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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter If you would like to want to lose excess weight, you have to resign yourself to starting on a diet. Diets reduce the quantity of food you take in and create a calorie deficit.

This deficit forces the body to use more kept fat to create up the energy shortfall. As a result, you lose weight. There are numerous different diets to select from, and many of these are extremely effective. Two such options will be the paleo and the Mediterranean diet.

But, in the paleo vs. Mediterranean diet battle, which one best is? Finding the right diet isn’t easy always. In the end, every diet works in quite similar way. However, things such as food choice, cost, and convenience are important considerations.

Picking the proper diet for you personally shall imply that you achieve your weight loss goal efficiently. Pick the wrong diet, and you might not reach it at all. In this post, we compare two of the very most popular diets around.

Use these comparisons to determine if either of the options is right for you personally. Actually, fans of what’s also known as the Caveman diet say that this is actually the oldest diet that you can buy. Basically, when you follow the paleo diet, you adopt a diet that’s similar to a stone-age hunter-gather allegedly.

During the last 10, years roughly, humankind has moved from being truly a hunter-gather and started eating foodstuffs that are processed and farmed. Grains, for instance, were something of a rarity in the paleolithic era. Paleo diet fans think that Neolithic new stone age foods aren’t ideal for human consumption and that the hunter-gatherer Paleolithic old stone age diet is a lot healthier. They believe it really is more in tune with this nutritional needs and our relatively unevolved digestive systems.

Foods that are processed or will be the result of farming aren’t allowed because they are deemed to be Neolithic. Instead, paleo dieters eat a whole lot of organic meat and fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fats, and other natural foods.

Some paleo diet variations ban all dairy while some permit butter and cream because they are natural foods made out of hardly any processing. Some allow some unrefined grains such as for example buckwheat, wild rice, and quinoa because they are unrefined predominately. Others usually do not permit grains at all. Potatoes are something of a grey area also.

While they certainly are a vegetable, they certainly are a relatively recent crop and weren’t as common through the Paleolithic era because they are now. It all boils down to just how much of an genuine paleo experience you want – or can tolerate.

Other, more rigid paleo dieters, treat this as cheating. Paleo Diet Benefits If you follow a paleo-type diet, you will remove almost all processed foods automatically, and that may do you only good. While it is not particularly a low-carb diet, eliminating foods like bread, rice, pasta, etc. Eliminating most grains and consuming more vegetables and fruit provides plenty of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber – another plus for the paleo diet. Grains certainly are a leading reason behind digestive upset for many individuals.

Sugar can be very scaring on the paleo diet. Added and refined sugar is arguably the unhealthiest ingredient in virtually all modern foods. The paleo diet is well suited for getting the out of a sugar-fueled rut. Cutting sugar will decrease your overall calorie consumption also, that could help with weight loss. With paleo, there can be an focus on both protein and healthy fats making a nice differ from the most common high carb, low-fat approach that modern mainstream nutritionists recommend.

Being clear of processed food items, the paleo diet is clear of artificial additives which might or might not be unhealthy. Most paleo dieters take this a step by purposely searching for organic further, free-range food.

Paleo Diet Drawbacks The paleo diet is fairly controversial – due to the fact a few of the claims that form the foundation of the diet are unsubstantiated. Paleolithic man DID eat some grains, and fossilized remains have proven traces of oats and other grains in the digestive tracts of hunter-gatherers. They consumed dairy also. If indeed they caught a milk-producing goat or similar, they might have milked it. The Mediterranean region contains countries such as for example Greece, Italy, and Spain. For several years, the Mediterranean diet has been near the top of the dietary plan charts.

The Mediterranean diet is really as tasty since it is healthy, which is another reason it really is so popular. It uses lots of herbs and spices of salt to make meals tasty instead. Poultry and Fish certainly are a significant part of the diet, while red meat occasionally is eaten.

Many proponents of the Mediterranean diet program advocate a daily glass of burgandy or merlot wine also, which is saturated in antioxidants and other beneficial substances. That is, however, optional entirely.

