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Each road advertises the only method to true health. As anyone who has result from the deepest despair of illness, I understand firsthand what an overwhelming process it really is to select a diet and hoping it’ll supply the thing I most desire. Not necessarily. This was me. Natural Healing yet are you confused? You see why when I say confusing? Although I was confused, I knew in order to avoid 3 things that could definitely harm me.

Processed food. Refined Sugar. Refined Flour. But how about the rest? Was meat bad? MUST I eat plant-based? After losing 25 lbs. Was I doing something amiss? I was eating wholegrains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, minimal meat and keeping my own body low-fat by consuming dairy only in moderation.

a year of living a Plant-based Whole Foods diet rather than feeling a lot better

After, I tried to go gluten-free convinced that was my last and only choice.

Learning from days gone by to Live in the near future. Somehow, someway I arrived to contact with several bloggers referred to as Real Foodists. Initially I thought these were Whole Food eaters like me just. But I began to see some pretty weird recipes then, and noticed their diet was nothing beats mine soon. It was i quickly was introduced to the most beautiful book ever discussed nutrition and health. Price, a dentist, wished to know why Americans were so unhealthy.

I understand, right! He wished to know what was leading to the upsurge in tooth decay and general illness. So he tripped to find cultures untouched by modern foods to observe how these were faring. What he found was amazing. Overall, he visited 14 different isolated traditional cultures. You’ll think that is a no-brainer, of course they might be healthier. Plus they were. And not among the 14 cultures were vegan, vegetarian or plant-based even.

Depending on that which was available to them, each one of these 14 cultures ate a balance of: Meat, grass-fed – using fine elements of the animals including organs and using bones to create healing broths.

Seafood plenty and – of it. Dairy, grass-fed – rich, high levels of raw milk, butter, and cheese. Day No green smoothies or 5-a. Plentiful amounts in each season they could grow it Just. But, wait!

And it had been so essential with their health that they risked their lives to acquire it.


  1. I started a couple of weeks ago, my plant-based diet, and I find this very informative. Definitely will follow you in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  2. didnt realize that tofu is whole food plant based bec processed. same as pasta. can you pls explain. thanks!

  3. Game Changer brought me here! Youre such enthusiastic person with a dynamic positive vibes. Thanks for all these advice, its really informative and realistic for beginners

  4. Isint pasta and rice wheat….Im not aloud to eat wheat haha…hey I have a question I found the edamame pasta I really wanna try it but I wont buy it unless I see a review …so I cant to u alot for when Im stuck with weightloss so do u ever plan on reviewing vegan or plant based stuff ? I think it will be helpful but of course its ur choice but I gain weight really easily with pasta so Im not aloud to eat it tho haha well Im going back to the video

    • No, rice is not wheat and does not contain gluten. Pasta can be made with wheat but you can also get rice pasta, corn pasta, chickpea, quinoa.. all gluten free.

    • @A M Really glad to hear! Keep up the great work!

    • @Ryan Adams – Natural Weight Loss Mastery I made the transition ±6 weeks ago, and obviously a lot of those questions/concerns came to me. Was nice to have clear and objective answers in less then 20 minutes. Also the grocery shopping list was hugely useful, as I am spending up to 1h each time with my iPhone checking nutritions of everything, and finally this morning I was prepared and took me 10 minutes to get all of it done. Tks a lot 😉

  5. This really helps thank you. Im just starting and was so nervous but this breaks it down and actually made me realize not to stress so much, simiplicity and to just do it, experiment and enjoy the journey!

    • Great to hear! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  6. Im amazed with how thorough and informative this video is. Yet, it wasnt too much information to scare people off. Im quite confused why theres only 4,324 views for this. Most videos for the aspiring vegan or vegetarian are complete shit. Anyways, thanks for the hard work and for passing on this knowledge.

  7. So.. game changer brought me here.. thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed!

    • Anthony Lopez in a few weeks you’ll feel so much better in your body and mind.. you’ll notice you’re training a lot better as well!

    • I watched it today and completely changed my outlook on foods! I can’t wait to start this new and improved lifestyle

  8. I’ve been vegan for over 5 years, but I wasn’t doing it for health reasons so I’d eat lots of processed fake meats and other processed vegan foods, rather than whole foods.
    I’m now transitioning to WFPB not only to lose weight, but to become healthier overall. It’s been really hard and confusing, but your video gave me awesome advice so thank you!! 😊

  9. Thank you so much for your advices ! Theyll definitely help me as Im about to start this plant-based journey… especially the education part

  10. Ryan can you help explain how getting a decent amount of protein is helping with satiety. I’m reluctant to go under the 100g as this helps me stay fuller for longer and helps retain muscle, which we know is great to keep our metabolism ticking over! I would like to lose a few pounds but don’t want to look skinny slim, I want to keep a toned, strong look?

    • I dont know if you ever got this answered but Ive heard from many of the plant based doctors that fiber is extremely good at keeping people full, but everyone is different, and Id recommend the channel Simnett Nutrition to learn about protein, fiber, cooking and building muscle while being plant based. Hope this helped.

    • Natural Weight Loss Mastery you mention just 46g of protein per day for women, (14.40 mins in) I believed it to be A recommendation for gaining muscle is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, or 2.2 grams of protein per kg. Other scientists have estimated the protein needs to be a minimum of 0.7 grams per pound. I’m 139lb so your recommendation of 46g seem way too low? It’s so confusing, I try a 1/4 plate of protein, 1/4 carbs & half a plate of salad or vegs. Can you clarify please? Thank you 🙏

    • 100g protein is quite excessive for most people!

    • Do you mean fats? I don’t think I mentioned protein and satiety in this video?

