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About Karen Fischer Karen Fischer can be an Australian nutritionist and award-winning author who specialises in eczema. Our doctor diagnosed it as eczema. Ayva would often scratch until her arms bled so we put mittens on her behalf hands that’s her in the purple jumpsuit with her Nanna.

I was a nutritionist and I hadn’t considered looking at treatment plans for my baby beyond cortisone cream and thick ointments. Ayva was identified as having walnut allergy, and dust mite allergy which meant she could longer sleep without, or touch, some of her soft toys.

We stopped using steroid creams and I started researching eczema and the role diet plays in skin health. By enough time Ayva was two I had devised a supplement routine and an eczema diet on her behalf and 8 weeks later, to my excitement and surprise, her eczema was gone.

I thought maybe it had been luck therefore i stopped the supplements now called Skin Friend and diet and her eczema soon returned. When I gave her the supplements and modified her diet slightly her eczema would quickly disappear completely so I knew it had been her health routine that was helping.

Because of the eczema supplements and diet Ayva could enjoy normal activities such as for example using fluffy toys, swimming in chlorinated pools and she could eat party food without her eczema returning occasionally. Ayva may possibly also pat our cat without breaking out in a red rash and she actually is no more allergic to walnuts. I had psoriasis and dermatitis On an individual note, in my own teen years and early 20s before I changed my diet I suffered from dermatitis. And I used cortisone steroid creams on my face and hands daily.

What I came across most surprising is what sort of regular healthy diet could be a area of the problem. Included in these are tomatoes, oranges, avocado, almonds, and broccoli to mention a few. It had been a genuine eye opener to find that the answer was something quite unique. At the right time, I really felt people who have naturally good skin just didn’t know very well what someone with skin rashes undergoes and how we have to eat ‘gentle’ eczema-friendly foods to keep the skin we have clear and healthy.

That is why I wrote my books, to greatly help people learn how to treat these conditions in a effective and gentle way. Sometimes it’s effort but it’s worthwhile. I wish you well in your endeavour to create beautiful truly, healthy skin.


  1. Cant imagine healing without the greens.. whether juiced or blended, or consumed straight up whole.. greens are super essential for the liver and healing. I love my greens 🙂

  2. I love how Greg is so helpful to the eczema community and understands that its a complex disease and we are all different so different measures may have to be taken with everyone. We absolutely have to discover for ourselves what works. Thank you for not trying to preach to people that your way is the only way.

  3. Thank you Greg!! Appreciate your perspective and follow up on Karen!!👍😊

    • Im adding in more greens👍also trying to go 90% raw for awhile to clear this last bit on forehead, more exercise! Determined! Feeling more positive and keeping your words of wisdom in forefront! 🙂 glad your back making vids frequently!

  4. this book is just as bad as Dr Axe and Dr Mercolas ideas about healing. Iv had 5 clients in the last 2 months by this book and fail, only to hire me because the book sucks!!!!!

    • +Rob Stuart 100% agree thats not how healing​ works. If you tell people good things about their bad habits, the books will sell. Just used the same old phone for this video – better lighting perhaps 🙂 Thanks again for fighting the good fight, Rob.

    • I have not met anyone who used her book and cured their skin. she uses poor languaging in her book that causes people to FEAR healthy foods and gives people false hope about eating clean for a while until your healthy and then re-incorporating the bad foods. Thats not how healing works. I generally avoid saying such things about people but Im getting really fed up with all the fake and dangerous info out there regarding healing. Good video on your behalf though. looks like you have a new camera? Good quality.

    • +Rob Stuart Interesting feedback, Rob. Ive had a few asking​ about salicylates, but none that have had positive results by removing them.

  5. I read some comments on Karen Fischers website where someone was asking for advice on what they could supplement their diet with as the Skin Friend product was out of stock. Their response was we cant help you and youll just have to wait until you can buy our product – we cant help you otherwise

  6. Greg is it ok to eat homemade vegetable soup? It’s cold now on the UK and it’s hard to be on a raw diet all day long. Thanks in advance!

    • thank you for your reply. Could you tell me what is the truth about nightshades? Everybody is saying to avoid them I’m really suffering now and want to get this diet right and not waste time anymore. Also what are your thought on organic houmous and rice cakes? I would be grateful for any answers. Thank you so much

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