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This keto peach cobbler cake tastes like your preferred cobbler just, but does not have any added sugar, is gluten-free and low carbohydrate.

This post could be sponsored or contain affiliate links but all opinions are my own. Simple therefore delicious yet. Peaches are among the best summer fruits. Unfortunately, with each one containing about 12 net carbs – they may be hard to fit right into a ketogenic diet. The best way to take pleasure from higher carb fruits is to work them into recipes that are bulked up with keto-friendly ingredients. This helps to fulfill the craving while only consuming a little amount of the high carb fruit still. Is it possible to eat peaches on a ketogenic diet?

Many individuals are surprised to see fruit contained in keto recipes. While fruit does contain carbohydrates in variable amounts, any fruit can, actually, be consumed on a keto diet. As the portions should be adjusted, high carb fruits like Bananas and pineapple could be eaten even. Have a look at my keto banana pudding and pineapple upside-down cake recipes! The type of ice cream is most beneficial for topping keto peach cobbler? The best store-bought option is rebel creamery.

Rebel ice cream comes in some store or you can purchase it online HERE. Most major grocers also carry other low carbohydrate options like Halo Top or Enlightened.

There are also lots of recipes for homemade keto vanilla ice cream as well. That one from Wholesome Yum is among my favorites. You start by mixing diced peaches, either frozen or fresh, with some sweetener, cinnamon, and xanthan gum. You’ll then allow this mixture to sit when you prepare all of those other recipe. The cake batter is a simple keto yellow cake and is easily brought as well as some basic ingredients and a hand mixer.

At this true point, you shall top the cake batter with the peaches, and then with a straightforward topping created from almond flourbutter, sweetener, and cinnamon.

Cover the dish with foil then bake for approximately 40 minutes. Take away the foil and bake yet another 10 minutes before topping is golden – and voila! You merely made yourself a Keto Peach Cobbler Cake! Have a look at these other Keto Cobbler Recipes:.


  1. First video about keto that explains it in a simple way. Me and my boyfriend will try this today. Thank you for all the info. Let’s see if we will be successful 😝🤣

  2. What can you eat that will get you into and keep you in KETO if you are unable to eat things with or mod to high levels of vitamin K in it?

  3. Didnt see this video before…Thanks for the insight…Now I have a meal plan!!!!

  4. Hi,
    Would you recommend the Kedo diet long term for somebody who has a ectomorph body type with naturally very low body fat %

    I love the idea of keto diet but not sure I could survive without carbs in my diet.

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Does it make sense to start Keto when I dont wanna lose weight? I dont have health issues or anything I just want to form a long term healthy diet

  6. Thomas I just turned 69. I was living KETO (strictly) tryin to maintain macros for a year only lost 25 lbs. terrible metabolism. I recently have diverted off plan. Any recommendations on how to restart particularly during these times. I love you videos and watch religiously. I may have been a little on the dirty keto side due to my job.

  7. Hey love the video . I would like to ask if i am fasthing for around 19hours (ramadan) and i start my fast with the breakfast you recommend and brake my fast with bone broth. After 1hour have the dinner you have mention. Could that work .

  8. Can I have the cocoa drink right after gym right beforebed, I go to gym late at night. Thanx

  9. Thanks so much for all of your videos! Thank you for taking the time you have invested into making all of these videos. I cannot thank you enough for sharing so much with all of us. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for a recipe conversion or equivalent for every 1Cup all-purpose flour in recipes, such as the ones Ive grown up using? Perhaps, a combination of almond flour & coconut flour, xantham gum, etc…?
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  10. Anyone on 3rd shift have a good workout/keto diet schedule? Finding it difficult to get proper sleep and all that to adjust times to fit my sleeping schedule

  11. How do I incorporate this plan into intermittent fasting? Or is it one or the other?

  12. I have been on keto for over 2 yrs now. Love love love this vid!! I was wondering if there is any vitamin supplements that you recommend for hair loss that some experience with doing keto? Love your vids!! You explain things very well!! Thank you for all that you do!! 💚

    • That’s amazing that you have been able to stick to it! Great job 👍 Do you take a good multivitamin with a fair amount of B’s? I have found that a good multivitamin has helped along with a supplement called Biosil for hair skin and nails and viviscal I take once a day. Also Great Lakes collagen powder which will dissolve in coffee or literally anything is awesome. Iron is also important for women. I had a lot of autoimmune issues and had massive hair loss from such and now a year into this regimen my hair and nails have grown back better than they were before. Hope this helps a bit 🤞😊

  13. I am practicing, and developing, what I call Food Mastery. It includes IF as a foundational basis, with keto as the basic dietary structure. And, I am lovin it!

  14. So if I make the taco salad for lunch, what type of veggies do I sauté? Normally I use onion and bell pepper but you said after you cook them to pull the bell pepper out. What’s left? Just the onion and the meat?

