Why do you gain weight on keto diet

Summary The keto diet is a type of diet that restricts carbohydrate intake significantly. Ordinarily, your body breaks carbohydrates in to the sugar glucose down, which it uses for energy. Whenever there are not carbs in your body enough, it switches into a stage called ketosis.

During ketosisthe physical body becomes very efficient at burning fat and using it rather than glucose for energy. This fat reducing makes the ketogenic diet a favorite choice for individuals seeking to lose weight. However, some social people may find that they are not reducing your weight on the keto diet. Generally, this will be because they have not gone into ketosis. There are other reasons why a person might not lose weight while following the keto diet.

In this post, we outline the various possibilities. We provide some general tips which will help a person achieve their weight loss goals. Usually, whenever a person will not lose weight on the keto diet, for the reason that they have not achieved ketosis. The most typical reason for not engaging in ketosis is not reducing enough on carbs. Specifically, most keto diets need a person to decrease to between 20 and 50 grams of carbs every day.

Sometimes, a person may feel as if they have drastically reduced their carb intake. However, they may be eating enough carbs for your body to create energy from glucose, and this will avoid the body from losing fat.

A person who is not reducing your weight on the keto diet may benefit from purchasing a home testing kit. These kits contain test strips that look for the existence of ketones in the urine. A positive result indicates that your body is in ketosis. Another option is by using a little machine called a ketone breath analyzer that detects ketones in the breath. Home testing could be a helpful way for individuals to make sure that they are actually entering ketosis.

People may use this information to create dietary changes that will assist them achieve their weight loss goals. Eating an excessive amount of protein Many low carbohydrate diets enable a moderate amount of protein.

Some individuals mistakenly think that a minimal carb, high protein diet is a keto diet. However, this kind of diet is unlikely to cause ketosis since the body can breakdown excess proteins into proteins and convert them to types of sugar.

This fat intake leaves little room for protein. On the keto diet, various kinds carbohydrate are acceptable, including dairy and nuts. These foods are usually high fat, nutrient dense foods that produce an excellent addition to a keto diet.

However, they contain carbohydrates also. Eating too many of these foods will keep a person from attaining and maintaining ketosis. Eating maltitol Sugar alcohols are typically a good option for individuals following the keto diet. They offer sweetness without increasing net carbs in your body.

However, not absolutely all sugar alcohols are alike. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that’s not keto friendly. Although maltitol is a minimal glycemic index GI sugar technically, it impacts blood sugar levels still.

This effect is to avoid a person from entering ketosis enough. Share on Pinterest Counting calories will help a person lose weight on the keto diet.

Somebody who eats more calories than their body can burn is unlikely to lose excess weight. Individuals who consume many calories may put on weight too, if they’re in circumstances of ketosis even. High fat foods have a tendency to contain a lot more calories than foods that are saturated in proteins and carbohydrates. It is, therefore, important that individuals keep track of the true number of calories that they consume.

Sticking with a balanced meal plan might help a person work toward their ideal weight.


  1. I dont understand. If you are on a calorie controlled diet and your intake is 1000 calories per day you lose weight. How then if you are on a keto diet and you ingest less than 1000 calories per day you put on weight. An explanation here would be great.

  2. Future reference. Please do not weigh yourself everyday. That is going to ruin your confidence. Trust me I used to do this and it encouraged me so bad. Good luck on your journey sweetie.

  3. Tasha dont worry about the scale I gained 4 pounds overnight and there is no way it was fat!water salt,hormones,time of month etc… can affect the number of the scale.My family can see a little difference in how I look and I start seeing it as we. Today I asked my mother to hide the scale! tired of it playing with my emotions😂 lol I measured myself, I am eating right,staying active and eventually it will pay off.

  4. Being on Keto…sometimes you lose inches and fat😃before Weight loss. Still watch portion control…water retention.

  5. Even though I gained weight this week, I still think I can see some positive changes from last week in the progress photos (near the end of the video). What do you guys think?!?–Tasha

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    • I started keto about the same time as you and weigh the same. I weighed myself at the start and my scale stopped working! I dont had a lot of extra fat but eat cheese, fatty meat, cream etc. I feel less bloated and have more energy. Do you track carbs, macros,calories etc?. For me it keeps me out of denial. Good luck this week!

