Reddit diet plan for weight gain

For example, every day instead of to run three miles make your goal to walk. Ina combined task force made up of the American Society for Nutrition, Institute of Food Technologists, and International Food Information Council, figured small changes were the ultimate way to tackle obesity.

The reason being small tweaks, like walking everyday, are simple to maintain. Redditor lazerdude07 attributes this small tweak with making a substantial change in his weight loss efforts. Plus, blending foods pulverizes their fibers as well as your body breaks them down faster, reducing satiety. Jumping jacks work for weight loss really, i was helped by them most.

12 percent of Americans eat at least 1

Only. But filling your plate with fruit and veggies is crucial if you would like to consume more food while downing fewer calories. Two cups of broccoli delivers only calories. Compare that to just one single cup of white pasta, which gets you around or even more.

Fruit and veggies also contain plenty of gut filling fiberwhich can help keep your hunger away between meals. Plus, packing in colorful produce can lessen your risk of chronic medical issues, like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and come cancers even, says the CDC report.

Try out this: Fill half your plate with fruits or vegetables, and split the other between quality carbs like wholegrains and lean protein for a satisfying meal, Wesley Delbridge, R.

mostly since it helps me reduce my calorie consumption

But. The keto model is comparable to the Atkins diet of the first s, but focuses more on carb restriction heavily. When you are keto, 60 to 80 percent of your daily diet comprises fat, 10 to 15 percent originates from protein, and significantly less than 10 percent comprises of carbs. But when you can stay with it, you is going into in a ketogenic state, that may theoretically force the body to perform on fat instead of glucose a kind of sugar within carbshelping you get rid of fat by default.

This ketogenic diet meal plan will serve some recipe inspiration, too. Alisa Hrustic Senior Editor, Prevention. Advertisement – READ ON Below.


  1. This is me, my entire life I e been really insecure about my body and weight and throughout my life I have been gaining and loosing weight. Majority of my life I’ve been really underweight, but when I first hit purberty I gained weight and as a pre teen I didn’t like how I looked, so I started exercising and eating healthy throughout my teen years. Then I eventually became so underweight that I had to go to the hospital and take pills and stuff. Now I’m in college and I have gained weight, like a lot, and I’m bigger than I would like, but I tried to stop caring about my weight and just focus on other stuff.

  2. Okay I do have an issue with the person saying that doctors “blame” everything on weight even “unrelated” things like allergies. EVERYTHING is related to the amount of excess fat your body is carrying. I am usually slightly “underweight” but am also only 5’2 I am 8lbs heavier than usual right now which is nothing but YES my allergies have SUFFERED because at the end of the day it is 8lbs of fat that my body doesn’t necessarily need weighing me down

  3. I was at a theatre last night. The woman sitting two seats over started talking to her husband about when he used to be fat. I said nothing, I just listened to her carry on and on, showing him old pictures of himself when he was heavy and calling him fat. I knew what she was referring to. Its so easy and acceptable for thin people to insult heavy people. If I knew I couldve moved my seat, I would have. But I sat there, put up with her insults, and enjoyed the show anyway. Screw her and her husband.

  4. I didn’t realize when I gained weight that my feet would have more fat

  5. 5:52 Thank goodness my doctors know better. I dont think I could take it if even they started dogpiling along with the rest of the world. 😰

  6. In my last two years of college I gained about 70-80 pounds. I feel like I just woke up one day and it was all there. HOWEVER, I found that the ONLY person who ever said anything was my mother. She constantly prodded me about my weight and why I stopped exercising. MEN on the other hand didn’t change at all. I still had tons of dates, men still wanted to hook up, men still wanted to date, still wanted to touch my body. I am fairly tallish at 5’7” so 180 pounds didn’t look horrible or anything, but ultimately it was me who decided to lose weight and get back in shape. No one else cared 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Coming from someone who lost 100 lbs, I find strangers treat me a lot nicer and people will engage a lot more in small talk. For family and friends, they actually treated me like shit and I lost some friends and don’t even speak to some family. My mom would compare, saying I was “skinnier” than her now. Who says that?? Not one did she say I look good. It’s always a comparison. Anyway, I kicked her out of my life and I look hot af. 🔥

  8. You just have to accept that in some peoples eyes youre basically sub-human when youre over weight. Its not fair or anything but theyre going to sub consciously think it about you regardless.

