Whole food diet diabetes

Nowadays there are This number will not include the countless individuals who have been identified as having pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, or the countless who live with the symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed.

Diabetes is now a household norm inside our country and as the real numbers continue steadily to rise, the results will still be devastating…unless we become educated in what really causes many cases of the disease and how it could be managed effectively or even reversed. My children and I understand personally how diabetes make a difference the person diagnosed in addition to those around them.

And I also understand that if empowered with the proper information regarding whole foods for diabetes, exercise, and lifestyle, it really is and very possible to live an abundantly healthy life completely!

She was only 57 at the proper time, which helped the recovery, but she’s diabetes also, which complicated everything dramatically. Me being the meals lady, however, complicated the matter further. At that timediabetes had not been the norm, and the thing my father and mom knew of the condition involved kidney failure, amputation, and premature death, so to see their baby girl lying in a hospital bed using what they thought to be a warranty of lifelong problems was nothing short of traumatizing.

Thankfully, we were described a wonderful endocrinologist who was simply of his amount of time in the treating diabetes ahead. He helped restore me to health back, taught my parents how exactly to cope with and manage my blood sugars and injections, and showed them a diabetes diagnosis had not been simply an early on death sentence.

We returned home and started learning a new life-style, filled with finger and needles pricks, scheduled blood sugar shots and tests, and today’s worry for my parents of highs and lows ever. I am so thankful to experienced a parents who did the most effective they could, no expense spared, to greatly help me grow up happy and healthy, regardless of what statistics said. Coping with Diabetes Overall, my childhood and youth was normal pretty. However, my family had not been terribly educated in what nutrition really was.

The only dietary advice we had been given was based on the American Diabetes and American Dietetic Associations, which was predicated on the old food pyramid. I was raised eating plenty of carbs a meat and potatoes sort of diet because that’s what my parents have been raised on. If my mom prepared vegetables Even, I’d not eat them, aside from the casual canned corn or green beans. As I grew right into a teenager, I started to have a problem with my weight and the only treatment I knew then was zero fat and fat free foods, sugar laden desserts and snacks.

After all, as as there is no fat long, it needed to be best for me, right? I ate the typical university diet – pizza and soda, junk food, cereals, microwave dinners, etc. We’d difficulty conceiving and the doctors found cysts on my left ovary. They told me that the only treatment was hormonal birth control, that your Lord had lead us never to use whenever we married. I knew there needed to be another solution, so I started my search. I discovered a book called Hormone Deception by D.

Lindsey Berkson. That book launched me on a journey that I have already been traveling since and opened my eyes to the reality about our food supply, environmental toxins, etc.

To to put it simply it, I was hooked! I started to learn, and read, and read, and read…anything I possibly could get my practical. I learned our loving Father and Creator designed certain things for food for all of us because He loves us and wants us to reside in divine health. The success of my discoveries is what I would like to give out here. Diabetes Background There are two types of diabetes: type 1, which is generally juvenile onset a lot of people who get it are type and children 2, which used to be looked at adult onset.


Now, we are seeing a growing number of children identified as having type 2. In type 1, something basically attacks the insulin creating cells beta cells in the pancreas and shuts them down, so the body no more produces insulin. In type 2 your body produces insulin, but due to diet, insufficient exercise, and lifestyle it becomes insulin resistant, no able to make use of the insulin that is there longer.

Our bodies weren’t meant to live from these imitation foods, and yet, most people in the us obtain entire daily calorie consumption from them almost. If you want to stop and even reverse the diabetes epidemic, we have to get back to the basics and concentrate on what God created as food. It could take pages and pages of typed material for me personally to tell you all you need to learn, so I will concentrate on a few key things that may really help fight this disease.

And I am hoping that you are realizing that when your body will get the nourishment it requires from the sources it had been designed to obtain it from, it could do amazing what to heal itself. Listed below are the MOST important actions you can take to start your journey to raised health when coping with diabetes: Note from Katie: Naturally, these steps also keep anyone within their best health!

