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Promotes Healthy Eating Patterns 1. Boosts Weight LACK OF course, the primary reason that a lot of people start the South Beach diet program is to lose excess weight fast. But does it work really? At the ultimate end of the analysis, participants lost typically 11 pounds and two inches of waist circumference.

In a report, eating a meal saturated in carbohydrates resulted in a drop in ghrelin levels accompanied by a quick jump back up. Similarly, degrees of peptide YY, a hormone that reduces appetite, showed an identical spike and crash after eating. Stabilizes BLOOD SUGAR Although the first phase of the South Beach diet eliminates grains, fruits and starches, the remainder of the program emphasizes selecting wholegrain, high-fiber carbohydrates over those which have been refined and processed.

Fiber slows the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream, preventing blood sugar from shooting up after eating. Including lots of high fiber foodstuffs in your diet, such as for example whole grains, will help you maintain normal blood sugar. Insulin may be the hormone accountable for transporting sugar out from the bloodstream and in to the tissues.

Sustaining high degrees of insulin for extended periods of time can desensitize the body to the consequences of insulin and result in insulin resistancemaking it harder for this to work well and resulting in a rise in blood sugar. Promotes Healthy Eating Patterns As the South Beach diet isn’t without its flaws, it can promote carrying out a well-rounded, healthy eating pattern that is sustainable and simple to follow. The South Beach diet is a great starting place for all those just starting out since it provides meal plans and sorts foods into easy-to-follow categories.

South Beach Diet Downsides As the South Beach Diet does boast lots of impressive health benefits, there are several negative aspects that needs to be considered as well, specially when it involves the types of fat contained in the diet. However, studies also show that coconut oil benefits from heart health to brain function because of its content of medium-chain essential fatty acids.

Additionally, although fats have always been vilified and classified as unhealthy and dangerous, studies have discovered that saturated fat intake is in fact not associated with an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke or diabetes. A lot of people consume a diet too much in omega-6 essential fatty acids and lower in omega-3 fatty acids. A higher ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids can donate to chronic inflammation.

The first two phases focus on weight loss as the final phase is for weight maintenance. South Beach Diet Phase 1: The first phase lasts for two weeks and is definitely the most restrictive phase of the dietary plan as high-carbohydrate foods like fruits and starches aren’t allowed. Typically, however, people have a tendency to lose the most weight in this phase.

In this South Beach diet phase 1, each day made up of non-starchy vegetables you should eat three meals, lean resources of protein, plus some healthy legumes and fats.

per day made up of both lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables

You may even eat two snacks. Foods that are allowed in this phase include: Lean proteins, such as for example fish, lean cuts of pork or beef, poultry, eggs, and low-fat cheese Non-starchy vegetables Monounsaturated fats like essential olive oil, canola oil or avocado oil Vegetable and seed oils.


  1. why dont you please tell me how the food tastes like tell me what a day before eating all the food looks like like how many snacks could you eat a day and how many meals

    • Im not affiliated with the OP, but Ive been doing this diet for about a month, and the food can be hit or miss, but its actually good especially for a diet program. If you go on the website they recommend getting the pre-selected chefs picks for your first order so you can try a broad sampling of the foods. Then next order you already have an idea what you like and dont like and can customize. Ive lost about 13 lbs in about a month – so far so good.

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  3. Are all the meals frozen and only can be heated in the microwave? I dont use the microwave

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