  15. Hurt people, HURT other people – why anyone would put negative comments when you are only trying to HELp the population, FOR FREE, is beyond me! Thank you so much Thomas, your knowledge is so appreciated!

  16. Thats a huge breakfast. Usually I eat a slice of toast, an egg and a banana for breakfast.

  17. I have been on the keto diet for about a year and a half and I still don’t think I am eating the right foods. I have lost weight and feel more energized but my total cholesterol and bad cholesterol are 2x normal levels and I have plateaued… even gaining 1-2 lbs / week. Would I benefit from this meal plan or is this strictly for beginners to convert to fat burning mode?

  18. Do you have any recommendations for which supplements to buy? Amazon has a ton of options, I just dont want to buy a crap. I used to buy a mega vitamin called DoubleX from Nutrilite in the past and they have a lot of awesome whole plant vitamins but they dont sell Magnesium separately.

  19. How the heck can I do this diet when over half the foods are gross to me? Yogurt guacamole coconut oil,fish, nuts,cheese/butter make me practically puke and are disgusting. Im about 2 weeks in and just basically eating meats and vegetables. Its getting very tiresome. I dont know how much longer I can last eating steak, chicken, and salad. I got a lot of weight to lose and want to be healthy for my family. But I just want some tasty flavor.

    • Keto is NOT for picky eaters. You chose literally the worst diet for your own needs. And check out Keto recipes instead of eating veggies and meat all day.

  20. This seems like a lot of calories and food I probably would do the keto coffee for breakfast and the chicken salad for lunch but probably don’t eat it until 3-4 pm by the time I get home it’s 1930-2000p I still have work to do I would probably eat some dinner but it would be probably half of what you suggested.

  21. Dont eat greek yogurt with sugar in it! You have to get plain greek yogurt with no added sugar. Worse than those bell peppers!

  22. I am actually not interested at all in losing weight. my entire life Ive tried not to lose it, I have always been underweight. for 10 years, more or less, I ate tons of junk food and sugars, why am I immune to gain fat?

  23. Great video! It would be interesting to have such a plan as a vegetarian & IF Option! Can you also give tips on that?☺️

  24. I am just curious about turkey bacon… The ones Ive seem at stores are highly processed… Is that okay or do you get some specific brand? Also, I dont eat pork so any substitutes for pork rinds?

  25. When you pull the bell peppers out of the fajita mix whats left other than mushrooms and onion?

  26. One thing, I just thought of, if you have a drink, with an artificial sweetener, does the sweetnes on its own produce an insulin spike? I think, it might, as your body is preparing to digest sugar. Then again, I dont know, I am just beggining to research keto.

  27. Here after another YouTuber said the total opposite. He forgot to mention that his Keto was for MASS GAIN.
    Thank God I followed your advice instead of his.

  28. One of your videos you said you use coconut CREAM in your coffee, did you mean coconut oil? (You mentioned oil in another video)

  29. This was THE BEST Keto video I have watched. I have been so confused as how to get started, and this just makes it all so simple! Thanks a million!

    • I’ve been kinda of doing keto. Just 1 week I’ve been drinking tons of water, kind of fasting (I think) stop eating at 8-9 then no breakfast but eating a nice lunch at 1-2 and dinner 6 hours later. I hope that’s right. You said no snacking? What about a few almonds and a few Parmesan crisps? I’m confused. Some say snack and you say don’t. 🙃

    • Thomas DeLauer Will a keto diet help burn belly fat? I’m 5”7” 160lbs but have belly fat, mostly because I eat a lot of junk foods. I’m very interested in this diet, and very confuse, but this plan looks easy to follow, thanks for making it simple

    • My BFF swears by you. She was over 200 lbs and following your guidelines she is now 165 and shes 47 years old and looks fantastic! Im a believer and she is now my keto buddy and Ive become a subscriber!!! Wish me luck!!

  30. Hi Thomas, Im about a month into keto, I thought I would have lost more weight, I also am doing the Abs40 program, you have a series of vids on there about fasting which are great, my question. My coach from abs40 Adam Becker has told me to stop keto and start introducing complex carbs , Im now really confused on my next move

  31. Question can we put just 1 tea spoon of coconut oil on the coffee its so nasty i cant drink it with 3 😝

  32. Brilliant video. But we know palm oil is not so good for orangutans plz stop promoting this plz. Unless certified sustainable 😁

  33. excellent video I just finished my first week on Keto but I think that I over did it on protein. you explained it so well so Im going to lower the protein and go higher on good fat

  34. 1500 calories seem really low. What would a keto meal plan look like for someone who needs to eat in 2000-3000 calorie range?

  35. I am confused. Here you say to have most fats in the morning, yet in another video you say not to have fat to break your fast but only a lean protein breakfast. So which one is it?

