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Announcing Dr. Now, from Dr. In it lies the real secrets to the elixir of youth.

see how to live your very best

To, longest life, today get your copy! Gundry helps it be simpler than to go lectin free ever. Day challenge offers incentives His, support, and results plus a toolkit for success.

The book became bestseller an enormous New York Times, improved the fitness of thousands dramatically, and changed the conversation around gut health, inflammation, weight loss therefore a lot more. Gundry offers a assortment of over delicious, healthy, and different recipes to greatly help readers maintain their new method of eating, forever. Gundry’s second book promises to shatter nearly every myth you’ve been told in what accocunts for a “healthy” diet. Lectins are located in a huge selection of common foods, like wheat, beans, potatoes, nuts, and dairy.

This Program, outlined in the written book, has helped a large number of DR. Gundry’s patients to lose excess weight and get over long-standing health disorders. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Switch off the genes that are killing you as well as your waistline Originally published in”Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution” has turned into a best-seller in medical category. More important, it has transformed the lives of a large number of Americans fighting weight, diet, and medical issues.

No more do we need to feel trapped by our genetics. It has helped me find out about the real reason behind disease, take charge of my entire life and start the healing up process as I anticipate better health insurance and longevity. I’ve lost 10 lbs within the last five weeks rather than felt better. Recommend for everyone worried about their weight and so are finally “sick and tired” to be “sick and tired” Gundry’s diet. I am a certified primary care provider myself, which may be the first diet that is this easy which effective.

He obviously has this issue determined. Gundry’s thirty years of experience in neuro-scientific medicine have made him a great resource to people worldwide.

His provocative strategies can help you achieve the sustainable, healthy, and essential life you deserve.


  1. We bought and read Dr. Gundry’s books and we started the Plant Paradox Program to the letter. Before that, we were on a 2 month clean keto, meaning moderate protein and only healthy fats. We had entered ketosis on day 3 of keto and we were never out, reaching ketosis levels of 3-4 on some days and never less than 1. My husband lost 15 lbs, I lost 9 and both my teenage children were loosing weight too, even though they were consuming higher carbs, example milk in moderation. We liked the new diet because introducing resistant starches made our restrictive keto more enjoyable. We introduced green plantains, cassava and other RS from your list in moderation since we were sceptical. As pe your recommendations we increased a lot our fat intake, eg. spoons of olive oil daily. We use the 14 day glucose sensors and the ketosis meter. During your 3 day fasting we lost 3-4 lbs and had the highest ketosis level ever, however, as soon as the phase 2 started with its resistant starches, we started to reduce ketones levels, significantly increase glucose levels and put on back the weight. The foods are obviously more delicious, but within 2 days we were out of ketosis for the first time in 2 months since we started Keto. We are very disappointed indeed. A man, a woman, a teenage girl and a teenage boy, that’s a pretty varied group to test the program!

  2. RE: Vagus nerve connecting to the heart and gut brain. Check out mbraining….how to integrate your Head, Heart and Gut brain.

  3. Dr. Gundry is sending a video to all his subscribers saying that it is a 2 minute video–but in reality, its very long. It is recommending Beverly Hills MD (Im sure Dr. Gundry is getting a kickback). Beverly Hills MD has many, many negative reviews on the internet. They seem to go to town with your credit card and its very hard to get a refund after they use it freely. Just read the real reviews–and not the fake ones at the beginning of a Google search that has been bought out by Beverly Hills MD. If Dr. Gundry is recommending these scammers (my opinion), then he must be a scammer, too. Please beware.