    • You are so right, but I hope that she is drinking enough water. Water is the no. 1 reason why people lose weight. When I was going to a weight loss program I would lose at least 3-4 pounds a week when I drunk enough water, but when I didnt drink enough I would only lose 1 to 0 pounds.

    • JustMe carb intake is harder to burn than fat intake. But high fat consumption still causes issues for weight loss, if fat intake is higher than ur body’s calorie burning activity for that day.
      When I was on diets like this and consumed one full avocado in one meal daily with cardio exercise, I had no issues losing weight. But when I did this and didn’t do cardio exercise I noticed I didn’t loss weight, I only maintained weight.
      On these types of diets people assume due to avocados being healthy they can indulge, but you still have to becareful with the amount you consume due to fat content.
      Example: a boiled large egg is around 5g fat, three slices of bacon 10g, and one avocado 21-28g depending on size. Even though the avocado has healthier types of fats than the other two food products, it’s still fat.
      I’m not a Dr, but just sharing my experiences. When I asked two Drs about this, they both said they actually tell their patients to eat a full avocado in one meal daily to maintain weight.
      What I noticed works is:
      1. Don’t eat a full avocado in one meal. Split it into two meals. Like half in a breakfast smoothie and the other half for dinner. And make sure to continue to keep active that day. It can be as simple as a 30 min walk and cleaning the house.
      2. If you can’t include activity that day, just eat half. You can prevent the other half from browning by rubbing it with a lil lime juice.

    • salsamink So bacon and eggs is okay, but not an avocado? Is that because of the low amount of carbs in the avocado?

  6. Also, weight loss isnt linear, your going to go up and down, around your cycle mostly but even on a day to day basis you may gain/lose 3 lbs. You have to eat 3500 calories to gain 1 pound of fat, so you didnt gain actual fat. Theres a group called ketogenic women on Facebook, you should join It! Its a large large group of women only who are keto! You can feel comfortable talking about it there.

  7. Enjoy your keto videos…
    Im down 45 in one year on this w. O. E.
    I had to cut out bpc to move forward for me.
    Or use it as a meal replacement.

    Good luck

    • Also do you measure as well as weight.

      Im on a 30 day no scale challenge.
      But I can see measurement changes….

  8. I cant wait for the BPC recipes, I always struggle to down bulletproof coffee because I dont enjoy the taste of coconut oil. Yesterday i uploaded my week1 update and i lost 8.2lbs. thank you so much for the motivation and every week is a new chapter. i wish you all the best.

  9. I dont look at the scale for my progress , you could also be gaining muscle from working out also .. My scale has stopped at a loss of just 9 pounds , but my clothes fit different and i still feel amazing .. I also do total carbs not net . You look amazing .. you can see your body is changing ..

  10. Be thankful you found Keto before you got to 305. You are getting control of this thing at a good point. Keto on!!!!!

  11. Tasha do you combine keto with intermittent fasting? It has worked for me, thank you for sharing…

  12. I like this within the first minute just for you hair alone. But the same thing happened to me in week 3.

  13. You are doing something right because your hair and skin look amazing 😍

  14. Worth loss is not linear. There are days you hold more water than others.

  15. You look awesome! I can see a difference. I started the same time as you. I lost 14 pounds. But the pictures tell the true journey. Keep it up! New subbie! ❤️

  16. No one on Keto eats 4 meals a day. It is recommended 3 meals and no snacks (once you are in the groove past the first few weeks.) Then you want to do IT and it may be 2 to 3 meals that day with a 16/8 window.

    • One Big Happy Life I agree there is no one way. I hope you can make it work for you as its a wonderful lifestyle. Besides the weight loss of course being amazing, the energy and clarity is what makes it worthwhile!

    • So Id say theres no one way to keto. Its highly unlikely that I will follow that kind of strict regimen on purpose. If keto cant fit into myself in a sustainable and intuitive way, then I wont be doing keto for very long.–Tasha

  17. Tasha, did you take into account your monthly cycle? I know when Im dieting when its that time of month Im a little heavier even when Im eating and doing the same things that I was doing while I was loosing weight.

