Why high protein on renal diet

Dialysis patients need more protein compared to the average person to keep up normal body functions and achieve optimal wellbeing. Achieving sufficient protein levels is associated with maintaining lean body metabolism and mass, improved fluid-control balance, improved immune function and improved energy. A poor appetite can often result in inadequate protein levels, which is connected with an increased threat of morbidity and mortality.

Good Resources of Protein The main way to obtain protein in a renal diet originates from meat. All meats such as for example fish, beef, chicken, lamb, pork and eggs are believed good sources, as they are easier absorbed than vegetarian sources. Vegetarian resources of protein include tempeh, hemp and tofu protein. Other protein sources such as for example nuts, seeds, beans, nut butters & most dairy products are usually not recommended because of their high potassium and phosphorus content.

Dialysis patients should reach least 1. For instance, a kilogram man should get yourself a the least 78 to 85 grams of protein daily. Mealtimes Increasing the quantity of protein at mealtimes may be the best way to obtain additional protein on a renal diet.

Typically, at least a 3-ounce part of meat at each meal will do to meet up minimum daily protein requirements. A 3-ounce protein portion is approximately equivalent to how big is a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. For vegetarians, larger portions must meet protein amounts much like meat portions.

For instance, 4 ounces of fried tofu contain 20 grams of protein. Based on someone’s body size or needs, it is sometimes essential to double the protein portions at meals. That is especially important with individuals who only eat two meals each day.

Snacks Getting high-protein snacks during the day is another great option to improve protein intake. Snacks such as a boiled egg twice daily can offer an extra 2 ounces, or 16 grams, per day of protein. A little slice of fresh deli-counter lunch meat can offer yet another ounce of protein and will be eaten quickly as an on-the-go snack. Although milk products aren’t recommended typically, cottage cheese is a vegetarian option and is suitable for dialysis patients, since it is leaner in potassium and phosphorus.

Cottage cheese blended with a low-potassium fruit such as for example berries or peaches makes a great high-protein snack and yet another 16 grams of protein. Supplements Frequently it really is hard to meet up the minimum daily protein amount with food alone and supplements tend to be needed. Many brands of renal-friendly supplement drinks are available on the market and will be good options, although they could be expensive.

Whey protein powder is a cheap option and will be put into food, blended into smoothies or baked into treats. One scoop of whey protein powder blended with ice and pineapple can offer from 8 to 20 grams of protein based on the brand. If you would like to use supplements, speak to your dietitian first.


  1. Thanks brother. I bought some today. Taste just like a chicken 👏🏽

  2. So you need supplements because the plants dont contain enough nutrition…

    • Dadvice TV – Kidney Health Coach how do you only eat one meal. How do maintain weight? I am trying to gain weight finding it hard with so many restrictions stage 4 plus anemic and hypothyroid😐 what one meal you do to maintain weight. Thanknyou for your channel

    • I take the ProRenal+D to make sure Im not missing anything due to how much I would need to eat during to get everything. I like how small the ProRenal+D pills are (the Omega ones are larger, but still easy to swallow) and that everything in them is in the right format for easy absorption. I try my hardest to minimize supplements and prescriptions – worried about other side effects those could be causing – and try my best to get everything from the foods I eat. Now that I eat only one meal a day it is even harder to get all my calories and nutrients within 1 hour (that is my eating window) and the supplements help there.

  3. I took statins for years which drove blood sugar up and made me insulin resistant so I eat low carbs. I have been pre-diabetic. I also have stage 3 CKD with eGFR of 40. Can you revamp your list for people like me? I suspect there are a ot of us with CKD/Pre-diabetes out there. My Homocysteine is high and I am trying to get it down. Do you know anything about homocysteine damaging kidney function?

    • Thank you. Im always tempted to go redo the old ones, but I think it is helpful for people to physically see me improving across all my videos.

  4. I honestly dont agree with your video, I was a type 2 diabetic, stage 3 ckd, gfr of 57. I went on a keto lifestyle 3 years ago. With 6 months on keto my gfr went up to 76 and I lost 55lbs. 2 years after being on keto my gfr #s staying around 80 to 83. Soonly after that I switched to a carnivore diet eating lots of red meat, pork, chicken and fish. Mostly red meat with good fatty cuts. Whats even more amazing my diabetes is gone, htn is gone, my gfr has be steady in high 90s. Even my creatine is lower from a 1.4 to 0.9. I have all my labs to prove it.

    • @Dom Hing I was stage 3a, I IF everyday, my eating window is 2p to 7p with a max crabs of 20g daily.

    • Ben Thompson that good for you. Can share with me what are the diet plan in keto. Did you IF?
      I’m stage 3 and diabetics

  5. I think the fake meats like the beyond burger, the impossible burger, and that chicken patty your talking about are good transitional foods, but there still considered vegan junk food. Sooner or later if you have kidney disease you should make your own vegan burger patties because it’s less processed and you can control how much potassium and sodium you’re getting with each Patty.