  4. Great summarization and take away video Brian of Dr. Gundys Plant Paradox book👍 As broken down as the the American diet is with so many flocking to convenience foods, its to bad with all the health issues in America people arent realizing that foods are being designed to take your tastebuds hostage, regardless of nutritionial worth or health threats that they pose. Dr. Gundry has given new meaning to the words healthy diet something I thought I was following, boy was I wrong and now my health issues are slowly subsiding. After being sick over 20 years with acute chronic sinusitis and breathing problems, as well as not being able to taste and smell for years, 7 sinus operations and not being able to get a good night sleep since I can remember I take great pleasure in reporting that Dr. Gundrys assertions about curing autoimmune diseases, sure does apply to me. My otolaryngologist who has operated on me is amazed at how the inflammation is subsiding. Lectins pose as a unforeseen danger in our lives, Dr. Gundry is spotlighting them through his various means for the first time giving much significance to dietary changes instead of falling back on the old its genetics reason for having to take so many pills. I highly recommend if you have any autoimmune symptoms to consider reading Plant Paradox to learn how to live medication free with a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Gundry for saving me 😊

  5. I need serious help with carb addiction. I mean I cant stop eating and I cant stop thinking about food. I bought this book because its not a diet per se but a way of life and not radical in any way. Anyone that is reading this comment please encourage me to stick to this. PLEASE. LOL

    • @cath fs You can eat chocolate on Dr. Gundrys plan if it is 70% cocoa or greater. He has recipes for chips and a diet coke alternative, which I think tastes better than diet coke.

    • How you going since your post? I just discovered Steven Gundry and the plant paradox – buying the book tomorrow. Ive googled his list of plant paradox compliant and i know its going to be so hard. I crave for chocolates, chips and diet coke especially towards the evening.

    • Hi! I know not everyone is the same but when my naturopath put me on a paleo diet I was really not sure if I was going to make it. The thing about carbs is that if you eat them, they trigger a craving for more. When I pushed through a few days without the typical carbs I was eating, I realised I no longer craved them. Food prep is key though and some weeks when I know Im going to be extra busy, I will purchase some pre-made paleo snacks to get through the day easier.

    • Oop. Hah. Im sorry, yes I have started it, but I havent been one hundred percent loyal to it tho. I have dropped 7 pounds and have more energy. Thanks for the encouragement, Elaine!

  6. Dr. Peter DAdamo has been talking and writing about them for decades. Lots of nutrition books now talking about lectins. Eat Right was the first, over twenty years ago. Nice to see theyre catching up, but most conveniently dont mention that lectin specificity is often to a particular ABO blood type antigen. Giving dietary advice about lectins but not including blood type specificity is like giving just your city and state to someone who is asking for your mailing address. The letter is very unlikely to ever arrive!

    • Judy Flynn – It has worked for you in what way? Did you have any particular ailments/diseases that have gone away or been alleviated?

  7. Im curious…. how did Dr. Gundry – almost fatally – miss Tony Robbins high mercury blood count owing to TRs highly toxic fish diet? Seems like a school boy error

    • For those with a compromised gut: ibs, ibd, chrons….his advice makes sense to heal the gut you need to eliminate some lectins. But once healed….your gut should be healthy enough to eat these foods. Thats the whole point of fixing digestive issues.

    • The citations dont match the conclusions of the papers he sites. He lacks understanding of nutritional science. Lectins, phytates are no where close to being as dangerous as he thinks. The blue zones are POPULATIONS of people living into their 100s. These people consume beans and grains as a normal part of their cuisine. They dont need to pressure cook to kill all the lectins.

    • The Ultimate Diva: Re: Im curious…. how did Dr. …..  I too, am curious Ultimate Diva.  Having read so many positives responses regarding Dr. Gundrys method, Im very reluctant to dissuade anyone from trying his plan.  However, I dont think his plan works for everyone.  So far, I seem to be one of those individuals.  I think there may be other factors involved for certain individuals.  I also wonder how many of those positive responders are experiencing the placebo effect.  There are studies (which show) about 35% of the population responds positively to the placebo effect.  The most famous one (Im aware of) comes from Junk Science, and goes as follows: Four dummy sugar pills are 20% more effective that two dummy sugar pills for relief from gastrointestinal distress.  What I find interesting about that study is: I never thought the placebo effect could based on degrees of effectiveness.  I always that it was binary, that is 100% effective for certain individuals, or 100% off.  To the reader of my comment, I would suggest you (at least) try Dr. Gundrys plan, because of his wonderful success with so many people.  But if it doesnt work for you, dont be discouraged.  I am always inspired by Shakespeare who wrote:  Their are many more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  Respectfully, I wish you all well.

