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This is actually the final end game, a well rounded menu saturated in vegetables and unprocessed foods and without artificial sweeteners. I build these in Cronometer therefore i could start to see the micronutrient profiles since it had been done by me. While I was doing this I noticed something very interesting. Once I had completed my menus with my perfect macros I transpired to research the micronutrients.

Which is what I found…. I was hitting my macro goal easy with 2 servings of soy and 1 hemp plus all of the veggies…. Which isn’t a problem in of itself really. Your body is absolutely smart and can patch together aminos from different foods over an interval of a couple of days, no biggy right? In a normal vegan diet that is no nagging problem, in case you are eating a multitude of different plant foods.

And there are those in the vegan community that dont have confidence in protein combining at all. But Id be safe than sorry. The amnios that lack listed below are found plentifully in lots of vegan foods……but the primary source for vegans is…. Legumes and Beans. Which menu has 2 portions of peanut and soy butter already.

Just what exactly can we do? Enter Pea Protein!! Not perfect but so far better Still. So label of this everything you shall. These are my own finding so see what works for you personally just! Or add the excess protein on days you workout just.

For it to match my requirements of a sensible menu, it requires to support the following 10 things: The Vegan Keto Food List 1. Berries 1 serving 2. Fat Fruits 2 servings 3. Cruciferous Vegetables 2 servings 5. Green Leafy Vegetables 1 serving 6. Other Keto Vegetables 1 serving 7. Nuts 1 serving 8. However, in case you are trying to keep your carbs lower, you can replace among the meals with a minimal carb meal replacement shake.

Bonus points for adding greens to it. Now, lets begin! I love to keep some of the ingredients to increase the very best as a garnish back. It creates much difference soooooo. LUNCH Slice open bagel and toast Add avocado and tomato and sprinkle with nutritional yeast and salt and pepper Top with lettuce and revel in! You can include whatever flavourings to them that you want!

I really like cumin therefore i make a cumin seed flacker, yum! But feel absolve to test out whatever flavour mixture tickles your fancy!!


  1. I like tofu but I wouldve used mushrooms instead. I just find portobello mushrooms more flavorful.

  2. You can eat all berries on keto 🤔 Im vegan been keto vegan for months now

  3. Tofu and other soy products are bad for your health and cause hormone imbalance. Do some research.

  4. I been ok low carb for about almost 4 years and been on keto and one meal a day for 3 years i was 400 pounds and now i am in my 260s i feel great i eat grass fed meats organic eggs veggies and eggs and bacon lots of healthy organic whole foods frok animals and plants ❤☺i feel good i did keto asa vegan for like a year but i didnt do well but when i went back to eating high quality meats and stuff a couple years ago with keto i feel so much better. Now my immune system and arteries are doing better and i feel good. I wont be doing it for life but when im at home i do keto as a baseline but when i go out to eat or something ill enjoy some carbs not alot though. So what works for you and your body Most important everyone is different. Goal is 220 ill get there for sure .

  5. Havent watched your videos in a long time since youre fake natty and its more evident in this video. Your voice sounds like a females now that youre off. Post some training footage hahaha. Youre probably weak as fuck without the juice.

  6. @Simnettnutrition just shared the latest study that we need to grind our chia seeds for max absortion

  7. For your kid, if you need a tip to make him sleep, rest more and making full night sleep! Try acupunture ! I was doing 1hr sleep night at 1y/o, mom got me at acupuncture. After 1 week i was sleeping 4hr bighg second week 6hr and complete night! 😅 keep it up man love your vids!💪🏻

  8. Thanks for the video! I never thought that vegan meals for keto could be delicious too

  9. Yes, it is true. Anything you read through in the “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it), eating plan guide. The 3 weeks I have shed Seven lbs, 2.5 within off my waist and Two inches my very own hips – Am one jeans size smaller. Awesome! .

  10. i am vegan 8 years and started keto + intermittent – it took a bit of getting used to the oil but i now love it – much more energy for workout and i fee full most of the time.

  11. Switch to braggs coconut aminos. Less sodium and coconut based vs soy. You already consume an abundance of soy with the tofu. Walnut oil and macadamia nut oil has a higher cooking point.

