Sugar cane drink on keto diet

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Why trust us? If you are on a low-carb diet or ketothough, you will most probably need to give your usual cosmo order the boot. Sad but true: Most cocktails contain carbs particularly sugars due to the sodas, juices, and syrups found in them, says nutritionist Charlotte MartinRDN, CPT.

Honestly, for the most part bars, low-carb cocktails apart from your trusty vodka sodas just don’t exist on the menu. So you will have to discover ways to craft your own order. Typically, these picks contain zero grams of carbs. As long as you’re at it, though, be sure that clear liquor is unflavored also. You didn’t think that sweet tea vodka was sugar-free, did you? Of course, you additionally have to think about everything you mix your carb-free booze with.

Her go-to order is silver tequila, sparkling water, a splash of grapefruit or OJ juice, and further limes. Looking for something fancier? If you are prepared to take your low-carb cocktail game to another level, you can DIY some pretty legit concoctions also. Get started doing these low-carb assumes all of your preferred adult beverages. View Gallery 15 Photos 1 of 15 Low-Carb Margarita Sipping margs keto-style is very possible with this stevia- or monk fruit-sweetened marg. It requires five ingredients and two minutes to make just.

Per portion: calories, 0. Per portion: calories, 0 g fat 0 g sat2 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 0 g fiber, 1mg sodium, 0 g protein Ketogasm 3 of 15 Low-Carb Moscow Mule Made out of vodka, diet ginger beerand some lime juice, this simple undertake trendy mules is crucial for low-carb imbibers.

Copper mug, optional. Per portion: calories, 0 g fat 0 g sat1 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 0 g fiber, 0 mg sodium, 0 g protein Ketogasm 4 of 15 Gin Fizz Because of the egg whites which, yes, are in gin fizz drinksthis sugar-free cocktail actually provides some protein always, so beat that. Per portion: calories, 0 g fat 0 g sat1 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 0 g fiber, 74 mg sodium, 3 g protein Ketogasm 5 of 15 Hot Buttered Rum Lower in carbs and sugar, but higher in fat, this cozy buttered rum may be the perfect way to really get your keto buzz on through the winter.

Per portion: calories, 11 g fat 7 g sat0 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 0 g fiber, mg sodium, 0 g protein I Breathe I’m Hungry 6 of 15 Keto Paloma Sugar-free grapefruit soda and tequila vibe hard in this super low-carb paloma. Go on and pretend you’re on the coast of Mexico. Per portion: calories, 0 g fat 0 g sat0. Then add club soda for a few extra sugar-free fizz. Per portion: calories, 0 g fat 0 g sat7 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 0 g fiber, 0 g protein Wonky Wonderful 9 of 15 Vodka Berry Cocktail.


  1. I will continue to follow you and I think It would have been best to tell us if any of these sweeteners are safe. People that are diabetic need to know if these sweeteners you are talking about can cause cancer

  2. I am really grateful for your thorough research and effort to educate us. Thank you! You are a blessing.

  3. I only use them for tea so I really need to know how to manage Earl Grey tea … which is trash unsweetened, sorry . What should I use?

    • @Singing Mama Ive decided to do what is sustainable (for me) and continue to drink tea the way i like it

    • Ive been using pure stevia in my tea and coffee for bout 7 months now.. along with a keto diet as well and have lost 80 pounds since April

    • @Dr. Matthew Weiner tea is very bitter unsweetened, I dont think I want to give up *a* form of sweetener in all honesty (quality of life) but thank you

    • TLH Photography no artificial sweeteners are okay, it won’t take long to get used to unsweetened tea

  4. I only use monkfruit or stevia extract. I dont have sugar craving much anymore, and Ive been doing this for extactly 2 months and 1 week. Ive also let go of what i call poison (Carbohydrates, sugar, and starch). My result so far has been, I can go 16hrs a day with absolutely no hunger, i dont crave sugar anymore, Im a type 2 diabetic, and my glucose is now between 90 and 119 at all times. I feel energized and Ive lost 35lbs. I didnt do this for weight loss, I did it because to type 2, which my blood sugar use to be around 245. The weight loss was a added benefit.

