Percentage of carbs for low carb diet

Some low-carb diets may need you to limit the quantity of carbohydrates you consume. In this case, it is necessary so that you can read nutrition facts labels to determine specifically just how many grams of carbohydrates are in the meals.

In case you are beginning a new diet program, consult with your physician in advance as a precaution. Carbohydrate Recommendation Between 45 and 65 percent of your total calories should result from carbohydrates.

Since carbs have 4 calories per gram, you could have to grams daily for an average 2,calorie diet. Low-carb diets often need you to limit your total daily carbohydrate intake to 50 to grams, explains the Mayo Clinic. If your low-carb diet enables you to eat three meals plus two snacks each day and consume grams of carbs, this amounts to roughly 40 grams of carbs at each meal and 15 grams of carbs per snack.

Reading the Label Foods that are lower in carbohydrates should have less than 5 percent of total calories from carbohydrates. This percentage is important in case you are on a low-carb diet. It’s also advisable to keep an eye on the grams of carbs to be sure you stay within your diet program recommendations. Manufacturers must list carbohydrate information on the package. Next to the report on grams of carbs may be the daily value of carbohydrates predicated on a 2,calorie diet.

For instance, if the label says 31 grams of total carbohydrates, this amounts to roughly ten percent of your carb intake for a 2,calorie diet. Even in a low-carb food often has significantly less than 5 percent carbohydrates, you need to focus on the serving size. A low-carb tortilla might have 5 percent carbohydrates, but one tortilla may be two servings.

Eating the whole tortilla doubles your carb intake. Low-carb bread might have 10 grams of carbs, but this is limited to one serving or one slice. Making a sandwich with two slices of bread doubles your carb intake to 20 grams. Additional Label Information Below the full total carbohydrates, the label lists soluble fiber and sugars. Fiber is a kind of indigestible carbohydrate that’s essential for digestion, nonetheless it will not contribute any calories to your daily diet. Sugars, which may be added or naturally occurring, are contained in the total grams of carbs.

This kind of carbohydrate can be listed separately, if you’re also monitoring your sugar intake. Some types of diets need you to calculate net carbs, although this term isn’t regulated by the meals and Drug Administration so specific calculations might vary by diet, explains the Mayo Clinic website. Some weight loss programs define net carbs as the full total number of carbohydrates minus fiber sugar and grams alcohols.

Therefore, high fiber foodstuffs or foods with artificial sweeteners have a minimal net carb content. For example, a fiber bar which has 8 grams of total carbs, 3 grams of fiber and. You’ll utilize the calculated net carb total go towards your allotted carb intake. Risks There are several ongoing health risks connected with limiting carbohydrate intake. If you reduce your carb intake suddenly, you might experience headaches, constipation and fatigue.

Carrying out a diet that will require you to displace carbohydrates with meat implies that you might be consuming an excessive amount of saturated fat and cholesterol.

This can boost your risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, cutting your carbohydrate intake may lead to ketosis drastically. This problem causes ketones to develop in your blood after the body turns to fat for energy.

Ultra low-carb diets that want you to consume significantly less than 20 grams of carbs each day may put you vulnerable to this condition. Ketosis can be extremely damaging to essential organs, so that it is vital that you discuss diet risks together with your health care provider.


  1. 70% from fats – what does that do to cholesterol levels, arterial health and inflammation – all of which results in heart disease.

    • @mindciller also new studys say saturated fats are not linked with heart disease and cholesterol its self can be good or bad depending if you are eating processed foods or not, high insulin levels are the biggest cause of diseases and high carbohydrates diets spike insulin levels thats why the keto diet is so good cause you dont consume carbs just fats, and fat its self doesnt spike your insulin levels at allπŸ™Œ…yes you whole life has been a lieπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

    • @mindciller you must think your so smart πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ when you are in ketosis and you are consuming alot of saturated fats your body actually adapts and produces less cholesterol

    • Sugar is not causing heart disease. A high fat/ saturated fat diet does. Cholesterol comes from eating animal stuff either meat or dairy. Our body makes its own cholesterol and doesnt need an outside source. When outside source is introduced it starts clogging the arteries hardening the lining of the arterie causing atherosclerosis which in turn when bad enough will cause a heart attack and heart disease. Make sense? Sugar is just a high burning fuel that can be changed to fat when you are over your calorie amount for the day but it is not a source of saturated fat or cholesterol

  2. For the beginners, they dont know how to translate those % macros: protein, fat, carbs into grams of food. How to do that?