Meals are designed to be sociable also, relaxed affairs where diners sit and relax while they eat. That is thought to donate to the healthfulness of the particular diet. Natural foods like vegetables, fish, and legumes are low in calories than processed food items. If you eat a whole lot of processed foods usually, switching Mediterranean foods shall lessen your calorie intake, and that can result in weight loss.

However, if weight loss is most of your goal, you may want to lessen your intake of higher calorie Mediterranean foods such as for example nuts, bread, and potatoes, consuming more leafy non-starchy and vegetables instead. Unlike most crash diets, this eating plan is known as to be very safe.

Mediterranean Diet Benefits The dietary plan is known as to be the healthiest diet you can choose often. Research has demonstrated that individuals residing in the Mediterranean region have less cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lower cholesterol, and live longer, healthier lives than other populations.

People who adopt the Mediterranean eating plan can considerably reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Mediterranean Diet Drawbacks The Mediterranean diet is founded on the diet plan of an extremely large population back the s and s.

As such, rather than being truly a very prescriptive diet program, it really is more of a couple of general guidelines for healthy eating. In the end, Spanish, Greek, and Italian cuisines are extremely different. Due to this, the Mediterranean diet is available to a whole lot of interpretation. The main healthy top features of the Mediterranean diet are also its drawbacks. Food preparation from scratch from fresh ingredients could be time-consuming, and insufficient time is among the most typical barriers to eating healthily.

Another drawback is that the Mediterranean diet could result in weight gain. Many Mediterranean meals incorporate bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, or bread.

These starchy carbs are saturated in calories and simple to overeat. While your Mediterranean meal could be healthy and filling, it could also contain way too many calories, and you could finish up gaining weight instead of losing it. A final drawback that you ought to consider prior to starting the Mediterranean diet is olives and essential olive oil. Green and black olives and further virgin essential olive oil all feature heavily in nearly every Mediterranean diet meal.

The fruit of the olive tree plus they oil both employ a distinct taste. Both are based around natural foods, frown upon the intake of sugar and processed food items, you need to include healthy fats consumed by the bucket load. However, there are some crucial distinctions also. Protein – the paleo diet is saturated in protein. Meat, fish, and eggs are consumed by the bucket load. On the other hand, with the Mediterranean diet, high protein foods are consumed in much smaller quantities, and red meat is a rarity than a dietary mainstay rather.

Grains – the Mediterranean diet involves eating a complete lot of whole grains. This can be rice, pasta, bread, pilaf, or couscous. On the other hand, the paleo diet all-but bans grains aside from wild quinoa and rice, which are believed ancient grains. Dairy – cavemen didn’t raise cows, goats, or sheep for dairy, although they could have consumed milk if indeed they trapped an animal that was lactating.

In contrast, the Mediterranean diet contains more dairy considerably, in the kind of cheese and yogurt especially, which are popular in the Mediterranean region.

Meat consumption – the Mediterranean diet lends itself well to going meat-free really. Many Mediterranean dishes are meat-free or could be adapted to be so naturally. Meat, when consumed, usually is included in smaller amounts. In contrast, the paleo diet usually involves eating a whole lot of meat, a lot of it red. In the end, people residing in the Paleolithic era were hunters first and gatherers second.

Carbs – the paleo diet is naturally reduced carbs compared to the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet contains a lot more carbohydrate. This implies the paleo diet could be better for weight loss as the Mediterranean diet could be better for athletes in training who need more carbs for energy.

Acceptance – of both, the Mediterranean diet may be the most accepted. Because of this, following the Mediterranean diet is simple relatively, and the foods and ingredients connected with this diet can be found widely. In contrast, going may prove harder paleo, when you have to eat out especially. IMPORTANT THING The Mediterranean diet is wonderful for your health and will assist you to lose weight. The paleo diet eliminates the vast majority of the foods associated with weight gain and illness.

This helps it be useful for weight loss, nonetheless it is very restrictive. This might make the paleo diet hard to live with.