    • He is incorrect! Dates, bananas any type of sweet fruit coconut is really good and what about honey

    • @Dr. Matthew Weiner So…does that mean you drink your coffee black or you dont drink anything except water?

    • Personally, I use ripe bananas to sweeten my morning smoothie. At my local supermarket they often sell off their aging, browning bananas really cheaply, so I buy a whole bunch and freeze them. I also often snack on grapes to help satisfy my sweet craving

  5. You are presenting this information as science and use terms like ´confuses our body?´ What do you mean by that? It is nothing but a metaphor. Please, I´m not in the market for storytelling here, I want to understand how this works. Please describe the mechanism. My body is not confused, never has been. But my mind sure is. The scientific evidence for this negative effect of zero-calorie sweeteners seems to me to ultimately take a leap of faith to reach their conclusions. They don´t really know how this stuff works. At least not yet.

    • Your comment is hilarious in light of the 3 major studies published in the last week and a half that 100% show a link to type-2 diabetes on most of these sweeteners, aged like milk…

    • Show me where YOU back any of the information up. It doesnt take a second grader to understand the concept but it simply isnt true and no facts to back it up

    • @Gregory Martin youre off your rockers mate. Because you dont understand what he os refering to you choose to be further ignorant. What the hell has my name on youtube got to do with anything. Cool story by the way.

    • @john doe The fact that you have to come on your own comments as john doe speaks volumes. I AM the contradictory data. I used to pass out while just walking in the grocery store and manage my energy hour by hour. Now I dont even think about having to manage my energy or having blurry vision now that sugar is gone and using theses sweeteners and substitutes and there are study after study that say the same. Anybody that wants to have knowledge about these things search people that back up their words with science and studies such as Dr. Eric Berg or Thomas Delaur or Bobby Parrish. This man is just a clown that is trying to get some views off of trying to SCARE people with titles with words that hey knows are very popular. Shame on you.

  6. WRONG! These dont count as ARTIFICIAL sweeteners… these are low-calorie NATURAL sweeteners extracted from natural source. But the question really should be… is monkfruit/erythritol/stevia better than regular sugar? EVERYBODY knows sugars dont have any NUTRITIONAL value (except maybe for monkfruit which has antioxidant properties from mogrosides)…. so dont compare it to a real fruit. We are not gonna squeeze a fruit in our coffee.The point of the low-calorie sweeteners is as substitute to high calorie regular sugar. Focus on why its a better option…if it is. If its not, explain why. This video is really useless coming from a doctor.

  7. what about adding one of those sweeteners to a nutritive recipe? like fruit jams.

  8. If I grow stevia and dry it my self then Can I use it in my tea and coffee?? Is that a better option?

    • Stephanie Chavez Fresh stevia leaf doesn’t release the sweetness unless it’s ground up. The raw leaf is just as bitter as the powder.

  9. So he didnt know anything about monk fruit, he said absolutely nothing

    • @Audrey Woods This doctor is actually clueless about this subject. These are NOT artificial sweeteners… these are NATURAL sweeteners…. they are extracted from a natural source… not created from a lab.

    • Thelma Thomas he did. He made it perfectly clear that it is heavily processed and not a natural and healthy option.

  10. Aleliamada como puedo entrar a tu canal para mandarte mensajes cuando tienes en vivos nunca puedo y llo te digo desde ase como un año

  11. Ive been on stevia and monkfruit for over a year and have lost 60lbs. Your data is outdated. Now, I question whether youre a certified doctor.

    • I agree with you, seems his only answers a question where he can say None! witch of course lead to Have surgury….

  12. Totally nonsense. Water has 0 calories and have some taste. Wat would be the difference with stevia?

  13. The problem with Stevia is that it usually contains Maltodextrin, a filler made out of starch in order to add bulk. Maltodextrin also spikes your blood sugar. I have also noticed that some Stevia brands also contain Erythritol and have 2 carbs per packet which I think is too many carbs for those of us trying to reduce our carb intake (I need at least 3 packets) per coffee cup. The more I read and watch videos like these about Artificial Sweetners, the more convinced I am that the only thing left to drink is water and even then, you are not guaranteed that it doesnt have chemicals in it. Case in point, the lead in Flint, Michigan water.