    • i think what they meant is it’s possible to stay alive without doing drugs but not without eating food

  9. I use to get bullied all of high school, for my weight and mistreated. I finally went to the dr and found out i have hormonal induced obesity thats why no matter what I did I couldnt loose weight. now Im on medication for it, and 83 pounds lighter, and people treat me so much better than ever before. went from a size 32 in pants to size 16 within a year. it shocked me how much you get ahead in life and get treated so much better if you are thin.

  10. When I was 16 and skinny all the boys gave me attention and actually showed me if they liked me. I am not 23 gained 60 pounds and no one is ever talking to me or even acknowledging me. I meet guys in groups and then meet them again and they dont even remember me

  11. Im definitely an unhealthy weight but I dont think Ive ever noticed people treating me different. These videos make me wonder if I actually am treated different and just dont know. (8 pounds down in 3 weeks if anyone cares btw🙂)

  12. Im only 21 years old, but Im eating as though Im 30 with a slow metabolism. Basically when I was going through puberty I started underweight and ate myself up to 141 pounds. I am 52. It was the beginning of a food addiction. Now I weigh 115 pounds and eat much healthier. Start early, before you sink to a level from which the climb is a lot harder and longer. I see many people my age drinking and eating the day away. Sure youre allowed to live a little, especially while youre still young. But Id like to be able to do the same when Im 40.

  13. How NOT special being skinny is. I wasnt treated any worse and no one was meaner to me after I gained weight. I didnt all of the sudden become a social pariah. I dont get why so many women believe if they can just get thin theyll be a popular princess. No one looked up to or admired me when I was an underweight pencil.

  14. I was always a slim / fit person, but Ive gradually gained weight over time (Im 58 – 59, curvy native Canadian female), and I used to sit around 160lbs. Im at 205lbs ATM. I carry my weight really well, and have noticed I dont really get treated differently, but I look at myself differently. I also notice it in my personal fitness levels, and stairs exhaust me. As mentioned in the comments, looking back at photos and remembering you thought you were fat, and realizing you werent at all, is super bizarre. I know I need to lose weight health wise, but its hard to motivate because it took me a long time to notice I was even A. Gaining weight, and B. That I cared, because nothing had changed that much.

  15. Went from 80kg to 65kg in 3 years, I am COLD as hell all the time – even fine wearing long sleeve in summer. I really need to pack on muscles.

  16. A few of these stories belong in the things that never happened category

  17. if your partner treats you differently according to your weight fluctuation, especially if they act less attracted, then you need a new partner whos not a shallow shit.

    • @yogi not what i meant, but if your relationship can fall apart because you no longer are physically attracted then its not a very strong relationship… I wasnt physically attracted to my boyfriend when i met him, but after getting to know him i found his appearance to be incredibly attractive because i was so attracted to who he is.everyone gets old, shit happens like a disabling injury or depression, and peoples physical appearances change, you shouldnt base your relationship purely off physical attraction because beauty fades, we get old, fat, wrinkly, saggy… we all eventually will be unattractive… love and attraction arent the same, people that leave because their partner gained 20lbs probably have a very shallow idea of what love is… genuinely loving someone will change the way you see them physically, but their physical appearance shouldnt change how much you love them…

    • Andria Lambert you can’t expect your partner to pretend to still be attracted to you if it’s just not there

  18. People need to stop obsessing with everyone around them. you eat too much you dont eat enough. No one is born into this world to please you yet everyone seems to think their opinion on how other people look is important

    • Preach! I developed a binge eating disorder because of these comments.

    • Like if your not a doctor and the weight you have is not dangerus then why the fuck do you care?

