Recipe for pork cutlets keto diet

With a full bowl of life homeschooling, looking after 4 kids, and owning a business in the home, dinner needs to be easy. I spend plenty of time in your kitchen, and prefer my least favorite part of dinner, clearing up, to be as painless as possible. I could enter a rut also, switching and forth from beef to chicken keto dinners back. Knowing that, I started to focus on a fresh keto-friendly oven-baked pork chop recipe one-pan meal with the groceries I had in my own fridge.

I grabbed a pack of boneless pork chops and fresh broccoli and started throwing ingredients together to create this tender low carbohydrate pork chops and broccoli meal. I was delighted with the results, and everyone loved it. Center cut thin pork chops, and loin pork chops both work very well for oven baking. By within the pork chops the first short while of baking, you create steam that helps them to be more tender. Then, in the cooking process later, remove the foil to ensure that the oven-baked pork chops can brown.

Make sure to begin with a preheated oven for even baking always. When you could swap out the seasoning or add extra, this is a set of what I used: Fresh Minced Garlic Cloves you can sub for garlic powder if you like parsley thyme pink salt and pepper Rather than a baking dish, I used a cookie sheet or sheet pan to ensure that I could get this to easy baked pork chops recipe a keto one-pan meal by cooking the broccoli in the same pan.

I really like easy recipes such as this because they not merely taste amazing, however they take minimal time to get ready and tidy up is minimal. As the pork chops baked, the juices helped to steam the broccoli and add extra flavor.

The National Pork Board recommends cooking pork chops until they reach an interior temperature of degrees measured by a meat thermometer then permitting them to rest for three minutes. In my own testing, these tender baked pork chops were ready in 20 minutes, nonetheless it may take a couple of minutes in your oven longer.

The main one pictured above is simple to use and super affordable. I look at feedback and reviews before buying things online always, which meat has over 10, ratings with typically 4.

Thin cut boneless pork chops may become tough if they’re cooked too much time. While I did put in a suggested bake time to the recipe card, remember that every oven heats therefore the cooking time can vary greatly differently. It is advisable to test doneness with a meat thermometer always. This delicious one-pan meal is divine. I turned the oven to broil the last 2 minutes to ensure that the mozzarella cheese would bubble and brown. Roasted broccoli is among the best keto side dishes, and it pairs with tender oven-roasted pork chops perfectly.

A homecooked meal around the table with most of the best people makes my heart happy. You are known by me are likely to enjoy these keto oven-baked pork chops. I have spent a lot of time perfecting remakes of classic recipes, along with creating delicious new ideas that are low in carbohydrates and keto-friendly. Browse the complete index, or focus on some more of our personal favorites linked below! More Keto Pork Chop Recipes:.


  1. It was really good. I will do it again. I only wish you had the recipe on here. It would be easier. Thank you for the recipe. ♡

  2. It looks really good I bought pork chops for tonights dinner the only problem I have is how did you make the marinade?

  3. Instead of using a fork, use tongs to move the chops where you want them. Stabbing the chops multiple times is not only painful to watch but also it promotes loss of moisture in your final product.

  4. I made these and my son-in-law who is a foodie said, if I had a restaurant I would have these on the menu. I said, really? He said, yeah, they are easy to make and very tasty!

    • OMG!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your son in laws comment. That is so awesome to hear!!

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  6. Looks delicious.

    You should use a non-wood cutting board when working with raw meat.

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  8. That is exactly how I have been surviving being on keto diet marinating the meat has been a game changer! Do you not like peppers such as paprika or cayenne? It would add a nice flavor on your palate! 😊

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