Keto diet recipe mashed cauliflower

Jump to Recipe Card Creamy mashed cauliflower with butter, parmesan and garlic tastes amazing. This cauliflower puree is creamy therefore delicious. The addition of garlic and parmesan makes mashed cauliflower very flavorful certainly. To find the best texture and flavor, fresh is the strategy to use. One method to make life easy is to get a bag of pre-washed cauliflower florets.

Butter: I take advantage of unsalted butter. I really like using creamy European butter, but any butter will be good. Minced garlic: Mince it yourself, or utilize the stuff that will come in a jar. Grated parmesan: Be sure you use finely grated parmesan, not shredded coarsely. Kosher salt and black pepper: If using fine salt, the total amount ought to be reduced by you you utilize, or the dish could finish up salty too.

A teaspoon of kosher salt weighs significantly less than a teaspoon of regular salt. The detailed instructions are in the recipe card below. Listed below are the essential steps: 1. Steam the cauliflower in the microwave. You can even steam it in a steamer basket on the roast or stovetop it. But the microwave may be the easiest and quickest method.

In fact, I serve microwave cauliflower as a side dish often! Add the steamed cauliflower to your meal processor bowl along with butter, garlic, parmesan, pepper and salt. Process these tasty ingredients right into a creamy mash wonderfully.

MAY I use frozen cauliflower? You can, but I think that the dish tastes better when you use fresh cauliflower significantly. If using frozen cauliflower, defrost it in the microwave, and be sure you drain it Perfectly. But as I said, I really do recommend using fresh cauliflower in this recipe highly. Does it taste good? Mashed cauliflower mimics mashed potatoes in texture and taste closely. The 1st time I tasted it, I was amazed. How do it taste so excellent? How do this keto, low carbohydrate dish be as effective as genuine almost?

Cauliflower pizza cauliflower and crust rice – both are really, really good! Non-low-carb eaters like mashed cauliflower Even. The known fact that we like it isn’t surprising. Try mashed butternut squash instead Perhaps. But if you want cauliflower, or if you are just indifferent to it even, I think you will love this dish really.

What things to serve with mashed cauliflower? That is an extremely versatile side dish that you could serve with just about anything. THEREFORE I often serve it with among the following saucy dishes:.

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