  19. I completely relate with the first post. I was always blamed for my food habits from my psychiatrist but my diet never changed? And the pill she put me on made me gain 60+ lbs and now Im on a pill thats will prevent from gaining weight and Im also working it off myself. What I wish some people thought about more before judging chubby, fat and overweight people is it might be because of a pill theyre on possibly is all

  20. I’ve been overweight my whole life, hopping back from diet to diet. A few years ago I put some serious effort into losing weight (went from 110kg to 80kg) but I couldn’t tell a difference, even if others insisted it was there. I just felt kinda hopeless and gave up all together before reaching my goal. Now I’ve gained back all that weight and then some so that my weight is no longer just an aesthetic issue but a functional one. I’m getting back into the diet mentality now but it definitely isn’t easy.

  21. People dont buy me food anymore, they dont *insist* that I must be hungry. All of a sudden no one worries about my health. Women my own age are a lot nicer to me… its… okay I guess. Im not overweight, just a normal weight for my body type but I was super skinny previously. I like my body way more now. My butt looks fantastic but I miss the flat stomach. I feel its a fair trade off.

  22. I used to be really over weight now I lost around 30-40 pounds and I glew up a lil (I’m still working on losing weight and glowing up UwU) i have a pretty face now I guess (insta: just_meee0_0) if u wanna see me but anyways I wasn’t bullied when I was fat but like no one would come up to me and talk to me and I would usally be outcased no one was mean but no one was nice either I would get some looks (this was in middle school/jr high btw) I hated how I looked I improved my eating I started working out and now I’m high school (ima sophomore now) all my guy friends find me attractive they usally get crushes on me (I still manage to be single tho lol) and so many people are so much nicer guys that shut me down back then want to dm me and try something I get compliments and I get tons of dms from guys thinking I’m cute everyone has a better look on me and i have way more guy friends (I had none when I was fat) so basically I get treated DRASTICALLY different now 🥵

  23. To all naturally skinny people out there: Imagine this cruelness, but starting when you’re literally in *KINDERGARTEN* and *NEVER LETTING UP.* Please be kind to people who are overweight. As someone who has the reverse situation (used to be obese, now healthy), it pisses me off how these people who tortured me all my life now want to be best friends with me

  24. Ill admit that while Ive never been fat, my depression made me eat a whole fucking lot, and at some point I became addicted to food. Six months ago, I became determined to fix myself in every possible way, so I started transitioning from male to female, started going to therapy and started taking losing weight way more seriously. While my life has improved greatly, Ill have to admit that losing weight is a bitch, even more so than it used to be before. It turns out that testosterone makes it way easier to burn, and I now dont have any

  25. My meds are supposed to make me gain weight as a side effect. All the weight went into my face. Im a thin person with a moon face and a double chin for Gods sake! Everyone gives me a disgusted look on the street and mh family tells me to cut down on food. Its supposed to go down in a couple months and I dont know what to do with it. Its enough that I feel ugly and deformed. I dont need disgusted looks to top it!

  26. I gained weight from birth control. Almost 30 pounds in 3 years. Switched medication and it’s finally almost gone. It was so awkward to find clothes that would fit me. I’ve always been skinny my whole life and people were shocked when I gained weight and so rude. A few people asked me if I was pregnant.

  27. I was and still am surprised by how blind I was about how much weight I put on. And by some miracle I was still able to fit into my same clothes at my heaviest. They were a bit tighter but I could still pull up my jeans and zip them. Apparently, size 8 high waisted jeans can fit weather I’m 165 lbs or 185 lbs who knew 😂

  28. I hate my body but I have been exercising 30 mins per day and just drinking water. Its small but if I keep going I will lose that weight. Im not obese Im overweight btw

  29. I really like this video bc it proves why so many ppl have problems with their body ppl really do not even address you if they’re not sexually arouses by you. That is a human being a human being.

  30. I’ve been skinny my whole life (I’m about 98-100lbs at 20) but I always get this intense fear of getting fat. Whenever I gain even three pounds I start freaking out. I’ve never actually been on a diet and I don’t exercise besides walking, but I know if I gain more than 10lbs I’ll probably develop an ED

  31. I use to get hate like even when i was just minding my own bussiness eating in mcdonals when i was underweight now im boredline healthy underweight and i get more comments from all kind of people even my grandad and they are like oioi hottie or something.