  14. Anyone else catch the decoupling argument makes 0 sense? If i eat an apple and my body senses sweet and increases my metabolism…How in the fuck is triggering my metabolism with a 0 calorie sugar replacement going to cause me to gain weight…

    I HATE when people say well it causes you to binge eat or crave fattier foods, which causes weight gain…..No shit…But thats not what the statement is saying. The statement ASSUMED is that FAKE sugar, or 0 Cal replacment sugar causes weight gain..BECAUSE people who are eating it are typically overweight…Thats not the same thing… ITS SO SIMPLE.

    Calories burned
    Calories digested

    Period… you cant gain weight from 0 calories, this argument is fucking ridiuclous…

  15. Should we eat or not above products? I didnt get ur argument. Undecided

  16. So if I use monk Fruit in healthy recipesits ok? I am making av9vado and dark Cacao pudding with shredded coconut tomorrow. Im assuming that doesnt uncouple the taste and nutrition signal?

  17. Hi doctor which system you are using as it appears on the screen whatever you draw on the tablet?.. looks pretty cool.

  18. If you use these sweeteners in combination with foods that have nutritional value is this better

    • Look Up Dr. Berg or Thomas Delaur to get a much better more scientific explanation. The guy isnt siting any studies from anywhere just making claims. Very unreliable for any information, closer to the edge of miss-information than anything. Have a good one.

  19. The only artificial sweeteners I regularly use is stevia drops in a smoothie. Since the smoothie already contains vitamins and calories from the fruit and vegetables, does that make the stevia ok?

  20. Base line is that If you consume ANY type of sugar whether natural or artificial it will prove to be harmful, so just Have like Two teaspoons a day, and you’ll be fine.

  21. The refining process introduces a lot of chemicals that nuke our gut microbiome. Aspartame in particular destroys your good gut bugs creating an imbalance. When there is dysbiosis that is what influences weight gain.

    • @WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Great job on getting back on the wagon!! It is so great that you had cleaned up your eating and reversed your ADHD!!! Hold on to that proof that you did it once, because you can (AND WILL) do it again!! 💪🏼👏🏼

      I am certain that it is dysbiosis that causes disease and weight gain. The effects of aspartame are already well known. I suspect we will see the same effects across any CHEMICALLY REFINED sweetener because of the chemicals that are added. They can disrupt the biome and COULD cause a dysbiosis. I was on Keto for 8 months and then started having insomnia. Going strict carnivore for a few months helped, and now I think Ive isolated it to be the zero-carb sweeteners. I was having a lot of Keto treats at that time and was using Truvia and then Swerve (erythritol) . (I cannot speak directly to monk fruit.)

      This is not to say that Stevia in its raw leaf form would cause the same issues as a product like Truvia. (Of course unless it was not organic raw stevia, then its still risking the same problem because it still has chemicals.) Again its the refining process with chemicals that worries me. So if youre worried about leveraging zero-carb sweeteners to help as you clean up again this is what I would say: start with where youre at. Focus on coming off refined sugar with these products if you need an intermediate step. If you can keep using them without seeing adverse effects, great. But if you develop insomnia or other things like I did, dont assume these refined zero carb sweeteners are as completely innocent as were led to believe. Their time to be swapped out may too come.

      Keep at it, youre gonna do great! This may be tough, but so are you! What else do you specifically feel you need help with?

    • Are you certain of this in regards to stevia or monk fruit? I am fasting regularly and reducing sugar during days I do eat. This is in part due to my emerging awareness of microbiome in the gut. I accidentally cleaned up my gut a decade ago by going whole foods no sugar diet and ADHD was relieved a year into this new way of eating. Sadly I let life run me over sorta of speak and went back to old eating habits ADHD back in full force and energy low. Any help would be appreciated.

  22. Way to paint a broad brush equating all natural sweeteners… the same. This guy is WRONG. Monk fruit/Erythritol is the way to go. Guess what? if you stop the white cane sugar and use the MF/Ery instead your cravings will stop and you will LOSE weight.