    • The grams depend on how many calories you are eating. There are 9 calories in each gram of fat and 4 calories in each gram of protein and carbohydrate.

  3. Ive previously been on a no white diet for three months and lost 25 lbs and Id like to try keto now. Do you think my previous diet would make it hard in any way to get into ketosis?

    • I cant predict how your body would respond based on your past diet, but a no white diet sounds like a healthy whole-food approach.

  4. Can you do coconut butter instead of butter/Mct oil? I don’t do dairy and I’ve tried Mct oil and it goes right through me, I do have gut issues. But I seem to do okay with coconut butter.

  5. I have recently found your videos. Thank you so much for taking your time and making these videos in such an easy to understand way. I will continue watching them to learn more. If you follow low carb and get to your desired weight, what do the percentages look like then?

  6. I cant hear any sound on this video unless I turn the volume way up and even then its hard to hear Dr. Becky. Is anyone else experiencing this? its not happening on any of her other videos that I play.

  7. Do you have any suggestions for someone whom is vegan for following a ketogenic diet?

    • Frieza Golden ,lentils are good for you but watch out, believe it or not they are EXTREMELY high in calories, whod have thought?!

    • lentils are a plant based protein (slow carb with high protein content) it has NO fat. So GOOD, but if you are balancing macros, remember this is considered a starch (legume) you have to add fat and protein to balance macros here

  8. Hi Doc, So Glad to have you back. Always a pleasure to hear your articulate explanations. Would like to hear more from you on Intermittent Fasting.

  9. Hi. Thank you for this video. I intermittent fast 16-20 hours a day but Ive been struggling on how to eat in my eating window. I feel this may help! My question: are we counting NET carbs or counting the carbs as a whole number (not subtracting fiber).

    • Hi yancey1127, I generally talk about carbohydrate grams without subtracting the fiber grams. However, it is a matter of semantics. I only recommend high-fiber carbs, so my diet plans are naturally low in carbs as well as net carbs. I have a video that talks more about what to eat when you cut carbs that might be helpful to you:

  10. This is great but how do u know how many calories you should have in a day? This is where I have trouble. I do Intermittent fasting everyday and do not count calories. So Im having a hard time trying to figure out my Macros to make sure I stay low carb and high fat.

    • Hi Denise, you want to base your calorie needs on your lean mass, not your total body weight. I have a video in my coaching program that explains how to calculate this amount, but basically you multiply your lean mass times 11.

  11. Even though Ive heard this explained in various ways over and over by others, for some reason your explanation really sank in to my brain. You make it so simple to understand! Thanks so much, glad I found your channel.

    • It’s the TEXTURE of Dr Beckey fitness voice that makes the info sink in. I love ❀️ her voice ☺️

  12. I have now been on keto for 21 days now. Stuck to it rigidly, gone through the keto flue, completly given up all sugar, and carbs and not cheated in any way. I amazed myself at how strong I was and how easy I thought it was after thinking it would be so hard. I had no scales until last week ,the 15th , jan and then weighed myself again this morning the 21st… I was down 1lb. I must admit this made me feel like… Whats the point in bothering? I know its great not eating sugar and it will be fantastic long term for my health but I expected better, considering I have given up so much that I used to eat before. I have to say I am devastated, and feel like its not working.

    • Hi Ellen, how are things going for you now?

      Remember, the scale isnt the only way to judge progress. Sometimes youre still losing inches although the scale isnt moving.

      Also take monthly pics of yourself because sometimes you see small changes in your face, body etc.

      Most importantly, youre on your way to becoming healthier. It can take a while to see results, some people report seeing major changes throughout the course of a few months.

      Hang on in there. All the best.

  13. I LOVE seeing your videos! So glad you are putting some new ones out. You are terrific at explaining things.

  14. You are so sweet and seem so nice, very useful advice, thanks. When you mentioned healthy fats, i.e., avocados, nuts, etc., you forgot about organic, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil which is what I take every day, along with nuts and avocados which I really enjoy too, but of course, not all 3 together, because I watch my calorie intake. I am 57, and weigh 99 pounds.