  8. Been following the plant paradox for two years, never felt better and I’m 59

  9. Plant Paradox=The New Nonsense Diet! Gundry knows nothing whatsoever about nutrition, so, of course he wrote a book. Hes an M.D., (Making Dollars). If you get tired of nonsense, check NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG for facts.:

  10. Specifically, which inflammatory markers are you measuring/monitoring ?

    • Ai thank you very much. I´m definitely going to read these ones! Great work you´re doing, great work!

    • Hi Alain,
      Zak here from Team Optimize. Heres a quick link to Brians Top 10 books!

      You can check out the rest of his 400+ top books here:
      Happy reading!

  11. Cant support a doctor pushing his own anti-lectin product. Step 1 scare people of something Step 2 push a product that you make money off of to rid the scare that you created
    Step 3 call ghostbusters

    • Well, don’t. People are critizied for exposing a problem with giving a solution. And criticized for giving the solution. You have any idea what you are complaining about.

    • As long as youre disciplined enough to avoid lectin containing food, no supplements are necessary. So its completely up to you. Thats why he wrote the book The Plant Paradox, so youve got the knowledge to empower your healing abilities.

    • Or you can try it out see what happens and then come to a conclusion. You have thinking pattern of conspiracy theorist

  12. Hi
    From Antoine in Sydney Australia

    I am on the one meal a day thank you I have lost over 24kg in 90 days

    And the protocol I have set out below which I give out to people that ask me how I did it

    Am I correct?
    Do I have your consent to include you and your site In my advice?


    Lower insulin levels so the body can burn its own fat using ketosis and Autophagy daily
    Drink lots of water all day, hydration and cleansing.
    Green tea, apple cider vinegar or black coffee – for polyphenols.
    Apply the Plant Paradox food list to what you eat. Strictly – to repair your gut.
    Apply the ketogenic diet principles – lots of good fats, fresh vegetables and some protein.
    Apply intermittent fasting as soon as you can. No snacks, only eat at meal time.

    Sleep better so your body can heal itself by resetting your circadian rhythm.
    Be outside daily as early as possible (dawn) and as often as possible throughout the day without glasses or contact lenses – so your body learns to tell the time.
    Set a bed time for yourself and eat three hours before going to bed.
    No screen time before bed and use blue blocker glasses or apps.
    Black out your bedroom of any and all light, clocks, outside lights even small leds.
    Shower before bed – so your skin can breathe while you sleep.

    YouTube List for More Info …..

    Dr Steven Gundry – What to Eat
    Heart surgeon – Bio Hack
    Dr Jack Kruse – Light-Water
    Neuro surgeon (Mitochondrial)
    Dr Eric Berg (D.C.) – Over All Wellbeing
    Edward / Fledge Fitness
    Fasting – How to eat / when
    Wim Hof

    Many thanks Antoine

  13. Brian, why are you shouting?
    Youve got a microphone, Ive got some speakers, (which I had to turn down…) so just talk to me.
    Do you SHOUT at dinner guests like this at the dinner table?
    or do you act like a normal person and simply talk…?

    What is it with Americans.. you talk fast, you SHOUT all your communication.. and then theres all that faked enthusiasm.. WTF?

    Is thiswhow they teach marketing over there? Because let me tell you mate, its very off-putting.

    Please stop it.

    BTW, I also like Prof. Gundry and have his book. Its fascinating and makes a lot of sense.


  14. This diet has helped many over come devastating diseases, so youd think those other big name doctors would be happy about this instead of putting his work down!