  6. Dr Jason Fung, a well known amazing Nephrologist has stated that it didnt show any difference with the kidneys whether it be high protein or low protein. I am doing moderate protein Keto diet.

    • @Dadvice TV – Kidney Health Coach , I have. 🙂 I have watched a lot of your videos. Thanks for doing them. 🙂

    • Congrats on your 30 kilos lost – that is fantastic! Good luck getting to your target weight and improving your kidney health – watch my video on Keto to see the progress I have noticed with my kidneys reacting to the Keto diet. It has been absolutely amazing for me and my kidneys.

    • @Dadvice TV – Kidney Health Coach , Great to hear that you are doing Keto now that you are at stage 3. I have been doing Keto and Intermittent Fasting for well over a year now. I lost 30 kilos and now weigh 60 kilos. They have said that doing 18 hour fasting every day eventually slows down metabolism. I am thinking it has some truth in that. I was doing One Meal a Day for a long time. I have stalled at 60 kilos for a very long time now. I use MCT Oil now & then. It will be interesting to see your blood results improve and how much they improve too. I have to get my test done soon to see if my kidneys have picked up since I was ill.

    • What I have seen is that it really isn’t the amount, it it the type and quality of the protein that makes a difference. Glad to hear you are on the Keto diet, my doctors allowed me to switch to a modified Keto diet when I hit stage 3 and it has been amazing! My weight loss and energy has been turbo charged. I am doing 18 hour intermittent fasting along with using MCT oil. I am doing it for 45 days then getting all new labs to see the results, but I can tell it has already been a huge improvement for me! Check out my videos on Keto and Fasting.

    • Ive actually switched over to using an air fryer. Its easy to use, almost as fast as a microwave, and heats the food much more evenly.

  7. Thanks once again for a great video…I have been seriously cutting out all animal protein…not missing it too much…but wasn’t sure what to replace it with…I know soy isn’t so good so suggestion about vegan was very useful. Air fryer is next on my shopping list. :))

    • An air fryer is awesome – they cook fast and even without adding extra oils.

    • 230mg per patty and a single patty is plenty for a sandwich. Watch the sodium in bread – it is a place it can sneak in and most labels are per slice.

  8. Wheat is the worst ingredient that Kidney Patients should eat ! Vegan diets are too high in carbs. I would never recommend that packaged product to anyone that has kidney disease. Cook your own fresh chicken where the chickens are free range.

    • @Susan B Great! I did the same. I ended up having to start dialysis due to going on low carb high protein diet…I l lost a ton of weight on the diet but I was unaware that it was causing harm to my kidneys the next thing I know is I went for my checkup and my blood tests revealed my creatinine was up and my doctor sent me to the Nephrologist and she started pushing for me to start on dialysis….well I am
      working to get off….bloodwork and urine tests improving….Thank God!

    • @Susan B You may be better off doing Low Carb High Fat to begin with then move onto Keto. You can eat more carbs on LCHF to adjust yourself to get off carbs to then move onto Keto. I am glad all is well with you. I lost 15 kilo on LCHF then another 15 Kilo with Keto. Stay well. xxx

    • @Dedrie OBrien thank you so much. All is well but Im thinking about keto very hard. I gained 42 pounds since surgery last year lol

    • @Susan B , Oh, I am so sorry that you have gone through that. Are you okay now other than having just one kidney ? My husbands friend has had one kidney most of his life and is now over 60 years old. May your kidney stay well. {{{ Hugs }}}

  9. First of all a big thank you for all your hard work ! I am french and Quorn products are not available here. Nearly every vegan meat I have seen has soya in it. Do you think I could eat some maybe 2/3 times a week as I would like to stop eating animal products. I am not found of vegetables and as a diabetic I have to limit carbs so the choice is limited and I dont want to starve 🙂
    Your website is great ! cant find something as good in french ! I am stage 4 and you are giving me hope. Thank you !!!

    • Im glad my website and videos are giving you hope! As for eating soy, it is recommended to avoid since it can cause inflammation in a lot of people. The inflammation puts stress on your kidneys and reduces their filtering. You may NOT be sensitive to soy and it may be perfectly fine to eat. My recommendations would be to not eat soy at every meal, make it an occasional item unless you know it does not cause inflammation in your body.

    • Most dietitians recommend regular white bread – with the lowest sodium you can find. There is actually a pretty long list of breads you can have – you can download a free food guide from – I had found a local bakery who would make me a loaf with very little salt (he used Pink Sea Salt) an no preservatives that I was able to purchase for almost the same price as bread at the store.

  10. Can you help me how to lower my protein in urine I was diagnosed with proteinuria? Still waiting for my blood results to know the reason whats the reason of my urine leaking. Thanks

    • @Denise McDonald
      Pls how can you help am also leaking proteinuria and have gfr of 59 and have hypertension. Creatinine of 123 how can I reduce creatinine and stop protein from leaking.tnks in anticipation. God bless

    • @Dofery Bulos contact me. Im fighting too. Ive done lots of research 210-8368872

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