  15. Hi Ive been watching your videos. I under stand alot of the information. I just want to know whats the difference between low carb diet and ketogenic and Atkins I cant get the difference. I lost 8lbs this week just cutting back but I want to lose 15 lbs to reach my goal. Please help.

    • Hi Mike, I did a video with my husband to explain the difference between a Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diet. Its on our second YouTube Channel here: Hope it helps! Thanks for the comment and congratulations on your weight loss.

  16. Good and helpful info! The problem for most is they dont understand total carbs vs net carbs which is total carbs minus fiber equals net carbs.

  17. Great advice, Becky. I especially love what you said about the carbs coming from non starchy veggies. Thanks also for not being a fat phob. . . Im becoming more and more aware of how important they are.

    • In your YouTube Creator Studio, look under community >> messages. I also just sent you an email. Well figure this out somehow!

    • LOL. . I didnt see a YouTube message. Is there something Im missing?

    • Hi Lindy, we seem to be having trouble getting our messages through to each other! I sent you a YouTube message. Please check your messages and hopefully we can connect πŸ™‚

    • Hey Becky, I sent you an email through your website. . .did you get it? Please send me your email. I dont have it. πŸ™

  18. I follow the doctors that advocate whole food plant based lifestyle. They say that the intramyocellular cellular lipids and the fats in your bloodstream causes insulin resistance. To me it makes sense that your muscle cells tell the insulin they already have enough energy (fats) and don’t need anymore. Hence blood sugar remains high and pancreas secretes more insulin.

    I used to have trouble loosing weight until I switched over to a whole food plant based lifestyle. I eat all sorts of starchy wholesome carbs: potatoes, yams, beans, rice, etc and have lost forty pounds in twenty two months. I have found that it’s a lifestyle I can sustain indefinitely.

    I am curious if a study has been done comparing blood sugar levels of individuals with similar hb1ac , divided into two groups, one group having consumed wholesome carbs laden with fats such as butter, oils, lard, and other group having consumed only wholesome carbs, and both having consumed same amount of calories?

    Should a fat adapted person be confined to more calories from fat and never be able to consume baked potatoes and salsa on regular basis anymore?

  19. This describes me to a T. I am insulin resistant and carrying a lot of extra weight. I am looking forward to your next video.

  20. Good explanation.
    Maybe good to add that for weight loss you should keep the 100% calories lower then what you used to eat.

  21. 25 percent of 1200 calories is 300 calories. Does that equal 75 carbs? Can i just count 300 calories and stop or do I have to count carbs too? Thanks

  22. Well explained, clear and easy. ..Thanks dr……happy You are back with a new video. ….Please The next …..We are allπŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚

  23. These seem like good ratios to get someone onto these diets. But I wonder if after someone is successfully executing one of these diets (i.e. steady weight loss over several weeks), would you then consider decreasing fat grams while maintaining protein and carb grams at the same level to accelerate the success? Im thinking more about keto as that is what I have been doing. In my thinking, after acclimating my body to burning ketones, why not let the fat be supplied from body fat?

    • Hi Jeff, you can play around with your breakdown of fat/protein/carb grams as you progress on your diet. Every person is different, so you need to find your sweet spot where youre comfortable with your weight loss and food choices. My husband has been on a keto diet, weve documented his weight loss on our second YouTube channel:

  24. Thank you Dr. Im an insulin resistant diabetic and Im not on any diabetic meds because Im controlling my blood sugar by diet alone. Would you please tell which fresh fruits are low in carbs and low on the glycemic index?

    • Becky Gillaspy Thank you! Ill be sure to check it out and save it for future reference. I really like your videos and appreciate your presentation. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tracey, its great to hear that youre controlling your diabetes through diet. I talked about fruit sugar and insulin resistance on this blog post: The post also contains a chart with common fruits and their fructose levels.

  25. Finally I understand how to break down my marcos. Thank you so much! I am so glad I found you! I have watched many of your videos, and you have helped me with my PCOS as well. Looking forward to your next video!

    • Thanks, S Tenaglia! Im so happy to hear that my videos have been helpful to you!

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