South beach diet and aspartame

Prevention may make money using the links upon this page. Why trust us? Supplements and UNWANTED EFFECTS Dr. Agatston answers your questions about taking vitamin and other supplements, plus dealing with possible Phase 1 unwanted effects By Arthur Agatston, M.

Is that permitted on The South Beach Diet? I see that you recommend only soft. Despite the fact that I’m drinking several quarts of water every day, I’m having a side effects’ problem with constipation. I am trying sugar-free Metamucil as a dietary supplement three times. Is that permitted?

Could it be OK to employ a few slices of fresh lemon in my own daily water intake? It is the only way I could drink sufficient water. Agatston: Sugar-free Metamucil, as a dietary supplement, is okay and also favorably slows digestion when eaten with foods. Adding lemon can be a sensible way to slow digestion. Try to adhere to soft tofu. Q: I am on Day 9 of your wonderful program, and the medial side effects I am feeling include being very tired.

My hamstrings are killing me, and Personally i think pooped constantly. I worked out that i do every week and may not do the step class that I take. I had to leave after 35 minutes. Is this common? Will there be something I will be consuming more of? A day I drink about 2 quarts of water. It can occur because of some fluid loss connected with fat breakdown.

Maintaining fluids before, during, and after exercise is important. It could also be essential to then add extra salt to your meal during this phase to greatly help sustain your fluid volume. This is true for individuals who exercise vigorously especially. Cramping and tired muscles are connected with salt depletion particularly; start adding salt to your meal, drink more, and observe how you do. Are tablets OK, and what ingredients should we search for? Is my own body using more of what I placed into it and therefore making less waste?

Agatston: I would recommend a multivitamin along with omega-3 health supplements. I had plateaued, but I’m now moving again because of your South Beach Diet. However, among the relative unwanted effects I am finding is that I am getting very irritable, something I am not I am post-menopausal normally.

My sweet craving has disappeared, and I’ve stuck to your daily diet religiously, but I really do wonder if it’s leading to my irritability. Be sure you get enough fluids plus some regular exercise–a to minute brisk walk will be fine. I’m sure you’ll be feeling much better rapidly.

I had terrible unwanted effects: headaches and horrible mood swings, along with muscle weakness, nonetheless it is getting better. I have already been avoiding beans because they’re saturated in carbs relatively, and I’d like South Beach Diet Phase I to work for me personally. I have already been eating eggs, nuts, and low-fat tofu, tofu mainly, for my protein at meals. I’ve several concerns: I’ve heard that an excessive amount of soy messes together with your thyroid and can cause you to put on weight. I don’t want soy to be my main staple for an extended time period due to the controversy over its effects.

Agatston: The first headaches are probably because of some dehydration and hypoglycemia, that ought to resolve quickly. The headaches can also be because of caffeine withdrawal. I would go on and add beans, which, though saturated in carbs, have lots of fiber and so are low on the glycemic index.

In case you are concerned about soy as well as your thyroid, this is often easily checked with a straightforward blood test. Q: Are soy protein health supplements appropriate for the South Beach Diet? I switched from hormone replacement therapy to Revival Soy Protein some time ago and wish to continue drinking the shakes and eating the bars instead of breakfast every day.

If it’ll work, I will order the unsweetened and sweeten it myself with Splenda. Agatston: Soy protein is okay. Fructose may be the lowest glycemic index of the sugars, but also for Phase I, I trust your intend to use Splenda. All the best! I am feeling unwanted effects too. I am very tired and dizzy sometimes.

I’ve always walked at least 2 miles a day, nonetheless it is quite difficult now. In the morning hours than in the evening I appear to be more tired. My legs ache also. I hope that as I get into Phase II, this will end. I’ve not cheated at all.

I’ve lost about 11 lbs. Will there be something we ought to be eating to keep us from being so fatigued? Agatston: Fatigue and muscle aches in South Beach Diet Phase I are often from some excessive fluid loss and sometimes from hypoglycemia.

Get lots of fluids, and become more generous together with your low-glycemic carbs. Q: I am on the diet for approximately a week, and I’ve lost about 6 lbs. So so good far, but I’ve a few concerns. A few people on the board report having a little slip-up on only one day, gaining a pound then, and more sometimes, back. If one will not overindulge by a lot more than 3, calories, how can you really gain that much weight in a single day?

It appears that possibly the weight loss isn’t quite as “real” as most of us hope Is this similar to maybe water weight loss? Also, the program usually includes 1, calories or less; won’t this slow everyone’s metabolism down?

Agatston: We are actually trying to regulate hunger, not count calories. Americans are overweight more often than not due to the types of carbohydrates we are eating. Still, in this stage there is fluid loss often, and fluid shifts can take into account weight changes.

We daily recommend not weighing yourself. In our clinical tests and our clinical experience, weight loss is sustained. Ketosis, which in turn causes a lot of water loss, isn’t induced. Exercise helps maintain lean muscle and an increased metabolism also. Q: I have already been going for a dietary supplement which has mg of calcium polycarbophil per tablet.

Two tablets three times a day appears to work well pretty. Is this a satisfactory option to the Metamucil? Agatston: Polycarbophil is OK as a fiber supplement.


  1. South Beach Diet is such a fraud! they are just going to Keto to capture dollars! shame on them. I am doing keto on my own and without SBD! screw them.

  2. I love dr agatston. I did south beach several years ago and it was fantastic. I am a critical care registered nurse and I am not fooled by hype and flash. I noticed so many body improvements such as decreasing circulating insulin and what that meant to losing weight, maintaining and a life lesson on eating with a new lifestyle mentality. When I saw he had keto I was so excited to order it and see what he had to offer on new research based plans. Hes fantastic, a dedicated professional as I have read about him. All I can really say in this short space is God bless you, I was grateful to finding your plan several years ago and it is and was a life changer. Anyone that is satisfied with a surface blitz on the keto wagon is missing out on a research based plan by a highly knowledgeable professional. Thank You dr agaston for helping me get healthier and knowledgeable of how to do it as right as current research allows. You are the bomb!!

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