    • Everyone is different and what may work for one may not work for another. I say you do you and let everyone else choose their healthy lifestyle.

  1. Mercury levels in Sardine are low also salmon is a good choice. Avoid tuna if you can

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  3. @RachaelRay I asked on Social Media a couple of years ago, what has Rachael done for Animals
    I learned youve given over 10million to Our best friends. Nutrish has helped my lab lose weight eating the Venison flavor. Thank you and I wanted ppl to know youre a friend to the Animals

  4. I think Dr. OZ may have had a little drinky drink before they filmed this😂

    • Steven Swindall I thought it was just me, having not watched his shows… I thought he slurred like that naturally.

  5. MY OPINION THAI FOOD TOO ……IS FRESH HEALTHY…..i have uric acid dr. oz. what are the does and donts on this ??

  6. who else feels old seeing rachael ray because you grew up watching her cooking show? bc same.

  7. Im italian and I never saw the evo oil of Rachel Ray or her balsamic Vinegar in Italy. The only balsamic vinegar comes from Modena and it should be pretty expensive if its the athentic one. The best estra virgin olive oil is made with italian olives and with cold ectraction. The generic european oils are not the same quality , so be careful, check always the labels

  8. Pasta and beans are very high in carbs and spikes your blood sugar. I dont trust her, she is overweight. Where is the proteins and the fats? Our brain needs fat.

    • Cidalia Martins Not entirely true. As long as you get the right kinds of whole grain breads and pasta you’ll get a lot more fibre than when you eat white. You just have to look at the label and look at the ingredients. But i do know that in some countries the right kinds are a lot easier to find than in others. In the US I can never find what I need. Here in The Netherlands it’s easy though. We eat bread everyday for breakfast and lunch. And we’re very healthy and skinny 🙂

    • Re Mi Whole grain products like pastas and most breads don’t have much more fiber than their white counterparts. Same with brown rice. They’re fine in moderation, as you mentioned, if you’re maintaining your weight, but they’re not so great if you’re trying to lose weight. Legumes are not so bad in reasonable quantities. Lower glycemic carb sources are a better bet for weight loss (legumes, sweet potato, spaghetti squash, veggies, etc). Gotta convince the body to use its fat stores for energy. 🙂

    • shawn Im European and pasta and beans are fine, as long as you but the right kind. Get whole grain pasta. Eat smaller portions than Americans generally do. The pasta and beans are just the base. You gotta mostly eat veggies in a meal (like us Europeans do). Beans contain a lot of protein. Olive oil, nuts, seeds, etc all contain healthy fats. You can definitely add fatty fish or some meat too though! The Mediteranean diet really is healthier than most diets.

  9. Olive oil was not healthy at all it was the plant base that makes these foods fight cancer it was not the olive oil. If this is the case i will drink one botlle of olive oil every day without the plant bas foods.

  10. Rachael Ray trying to teach people about dieting. Hahahahahaha . She can teach about donuts instead.

  11. It helps you liver too! I love this lifestyle of eating not really a diet I dont feel neglected lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks

  12. I never listen to Rachel Ray. Rachel Ray doesn’t seem genuine to her character that she plays on TV. I suspect she’s probably not a very kind person.

  13. that looks really unreliable when someone chubby talks about dieting!…

    • Massage Therapist London … I know skinny people who dropped dead from heart disease, so your point is useless.

    • i mean.. fat and skinny is all about calories, but if you take a fat american and her, she would still have better results in health tests

  14. She has blown up like a hot air balloon but she is giving advice on HEALTHY….?!?! Im lost.

    • @About That Life Says the fat-ass key board warrior pretending to be something better.

    • About That Life a healthy lifestyle on it’s own does not always equate with a slim figure. it must be paired with frequent fitness. plus, as she as gotten older, her metabolism has slowed, so don’t be so quick to judge.