    Also my diet is Low carb, higher fat and moderate protein..not exactly keto but I do try to have a few keto days and other days I eat a little bit more carbs.

  12. I dont think this guy has any idea what a Ketogenic diet or what basic nutrition is or what Pad Thai is. You dont put olives in Pad Thai. LOL.. Then on top of that he says hes just winging it. Probably one of the most unprofessional videos on Youtube concerning health and fitness and completely inaccurate concerning the ketogenic diet.

  13. first of all, using any kind of sweetener tricks the brain and your body will produce insulin as a response and this will stop your body from producing ketos

  14. Coconut oils IS HEALTHY AS IT IS ANTI INFLAMMATORY, has a high burning point .

    Your meal looks amazing.
    Greetings from a regular keto / carnivore .

  15. 2.384 calories IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THAT HUGE BODY Jon Venus. You eat that amount of calories daily?

  16. LOL Im eating a mango monomeal while watching this 😉 CARBS ARE LIFE! But I love videos like this as it goes to show there is no one way to eat a vegan diet…

  17. Olive oil/ good on salads, veggies. I love avocados…on eggs and salads. #Keto/Vegan😃 I love it. Sometimes, I forget to eat?😒 Today My First Meal 5:30pm. IF, Detox daily….feeling Awesome!!!! My Digestive System Good…(gut) My blood pressure good. My cholesterol levels 125, Hdl49,Ldl62, My Doctors check my Electrolytes every three months. Down 40kg.

    • My body HATES very low fat, very high carb vegan. Ive switched to LCHF vegan and have dramatic improvement in just over 2 days. Edema is gone. My blood sugar is stable and lower. (I have been pre-diabetic.) My horrible digestive woes are improving and I dont look 6 months pregnant. I also seem to be able to eat more calories yet am not putting on weight. Im not in ketosis, but Im trying to keep carbs under 100 grams. My fingernails seem to grow better, also, when I eat a lot of nut/seed butters.

  18. I clicked his video just to look at his body. Wow thats kinda gay, I guess theres gay aspects to bodybuilding.

  19. Looks great, however – I wouldnt mix the hot food with he salad as the heat if over 105 degrees F will destroy the natural digestive enzymes in the raw salad. I would also take a full spectrum enzyme suppliment because the enzymes were cooked out of the broccoli and the tofu is already cooked with no enzymes. Other wise, great meal!

  20. This video was awesome. Question – As a vegan how much protein per day are you intaking when building muscle mass? 0.8 per lb body weight or ? Thank you.

  21. Jon, I feel TERRIBLE on a ketogenic diet. WFPB keto made me feel like a zombie.

  22. I dont even call white bread carbs. I call it ultraprocessed garbage carbs.

  23. Ive been vegan keto for a 1.5 years I enjoy it prior to that was vegan 7.5 years

  24. Hey Jon, can you please consider giving a shout-out to GojiMan, he decided to quit his job so he could decide himself more to his passion of helping people through vegan nutrition. That reminded me of how you took the plunge a few years ago. He seems very knowledgeable and is about to start his PhD in Nutrition Science. Thanks!

  25. Jon must watch and leave comment.: Texan cowboys meet Vegan protestor.

  26. The Angioplasty diet. Short term youll lose weight, long term poor blood numbers and clogged arteries. Do not get on this diet if youre over 50.

  27. Right on…so vegan keto can help you keep off fat and still build muscle as long as your caloric intake is high?

  28. Due to a health concern… Ive learned Ive gotta cut carbs from my diet… Never thought Id be here. Assuming Id find very limited resources looking up vegan keto, gotta say, boy was I fucking happy to see your face lol. I apprecj the video!

  29. For all of you people bashing low carb diets…. you realize there are people who have diabetes or insulin resistance that wish they didnt HAVE to eat this way…

    • Right!? The second I eat too many carbs my body erupts into cysts and I literally grow a beard. No thanks.

    • My body HATES very low fat, very high carb vegan. Ive switched to LCHF vegan and have dramatic improvement in just over 2 days. Edema is gone. My blood sugar is stable and lower. (I have been pre-diabetic.) My horrible digestive woes are improving and I dont look 6 months pregnant. I also seem to be able to eat more calories yet am not putting on weight. Im not in ketosis, but Im trying to keep carbs under 100 grams. My fingernails seem to grow better, also, when I eat a lot of nut/seed butters.