  18. Can’t wait to see your different versions of bulletproof coffee 🤗☕️

  19. I always gain some water weight when I travel, (like my feet and ankles get swollen) and when I am on my period (sometimes its as much as 15 lbs!). I dont know why that is, probably getting up less than when I have a regular week.

  20. a couple of pounds could be food in your stomach lol. or water weight. its best to only weigh every other week.

  21. I started last thursday with the keto diet and so far I have lost 5 pounds. Try to keep your carbs under 20 grams a day. I also dont take out the fiber carbs. I did keto last year and when I ate too much lactose, I stopped loosing weight. Maybe this might help.

  22. Please dont worry about this. Its very normal, you will get the whoosh soon and experience a large loss. Your body is just holding on to a little water & if you are working out, then its going to hold on to even more water weight. You can google the KETO whoosh and see loads of videos about it. Also, youre getting ready to have your cycle, that definitely does it. Back before my hysterectomy, I would gain 7lbs the week before! I hated it. You look great, glowing and feeling good. Remember, you can eat more on KETO than other diets. You are doing great.

  23. The urine strips do not show if you are in ketosis. Blood meter fir that. The urine strips only show the extra ketones you started producing and body is not using for energy. When you are fully fat adapted, and start burning fat for fuel they should not show in urine anymore.

  24. I do Keto once a year every year and I can tell you from experience your cycle will definitely add two pounds of water weight but soon as it’s over you’ll drop like 5 lol.. give and take

  25. The darker your Keto stick gets means u just need to drink more water to hydrate yourself 🙂

  26. Thank you so much for your honesty.  I have been doing Keto for approximately 3 months now and about three weeks ago I gained 4 pounds.  I wasnt sure why but I believe it had to do with water retention.  My body also has a tendency to go into starvation mode and this may explain it.  I often combine Keto with intermittent fasting but this may be the issue with me gaining weight.  Thanks again so much for the video.

  27. crazy. im also on my 3rd week of keto (weigh on friday). trying to concieve. ovulating and had problems with infertility. so similar! the scales have also not changed too much this week. whereas past 2 weeks i was losing around a lb a day. hoping to not gain.

  28. Hair is laid!!!! I gain every week but its just a fluctuation from water and inflammation based on what I had going on …

  29. Sometimes you will loose inches and not weight. You can tell in the way your clothes fit.
    You can see the weight loss in your face and shoulders. So even though it doesn’t show on the scale it shows in other ways.

  30. Lots of travel = water gain. However Im also a light eater when Im at work. Ive been keeping carb bars handy so even if Im not hungry and missed lunch, I have that little snack.

  31. New subbie. Your gain is probably fluid. I have been intermittent fasting since January 2018 and started Keto in February 2018. My body can hold water like a sponge, but keto is in a different realm. I drop weight consistently, but as soon as I lose, I gain back more in fluid. Then my body will release it over a few days. Your weight bounces back and forth. This happens weekly! Im used to it now and know what to expect, so no worries. For me, eating less calories than allotted normally causes me to gain weight. My body just holds onto every thing. I make sure that my macros are on point, before I leave calories behind. Take measurements once a month. Youre doing great! Good luck. Dont give up, its a learning process for sure.

  32. Stop wieghing ever day . Once a month on keto would give you a better reading …or just measure !!! SCALE OBCESSION IS A HABIT THAT CAN SEND YOU CRAZY SO STOP !!!pleasex

  33. loved the video! one small typo that I noticed in the description– This week was a shocker because they scale did not move in the direction that I expected it to. I believe should be the instead of they

  34. Its your period. Ive been on keto over a year it always happens that I gain before during and couple days after my period

  35. I’m having these same problems with appetite. One day I ate around 710 calories without realizing it until I put it in MyFitnessPal 😣😣 I’m just not hungry AT ALL.

    I think it’ll be about routine for me; not following my hunger

  36. Hi i am on keto today is my 23 day I start getting weight one pound so sad am a fried that i will getting more am doing fasting and one meal a day I can’t drink a lot of water I don’t know if am ok keto now or not any advice

  37. It may be your water intake…darker keto sticks could mean dehydration

  38. I’ve gained 3 pounds for no reason I have check everything and I don’t know why

  39. Hi Tasha! Great video. I am a new subscriber. Yes, I do see a difference in your pictures. What has helped me in my KETO journey is intermittent fasting 16:8. I also eat 10 cups vegetables/day (non-starchy). I eat no more than 4-8 ounces of meat daily. I really do not snack (but If I do it is nuts). I have only been on KETO for about a month and my coworkers and family members are noticing!! I eat an avocado everyday and also take gallbladder support with my other supplements. I also have bullet proof coffee. I hope this helps! You are doing great! I look forward to seeing more of Your KETO journey.