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      Sweet , its mostly a cardio vascular crush / but they do manipulate the bladder things in food

  16. Salmon is usually farmed and full of toxins. Yuk! Pasta is processed carbs. The best olive oil comes from Spain cold pressed direct from the pueblos not the mass produced stuff. The Mediterranean diet is great in Mediterranean countries, but in the States, the food is mostly tampered with either by Big Food or Big Pharma (ie GMOs, pesticides/herbicides etc) so hard to find truly fresh, natural food anymore.

  17. This is literally what middle eastern people eat everyday; why are they treating it like some amazing discovery?😂😂

    • this generation treats every common knowledge or sense thing like a discovery.

    • Cuz we Americans are ignorant LMAO. Some people backed up the research about Mediterranean diets lowering the risk of heart disease by 30% & I guess we never knew about it/acknowledged it til later on 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Because here in the US we eat like crap and fall into fads so quick. Eating healthy is sadly alien to us and we make it more complicated than necessary. Like we should eat to live but we live to eat which is not good. I love this country but I dislike how we are all about fast food, candy and always on the go life.

    • I dont think its a discovery more of a educating people how to eat healthier. In the USA we have a rise in health issues and diabetes and cancer are number one killers right long with heart disease! So I think trying to get people to make healthier life styles to live longer and more active lifes is going to help everyone in the long run!!

    • Because we dont eat like this here in America therefore its a discovery for us leave us alone 😤😤😤

  18. I see Rachel’s chunky ass still eating Carbs.

    She needs to get on Keto.

  19. White shell farm factory eggs?
    Please, somebody, explain to this woman that the colour of the shell is because of the type/race of chicken and not as a result of the factory! Which then makes you question what else she is saying.

    • @Michele Wiebe I think it is really fun and interesting to see and learn about the varieties of chickens. I have not fact-checked the following link but this is something I have learned a while ago.

    • My family ethically raises chickens, and due to the type of chickens that we have, our eggs are green! Nobody ever believes me when I say its natural and that we dont dye/modify our eggs.

      Note. I should say the shell is green. The actual eggs are normal white and yellow 😅

    • Exactly, not only that but the reason the typical white eggs shell is so thin is because they wash them which takes of the protective coating and are stored for God knows how long and thats why they feel a bit porous to the touch in comparison to the other eggs. They clean those too I just dont know their method.

  20. I Love Rachael Ray I used to watch 30 minutes meals on Food Network years ago. She is inspiration of those people love to cook. I started cooking when I was at the age 12..!!! Almost 17 years ago now.

    • @A Z I know, I dont trust her either, mainly because of how unhealthy her foods looked, the few times I came across her show. I know my needs are different than hers, Im just looking around for a good diet that can fit the needs of me and my family, if the ingredients are done at the right ratio the mediterran diet doesnt seem too terrible.

    • Grand Diamond Having high bodyfat has negative health consequences. She looks to be over her range.

    • Grand Diamond She literally looks bloated out of her mind. I ain’t going to follow her advice but you can go ahead and do it

    • @A Z A persons weight is not an indication of health. A person can eat healthily but remain thick because of other health issues, please do not presume without all the details. On the same note, I dont know what she eats sooo. Shrug.

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  22. She doesn’t explain how pastas are ok in the Mediterranean diet? It’s such a no no here in America.

  23. I would never trust what Rachel Ray says. She blew up in weight.

    • She may not do the diet for one, for 2 keto was voted the worst diet as it has bad effects, can ruin your body,and ketosis is very dangerous. It’s a diet that is supposed to be prescribed by a doctor if needed.

  24. She is fundamentally wrong on the Eggs. Literally white Eggs are white because they came from a white hen jesus………

  25. I LOVE Rachael Ray Thanks! DoctorOz

  26. She’s mixing Italian food with Mediterranean diet. I have to disagree with this idea of a Mediterranean diet.

  27. Commm Dr Oz ..Rachel Ray..!! Queen??her show needs to be cancelled..always the same old deal. Sauces..etc..etc. 👎😳😵😠🤮👿

  28. Dr. Oz is a fraud . He steals all those ideas from other doctors and health experts 👎

  29. These are both good shows, but so are the soaps. Maybe the soaps should be on primetime. The best thing that was on tonight was kid chefs burning themselves.