    Weightlifting and gaining as defo made more people like me compeared to my underweight days. It crazy how just changing 20lbs can change how others treat you. I think im type of person who will never be over weight or higher. I have know how if i was about to be. I did have a ed for 10 years tho so cant say next time i got to lose weight it wont turn obbessive.

  32. Definitely was caught off guard by chaffing, I sweat so much more now and need it colder at night to sleep, my face is more round, it takes a little more effort to get out of bed, and how hard it is to actually lose the weight. I used to eat whatever whenever and now I count calories which sucks. Also never had to go to the gym but now……

  33. Im the opposite, I used to be overweight and now Ive lost a lot of weight. I can confirm that EVERYONE treats you differently. Coworkers, people at school, friends, family, strangers. I felt invisible and disgusting but now people love to talk to me and treat me so kindly. It also could be though that Ive gained a lot of confidence which made me more outgoing so I probably seem more approachable now.

  34. Its sucks that you have to eat food everyday. Making it a hard addiction. Food is everywhere

  35. I ended the year before last and started last year homeless. Also had two surgeries. Don’t know if I was stress eating, because I don’t have great eating habits anyway but last year I gained almost 30 lbs. Been trying to get it off ever since and I have been trying to lose extra fat for my whole life.

  36. well….heres the thing your allergies would improve if you lost weight…………..just weight gain is so slow you dont realise just how bad its gotten.
    I was convinced my acid reflux had nothing to do with my lack of exercise and was all to do with my chrons ……..3 weeks after starting to work out it was gone. I used to have acid reflux in highschool even when i worked out a crazy amount…….but id convinced myself it was the same level of severity, which was simply not true…it was never that bad.
    -(im a skinny person and exercising and switching fat to muscle still helped).

  37. Down to 243 from 360 my life has completely changed but my goal is 220

  38. Im gaining weight because I feel so weak being skinny. Iv never been fat, so lets see

    • @Edith Asd what kind of exercise do you do? Its good to hear that youre feeling better.

    • @Stella C I constantly do excercise, but I don‘t like how I feel. I‘ve noticed differences in the way I think. So I gained 3 kilos this month, I have less mood swings now and mostly feeling better. Maybe I‘ll gain 3 more this month.

  39. Skinny person who got chubby, then skinny again. I was shocked how little you are worth in the eyes of other people all of the sudden. I panic when I overeat. I am marginally attractive when Im thin (nothing special at all, but a mild asset) and I was used to everyone being extremely polite and respectful. I noticed how horrible and rude people can be when my BMI was at 25, and it was terrifying. I worked hard to lose that weight just to be seen as a person deserving good treatment again, and normally I am not easily pushed around by peoples opinion and tend to do my thing and giving little care, but the constant grinding down on me really, really wore me down.

  40. I went from a skinny kid, then I hit my peak at 193 lbs. I’m now around 130 lbs once I dropped the food addiction.

  41. I was surprised by the fact i became more comfortable with myself at a bigger size than when i was smaller. I was only skinny because i had an eating disorder.
    People act surprised when you arent overeating or eating unhealthy. I have to take a bunch of medications that slow my metabolism, as well as have a huge uterine fibroid Im awaiting surgery for. Excercise and eating has little effect on my weight.
    Or when you look good, peoples first compliment is have you lost weight? You look great! As if my weight is what would keep me from looking beautiful 😐😔

  42. When i was skinny i was never the butt of the joke but this changes when u get fat. All of a sudden u are the butt of the joke.

  43. I gained weight, its just 6 kg but im a very petit person so thats a lot on me…ii went from skinny to fit, and i dont feel cold anymore, yaaay best thing in my life haha

  44. This was very satisfying. People do not get that fat people get the short end of the stick and they just blame it on us being “insecure”. People really do treat you differently because of your weight and how you look.

  45. 5:14 god dammit dont make this a gender thing, it doesnt become magicaly worse that ur fat or ur gaining weight just because you have a vagina… jesus christ..