  36. This is a typical long winded Thomas DeLauer video. You talk to fast, give to much info and love pronouncing long words which have no meaning to us. I always get a headache after about five minutes of listening to you blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yadaing. PLEASE THOMAS, MAKE IT SIMPLE. I want to try keto so bad, but my head is spinning from your over complicated videos. How about a keto 101 video instead of these keto doctorate ones…..scheesh..

  37. Ive been eating
    boiled eggs
    spray oil
    and ive went from 147 to 142 pounds

    • Mind helping me out please tell me more about what you are I really want to start

  38. Just a basic question.  if you have had a bariatric sleeve done.  Can you be on a keto lifestyle?  Been told the type of diet is high in protein.  Will a KETO diet help and work?  Thank you. Dani

  39. I dont really understand why the fat going into the cells is a bad thing? Is that inflammation? Why does dairy cause inflammation?


  40. Could I eat my fruit (berries) in between meals… what’s the best time to do so?

  41. Hi. Thank you for this meal plan. But i just want to ask, what about going back to breakfast meal again on dinner? Would that work?

  42. What if u want to do keto vegan or veggie diet how would you start that?

    • There are vegan keto recipe books online. The process is exactly the same.

  43. This will probably never get answered, BUT….fajita veggies are just peppers and onion…whats left if you take out the peppers but onion?

  44. Theres so much to unpack here. Regarding phytase, make sure your nuts are sprouted or soaked to minimize antinutrients. Avoid peanuts like the plague, too much inflammatory omega-6 and usually contaminated with mycotoxins (mold) and pesticides, if not organic. Get your nuts and popcorn from Wildly Organic. They also have awesome cacao butter, fermented cacao and dried mango.

  45. I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

  46. My first day on keto and I fast for 16 hours and break right into my keto for lunch?

  47. NO…dont get your Magnesium on Amazon, get it at your local shop….AMAZON is killing the marketplace….do your Keto and buy all your crap locally….support local shops!

  48. This was so helpful I start my journey tomorrow and WASNT sure how to start! THANK YOU

  49. Is roasted cauliflower okay instead of mashed? This video is awesome – thank you!

  50. Thank you for the video. I’ve been slowly losing weight on Keto. You mentioned one thing that may be my reason for slowly losing and that is too much snacking.

  51. Hi Thomas I love all your videos but this one doesn’t do much for me. I don’t want any weight loss/gain but I want to activate autophagy and be healthy. I had low-carb diet (2 year) —> Atkins (6 months) and now I’m trying to start keto. However I have no clue how to adjust the meal plan since I’m a 153cm 85 lbs woman who works at home (0 exercise) so I believe that the portion/intake should be very different from yours. And I have no idea how to adjust to diet. Could you pls kindly give me any advice? Cheers 🥑

    • Theres a macros calculator online, also known as Keto calculator. Itll give you your own custom macros.

  52. After seing your videos, specially this one, and being doing intermittent fasting for over 1.5 years, Ive passed from 98kg to 63kg. Currently I consume that amount of carbs only at breakfast, eating seeds, coconut, nuts, oats and an avocado. My breakfast has a glicemic load of 4.6 . At lunch time I avoid carbs (and fat). Only meat, eggs, salad or vegetables. At night I fast. Basically I have a 5h eating window and 19h fasting window. Im afraid that, although keeping my weight controlled, some of the weight loss could be muscle being used, not just fat (because Ive reduced the fat intake, and therefore, possibly reduced the available fuel for the body to used, not having to used muscle proteins).

    This is why I believe keto could be a possibility. I could eat dinner sometimes, and other times fast. By using keto my body would be fat adapted. Being this introduction made. My question is the following. From your meal plan, the total (maximum) carbs for the day plan is 25g.  Is it alright to have all my carbs in the morning and for lunch and dinner eat keto meals? or I have to distribute that amount of carbs between my meals (in this case assuming 3 keto meals) for some reason? Many thanks.

  53. How long do I stay on this meal plan till I can start switching it up and consuming dairy again?

  54. It bothers me that he calls a fillet steak a filay maybe that thats how people say it in America but man 😂

  55. Whats the best time of day or optimal eating schedule and can I add some Stevia to my coffee in the morning?

  56. What are pilieee nuts?! Please spell. Cc have them as “peeling”
    nuts. Lol

  57. I am allergic to cauliflower and asparagus. What is my best substitute?

  58. Bro! Is your channel NOT large enough and getting enough views for revenue that you need to put MID-ROLL ADS in the middle of videos. Really shows the audience your true motivation in making content. Cmon man, fix this ffs. Your content is better than this rank-amateur revenue grabbing garbage technique of mid-roll ads

  59. This is great but for how long should I do this plan? And I don’t want to eat the same thing every day so what should I change for different options?