  30. LMAO – the REAL med diet is starting with VEGGIES not pasta …. they have a little pasta if none – it’s mainly beans wtf

  31. Its not what you add to a diet, its what you eliminate, 511 days, one diet, Depressions and Anxiety gone

  32. How the hell do you stay healthy eating pasta? Its a false narrative unless you run marathons.

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    • Whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet as they come with many benefits. Refined grains, on the other hand, are what would be avoided. The body converts grains into carbs cause thats its primary source of energy.

    • So. You dont eat pounds of it maybe just one serving a day. Eat potatoes, brown rice, broccoli and cabbage more.

  35. Pasta on the regular, isn’t good for anyone, because most wheat has been tampered with and altered. Sadly

  36. There was barely any mention of fruit here, lots of water, the fact their bread is not processed like in the US. Plus, the French for example shop at local markets and buy fresh good quality produce.

    This lady looks like she follows a typical American diet now and just has a few Mediterranean dishes now and then.

    • @CherBear I do believe that eggplant also belong to the nightshade family.

    • There are some very benefiscial things in tomatoes also so … if you are not overly sensitive to them… then eating them in moderation is probably the best approach.

    • very agressive plant, hold water in ur body,and acidic..not allowed for people with gastoritis

  37. She is full of fluid, even her hands, she needs natural HRT and a low carb diet, which is anti-inflammatory and a natural diuretic.

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  39. The Mediterranean diet is not heart-healthy and anyway it causes heart attacks. The amount of butter and meats is causing some of our leading Killers here in America

    • @Deborah Vanderlinden Saturated fat from Meat and Butter does not cause heart disease, Thats a complete myth that has been perpetuated by food corporations for decades, The real cause of Heart disease is primarily PUFAs Because they promote inflammation in the human body and damage our endothelial cells.

    • Deborah Vanderlinden I happen to be a vegetarian but i can’t argue that it’s healthier bc vegetarians and even vegans don’t live longer. But they do have a lower bmi which is a plus in my book. Also I don’t feel right eating animals so that’s the main reason for me

    • as I have already said I am not uneducated if you did your research like actual research you would find there are more studies proving that a plant-based diet is the best diet any amount of meat weatherby a sprinkling as you say is bad. it doesnt matter if you put a little bit on top of a salad you just destroyed that entire salad and for the next 3 to 5 hours your body has that in it. your blood sugar spikes and then just went down to normal level again people go back in and get another piece of meat another sprinkling of salmon on top of their salad. Im sure youd rather just sit there dumb and unaware, uneducated and eat your salmon but the truth is its not good for you. it doesnt matter if its just a little bit or a lot which I know how much salmon you have in the Mediterranean diet its not just a little bit. As for olive oil its not as bad as coconut oil but really no oil is good for you. Its the byproduct of another thing its just the fat out of thing and I think that most people can agree that whole foods is better then a piece of the food. Even if they cant research shows that whole foods is better. I realize that you guys think because theres a handful of studies that shows the meat is good for you means that all the sudden meat is good for you. The studies were put on by the company trying to sell the product even if they werent there are so many studies out there more than a handful of studies showing that a whole foods plant-based diet is better and not only reduces the risk of heart attacks but if you do have heart disease it will reverse your heart disease and it reduces the risk of so many of our top Killers here in America. Im not trying to be mean or defend myself because somehow I think that Im better than all of you guys I just know the truth and I think videos like this displaying something else other than the truth by a so-called doctor should be not acceptable theres so many people that buy into this lie because their doctors tell them or because theyve been eating this way their whole life.