Coconut oil is, for me, the healthiest fat choice for anybody, but diabetics especially. Unlike almost every other fats, coconut oil will not require insulin to find yourself in your cells. Due to this, it could reduce insulin resistance and it offers almost instant energy.

This modified sweetener wreaks havoc on many regions of the physical body, but on the appetite control system particularly. HFCS stimulates a hormone within your body called ghrelin.

Ghrelin may be the hormone accountable for telling your body that it’s hungry and requires food. It suppresses the hormone leptin also, which tells the physical body if you are satisfied and should cease eating. HFCS is not acknowledged by your body as food, so that it never gets the signal you have had enough.

Its interference with appetite hormones makes you feel just like you can eat, and eat, and eat rather than get full. Wonder why sodas and sugary snacks are so addictive Ever? Now you know…they literally MAKE the body crave increasingly more and more. HFCS are available in most processed foods, but is most heavily within soft drinks, sweetened juices, and sugary snack desserts and foods.

Please see this post about the dangers of processed food items Link no longer designed for more information. The most typical artificial sweetener is named aspartame. It is within much all diet drinks pretty, sugar free snack and desserts foods, and in the tiny blue packets. Also called NutraSweet and Equal, aspartame is a toxic poison which should not be consumed by any human. It really is a known neurotoxin or excitotoxin. That implies that it causes your nerves to fire and over and over and eventually wear out over.

When aspartame is metabolized by your body it is divided into formaldehyde and ethel alcohol. It’s been linked to all sorts of neurological disorders, seizures, migraines, brain tumors, and a bunch of other diseases.

And yet, it really is deemed safe for consumption still. For more information regarding the toxic ramifications of aspartame Link no more available and the diseases it really is linked to, you can read my post about any of it Link no more available here.

Splenda is another common artificial sweetener that’s claimed to be safe aswell. While it might not be as toxic as aspartame quite, it must be avoided for me still. Stevia an all natural herbal sweetener is a much safer, and I believe tastier, choice. Note from Katie: The Sweet, Sweet Summer series carries a week on steviaincluding an interview with Jim Maysaid to be the first ever to bring stevia to the U.

But I assure you, that’s not a recipe for health, weight loss or diabetes control. The body needs good, wholesome, fats to keep the integrity of cell walls, protect essential organs, maintain hormonal balance, also to lose weight even. I want to though be clear. When you do need a lot more fat than is preferred generally, it HAS to result from the proper sources.

And butteryogurtcheese, etc. For more on the advantages of raw dairy see here and hereand also have a look at these posts Part 1 Link no more available and Part 2 about why you need to say goodbye to zero fat and fat free foods forever! Look for ways to incorporate these food types into your diet and you may see such a notable difference in energy, weight loss, blood sugar, and overall wellbeing.

These so called foods send your blood sugar through the roof almost soon after being eaten. Because they have already been stripped of the nutrients within their whole form, refined grains are absorbed super and also have nothing to balance the result fast.

Whole grains, however, are still intact, for the reason that they contain all of the fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. This decreases absorption considerably and allows your body to breakdown the carbohydrate slowly instead of requiring an enormous insulin spike.

How exactly to Read a Bread Bag Otherwise they have definitely been processed and also have lost a whole lot of their natural goodness. Even better, buy sprouted grain breads which are easier digested and higher in fiber and vitamins than non sprouted grains. Or try baking your own bread. Pictured above are sprouted whole wheat grains rolls. Anyone with diabetes must limit their sugar intake, but we know that it’s next to impossible in order to avoid it entirely. Just what exactly sweetener is safe to use?

I mentioned stevia already, which really is a safe sugar alternative and tastes great. We use raw also, local honey inside our house. Although it is a sugar, it requires hardly any to sweeten things and can be utilized in moderation. We also occasionally again use organic maple syrupbut, in really small amounts. That is true for anybody, but people that have diabetes specifically can benefit greatly from exercise.