  40. Love that I found your channel! You rock! Doing Keto for 3 months and through research also found out as you go along your body requires less nutritional fat because it will burn through that first then go to your body fat, I stalled out when I happened across that info. Cut out some of the fat and it helped a lot. God bless you and your fam! KOKO!

  41. The weight gain has absolutely nothing to do with body fat gain obviously. Note that Phinney and volek say that shifts in fluid balance can cause temporary gain of up to 4 lbs (or 2 kilograms), and in addition we might add that variations in things like constipation and electrolyte balance will also have their effect. For these reasons I think anybody doing keto for weight loss purposes might do well to keep a track of waist circumference. If that goes down it doesnt really matter what the scales say!

  42. You are so sweet. I loved this video. I just started keto this week. This was very inspiring. New subscriber here.

  43. There is a lot of information what is hard for me is the protein part as they say if is more then fat will get you out of keto also I think the more you’re on keto to loos you don’t need more fat just burn your own fat that’s what I think i will do that now lass fat

  44. Keto dessert :
    cream cheese –
    cut into squares or rolled into small size balls
    1 box of Sugar free jello – pour SF jello powder in ziplock bag place cream cheese balls in ziplock and shake to coat. Place in freezer for an hour or so.

  45. Hi I don’t have a gallbladder and I’m experiencing constipation. Any tips on how to relieve this issue?

  46. Hi there! New subscriber here! We just started Keto too and had the same thing happen around week 3. Just keep at it! Things will get better after you get fully Keto adapted. You’re doing great! Keep it up!

  47. Oh my god ! Currently I am at the end of week 2 and yes I did gain 2 lbs even though I worked out every day and also, ate okay food .. I don’t think I had enough fats… or may be ate less food just like you did 🙂 anyways I will still keep going.. And see my results after 3 weeks … 🙂 Thank you for this video! Exactly my situation right now.. 🙂

    • Vanditha Pai Hi darling ! I learnt I got pregnant few days after I started the diet ! I have discovered that keto could also ruin your stomach and gutt ! It got me so many complications in my pregnancy … I am planning to choose another way to lose weight, but definetly will not go back the road to Keto … Would you be intrested to join me on this weight loss journey? It will
      Be fun to support each other 🙂 If yes , Please subscribe so we can stay in touch 🙂

    • Strawberry Frosting Girl I plan to start eating right again ! I just had a baby with million of health issues … but right now we are doing okay ! Next focus is to get back on track … why don’t you tag along with me on this weight loss journey ? Would be fun to support each other 🙂

    • An12 Lifestyle mine too. Lost 7.5 in week 1. Fluctuated like crazy week 2 and started week three up three pounds. Not too upset because I stayed on plan so I anticipate it falling off soon.

  48. Youre beautiful! I am starting on Monday and I am so happy to have found your channel!!!

  49. Thank god I found your channel! Same thing happened to my husband. He gained 100gm in the third week instead of losing. He’s following keto literally and is exercising even harder than before and we can see he’s losing weight it shows on his clothes. We got disappointed in the beginning but the comments on ur video gave me some hope!

  50. There is a difference with you stomach. Those scales are the devil! When I was on this diet, I would get on the scale and it would say I gained weight. But, my clothes told a different story. I think those things are made to tear your self-esteem down lol

  51. Hello from a new subscriber! I really appreciate this video. I am on week three and the scale is going up. I was in tears this morning. But i am sticking with it. Thank you for stating what you are going to eat!

  52. Keto suppresses your appetite so not wanting to eat is absolutely normal. I think that moving to fewer meals daily can have a dramatic impact on fat loss as your body becomes more fat adapted you become the primary source of energy by mobilizing the adipose into the blood stream. The major losses are made when meals are at least 4 hours apart the apaptations occur most during that span. Im concerned that trying to fit 4 meals into a day is not allowing your body to adapt, as dietary sources keep being added before the body can rely on itself. That being said the scale isnt the best indicator how you feel and look are much more reliable.