    • Deborah Vanderlinden There is hardly any meat, red or otherwise, in the diet. When it is rarely used it’s more of an accomplice or garnish. Not an entree by any means. Fish is eaten sparingly, too. It’s almost all veg/fruit/nuts/legumes. You’re opinion about olive oil directly flies in the face of all the research that shows substituting it for your animal and dairy fat is far more healthy. I’m sorry to hear about your friend but I’d wager if they’re very old, no diet is going to cure a massive whole in your heart. There is t a diet that could fix that.Your body just doesn’t have the regenerative ability it does when your old. For all you know, the diet could be saving them from passing away sooner. Anyways, you seem to have an uneducated skewed view of what the diet actually is. This isn’t an anti vegan or anti meat approach just simple facts. Hope your friend gets better!

    • Im not talking about red meat. Sorry I said butter I did mean olive oil. I have educated myself. A friend of mine who is very old has a massive hole in his heart, he is following the Mediterranean diet because some doctor told him it was a smart idea. Hes not gotten better, only worse. Im not saying its just on the Mediterranean diet but I am saying that the Mediterranean diet isnt a healthy diet who thinks that the amount of oil is good for you. Yes I know the majority of society has brainwashed themselves into thinking that fish is healthy for you. no dead flesh is healthy for you, look it up, do your research. If youre looking for a healthy diet to follow, I know a great Doctor who is doing some good work and actually showing people a healthy diet his name is dr. Greger.

  40. Rachel Ray? Really? She doesnt know any diet, I wouldnt even listen to her about anything. Except see food and eat it diet.

  41. Since when the Mediterranean diet been heart healthy? Any heart surgeon will have the patient remove oil including olive oil out of their diet as well as meat and dairy.

  42. I really cant take Rachel Ray seriously, considering her biggest sponsor is Dunkin Doughnuts.

  43. i dont know a lot, but im pretty sure that egg colour is determined by genes, not health

    • Egg color is inherited. Just like if you are Caucasian you put out white eggs and African American woman puts out black or brown eggs. Has nothing to do with feed or environment. My Wyandotte chickens put out light colored buff elongated eggs. My Orpingtons put out medium brown rounded. My red sex link dark brown rounded eggs. What Rachel is talking about is yolk of egg. My eggs are dark yellow orange due to being free range and fed organic feed. They are very healthy.

    • @Tron Dee Nevermind I assumed we were talking about the color of the yolk, I didnt realize it was the color of the shell that we were discussing.

    • @Nepamiršk už ką mes kovojome Lietuvi! i think that is the strength of the colour. not the different colours

    • No, The color of the egg is determined by the health and diet of the chicken.

  44. Bruh moment. I’m from the Mediterranean, not the Europe part, levant. Now our diet is tabooli, tawook, humus, etc, etc. mixed in with some jalab. Bruh you are set. Aight now you know what to eat. Just never cook it if you aren’t Lebanese.

    • Why you sound so ghetto, brah? Climb up a few rungs on the American ladder. No one is holding you down, brah. LOL

  45. I absolutely love this lifestyle! I feel so good all the time I literally freak out when I get a headache because any discomfort is foreign to me now lol My boyfriend and I rarely get sick as well. When we do get sick it lasts about 2 days. We drink lemon water regularly with this lifestyle. I don’t know how I got used to eating all the unhealthy stuff when I was in my early 20s. All in all, maintaining a balanced lifestyle all around is what will benefit you the most. Effort is always required in order to achieve what you look to attain. Many Mediterranean recipes are affordable and easy to make.

  46. bruh this guy is leading rachel around like shes a child. Hes so excited lmao

  47. Why would anyone take dietary advice from an overweight bloated person like Rachel Ray…?

  48. If she is a product of this kind of diet it just reinforces my opinion about Keto.

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  50. My in laws have no many processed cans, and use oil for every meal. I want to go more healthy

    • @Faith Rada :  Faith Rada  : Youre right. I use EVOO on my salads for flavor and also use it as a condiment after my food is fully cooked. I use ghee and coconut oil for frying and avocado oil to make mayonnaise from scratch.

    • @Johnny Kaldani agreed. Only Virgin .. or Expeller Pressed oil. Heat processing is very bad.

    • Stay away from all vegetable oils and use only olive oil, avocado oil, and ghee.

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