  46. Bro why is this narrated by a real person. I can’t even concentrate because of it.

  47. I used to think I was fat when I wore a size 8 at 5 ft 8 tall (pre vanity sizing which is like a size 2 today) jeans and got tops from the girls department even up until the age of 42. Cleaned out the closet in my guest room a few weeks ago that had all those old clothes hanging in it and my 19 year old daughter thought they were clothes for a young girl or child. They were too small even for her. You never know what you have until its gone. Now Im struggling to get out of a tight size 14 and back to a 12 which used to be my fat size.

  48. Im the opposite of those now… I was born fat… 10+lbs baby grew up fat and was a fat adult till 2 years ago when i finally fixed it and now lost over 175lbs. Its amazing how different im treated now. Especially by people who were once snobby to me when i was huge, now wanting to hang out, be friends, hit on me, etc etc etc and not even realizing im the same fat chick they didnt want to be around 2 years ago. my only regret is i didnt loose the weight sooner. the weight i had caused damage to my body that i can never get rid of 🙁

  49. I get more comments like hey nice work when im just walking along the street looking at bus app. Compeared to anorxic bitch comment. I know being 60kg will be huge boost to my ego and over all self worth and heck may even be able to go outside in winter even more less cold. 😛😜

  50. When you get fat its suddenly a miracle that someone like to be with you.

  51. As a guy who is only 54, I was 95 pounds when I was 22. I was always called skinny, asked if I was sick, asked if I ever eat, etc.
    I traded in starving myself to binging that I feel like I have no control over.
    Now at 28, Im 170 pounds nobody says anything even though Im almost obese. But I feel like if I gain any more weight, people will start commenting.

  52. many people falling into the fat possitive brainwashingö. Yes even allergies improve when you lose weight again. Yes people treat you differently when you are too fat or too thin. Hope they all find a way back to healthy weight.

  53. The thing that bothers me the most is most people will look at you and consider you to have no self control, and dont see that battling a food addiction is not the same as drug or alcohol addiction. You *have* to eat, you dont have to drink or do drugs. And yet you are considered weak and contemptible when it is difficult to lose weight, while saying there, there, everyone messes up once in a while if you happen to lapse with drugs and alcohol.

    It is also truly cruel to see an overweight or obese person and IMMEDIATELY start the mental and/or vocal abuse over how disgusting a person is for being in said state. You dont know the exact cause of why they are that large, or if they used to be larger, and ARE doing something about losing weight. You could be feeling awesome for going to the gym, eating better, losing your first 10 pounds, and people will still feel entitled to laugh at you and call you a fat slob.

  54. Same people who hated how i look back then are now wishing they had me in their bed. Same.

    Gaining weight has helpped me so much in all asspect even cold weather.
    Last year id be cold in 2 layer on a bus but now in 0 or 1 layers now im always on a bus im boiling hot.

  55. How difficult it is to do things you never had to think about before. Tying shoes, stairs, running even a short distance, putting your legs together or reaching across yourself to do up a seatbelt; everyday activities that should come easily and naturally have to be thought out and struggled with.

  56. Kinda have the opposite effect. My senior year of high school I was 180 and lost weight and Im now 130. I didnt think Id have extra skin, I thought that was a problem only people who lost 100+ pounds had. (Well wouldnt really say problem but just something unexpected) I also still have cellulite, I dont think that will ever go away.

  57. People have turned me into a cruel person. I will be the monster under your bed. I use to be nice to people, and try to treat people with respect. That has gotten me nowhere. Now I’ll make you tremble with disgust.

  58. When I was fat before I started working out, anything that was said about food or my eating habits by my dad or uncle felt like a personal attack, even tho they were kindly trying to steer me away from the path of obesity as they realized it was absolutely terrible. I wouldnt ever recognize the valuable information I was given and would just dismiss it as just a remark about my weight (I used to weigh 260 at 511 at 16 yrs male). I now know that nobody couldve helped me if I wasnt ready to accept the help. When I learned one of my best friends has been working out in a gym for a while my dad signed me up and I enjoyed it very much. It feels like a playground to me, not a chore. Fast forward 18 months Im 17 yrs old and fluctuate between 230-240 at 63 and have built a good 15-20 pounds of muscle. My advice is to just find something you like doing as exercise and educate yourself on food. The more knowledgeable you acquire the more power you have in controlling your eating habits. Also, learn to cook healthy and delicious meals so you dont feel deprived.