    • That’s because his work isn’t based off science. People see good results on keto and other diets because they are cutting out sugar and processed foods. His “science” isn’t published or peer reviewed. Its garbage, not science at all.

    • @Elaine Doctors hate it because it is the opposite of their training and it puts them out of business. The system is broken.

    • Shirley Howard – Thats exactly why I wonder if it actually HAS helped many overcome devastating diseases. There must be a reason why other doctors and scientists are not endorsing this diet.

  15. The Vagus nerve built the Chiropractic profession. If the Atlas/Axis pinches this nerve disease is inevitable.

  16. Isnt that what they are doing with chemtrails the kryptonite dust killing us slowly

    • @Arch Karr It is so bewildering to me how blind people can be. Contrails usually disappear with 5 minutes, max. 10 minutes. They dont stick in the sky for hours…Geoengineering is being practiced every single day worldwide meanwhile. Partly the heavy cloudseeding is being conducted from ships or with machines near cities. THere are videos on youtube how thats being conducted. See cloud making.

    • @AcanOF Whipass Con trails and chem trails both exist and the time they stay in the sky is how to know the difference! If theyre there for longer than 30 mins to an hr then theyre chemtrails.

    • @Arch Karr #wrong Condensation trails dont stick around and fan out over the sky for over 24 hours. Next, youll tell us cloud seeding and stratospheric aerosol injections are a conspiracy too.

    • Kathy Lewis ..dont worry..those chemtrails you see in the sky, are just condensation ( like long skinny clouds) formed from high altitude aircraft Not a government conspiracy to kill us. Those conspiracy theories prey upon peoples limited scientific knowledge.

  17. Brian, Would you please tell me – a busy, middle-aged mother with scarcely time to think – how on earth do you manage to read so many books? I get through one book a week and even thats a struggle at times.

    • Audiobooks help me a lot. Like when driving, or sometimes when going to sleep. I like the Kindle books that have the audio option too; makes it easy to swap between audio and digital reading. But nothing beats reading a real actual book! 📚📚📚

    • rahna amin hey there Brian responded to me on another video about this. He wakes up at at around 4am and goes into Deep Work sessions and just reads from start to end! For an average 200 page book hes normally done by lunch. Also remember he gets paid to do this so hes committed to reading! But at one book a week, I think youre doing well. My goal this year is 40 books this year

  18. Amazing advice and review Brian! I love the plant paradox!

    Ive gotten incredibly results using The Plant Paradox!

    Keep it up!

    • Michael Holly – What are the incredible results you have gotten? I am looking into this diet for my mom who has lots of health issues. Did you have any specific ailments/diseases that made you want to try it? If not, what DID get you to want to try it? In what ways has it improved your health?

  19. I have just started the plant paradox I’m into day 3 and find it difficult to sleep as my mind is in over drive

    • Thank you for sharing! Would love to hear your updates!

      Zak | Team Optimize

  20. Hi Brian, I worked with you on the series for Harvard Westlake School, I Just looked at that Hard Drive today and now you popped up in my youtube feed, (Youtube recommendation engine is getting really good but a little creepy! how did it know?) Good to see you are still spreading more of the great knowledge you have accumulated! Keep it up!

  21. Actually the first time I read about lectins was a book of Peter DAdamo Eat right 4 your type. The book is 20 (?) years old.

  22. I think Dr Gundry is most likely suffering from atherosclerotic brain damage. An arterial disease that decreases blood flow and robs small blood vessels of the brain of oxygen, creating dead zones. Atherosclerotic blood flow diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers are the result of long term animal product consumption like meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Dr Gundry is literally a snake oil salesman! Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox Is Wrong. A book purported to expose “hidden dangers” in healthy foods doesn’t even pass the whiff test.

  23. would u tell us about how you can eat beans and potatoes if they are pressure cooked? do u have to remove the skins ?