Whenever we exercise, our bodies are more efficient for the most part processes. These procedures include metabolism, removal of toxins, proper blood circulation, fat reducing, proper nerve function, and the list on goes.

Almost every organ and cell within your body benefits from exercise. Just what exactly will be the best types of exercise and how do we ensure that you incorporate it into our daily lives? As a qualified Group Exercise Instructor for LA Fitness, I could say that the most crucial part of choosing an exercise program is to find a thing that you enjoy.

I love likely to and teaching different formats of group exercise. Step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, indoor cycle spinningaqua aerobics, and group weight training are FUN if you ask me. That makes me continue! But seriously, I’ve found what works for me personally in fact it is loved by me. I came across that in Peak 8. Peak 8 is a kind of intensive training where you execute a group of eight second sprints with second recovery periods among.

Throw in an initial warm up and cool off and the whole lot only takes about 20 minutes, a week three times!


  1. Poor guy I know all about colonoscopies. I have Crohns disease and I have to get one every year. Even only having 4 feet of intestines its not what I call a good time!

    • Hi Sherry! I know what you mean, I have colitis and experience the same thing. I gave him all the advice I could so hopefully his first colonoscopy wont be too bad. Thanks for watching!

    • Ive been plant based for about 4 years and it did for health reason as well.

  2. Great interview, very interesting. Congrats to your friend for his accomplishments.

    One interview Id love to see/hear from someone who is like my Dad: 80 years old, eats the standard bad diet, diabetic for the last 20 years, didnt take care of himself — and have that person tell of how they switched to plant-based/vegan diet and saw amazing life changing results. Im trying to get my Dad to switch. 🙂

    I arrived into the plant-based lifestyle by accident and I am so happy about that. 🙂

    • Vegan Iowan Thats great…keep me posted on his results. Would love to hear how things go with the transition.

    • Eric Montgomery hey 🙋! My father in law, who is also diabetic, is 89 and is now eating plant based with us. Im vegan for ethical reasons, but as long as hes eating plant based, I dont care the reason (health for him). Cant wait to see his results. He just started Saturday 💖😊😘✌.

    • ha. I had to edit my initial response. My Dad did not make that change, I only wish! I was trying to say Id love to see an interview about someone like him but who made the switch and has an amazing health story to tell. 🙂

    • Thanks Eric! Glad you enjoyed the interview and congrats on your success with the plant-based lifestyle. I would love to interview someone like your dad…that is an amazing story!

  3. Might sound silly just curious can a plant based vegan lifestyle help heal people with hernias

    • Hi Victory Leo! Not a silly question at all. From what Ive studied, Im not sure it can heal a hernia, but certain foods may be able to help with the pain. Let me do more research and Ill let you know.

  4. Hi Vince. I am also type 1.5. I would love to know if Graeham is still on no insulin and whether he continued to decrease his antibodies? I was on no insulin for 1.5 years after diagnosis but my beta cells continued to decrease which led to insulin a year ago. I started plant based a month ago, but not off insulin yet. Would just like to know if Graeham is healed from type 1.5

  5. This interview is so intriguing and very inspiring! What a difficult journey but sounds like it may be getting better… Fingers crossed! Thanks for such great content Vince!

    • Thanks Josh! Glad you enjoyed the interview…Graeham is definitely an inspirational. Appreciate the support!

  6. I want to make a change to wfpb too but Problem#1 difficulty of getting enough calories with plant based diet. Problem#2 eating more high density plant based calorie food cause Spike on glucose levels while trying to stick to Max 15% fat intake. So: solution?

  7. I am a 53 year old veteran who was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes . I was overweight and suffered chronic pain almost everyday. I new i had to do a life change so I did a lot of research and landed on a whole food plant based diet.
    The other day my doctor took me off Metformin and my blood pressure meds.
    My doctor was confused that i was no longer diabetic and my blood pressure was normal.
    I havent felt pain in over 90 days now.
    My advice to everyone is, research it and switch over to a whole food plant based diet and exercise at least 20 minutes a day. To round it off, meditate for 30 to 45 minutes.
    its worth it.
    I Cant remember when i felt so good last.