    • Alexandria R I am vegan (& just tempted to try vegan keto). I was diagnosed as pre-diabetes over 2 years ago. I started a scrapbook on everything I could find about diabetes. I quit sugar, baked goods, most breads. I stayed away from refined foods – went for high fibre foods. High fibre was my focus – which automatically bypasses all animal products & highly processed foods. My A1c tests (averages past three months of blood glucose levels) have been normal for 2 years now. Essentially I am not diabetic any more. Don’t know if it’s pertinent but I do have plant-based ‘meats’, soy products – like organic, non-gmo miso, tempeh, smoked & plain tofus. Looking at keto I am now adding lots of fats to my diet in prep for trying vegan keto. Adding the fats makes me feel satisfied & full. Means I have difficulty eating more than two meals a day – I don’t crave sweets & don’t need to snack between meals. My weight has stayed the same & I am hoping when I do full vegan keto, with some intermittent fasting that I will lose weight.

  30. Thats not a keto diet. I doubt you can enter ketosis with that many carbs. Thanks for the idea with the Chia seed pudding though.

  31. Sounds like a tasty salad. I would personally be concerned about the oils and high fat. I look forward to seeing how it works for you.

  32. A Vegan Keto sounds almost impossible. Feels like there is no life anymore. Enjoy your beans, potatoes, rice and oatmeal fellas!😀

  33. Not sure why you think oil isnt healthy, different oils, different nutritional components. Cold pressed virgin olive oil is an amazing food. In blue zones like the islands in Greece, a high amount of calories in the diet come from olive oil, and they are amongst the healthiest people in the world.

  34. Dr. Eric berg and Dr. Jockers both have good articles are lots of free recipes for following a vegan ketogenic diet. See 😊

  35. I think vegan keto can be healthy for some people, I wouldnt personally do it because not only do carbs make me feel good but theyre also very healthy so I see no advantage.
    Non vegan keto on the other hand is unethical, unhealthy and unsustainable.

  36. First time on your channel. LOOVE the breakdowns, to the point and I love the little spurts of your wife and son 😍
    More Keto/Vegan recipes please!!! 🙏🏼

  37. Just bought the cacao and vanilla vivo protein powders, thanks for the discount code😉

  38. cool to show people how you could do keto using plant-based whole foods! def not the life for me tho…i love my carbs

  39. Jon, I love this man. Thanks for sharing your Vegan Keto journey!

    Just curious the bowl you use for your breakfast is badass! Do you mind plugging in where you got it from? Thanks!

  40. hola… pero si hablas español vi en otro video… me gustaría entenderte en español..

  41. This was eye opening. I had never even thought of a vegan ketogenic diet. I love your videos. It always educational and gives me ideas on foods my family can try

  42. Rather than stevia, have you tried erythritol? Doesn’t mess with your Microbiome as much.

    • @Dr. Won, MD – Thx for reply. Bums me out – I knew Stevia was too good to be true. Ill have to figure out how much Im using in droppers compared to the max you listed. 🤔
      I cant do Erythritol – any sugar alcohol messes with my digestion, especially that one. 😔
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Ill check out your channel! 🙌

    • Shari G. Strvioside converts to steviol by our gut Microbiome which can be toxic. World health organization recommends not consuming more than 1.8mg per pound of your weight. That’s the upper limit.

  43. Ive been vegan keto for month now and vegan for years. Refreshing option, melts fats fast without low energy feelings like in portion control. Requires normal base insulin to work and taking care of eating spectrum of body toxin flushing foods. Tried couple 40 hour dry fasting and never been as easy to do prolonged fast or do intermediate fasting.

  44. Thank you for sharing. I do tend to do more Raw Vegan and now wanting to build more muscle

  45. As far as Dr klapper is concerned you get into ketosis after like the third day and then you are thriving on this diet….. I think what you have felt was just the transition from one type of diet o the other??? I mean if you go from just simple vegan to WFPB you feel deprived and malnourished as well until you stay on it for longer, at least that was my experience going vegetarian to WFPB.

