Wine and whole food plant-based diet

The inhibition of the absorption of sodium and water due to alcohol consumption plays a part in the tendency in heavy drinkers to build up diarrhoea.

This is proven in the diagram below: They explain that alcohol exposure has the capacity to promote growth of Gram negative bacteria in the intestine. In addition they explain that alcohol-induced generation of nitric oxide could also donate to increased permeability to endotoxin.

And the damage will not end there. Endotoxin that escapes to the overall blood circulation will then induce problems for other organs. Discussion The fitness of the liver relates to the fitness of our gut bacteria closely.

The above explains a few of the mechanisms involved with liver and other organ damage because of the gut leakage because of this of alcohol consumption. The consequence of this is that then they produce considerably less of the antimicrobial molecules that may protect the gut against gram-negative and gram-positive organisms.

The mice given alcohol developed more bad bacteria within their guts and more serious liver disease weighed against normal wild-type mice whose Reg3b and Reg3g genes was not affected by alcohol. That suggested the alcohol was suppressing production of the protective peptides naturally. T cells attacked the invaders and the resulting inflammation scarred the liver. Potential treatments, however, are years if not decades away.

Until then your most sensible thing people can do is reduce alcohol consumption to reduce possible damage to your body. So their suggestion about erring on the relative side of caution by reducing alcohol consumption appears sensible. My suspicion is that your body is capable of restoring itself if it’s given the correct nutrients without continuing with the onslaught of the damaging alcohol, of course over a protracted time period – weeks to months of a non-SOS WFPB diet.

Akkermansia bacteria reduced by alcohol consumption The amount of Akkermansia bacteria were found to be significantly reduced by alcohol consumption. Just what exactly? As time passes, this reduces the quantity of the liver that may function. Once again, much like so many bodily reactions, this problem originates in changes to the gut microbiota. A Circulating degrees of intestinal fatty acid binding protein i-FABP in alcohol-dysbiosis and pair-fed recolonized mice. Discussion The latter study once more emphasises the damage caused when the gut microbiota is altered through even short-term chronic alcohol consumption.

Numerous human subjects were one of them scholarly study, and the researchers viewed the effects of most types of alcoholic drink wine, beer and spirits and at different degrees of consumption also, from non-drinkers, to infrequent and heavy drinkers. Mechanisms involved Ethanol may increase certain bacterial taxa by decreasing Lactobacillales thereby increasing pH indirectly, as stated above, or by inhibiting the antimicrobial properties of saliva and by disturbing the host-microbial balance.

Additionally, alcohol could impair neutrophil function adding to bacterial overgrowth and increased bacterial penetrationreduce monocyte production of inflammatory cytokines enabling microbial proliferationand have undesireable effects on teeth stimulating bone resorption and suppressing bone formation [and the periodontium.

Layers within a human tooth Long- and short-term damage Both acute short-term and chronic long-term ethanol exposure were considered by this study to result in functional changes in saliva, including decreased flow rate and impaired output of total protein, amylase, and electrolytes.

Articles in NewsMedical. The bacteria interacted with the alcohol since it was divided by the body which resulted in preferential growth of certain strains of the bacteria.

The strains of healthy bacteria Lactobacillales were much reduced however. It would be no real surprise if you ask me to find that the changes to microbiota, wherever we want within the body, would be to a huge degree proportional to the percentage of ethanol consumed. Psychiatric disorders, alcohol and the microbiome Alcohol, neuroinflammation and microbiome.

Our central nervous system CNSwhich includes the mind and spinal-cord, has certain immune responses when it senses danger. Alterations in the composition of the microbiome, so called dysbiosis, may lead to detrimental distortion of microbe-host homeostasis modulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Psychiatric pathologies connected with these changes locally structure and function of the gut microbiota, include irritable bowel syndrome IBSdepression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and alcoholism.

Final thoughts It has been a somewhat random and potted look at a few of the studies associated with alcohol and the microbiota. For me personally, the take-home message is that consuming alcohol, in virtually any form, is something we do due to its psychological effects making us feel relaxed, giving us a buzz, allowing us to do something with more confidence, or having the ability to forget our worries and feel temporarily less stressed.

However, I suspect that none folks would decide to put ethanol into our anatomies if it had no effect at all about how we felt.