  59. I never expected the level of guilt I would feel when my doctor pointed out that I had gained a stone and a half in 2 years. But that was when I was 16 then gained the weight by 18. It feels so wrong that they would even point it out as thought it was an issue when I was turning from a child to a woman my body shape changed a lot in 2 year hips boobs etc. But admittedly I had got slightly chubbier but all that really happened is I went from the very beginning of healthy weight to the middle 3/4 range of the healthy weight rip

  60. I used to average 110lbs, then I gained 20lbs without realizing it until I saw a photo of myself where I looked like I was slouching even though I sat up straight. People have hinted at me gaining weight, but they said it in such a nice way that I never noticed. I checked out my pantry and nothing was particularly bad, I was just overeating. Im back to eating normally but yeah, Im glad Im stopping the weight gain in its tracks.

  61. Im embarrassed to say but I never really experienced any of this. I mean when I was younger like really young I was overweight and at that time I was bullied for it. Now im 20 and still kinda chubby. But my friends never make me feel bad for it,people accept me as a human being. People dont look at me like im garbage. Maybe its my bubbly personality I kinda just go and do whatever I want. Go up to random people and become friends with them. I actually have a ton of friends. So maybe they just never payed attention to weight. Also my body kinda distributes my weight pretty well. When I tell people how much I am they usually are likewow you really dont look like you weigh that much. Long story short I literally add nothing to this conversation and after reading it I realize I probably shouldnt post this. Honestly it could just be my generation. Like in high school people were all types of weights and everyone was just friends with everyone. It wasnt like they usually say it is in High schools. You know all of the movies we watch that say there are cliques and bullies and popular people. I mean there were people who were kinda more liked but they werent necessarily Better than anyone else in the school. SO yeah, thanks for coming to my TED talk

  62. For me it was hard since I was always the skinny girl and suddenly puberty came together with anxiety and various mental health issues, I was hungry all the time, I came for not carrying about food and being grossed of anything to eating the whole fridge even if I wasnt hungry.
    Idk how much it is in pounds but I gained about 10-15 kg and I started the second year of middle school really overwheight, I realized how I wasnt a love interest anymore to those dumb 13 year olds and I couldnt help to develop an eating disorder (that I probably already had) its been about 3 years since then, I managed to loose some of the weight, Im not overweight anymore but Im also not as skinny as I was and I sometimes feel concious about myself. Even though I look quite normal I still have body dismorphia, so basically Eds suck.

  63. 0:55 so wrong in soo many ways 🤦🏽‍♂️

    5:56 Weight has almost everything to do with your health it is related your not the Dr. dude

  64. I’ve never gotten super fat but basically this is my life lol:
    10 years: Less than 140cm and weighted like I did at 7 because of a negative side effect of my medication.
    13 years: around 166cm and 74kg.
    14 years: 170cm and 63kg.

    Biggest changes:
    *People liked me more (other than friends) and would pay attention to me more. Like, I would get people liking me.
    *Its hell to find clothes. I’ve got a big bust, “big” thighs (compared to others around my weight and height) and a small weight in comparison. Jeans are always too loose in the waist and I’m a M in shirts and sometimes they’re never there. Literally all sizes except M.
    *Sweating. Maybe this was because I got older but maybe not. At 13 I hated the sun because I sweat SO MUCH but at 14 I noticed I sweat less.
    *People think I’m way older. So, even though I’ve aged between 12-14 my face looks almost exactly the same, it’s a tad skinnier now but except that it’s the same, the body has basically only changed and now people think I’m 16-18, when I’m not .
    *I get respected more. The boys in my class had always been mean to me but when I got “more woman like” they just immediately was nice, it literally went from them calling me (as well as literally any girls) names everyday to them defending me in arguments, holding up doors, moving around me, making sure that I’m okay. Like one of them literally ran like I didn’t exist, he would run into me somehow and I would spin and he just ran away. He still runs a lot, and the spinning thing is like a joke between us but now he does it WAYYYY more gentle. They even give me money sometimes when I don’t have any.