  24. Waw this got me thinking, have you read Eat wheat John Douillard .
    Just wondered your thoughts.
    Thanks mate .

    • Douillard, says to eat wheat, seasonally. Also, eat good quality wheat. Gundry recommends if you are going to eat wheat, eat refined wheat and not whole grain. Whole grain wheat is not a good idea because it contains wheat germ agglutinin. WGA is not a good lectin because it increases the probability of brain fog and insulin disruption.

    • 😁Thanks for your note Alvaro.

      Dont forget to rewatch Brian sharing at 1:45 that its about experimenting, finding out common sense things, and finding what works for us individually.

      Zak | Team Optimize

      P.S. we have a variety of nutrition books in the program to help you build your personal protocol, hope you check it out!

  25. I was so impressed that I subscribed. This dude is ripped- he must be doing something right.

    • Awesome to hear youve joined Optimize! Weve got a ton of goodness on how to crush it like Brian! 💪😁

      Hope you enjoy + reach out if you need anything!

      Zak | Team Optimize

  26. I suffer from hypothyroidsm caused by hashimotos disease. Ive been taking synthyroid 0.05mg for two yrs but It never seems to help the symtoms. I still feel brain fog, sluggish feeling, slow wound healing, cold feet, tired eyes…etc. Docs say its fine because the blood test shows normal but i feel pretty bad.  I often feel like i am hybernating!!!  I really dont know what to do…I am only slightly chubby but I dont eat junks although my diet is based carbs…. Should I go crazy with the special diet? No suger no carb no gluten..would that be helpful?

    • hope by now youre doing better whichever and whatever WORKED FOR YOU as were all different. I never felt any better,felt like i was going thru the day being under water w/cement shoes on both feet –doctors simply raising dosages,getting ME no where-so i think you know the rest of the story and I cannot ever ever recommend doing it.!!!
      i could not care any less what lab work sez the same–this entire industry seems to have evolved and disintegrated into total BS–so give this diet a try-stay on your prescribed dosages and keep after your doctors and even evaluate the lab work yourself.

  27. I’ve been following Gundry and PP for a few years, inconsistently though. This year I got more serious, added some of his supplements, and also work with an applied kinesiologist/NSA. I also went the path of via negativa, eliminating the negative to gain health. Like you said, mini kryptonites. My AK taught me through muscle testing most of my supplements were mini kryptonites. It’s been truly transformative. I haven’t been this lower weight in 4 years!

  28. The Plant Paradox plan has changed my life in so many ways. Great Lab results and like Kelly Clarkson says, you feel great inside I havent felt this good in 20 years.

  29. Brian, Im curious if you think the wide spread use of glyphosate on grains is contributing to gluten intolerance and inflammation? The EPA allows a certain amount of glyphosate use on organic products. Companies are now starting to label their products with non glyphosate labels due to consumer demand. I believe this no glyphosate labeling will be the next big health craze obsession.

    • No doubt it has a big connection between that and other such chemical poisons ans the new diseases were seeing, even in younger and younger people and even newborn babies! They are killing us.

    • Book Wyrm Yes,i t’s been proven to be the case by an oncologist who holds 3 mainstream medical doctoral degrees and now uses natural solutions he found to be the answer.

  30. I just bought the book. I do like squash and cucumbers. I was shocked when you said not to eat them! Can wait to read the book.

  31. Awesome Brian! The only advice I havent totally agreed on is Dr Gundrys opinion that wheatgrass is toxic… My wife and I have been taking both wheatgrass and barley grass for 50 days and we have experienced an improvement in our eyesight… the other information is fascinating and will start to apply this knowledge to our own food choices….