  60. What can I substitute for yolk…. I literally barf 🤢 at the thought of the taste..Help!!

  61. I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

  62. Any solid alternatives to guac/avocado? I know its a keto staple but I simply cant eat it. I gag to the point for vomiting.

    • Avocado is not necessary in the least. Drop it and try another Keto dip you might enjoy.

  63. I started a low-carb diet about 2 weeks ago and lost over 15 pounds. I started this Keto menu on Monday and ive lost all of .5 pound in 3 days….what in the world am I doing wrong??? @Thomas DeLauer

    • Just keep going, dont worry about short term, dont expect to lose the weight faster than you gained it.

  64. Isnt palm oil one of the bad ones? Bobby Parrish always says to avoid it.

  65. I achieved my weight loss, a video on what to do next (maintenance) would be great. An After Keto Video.

  66. Thank you! I like your energy, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm. I have watched 3 videos so far.
    1 question. Do I need to buy – use the MCT oil? On too of grass fed chicken & walnuts, and beef, etc , Some if these extras (coq10, quality omega 3 for example) are costly.

  67. Thomas, just get some magnesium on amazon…? Why you not plugging Jigsaw Health magnesium malate? Its the best for energy. Then magnesium glycinate at night. They also have adrenal cocktail with real salt (your favorite) and potassium + whole food vitamin C.

    Regarding the Coq10, why not get it from whole foods like beef heart? Ancestral Supplements organs all the way. You only need coq10 extract if youve had a heart attack. My favorite brands for ubiquinol are Life Extension, Global Healing and Radiant Life. There is a whole debate on which type is more absorbable, according to Radiant Life water soluble ubiquinol is better. Avoid the madness of extracts by consuming nutrients from whole food like beef organs (the pills are easy to take). You are also less likely to overdose when consuming whole foods.

  68. Good advice about eating salt when craving sweets. Bell peppers are technically fruit not veggie, so fructose content makes sense. Grassfed sour cream wins over wasteful greek yogurt IMHO. Greek yogurt production dumps tons of whey into rivers, wasting all the probiotic and suffocating fish at the same time. Yay for pork rinds! Epic has cinnamon pork rinds, crazy good.

  69. Thomas
    I have learned a lot from this channel from how to start keto to how to stay on it to what I should eat and what I should not eat. I was a vegan for a long time and it all of a sudden it seemed like, I started having problems. I had a Vitamin D deficiency as well as potassium. I was out in the sun a lot during the spring and summer months but still was deficient. I love the fresh air and the barefoot feeling in the dirt and grass. I started flip flopping back and forth with low carb, keto and vegan. The problem was I had done vegan for so long I felt guilty, you see when I started vegan I was morbidly obese. Once I started, I got down to 150 lbs (starting weight 275). I have gone back up and because of the carbs it is a slow go but I will succeed. It served a purpose for me then, but then years down the road it let me down. My body let me down. You have to pay attention to your body. I have been struggling with this guilt and the negative things against meat that I had heard for a long time. I had also thought meat was causing my inflammation and pain at least that is what I blamed it on. I was having skin issues and pain I didnt know what it was. I thought I was doing everything right (vegan). Hold on to your hat, it wasnt the meat it was sugar, sugar, sugar. I was eating too many carbs good and bad. Fruit is not good for me and too many carbs in veggies are also. How do I know this? I have experimented with food and realized the culprit to my failing health was carbs. My rheumatoid arthritis was flaring up again and I so I got it under control by leaving the carbs alone, simple fix yes it stopped hurting. I eat my greens but the other things that may cause sugar I stay away from (beans,starches, and very low on cashews they can cause a little sugar. I am feeling so much better on this keto way of eating and now if I eat the wrong thing without thinking I know it and will not repeat it again. I once won a box of butcher box meat and it was great meat very clean. Thank you for this channel and the info it gives to inspire people to research to a better eating lifestyle and learning more about themselves. You have to learn about yourself then everything else will fall into place. I am saving for a freezer so I can get butcher box meat to fill it up so I can continue a healthy lifestyle where nothing is questionable, only routine without the guilt. Once again Thank you for this channel and showing especially me that research is the key. Know yourself first and then know what you are putting in your body. Looking forward to the day I can order butcher box meat and get a freezer for it. Forgot to mention, my husband who is on disability for chronic heart failure is now watching what he eats and is also doing keto in moderation with the mono-saturated fats and is down 23 lbs. Thanks a million. Ann Tiller

  70. OK…This is what I have been looking for. I was intermittent fasting but then I had no fat to feed off and I started feeling really really bad so I have changed to Keto but I still feel terrible. I cant seem to concentrate, I have a really hard time just standing up, the energy levels have fallen through the floor and I cannot function…In dire need of help to figure this out plz. Thank you for any time you dedicate to this post.

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