  11. Hey all! I couldnt possibly cram all important components of starting a plant-based diet into one YouTube video, but hopefully this goes some way in aiding you to get going! See you in the next one, Ryan 🙂

    • Sure!! It’s just in PDF form so you’ll be able to print in A4 quite easily!

    • Natural Weight Loss Mastery thanks so much Ryan:) will I be able to print it when I buy it??

    • @Mentally Beautiful Vlogs No problem! Are you referring to my Natural Foods book? If so, yes! This does indeed have recipes but this makes up one very small portion of the book!

    • Hi Ryan hope you’re keeping well:) just wondering I was Looking at buying your ebook can I just confirm that it will help me loose weight as opposed to being just a cookbook(no offence meant to cook books!) I’m still a newbie with plant based weight loss thanks so much!

  12. Whats wrong with oils? I know some are bad for you but olive oil for example, whats so bad about it to the point that you buy an oil free product?

    • Tom Griffiths , An avocado is a packaged whole food and accompanying the fat comes fiber and other micro nutrients that the body needs to digest. Fatd simply do not have that and therefore are not good for you. Even peanut butter has accompanying protein and fiber. I suggest you read the starch solution 👍

    • @Grace Byrne But oils like olive oil contain monounsaturated fatty acids which are the same fats as in avocado and natural peanut butter. A very little amount is needed for cooking or dressing so I cant really see how this would have a negative impact on your health.

    • Tom Griffiths , oils are a concentrated, high calorie fat with no other macro/micronutrients

  13. Just found your channel, as I begin the journey to incorporate more natural produce in my diet. Thank you for this helpful vid. Appreciated the tip to honour and work with who we are, too (I’m a baby steps kind of person!)

  14. Please quit saying transitioning….Im changing my diet, not having surgery….lol….😜😂

  15. Simplicity is key.
    I’ve lost 25lbs thanks to Ryan’s advice
    Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast
    Lunch/dinner can swap
    Lunch potatoes with ketchup or bbq
    Dinner rice and beans.

  16. Standind here eating 2 dates and celerey with sunbutter for breakfast..yup..keep it simple

  17. Im looking to go plant based for my health however I noticed your name includes weight loss would a plant based diet significantly help with weight loss like with nuts evt also you mentioned fruit would fruit eaten regularly with me being overweight increase my chsnce of diabetes Im not doubting or anything just something my Dr said x

    • Tara its a great question and just wanted to address it, so the thing with for example nuts like almonds is that they have a lot of fiber and healthy fats which keeps you full and satiated, ie can lead to weight loss 🙂 And dont be afraid of fruit! It has natural sugar, and again also packed with fiber 🙂 Something to avoid is fruit juice where the dietary fiber has been removed. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • It does
      I lost 10kg in 2 months time without watching what how much I was eating, but I had a plant based diet, and still in transition with some eggs or fish sometimes. Keep it healthy, you will definitely lose weight

  18. Even as I am not new to being a vegan, this video still had an impact. Keeping it simple! I tend to forget at times,thanks as always Ry!😁👍

    • Brenda, Im surprised to hear that but thank you!

  19. After transitioning to plant based eating over the past two weeks, I am so glad to have found this video. You have made the most sense so far amongst the plethora of information and have given me the confidence to keep going. Sharing your knowledge and commonsense approach been a godsend, thank you!

  20. Why are you recommending iron supplements? No plant-based doctor recommends it and the increased iron bioavailability of animal products comes with the terrible risks posed by heme iron.

    • Why do you think I shouldn’t recommend them? I don’t think they’re mandatory by any means. But if people are particularly concerned they can always supplement. There’s such a thing as too much iron, which is why iron supps aren’t recommended across the board.

  21. Plant-based eating is the future! It is never as difficult as sometimes portrayed. The meat substitutes we have today are teriffic and more and more are popping up. Less suffering, healtier for you and healthier for our planet🙏🏻

  22. Im just starting on a plant-based lifestyle after my doctor suggested it due to my kidneys & spleen being enlarged. Great video.

  23. I have been looking into plant based for several months now (in secret 😂) and I am really glad I found you! I have been told and read that Game Changers on Netflix has been disproven and has misrepresented research on almost every study talked about in the film. That bummed me out a bit. But, I am still interested in learning about this lifestyle choice. I am not in it for the weight loss I just have low energy and terrible gut health. Which is challenging for my very active lifestyle and career. I also have a hard time digesting most meat products. Especially red meat. I’ve tried Paleo and Keto and my body just felt really ‘heavy’ if that makes sense. I appreciate that you talked about protein consumption and legumes because that was a fear of mine. I don’t digest legumes well at all, and I am afraid of losing my hair. (It has been happening to a lot of people transitioning) I also have a fear about over eating soy based products because I grew up being told that soy isn’t good for the body.

    You really gave me a little beacon of hope because I was about to give up! I have zero support from my family because they are VERY against plant based, so having your videos have made finding a little community and self education easier!

    • Hanna Belle I think most of us just have todo it in our own without family, partners and all the loved one’s understanding and let alone support, but at the end of the day it’s so damn good worthy it…. all the best:)

    • Thanks for sharing your story. Based on the things youre looking to improve I think this approach to nutrition can REALLY help you. On the hair front, make sure you eat enough calories and enough healthy plant-based fats. Also remember that theres a great deal of scaremongering that goes on. If you radically undereat on any diet, youre at risk of your hair falling out. Welcome to the channel! And by the way, in my opinion, the vast VAST majority of game changers criticisms are absolutely ridiculous! 🙂

  24. Great tips, especially simplicity, not setting the bar too high when starting, shopping advice, and not over-educating yourself before starting (guilty!). Thank you.

  25. I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

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