    • Hi Paul
      Just interested to know if you still stand by your post 10 months ago about wheat grass? Thanks, Cathy

  32. I really enjoyed this video. Nice presentation. Easy to understand. Exploring the Plant Paradox principles. Thanks

  33. Great vid! According to Dr. Gundrys list, cucumbers can be eaten only if peeled and deseeded.

  34. After all, the word “lectin” comes from the Latin word legere,
    meaning “I choose.” Your ABO “blood type” is a sugar antigen – a
    carbohydrate structure found on the surface of many cells, not only in
    the blood. Blood-type antigen is found extensively throughout the lining
    of your gut and all your digestive secretions if you are a secretor.9
    When you consume incompatible lectins for your blood type, they can
    bind to your particular blood-type antigen and damage your intestinal
    lining; this in turn diminishes your ability to digest food and lays the
    foundation for inflammation in the gut. wont find this info in the
    plant paradox as he would pay homage to the first plant paradox
    book…Eat Right for Your Type by DR PETER Dadamo

    • Working pretty damn well. Ive read 1-3. Got to finish up the rest 🙂

    • You practising it ?How is it working out , im rereading all VI parts combined book now

    • YES. This! Read Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland, Brian! And review it!

  35. Thanks Brian for your condensed version! I am a teacher and really appreciate the information and wish we went over this in a high school class to help students develop some good habits for their future. Many of them are overweight and do not know where to begin!

  36. great video! I read the book and it makes sense to me. Ive been doing Keto diet for more than a year now and it really helped me. Now i have more understanding about healthy food thanks to Dr Gundry. Thanks for your video!

    • I healed from a bad case of Ulcerative colitis using his diet guide…a disease most doctors claim to be incurable.

    • Tom Edgar – In what way is it working for you? Im looking into this diet for my mom who has lots of health issues. Did you have any specific ailments/diseases that made you want to try it? In what ways has it improved your health?

  37. Very condensed information, and my mind didnt wander. Was helpful, thanks.

  38. Now 12 months the plant paradox and I feel very fit and no artrhose pain and 12 kilo lost.

  39. Brilliant I love this one…..

    I have to ask , how much of these rules do you follow?

  40. An intelligent review of the basic reasoning behind Gundrys advise on selective food uptake was well presented by Brian Johnson.

  41. 🇲🇱📚Hi Brian……how did you create that writing background….great insight ……….phenomenal reader …..Thanks📚🇲🇱

  42. Would love to hear your thoughts on these videos about The Plant Paradox

  43. Is rule #1 supposed to be mind blowing? No effing shit, who doesn’t think this way

  44. When you get your bloodwork done, what exactly do you ask your doctor to check for? Im keen to start doing this every 90 days too.

  45. My review on this review: * Star! if that! This guy talks up a storm, and wont shut up! This paradox diet only applies to old people – old peoples diet! Who ate bad all their lives, and now are regretting it, and want to fix it over night. Not a body building diet.

    • mrgiovanny – Who claimed that it WAS a body building diet? Ive never heard or read that anyone has claimed that it is a body building diet. Its a diet that gives you a healthy gut and helps the overall function of the cells in your body.

    • mrgiovanny How can he share this with the people who are actually interested in what he is saying, if he doesnt SAY much?

  46. Dr gundres name is dr god gundre the plant Paradox and the Longevity paradox are the only thing that I have ever seen work properly and is everlasting for a continued long lean Healthy Life thank you Dr god Gundry also thank you for your overview of this was fantastic picked up on more stuff thanks man

  47. Really great thoughts. I am doing the 3 day cleanse right now and feeling great! Highly recommend the book.

  48. The plant paradox food plan has given me the BEST labs I have ever had.

  49. This diet is the only thing on the planet that helped my intense brainfog and nonstop sniffling since I was a tot. The ONLY thing in existence….

    • Gina Slagle Strange since for me it was going whole food vegan that finally took my persistent brain fog away and since 9 years it never came back even once. And before I did experiment with organic eggs to see if that would help me and I my brain fog got a whole lot worse after trying for a month. So eggs were clearly for me the worst offenders.