  53. Literally Cried this morning cause I gained 3lbs overnight, glad to see it’s kinda normal

  54. I don’t think keto is suppressing your appetite per se. I think you are burning stored fat for energy. The scale isn’t the only thing you should go by. Be prepared to see a “whoosh” soon!

  55. use IF and a fat fast ( zero carb) to break through plateaus and/or weight gain

  56. Week 3/4 is the worst ! I didnt think I was going to stop losing weight so fast and gain some back! but I was patient and now at week 5 Im starting to see scale changes again which makes me so happy 🙂

  57. My scale is either not calibrated properly or Im losing it. I can get on it 3 or 4 times in one hour and get different results…. Of course I go with the lowest weight but obviously the scale is not a tool to be used on keto. Im old now and much more sedentary due to retired from physical jobs all my life and action packed weekends. So, excapt for daily mile walk, sometimes longer, and carrying heavy packages or pushing heavy basket up and down our slopes here, I only do housework in the physical dept. Not much but I dont think exercise ever helped me lose anyway. Of course, it will firm you up and give you strength and energy as well as kill depression and anxiety. And thats why even wtth arthritis and asthma and creky joints, I still walk and get fresh air, even raining or snow g or 98 * out. I started at 189 lbs and Im now at 178. About. Thats 11lbs. in 6 wks. And since Ive tried every diet other than keto because I was afraid of such an extreme diet, and never lost an ounce and was starving….. I finally gave in out of desperation. It does work.

  58. I’m new to you’re channel and just wanted to say, you are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  59. It could just be water. I’m almost at a year on Keto. It will come off.

  60. Hi, Im not an expert but I have researched keto for a while now and being doing it religiously for over 3 weeks now. I have read several times that you dont necessarily need to consume all of your fats because your body will consume the fat from the fat on your body if you cut it lower. Obviously only if you are dieting and need to lose body fat. I always make sure that I hit my protein goals and stay 20g or lower in carbs each day. I never purposefully incorporate fat into my diet with fat bombs or bulletproof coffee. The fat I eat is just from my meals without intentionally adding extra fat. I have lost 17lbs so far and feel great. I rarely feel hungry and when I do I am full very easily. Lastly I can see a difference in your pics!

  61. Can you share, when u conceive, how you will remain on keto? Do you think your doctor will think keto is good for you and baby?

  62. I really enjoy following your health journeys. I would love to see how you make all the different meals for the different needs of the people in your family, without making four completely new dinners for everybody. Thanks!

  63. You should ditch scale & just go by inches! Your body is changing and muscle mass is heavier then fat.

  64. Keep your menstrual cycle in mind when weighing yourself. For most women the scale will go up the week BEFORE their period starts. Keep a log of your weight everyday and average the weight for the 7 days. Pay attention to that number and as long as it it trending downward that should be the number to pay attention to. I have been tracking macros and weighing daily for 2 years now. I just like to look at the data 🙂 If you log your weight into my fitness pal you can see the trend in the graph. Weightloss is NOT linear. Good luck!

  65. New subscriber!!! Ive been keto for 3 years! Ive lost 130 pounds, regained 30 but Im back to really strict keto to lose it again. More then anything I feel so much better!

  66. I would suggest seeing if you are nearing your period. (which you did mention) I tend to gain weight around my cycle. Hormones. Im sure its that. I wouldnt worry about it.

  67. Ive always stalled on low carb, etc. when everyone else looses. I think I was still eating too much. Now I just count calories. Its taken 6 months to lose 12 lbs, but whatever. I like ice cream! hahaha….True weightloss is not linear. Goes up and down. So I got a bodyfat monitor too.

