACV, cayenne, lime, ginger, cinnamon and honey. Thats what I use and a tiny splash of stevia. Taste good to me.

  22. Could I mix it with 5 hour energy drink? Its the only way Ive been holding it down.

  23. You mention that having lime juice in a long term fast, would break the fast. Im in the middle of a 48 hr fast and had one lime. How many does it take to break your long term fast? Love your info, your a life saver. Thanks

  24. In another vid you talk about adding Ginger Juice to this drink as well. Does the Ginger Juice break the fast. Was going to use the Ginger Juice in addition during a 48 hour fast, but dont want to break the fast by adding if I should not.

  25. Can you make this drink on fast and non fasting days? Is there a time of day to drink it?

  26. I followed the measurements as closely as possible but this drink has caused me very watery eliminations that came out like jets from my posterior. Should I lower the amount of potassium from 1/2 tsp. to 1/4 teaspoon? Im afraid waterery eliminations may signify a loss of minerals.

  27. So you drink this mixture during your fast or in your eating windowV

  28. Hi Thomas. One could also add in a tsp of turmeric. Very beneficial and tasty when incorporated with these other ingredients.

  29. Try the Italian Volcano
    USDA Organic
    Lemon Juice on amazon … I throw this in with apple cider vinegar and pure ginger juice with a little stevia … 😋

  30. Careful with the potassium good people. If you get painful cramps, you maybe overdosing your potassium.

  31. To get the full benefit of fasting, this is not recommended. By this intake of too many minerals during fasting, youre interrupting the process of Autophagy; just black tea and pink Himalayan salt should be enough as a supplement.

    • black tea can break a fast – make it a green tea. he stated so in a different video

  32. I am Not rich; and Im on a budget, so I use:
    1) Lite Salt for sodium and potassium. 1/4 tsp has Potassium 350mg 10%
    DV. Sodium 290mg 12% DV. Not worth it to buy Cream of Tartar (1 tsp has Potassium 495mg 14%
    DV. Sodium 1.6mg 0% DV). Not worth it to buy Himalayan Salt just for trace amounts of other minerals.
    2) Household Vinegar. It has the highest concentration of acetic acid. (Household, 5.24%, apple cider, 5.04%, red wine, 4.85%, white wine, 4.88%. )
    Save your $$

  33. Are you adding making this recipe in EVERY 10oz water or is in only at 1/2 way point?

  34. Okay so I just tried my first one of these, dont let the video fool you, this stuff tastes just like apple cider vinegar smells. Im not going to use any sweetner nor did I this first time but Im not even convinced that would help. We do what we have to do and if this does even a small part of what research says then Ill suffer it but make no mistake this stuff tastes rank. Quire literally was on the edge of triggering my gag reflex. Maybe Ill get used to it more over time, I did start with two tablespoons though, just b/c I wanted the full effect but pretty much everyone says use one tablespoon if you cant stomach the taste.

    Not trying to scare anyone away from trying this I just felt like this video, while great and educational for me didnt give a realistic representation of the taste of this stuff, theres nothing sweet and salty about it.

  35. I want to lose weight. But when I drink even 1 tsp of ACV, I feel dizzy. I’m a person who needs to eat more high sugar fruits and foods. Otherwise, I get dizzy. Especially when I study and use my brain more. Im 34 years old, male.
    I really appreciate if someone could help me 🙁

    Thank you so much

  36. Man, I like these videos a lot, cuz hes so nice to explain everything in such detail, while Im like: Dude, if you look like that and you do it, Ill do it too, thats all I need to know, hahah

  37. I ad 2 Table spoons of ACV, juice f half a lemon, 1 or 1-1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon Nu salt or tartaric acid to 1 quart (1 liter ) of water, & drop into it a slice of ginger & a wedge of squeezed out lemon, & sip it all day on the fasting days. Some times I drop 1 whole dry long pepper in it too. . The rest of the time it is plain water, black coffee, green tea or non fruit herb teas. Will that, in any way spike insulin or break the fast?

  38. I love all you do and stand for thank you so much .I have juiced for 30 days then i started a water fast, my goal is 30 days right now. I have been feeling weird so i thought maybe my electrolytes were low, I hadnt added any salt to my waters thus far so I did that, I put 1 tsp of himalayan sea salt, I feel a bit better. I wanted to try this but acv 1 tbsp 3 cal, cream of tartar 8 calories per 1 tsp, so to reap full benefits of water fasting Im told no calories what so ever, Doc Of Detox. I was wondering alos about bentonite clay as a natural alternative to getting my electrolytes, seems to have Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Sodium, Copper, Iron and Potassium and 0 calories. Look forward to your response and thank you again for all your hard work and dedication, your definitely one of the tops!!!!

  39. Hi Thomas, If i have gastric issue (triggers once in every 4 months), is it safe to drink ACV?

  40. I think more cooking videos. Like ways to make chicken breast or ground chicken more appealing. Many people struggle with the diet because they dont know how to cook.

  41. Not easy for me to drink this also teeth damage. Can capsule give the same benefits ?

  42. I made this day and worked out, Im legit sweating the smell of this drink

  43. What if you drink 10 oz acv and 10 oz of water with lemon slice daily
    I really like the taste. What effects does it have on the body?

  44. Would it be safe to take a daily vitamin in conjunction to ensure you’re getting enough? I’ve been keto for one month and I’ve felt great until the last week or so. I’m very tired and sluggish. I’ve had bouts of insomnia. I’ve been tracking via carb manager and 16/8IF 5 days a week. I usually meet or go over proteins by 10-15g and seem to fall short on fats by 15-20g. Your videos are awesome! They help so much!!

  45. Damn he just talks to much !!!! He likes to talk !!!! Thats why I cant with him ! Damn

  46. Just curious, could I just use ACV? Don’t really want to use the other stuff

  47. Is cream of tartar somehow better than potassium chloride (aka nu salt)?

  48. Aloha, LOVE your videos. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge! Question, might this be sipped on throughout fasting days – all day? To keep minerals balanced vs correcting and unbalance?

  49. I’m doing a 24 hours fast and did this an hour before my workout and just took away the lime juice (so I’m still working out in a deeper fasted state).

  50. Hi Thomas, this drink gives me a lot of energy during a fast, but it goes right through me. Anyway to modify it to give the benefits while also eliminating a watery stool?

  51. Is there something else i can drink instead of acv i cant stand the taste

  52. Instead of limes cant you just use citric acid powder? That might take away the calories

  53. hey, thanks for all the information, ive got additional question, though; i know the drink doesnt break intermittent fasting, but does it break prolonged one? thanks

  54. Thomas is fantastic, but one thing he never mentions is that it is critical you do not consume blood thinners (aspirin or ibruprofin) during a fast. If you do this, there is a very likely chance you will pass out, Ive made this mistake. I was fasting. Got a nasty headache. Popped a few aspirin. Nearly fainted 3 times.

  55. Can i use black salt ?? I cant get pink salt cause its not available in my area …please reply to this

  56. I love this combination for a drink and I add 2 teaspoons of epsom salt to mine.

  57. I just went to the store and got everything I was missing for this drink. I plan on doing this drink while extended fasting. I thought I would drink it along with water through out the day. I have a LG bottle 32 oz. Could u give me an idea of ratios for ingredients. I plan on drinking water in another bottle of water at the same time to rinse my mouth after taking a drink of this concoction. Do u think this is an okay way of doing this or should I drink this straight down first thing in the morning then just do water through out the day ?

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