    • Same two things that Ive struggled with since I was born LOL. Wife and I are preparing to embark on this journey together… or at least implement as much as we can.
      Are you still in it?
      Annapolis, MD

  50. Sticky….protein….
    Semen? Its semen, right?
    Ohhhhhhhh…GLUTEN! Ha, ya got me there.

  51. Thank you for being one of the good guys with the truth Im setting my course with this information again thank you and thank you to Dr Gundry!

  52. Arent beans on the do not eat list? My grandpa ate beans, salty cheese, corn tortillas every morning of his life. He died at 104. My Dad is 87 and eats a similar diet. So I wanna believe Gundry but……at least not the beans part.

    • Thanks for sharing Samuel!

      I think theres an argument for the quality of food they might have been eating 30-40 years ago! A lot has changed with food modification etc.! Or maybe your family is the exception to the rule! lol

      As always, be your own experiment, find what works best for you!! 🙂

      Zak | Team Optimize

  53. Thank you for this another really interesting pn. No sentinent being on this earth wants to get eaten – neither animals nor plants. So yeah, I guess the best thing to do might be consuming love and light only. 😀 And some water.
    And with all respect – all these book are great to start with a lifestyle change but I think that there is no one fits all and that it is crucial to learn to listen to ones body.

    • Unfortunately we have to eat something in this current fallen state of the physical world. By all means live by loving and receiving light (spiritual and physical) but leave the exclusivity of such until after the resurrection of the dead. That way you have energy enough in this life so you can live it well enough to obtain the next eternal life by Gods Grace.

  54. 1 what you stop eating is more important than what you start eating [many poisons, no fountain of youth] 2 little things get us -kryptonite dust 3 lectins-sticky proteins in plants to protect the plant [theme of the book] same foods that nourish us can kill us. gluten is a lectin. 4 vagus nerve connects gut, heart and brain. high vagal tone = better health. 5 90% new you created every 90 days. age does not matter.

  55. Many great ideas, but that list is a bit one-sided i think can be misleading to so many people.

  56. Awesome idea. Looking fwd to ur content. Merry Christmas. Alex from Washington State

  57. more destruction of this quack. But then again if you listen to Ben greenfield you’re already lost.

  58. Gundry Diet almost killed me and now my wallet is empty from buying all the supplements

    • Thanks for the reply, but I was also hoping to understand why you started the diet to begin with. Did you have health issues you were hoping it would remedy? If so, what? How long were you on the diet?

    • lostmarxbro – How did it almost kill you? I am looking at this diet for my mom because she has an autoimmune disease among other things that this diet claims to eliminate. I am skeptical however, because I cant find any professionals in medicine or science that agree with, support. or recommend this diet. What were the reasons you started the diet and what did it do to you? Hope to get a reply! Thanks –

  59. I disagree that there arent fountains of youth! There are, but theres no cure for death (except perhaps death itself)! There are cures for disease and even (the appearance of) aging to a very good degree, but our cells (& thus our bodies) will run out sooner or later! Its the curse of Adams fall from original grace by original sin. We all must die at least once. Whether we die twice and thus forever depends on us and our Love of God and neighbor or lack thereof!!! There will be the Resurrection of the dead though also because a physical body, just much as a immaterial and spiritual soul, is part and parcel of human nature.

    • There doesnt need to be a cure for death. Life is always, and we continue to be born and die until we develop ourselves to the level that we need not incarnate any more.

  60. It would be interesting to hear about your results in the next 90 days…

  61. Can I ask has anyone looked into gmo genetically modified foods .its huge in USA.
    Canola oil,corn,squash ect have been genetically modified I see they are on the no list .we are being made sick Bec food has been genetically altered and I think this is the reason for it all .what you think

    • Of course anything is possible, but there is no scientific evidence. Maybe someone should design some scientifically sound studies to try to get to the bottom of it, right?

  62. Cheers Brian, thanks so much for the inspiration and quality content. (And excellent presentation!) Best wishes to you and yours for 2018.

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