  68. Hey! Im so glad I found your video because today the same thing happened to me! In deep ketosis and my clothes felt looser and had a 2 pound gain. I was so bummed! But I will definitely leave the scale alone and just keep calm and keto on lol this has been a journey for sure! Love your video it totally encouraged me to keep going thank u

    • Did u guys lose weight after that . Same thing happened to me today . Was so disappointed

    • Same, I gained 2 lbs was at 146. 3 weeks ago weighed myself this morning and was 148.0 Im so bummed. We try so hard with what we eat. 😫👎

  69. Im so maddddd.
    I was losing weight steady then stalled.
    Realized I needed to track macros and clean up my keto foods and i did.. gained 5 lbs-.- and my ass is hungryyyy. Meeting Macros daily.. idk what Im doing wrong.
    About to quit and do calorie count/exercise which has worked for me before but I love how keto restored my energy

  70. Hi there! Love your videos. I added Intermittent fasting 16/8 along with keto and it has totally changed my life. I have lost 4 lbs. at the end of two weeks of weighing. I did not weigh myself the first week because I was scared of what it might say but I think I have lost 6 lbs. all together. Not to mention the inches and the stomach lost!! I am never hungry and I am forcing myself to eat! No more craving and the energy is crazy!! I feel like Im mid 20 early 30!!

  71. Keto is very difficult. Because you have to give up carbs and sugar.

  72. The avocado is the reason you gain the weight avocado everyday is too much fat even though you can eat fat on the keto diet there is a such thing of having too much fat

  73. Your rapid weight gain from 203 to 208 and not eating very much seems like water weight. Did you drink enough water? The body tends to freak when it thinks it is dehydrating. Also, hormonal changes do cause water retention. It doesnt make sense to gain fat if youre not eating that much especially 5 pounds in 2 or 3 days.

  74. A low carb diet it used to make me lose weight and after I had my pancreatic surgery it dont make me lose weight no more my scale says Im gaining and not losing weight and I eat very little and it dont matter if I eat under 50 carbs a day or 20 carbs or less its horrible you make me feel sorry for you becouse it hurts some females so bad mentally and visually that its so horrible to have to go through it but you are a beautiful girl and you dont look fat to me at all but I understand you are hurting becouse you want to look a certain way and its painful when it works for other people and not you I understand Im so sorry you are going through this not able to lose weight on keto my whole life I never weighed over 125 pounds at 5ft3 when I turned 40 I started gaining weight the Dr did surgery becouse I had a cyst in my pancreas now I have obesity at 41 years old its like I feel like its one of the worst things that couldve happened to me and its not coming off and my weight on the scale says Im gaining and not loading even on a low carb diet and after I had my surgery the hospital nurse was giveing me insulin shots for really high blood sugar and when I got released from the hospital my primary care Dr wont do the blood work for diabetes that the Dr at urgent care needs to give me insulin so I cant even get insulin for my high blood sugar but the Dr at urgent care told me I defanatly have diabetes and need insulin but my Dr wont do the blood work for it or give me insulin he says I need to not eat sugar or drink sugary sodas or drinks so Im trying to figure out how to get a good primary care Dr close to where I live but people with diabetes have high blood sugar even if they dont eat sugar and its really hard for a person with diabetes to get into ketosis and get low blood sugar and lose weight

  75. Honestly, the scale has a really nasty way of emphasizing your faults and minimizing your accomplishments. Its why I dont weigh myself at all (even though Im on a weight loss journey). Im down to a size L from a 1X yet the scale has a different story. The goal is to be a Medium.

  76. This is EXACTLY what happened to me.. I am pretty much having only coffee with heavy cream. I tried to eat a bit and I almost puked. I am not eating … and gaining weight.

  77. Ive been so upset this past week as Ive gained like 5 lbs. and it feels like it just keeps increasing. I thought it was the whole 3-4 week plateau thing, but Im in week 6 so I dont think thats it. I stopped losing weight after week 3 and it stayed the same for about a week and a half and is now going up. It may be from not hitting my macros like I used to as I havent been eating enough fat or protien. so I think Im gonna go back to what I was eating in the beginning and see if I can get back on track. Ive lost my energy, I feel bloated gain, Im hungry all the time….I honestly feel like Ive gone backwards. I refuse to let this happen lol. Thanks for this video.

    • KissMyCreative did you lose weight after that ? Same thing has been happening to me

  78. I’m having the exact same issue right now, but it seems to be common from what I’ve been researching and after watching some videos like this. I’ll start keeping up with my measurements more than relying on a scale. I *feel* slimmer than I did last week and I notice a difference in the fit of my clothes, but the scales keeps saying I’ve gained 2-4 pounds.

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