    All of these are good things ig but sometimes I’m still in a mindset of “you’re so fat, don’t eat for at least a day before swimming”. It’s like when I look at myself in the mirror and just at me I just see myself as still fat in areas, but if I were to like take a picture of my stomach from the side it’s not like what I see irl.

  65. oh wait your ass sweats when you’re overweight? i thought that happened to everyone with a big ass 😳😳

  66. Gaining weight without realising it is so easy. I gained 40-45kgs since i was like 15.

  67. Let me tell y’all a secret to not getting hurt by fat shaming and skinny shaming.

    Don’t listen to anyone that is not a doctor and don’t give a fuck. Personally if chu feel like chu wanna work out, then do it. If chu are overweight and someone tells chu are fat, it’s not fucking true. It can be stored in the butt and boobs for females or it’s even muscle if chu work out a lot. Get professional help, rather than listening to these babbling idiots who think they know wtf they are doing on the Internet. I suffered binge eating and depression because I listened to these idiots. DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO CHU TOO!!!!!!
    I’m dead ass serious.

    Also to those fuckers who only choose to date because skinny is attractive, chur not gonna be skinny for long because when chu get old, chur metabolism slows down a lot and chu won’t be able to exercise as much, depending on chur knees. If y’all marry just for looks or date for looks overall, get chur head out of chur ass. Once y’all be getting wrinkles, don’t be trying to date younger girls just because chu realized the sad truth that beauty does not last forever, chu fucking cock suckers!

  68. I hate being overweight so much. I mean, I love being invisible and not really noticed by anyone but it’s not worth being ignored. My depression doesn’t help anything and I just can’t seem to lose weight even when I’m feeling good. Last time I lost weight was last week but I’ve already gained it back because I can’t control myself and I always feel so unmotivated. I hope to be able to lose 50 lbs by the end of the year but knowing me, I’m gonna keep going back and forth, losing weight and gaining it.

  69. When I was 20 something over weight I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror and I still struggle with it. But losing wieght slowly but surely.

  70. If any one is less attracted to you for gaining 20 pounds they’re lying… 9kg is neither here nor there, you might just have a lil more chub in your cheeks, a lil more curve in your hips/thighs and a lil more pouch on your stomach and there ain’t nothing wrong with that💓

    • My menstrual cycle causes my weight to constantly fluctuates over a 10 kg spectrum. If I was dating someone that couldn’t handle my face being fuller for a time period, well I wouldn’t be dating them☺️ I agree that psychical attraction is important in a relationship but if you’re with someone for a long period of time, thinking you both won’t constantly change you’re in for a big shock…

    • 9kg can make a huge difference. It can mean the difference between a round face with tiny double chin and sharp cheekbones. People are definitely not necessarily lying when they say that.

  71. I started gaining loads of weight when I hit puberty and developed binge eating disorder. I went from being effortlessly athletic to hating walking up the stairs. Not to mention stretch marks on my stomach (although they’ve faded a lot so they’ve barely been visible since I was 18.) I’m a size 14/16 now at age 26. :/ I’ve lost a lot of weight before and gained back over half of it. But I’m about 18lbs lighter than my heaviest weight.

  72. Gained 70 lbs in 2/3 months, (thanks medicine) and the thighs, the sweat and the food are problematic. I went from drug addict to food addiction. I’m an addict. That’s what it is.

  73. I’m not sure how this happens. When I was underweight, I weighed myself every day. I’m normal weight, but if I look at a picture of a Kpop star or an actress and I don’t eat for two days

    • Yeah, but Kpop/drama stars themselves cant keep up with looking like this.
      When they have a comeback they lose weight and later get back to their normal one. They starve/dehydrate themselves and train a lot.
      Even amongst men, Gong Yoo and Park Seo Joon say that between 2 movies/dramas they stop working out and care about what they eat and lose their hot bodies.

    • Same. I was 42 kg and whenever I would watch dramas, Id be the happiest because I was skinny like them. I then gained weight to be almost 50 kg. I freaked out and now I am down to 47kg. In the head, you are never skinny and always chubby.