  8. Specialist sports nutrition plant based diet the best because bacon eggs milk sausage oil saturated fats meat caused it

  9. Diabetes is too much sugar/glucose in the blood. Feeding it carbohydrates makes no sense at all! GO KETO

  10. I have been diabetic for over 28 years and so sick of being chained to pharmaceuticals . going to start plant based .

    • Vince Lia where are the free resources? Looking for my mom who is also a diabetic.

    • Hi Jeanette! Congrats on making the change to a plant-based diet. Its a lot easier than some people think. I have some free resources that you may find helpful, such as an ebook, smoothie guide and plant-based protein guide.

    • Thanks Farida! Im glad it helped you. Ive learned from sharing videos about my colitis that no matter what people are facing, youre definitely not alone. Hope you are doing well!

    • Vince Lia I agree, nice video, made me feel like I wasnt the only one, who had this happen to.

    • Hi Farida! Thanks for sharing. Its crazy how all these different medical conditions really make us analyze the food were eating.

  11. I am aswell 1.5 diabetic and started day 2 of a plant based diet..how long will i see the results and how to flush all toxins, the meats & dairy from my system?

  12. The ever only scientific estabished prediabetic mark was 144 mg/dl. Everything else is pharma-forced. Its interesting when i go trough 20 videos to hear about plant based diet but nobody is talking what they are actually eating? Some healthy beans and potatoes and banans with some strawberries? Have nice day handling that sugar and carbs masses.

  13. I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in 1999 I take 40 units of Humalin R 3X a day and 60 units of Humalin N 2X a day along with Janumet and two blood pressure meds. My blood glucose levels and blood pressure were out of control. After the first 3 days of being on a WFPB diet my blood glucose levels have been around 90-120. After 7 days I have been able to reduce my insulin by 10 units on each of the medications. I woke up an had to eat a banana the other night at 3 AM because my glucose level was too low. I have tried low carb diets and others this one but have never results this fast. I am very excited and I have hope that I will either get off of my meds or at least significantly reduce the amount that I take.

  14. First off Vince, great video. I was diagnosed with Diabetes at the end of October 2017 (fasting blood sugar of 258) …watched What the Health on Netflix and felt I had no choice but to make a change in my life. Went with a plant-based diet (after more research), rejected the Metformin prescription and havent looked back. As of my last doctors visit this past Monday, my FBS is 214 and I have lost about 30 lbs. No excercise, crazy, I know. Point is…plant-based living works and is sustainable. I spent the first few days after my diagnosis being confused as hell by conflicting dietary plans and doctors opinions, but I am definitely glad I ended up making the RIGHT choice.

    • 214 is crazy high for fasting blood sugar levels!!! Congrats on the weight loss, but damn! Hoping that was a typo and it’s actually 114.

    • sam fung I cut out meat and dairy. I tend to go extreme with things, so I dont recommend just slamming on the brakes, but gradually removing red meat, chicken and dairy is a good start. Dont be afraid to try alternatives. I have had some great plantbased burgers, introduce yourself to some veggies you never eat and be open to the idea, you might hate them. Its definitely a process, but its been fun for my fiancee and I (she decided to join me on my journey). When you really look, there are actually a ton of options whether you like to cook or dont have time and need quick meals. Trader Joes is a great place to shop, but Safeway and other grocery stores have vegan options as well.

  15. Im curious as to whether you still have to take metformin, or are you off all diabetes medication, now?

  16. I eliminated my diabetes following this natural guide: => thebigdiabetes-lie. com <= (Google it) Its about changing your diet for something more natural.

  17. Everyone should check out Dr. Robert Morse. He has hundreds of YouTube videos or you can go to his website. Our bodies have the ability to heal. We just have to give them the proper foods and herbs to support our weakened areas.

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