Whilst this may appear an apparent point, it does involve some significance. What if our lifestyle continually fortified us, to ensure that we’re able to weather the most common stresses of life? From my research and personal experience, eating the perfect diet, getting lots of exercise, sleeping well, and finding mindful means of sailing smoothly through the rough seas of lifestyle are four lifestyle options that link together and also have the potential of providing that fortification.

At the core of it, at least for me, is a WFPB diet. It offers all the nutrients we are in need of, while at exactly the same time avoiding all of the toxins and empty calories which come part-and-parcel with animal and processed food items. A WFPB diet brings with it, the psychological advantages of knowing you are taking the very best part of helping to protect the surroundings and also to reduce animal suffering. Finally, the idea of a WFPB diet is that you take in whole plant foods.

Alcohol, of course, isn’t a complete plant food. This might not appear such a huge issue, but a side-effect of the addictive nature of so many processed drinks and foods also pertains to alcohol and, as such, they can replace optimally healthy foods and drinks easily.


  1. There is something wrong with a calorie density presentation if poultry, egg, fish, beef, ice cream have lower calorie density than whole grain bread. Whole grain bread is just missing water so can easily cook it as soup, eat it with soup, drink plenty of water, etc. The fiber in whole grain bread does need water to work. Fiber expands with water. Whereas animal products like poultry, egg, fish, beef, ice cream all have 0 fiber since all animal products have 0 fiber so these foods are really a type of junk food.

    • @Peter the Sarcastic Rabitt I would guess that steamed bread has less carcinogens than baked bread and toasted bread.

    • @colonyofcells iamamachine2 Steamed is healthier than baked! Just use whole-grain flours and youre golden!

    • @Peter the Sarcastic Rabitt I am chinese so I prefer steamed bread. Easy to make steamed buns at home. For people who like to use gadgets, joyoung sells automatic steamed bun maker MT-100SU901:

    • Whole grain bread baked without any added fat, and eaten with a soup is a perfectly good thing to eat. All its gonna do, is fill you WAY up, and give you a good bowel movement the next day. Have it. But bake it yourself. Its super easy, and whole wheat flour is less than a dollar a pound, if you order it in bulk online, and the bricks of yeast are about 10 dollars a pound. Once you get the hang of it, you can have a fresh, preservative-free oil-free flatbread ready to eat in less than 60 minutes start to finish, and pistolettes (mini-baguettes) can be ready in half the time if you also use some baking powder with the yeast. I eat it all the time, and its a very good food for filling you up alongside a soup. Its extremely satisfying, and loaded with fiber and micronutrients. And BTW, its about 1150 calories per pound.

  2. For your weight-loss list, would a bread like Ezekiel bread also be a no-no?

    • Probably just fine. Personally, I find I am the leanest, the more whole-grain bread I eat. I swell temporarily from all the bulk and water-glycogen uptake, but by the next morning its all excreted. See if that sort of thing works for you.

  3. Excellent lecture, love how he brings up no judgement, more compassion for ourselves and others! Love the practical advice! I continue to drift towards the eziekel bread and peanut butter.

  4. COLD TURKEY… 22 DAYS ago.
    Stopped ALL sodas.
    No oil.
    No coffee.
    No Sugar.

    • @Bella Bell I put my RMS into remission by eating a diet totally vegan, and totally unprocessed. I eat between 6 to 12 pounds of food a day (Im very tall and male, and _very_ active) about a third of that mass is raw veggies and raw fruits/raw nuts and seeds, and the rest is home-cooked intact starches, fruits, and veggies.

      I AVOID:
      1) refined oils
      2) refined prepackaged foods of mostly ANY kind; the most refined thing I might consider eating is some Natures Own Whole Wheat bread or something similar.
      3) aluminum in any way, cooking or cosmetic
      4) excessive use of cosmetic products in general, I use Cetaphil and Cetaphil lotion, and thats about it. I clean my armpits with a little peroxide, and keep my hair trimmed, so I almost never need deodorant.
      5) anything that might trigger my immune system, like allergens or fragrances, or excessive fatigue
      6) sedentarism; I exercise in one way or another practically all day every day, whether running errands, or walking, weight lifting, or stretching, or swimming, I am CONSTANTLY looking for a reason to move somehow. About 6 hours a week are intense workouts.
      7) worrying about anything thats not an absolute necessity; I have structured my life around a single overriding idea – simplicity. I do not want what I havent got, and Im TONS more relaxed that way.
      8) Being uncreative. I exercise my brain and nerves as intensively as I do my body. I play the piano, and Im constantly learning a new Beethoven Sonata, or Bach Fugue. It does wonders for the neurology. You could do any art, even coloring in activity books would be a great way to reinforce neuronal connections.
      9) Allowing myself to be dehydrated. The very first thing I do every single day, is drink a large glass of fresh water.