  74. So. Ive been fat my whole life and I hate going to the doctors. I hate it because they blame everything on your weight.
    I went to the doctors earlier this year because I didnt feel good. My stomach hurt, my lungs, etc. And she blamed it on my weight. BITCH NO IVE BEEN FAT MY WHOLE LIFE NOT SICK. So I want to ergent care and they x-rayed my lungs. I had pneumonia and a stomach bug. I hate that doctor and she is overweight too. Tsk

  75. I had gained 20 pounds and I can’t believe how long I blamed the dryer for shrinking my clothes until I weighed myself and realized I grew! Oops

    • Omg… This is me. For years Ive been blaming the dryer. I mentioned it once casually to a (skinny, fit) friend and he went, What? The dryer has never shrunk MY clothes and thats when I realised…

  76. One thing that i find interesting is that the mindset becomes considerably more cynical. Im pretty fat. I have a gorgeous fiancee, whos a bbw ( which ive always ever since i can remember been unto ), a job that i hardly like but it pays bills, and i spend way too much on terrible foods.
    In walmart im invisible. I dont mind this. I generally dislike people.
    But on a social level ive noticed the dehumanizing aspect in another less obvious way.
    In my job when i run a register people can tip me and im typically as polite and respectful and charming as i can be. The most ive ever made in a single night is 30$ and that was one time. On average if im lucky ill make 10$ any given night. However..

    A coworker and good friend of mine whos funny and quite small, id say 120 pounds or so, hes able to pull 40/60$ every night easy. And i treat people just as well as he does. And it goes this way any time anyone other than myself runs register.

    I find myself hating people a lot. I no longer see the best in others and im longer glasd half full.

    I like myself. Im a decent person. Try to stay level headed and i have various talents like playing guitar on an advanced level and i can write good short stories and draw quite well, i even made my own unfinished manga.

    I embrace myself and those close to me. Especially my fiancee. But the way i see and think of the general public?


  77. When I was finally content with being as slight, after years of being insecure, I then started putting on fat, which I have struggled to keep down since then. Frustrating.

  78. This should be titled people who have gained weight tell what surprised them…a couple of the stories are from people who were underweight and have gained to a healthy weight….not fat

  79. bro I recently gained 20 pounds, I went from 130 to 150 in like 4 months, and I can’t drop the weight. Anyways I get super triggered seeing girls and guys on Instagram that are paper thin, I’ve had to stop using it almost completely. and also the words ‘nothing tastes better than skinny feels’ makes me wanna die omg it makes me feel so fat

    • That sounds really tough, nobody should feel that uncomfortable in their own skin, I hope you find peace with yourself soon. Never say that you cant lose the weight, change your mindset and say currently Im struggling to lose weight but I can push through it instead. Good luck on your journey, whatever it may be.

  80. The doctor thing got me. No matter what you go in for, it’s always related to your weight. Also, yes. Romantically, even if someone is really interested and attracted to you, they won’t admit it. It really hurts how being fat is the one thing that’s hated the most while people who smoke and take multiple 5 minute breaks a day don’t get any shit.

  81. My family stopped calling me “pretty” and “cutie” (as in “hey there, pretty girl!” “whatcha doin’ cutie?”) when I gained a bunch of weight on meds 😔. I’ve felt extremely self-conscious of my size all my life because I was always taller than all the other kids my age and now I’m 6’1” and a size 14 and I feel like a gorilla.

    • yeah youre completely healthy. Im extremely sorry you feel this way. Hopefully you get through it.

    • My meds gave me a double chin, no weight gain on my body, just a friggin moon face and a double chin! Everyone in my family tells me to stop eating fattening food and eat vegetables. Everyone on the street looks funny at me too. Wtf!

    • Melissa Gerber it’s hard because my mom and one of my sisters were super thin models (my sister looked like a Victoria’s Secret Angel), my other sister is a size 4-6 at 5’10”, and my dad was a professional athlete (and also attractive).

  82. Living in leggings and never ever going to fancy places because pretty dresses look awful 🙁

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