  46. Yeah vegans cannot perform this diet on longterm basis not because some sort of negative effects absolutely not, but because in keto the most important thing is protein and as vegan or vegetarian you should know where all our protein comes from i.e lentils , soya , seeds etc.
    Yes ,you can perform longterm it really depends upon person to person but i am not going to kill my taste buds.
    Vegans, vegetarians proteins are mostly with carbs and I absolutely loved your video , in the end you gave your honest opinion on Keto for vegans not just promoting it without no reason.

    Sometimes i think Vegan vs Meat eaters will never be solved cos we promote no meat but here we are with Ketogenic diet, meat eating is more increased than declining.

  47. Side point. I loved the chill breast feeding. Just took me by surprise and made me smile. You guys are such cute parents.

  48. That salad looks amazing…but some sweet potatoes would make it even better haha

  49. Hi Jon! One question: I live in Barcelona, where can I find coconut aminos? is any supermarket selling it, or only on the internet? thank you, love your videos 🙂

  50. you might as well call it the Tofu diet… This is definitly not for me… Plus the foodcombing would be too much imo…

  51. Thanks for the video, like to eat like this because carbohydrates tend to increase my pain, so I try to balance it out with whole foods 😁

  52. Thank you for this. I switched to plant based for health reasons but am not very good about planning my meals. I’ve been wanting to try something close to what you do here for about two months to see what happens. At 48, my goal is to be at my healthiest and to be a very fit teacher. I want to feel my best, physically and mentally.

  53. Love all the fitness “experts” here trying to tell you what’s healthy and what’s not lol. Great vid as always man gl with it!

  54. Max 20-50gs of carbs a day i was hoping for a vegan keto video that is actually a keto diet what i eat in a day video now a low carb diet.

  55. I am not a fan of the ketogenic diet. It raises risk of heart disease, and cancer. Any diet that excludes my favorite food, bananas, is not a diet I’d ever trust.

  56. On day 3 of vegan keto, with limited oil, no nuts, and still training 3 or 4 days a week. So far so good and honestly i love sunbutter and i love veggies so Im excited to see my results as time goes on.

  57. Thanx a lot for d app bro infinite health n blessings to all of u n vivo life

  58. Wish I could try the Vegan Keto diet but unable to due to the high vitamin k content and being on warfarin medication I need to watch my vitamin k intake. Before going vegan and not being on warfarin medication I didnt really like my greens. Now that Iam vegan I like my greens but cannot have that much due to the warfarin medication:( So I tend to have alot of food with carbs, so alot of brown rice etc.

  59. yes glad you did one day… i did it for a couple of months, BIG MISTAKE. low fat plant based for the win alwaaaayyyysss

  60. Thank you for being realistic about how different peoples body metabolizes!! The only vegan I have heard say this!

  61. you dont have to strip at all but you morons think that just because i got a healthy body then i should use like a toy to beg for views on youtube video when clearly a naked thumbnail only entertain pervert girls not guys

  62. I feel amazing eating little carbs. Lots of carbs I feel like shit. Fuck all you carb vegans!

  63. Im so happy youre covering Keto. I may try it, with blood sugar issues Im just not having success with high carbs, but love eating them. Thanks for the great ways to add fats to each meal. Watch out with your fast fat intake, I believe I ended up with gall bladder surgery after introducing too many fats quickly when eating at steak house with hubby and all they offered was fat laden veggies for me and unfortunately I ate them. Going Keto route Ill introduce fats slowly. Thank you.

  64. Jon your great but what you did has nothing to do with keto diet its just a excuse for vegans to eat bad with to much fat. If you want to get to the next level your going to have to hit pubmed and do your research.

  65. iv been on keto for a year i was vegan before and i feel better on keto its really awesome and fats are really beneficial for longevity. So are proteins as you may know but you should look into lowering your protein and the benefits of that. Also soy is very harmful for your hormones long term and can lead to other health issues since most of it is gmo. i just wanted to put that out there but i love your channel jon and your son is very adorable!

  66. Suggestion:
    Avoid Soymilk & Tofu altogether. There are far better healthier alternatives.

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