  23. Maybe artificial sweeteners arent causing weight gain. Maybe heavier people rely on them more, which accounts for the link between the two.

  24. You profit from obesity, so your words are laughable. Truth is that with these sweeteners we can lose weight without paying you. Shame on you

  25. I had xylitol in my tea and in my warm cocoa milk, and I felt dizzy, low energy, sick or nauseated. And thats when I didnt add any real carbohydrates… so maybe a connection to why?

  26. Great info! I had wondered about Monkfruit but had never looked into it. I have never used it, but I had thought about it. I won’t be doing it.

    • I’ve used both for over a year, all my health issues have gone away and off all bp meds. Leave sugar, fructose and starches !

    • @Singing Mama It was horrible hey???
      Nothing Ive ever experienced,it was quite umm on the aspartame depopulation list!!
      Discusting!! Sick govt that are involved with the corporations and produce slot this crap themselves..bill gates club..nwo

    • So glad to see Im not the only one who had a real bad gut from monkfruit. Jesus, I was in crazy distress.

    • I bought the monk fruit with erythritol and used a half tsp
      I had severe stomach cramping pain and on the toilet for 24 was extremely painful.i threw it away and called amazon for complaint and refund..crap is deadly!

  27. I hate this stuff I drink a drink such as Koia Keto only about 2 oz of it & I feel sick (cant even finish the 12 oz drink that cost $6). Every time I have any brand drink with Monk fruit. Makes me feel ill even in small doses.
    Some stevia tastes better but is NO better, stevia lowers sperm count in men & has a similar effect in women including women who could consume stevia have babies that are lower weight. I also have to look back into the research to see if stevia affects womens egg quality. I am tired of these so called Natural Sweeteners I dont understand why we can just stick to regular sugars. The only one I havent tried is agave syrup but I am not rushing. Im ok with plain old sugar or that unrefined brown sugar

  28. You should present some data to support your position. Theres this thing out there called the medical literature …

    • keppela1 yes, very familiar with medical literature, my new book has over 180 citations

  29. Dr. I just have to tell you that I love your your book How Weight Loss Surgery Really works!. It is so well written and informative! I have also ordered your book A Pound Of Cure and have already changed my way of eating! Thank you so much!

  30. Thanks for enlightening me about erythritol that I consumed today total of 5tbsp which is more than any day I consumed I experienced gas and caused me to have frequent visit to the toilet during the day.

  31. Hi Dr, nice video. Do you know if sugar alchohol sweetners or any artificial sweeteners might make ketones on type1 diabetic or not!!!! So another word can your body produce the dangerous ketones in type 1 diabetic while consuming food with artificial or sugar alcohol. Thank you

  32. I dont get your argument? Natural = good? Thats a fallacious statement; even the fruits (apples, bananas, berries) are the products of thousands of years of artificial selection and propagation erring towards the side of sweeter products. The berries that the cavemen ate are for sure a hundred times less sweet than the supermarket berries we eat today.

  33. Yeah…this guy may know how to perform surgery but he doesnt know very much about monk fruit or erythritol. As one of the few Americans that has ever been to a monk fruit farm and factory, I can tell you that this mans info is definitely skewed to his agenda. Monk fruit contains sweet antioxidants called mogrosides that are filtered from the fruit just like fruit juice and are naturally multiple times sweeter than sugar. It isnt overly processed and the mogrosides are in fact nutritional. Just because something is sweeter than sugar, doesnt mean that it must be heavily processed to do so. Glucose and fructose arent the only things that can register as sweet on our taste buds and our bodies know that. Taste and calories and nutrition are all different processes. Now for the Erythritol: Maltitol is the sugar alcohol in sugar free gummy bears that gives you gastric distress and xylitol will do the same, just less so. Erythritol is also naturally occuring. If his logic qualifies each of these sweeteners as artificial then we would also have to call glucose and fructose artificial. They are all naturally occurring elements that are just extracted. Artificial means they were made in a lab out of fake ingredients that dont occur naturally anywhere.

    • He didnt explain at all why he considers them artificial. He gave a narrative around decoupling taste from nutrition with no supporting evidence. Ive been staying away from all sweeteners, but want to relax that a bit, it seems to me all three of these are good options. Im seeking out downsides, but evidence based. I agree with your comments.

  34. I commented on a previous video about this – but I am a super taster, I have the gene that means I taste bitterness much more strongly than other people. Water is bitter to me – until I began researching my own genes with the genographic study almost 20 years ago now. I can live without sugar, but if I don’t have some sweetness (and more than most people would need in my drinks) I will avoid water based beverages. We are all so different, so the recommendation to avoid artificial sweeteners as a general statement ignores that there are people like me where the taste issues are a very real obstacle. Note that I was quite heavy while avoiding artificial sweeteners (saccharin is extremely bitter for me) and was able to achieve a 100 lb weight loss using Splenda. I will need some middle ground and feel sure among the obese population the percentage of super tasters is greater than in other segments (would be a great study if not done)

  35. What if I added monk fruit to porridge, nuts and flax seeds will its still cause weight gain?

  36. I know of many people that add monk fruit and/or Stevia to protein drinks and smoothies to simply enhance the flavor of an already nutritional item. The argument about “confusing your body” based on the assumption that those sweeteners are only added to non-nutritional foods/drinks doesn’t seem to address that situation.

  37. I think the take away from this video is that if someone truly wants to get healthy, they probably need to limit sweeteners, whether artificial or natural. And most people dont like that idea. Because a lot of folks (like myself) got heavy over many years by eating sweet things. I would have liked at least a reference about the safety of artificial sweeteners. Because there is no EVIDENCE that they are not safe. And the weight gain, doesnt come from consuming them. Weight gain comes from potentially eating other foods that do have calories that you may crave after consuming the artificial sweeteners.

  38. That’s pretty awesome the bit about fruit and our metabolism. I gotta say I subscribe to this wonderful woman who makes easy to make sweet treats she uses Monk fruit in some things. So are we concluding that it’s still had even tho it has no calories just for the simple fact it doesn’t come a lot with any nutrition? What if it’s made into a protein cake or something?

  39. You say that artificial sweeteners predispose you to weight gain, but you dont reference any studies to support this claim.

    On the contrary, I see countless people on keto or low carb diets utilizing artificial sweeteners and not suffering from weight gain.

    Artificial sweeteners are a tool that can be used to battle unhealthy cravings, they are not gateway drug to more sugar.

    Please dont discourage people from using these useful tools without providing evidence that they are dangerous.

    • @y0un355 eating over the calories in which you are burning makes you gain weight. Its not rocket-science

    • Thomas Brodowicz i grew and live here traveled around the world and Im telling you its not, there fat people everywhere, FDA in America is bs cus they allows a lot of unhealthy measures and ingredients but thats not necessarily what makes gain weight

    • @Rembrandt sooo….no one is going to mention the serving sizes?

      What about the dutch hunger winter?

      Environmental factors…

      Really..! Im pretty disappointed in the youtube comments lately. So much to call bullshit but the main one, and the one everyone should stop doing because it makes people sound like morons is:

      X happens.
      Its because of Y.

      In order for a statement like that to be even considered, scientific theory states that 0 exceptions can occur. SO YOU ARE SAYING 100% OF AMERICANS ARE FAT?


      Jesus christ people…learn some simple god damn fundamentals. Adult males who dont eat over 1,000 kcal a day dont gain weight


      Until there is, that claim is fair to make, but the second 1 SINGLE PERSON does, its not backed by anything other than opinion (which means nothing)

    • @Thomas Brodowicz They do more walking….so they burn more calories than they consume, hence, they are less fat.

    • y0un355 all I can tell you is that people in Europe are a lot skinnier than in the US I spent 3 years in Europe and many of the drinks they sell are reformulated, meaning they are different than in the US

  40. So if Im using my stevia, monkfruit, and and erythritol for sweetening things that have good macros/micro nutrients they can be beneficial?

    • Ursula. M
      Truvia literally has no aftertaste and tastes exactly like sugar. I hated the bitter gross after taste of stevia so I avoided it like the plague. Truvia is the only one that tastes just like sugar

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