      Just some habits Ive accumulated over the years, hope it helps you!

    • @Peter the Sarcastic Rabitt Great news!!
      Im loving this Whole Foods Plant Based way of life.
      Food is definitely Thy Medicine vs Medications.

    • Its been 9 years since my MS flared and ever since then, eating the way Lim describes, Im practically certain its gone for good. Good luck with your recovery!

  5. Can you let international folk know when the magazine is ready for digital download please?

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  7. A brilliant and heartfelt presentation. Loved the part about Relationship to Food. Dr. Lim is the best!!!!

    • As a former mental patient turned nutrition professional, I can say – without a single hesitation –

    • Plant-based diets appear to influence mental health positively. Vegetarians, in cross-sectional and interventional studies, showed fewer symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and mood disturbance than omnivores. Higher levels of antioxidants in the blood from plant sources have been associated with a significantly lower risk of depression, and lower suicide rates have been tied to higher consumption of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and soy and lower intake of dairy, meat, and fish.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the snickers bar reference! My local grocer changed to “health” bars at the checkout but it’s so misleading.

  9. This was an excellent video! Not only is Dr. Lim amazing, but he puts it out there so clearly to understand. I have been veg for many years (more recently vegan) and have always questioned as to why the weight isnt coming off. This video explained it so well! Im saving it and rewatching regularly! Thank you so much!!!

  10. Excellent video , he pulled all the information together in a very inspiring way!

  11. Outstanding thank you its the internal environment and the establishing a healthy relationship with food which is where my struggle has been for the past 4 months and I was getting discouraged with the idea, I am operating 80% on WFPB but I have overindulged with dates and nuts in recipes. BTW are dates to be limited in their whole form as well? Looks like I need to cut down on nuts and nut sauces! Again I missed original webinar glad I took to the time to catch the replay!

  12. I LOVE this. What a wonderful message from a wonderful Dr and human being. Love you Dr Lim! ❤

  13. I’m been plant based for 3 yrs and I lost 40lbs and other health issues are normal. Also have more energy

  14. Watching the replay in Australia. Thank you!
    I am plant-based 12 months now. My 12 year old has been plant-based for 12 months also after watching Forks Over Knives last year.

  15. Thank you for this video. I watched to the end and want to start implementing what I learned.

  16. Thank you for this. My husband and i Have Ben plant based for 2 weeks and have lost 5+ lbs but we are also mostly doing this for the animals! 🐶🐱🐭🐹🦊

  17. If you make everything plant based, no oil, a spouse can add a piece of meat. Its often guys, and they love grilling, so it works in that case. The key, in the beginning is to stop bringing into the house, so much processed foods. It may mean cooking more, but its worth it. When they start to taste the good whole food meals, and realize that they can get all they need without meat and dairy, often they just make the transition. It can take time for some people who are dug in to their way of thinking. I love my food. WFPB, no sos tastes great to me, but I happily use herbs and spices, so I dont miss salt. In fact, things with salt, taste bad to me. I know its hard to live with someone who doesnt want to change. Im not going to buy or cook/handle meat or dairy, so it would be impossible for me to cook for a meat eater. If I was the one who changed, it might be different.

  18. 1 for the last 4 years. Health is sooooo much better. Love Dr. Lims videos.

  19. I started my plant based journey after listening to Dr Lims presentation callED An introduction to a Plant based diet.

    Changed my life.

    thank you sir and CHAPEAU.

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  21. Yes Dr. Lim, get a website please!! Offer great tips, maybe some recipes you eat etc. I would love it. Loved this talk too. I am going to give it my best effort to eat plant based. Thank you both for all you do!

  22. Very informative and helpful. I’m thankful that Dr. Lim did not focus solely on the eating part of losing weight, but also spoke a great deal on the environmental aspect— getting one’s environment in order, including the internal environment. So often I focus too much on the food (“I can’t eat that food because it’s bad.”) and not enough time thinking about WHY I ate that food and WHAT my values are and HOW to bring my eating habits into alignment with my values. I know what I need to eat to be healthy. It’s not a lack of knowledge for me. It’s a lack of aligning my eating habits with my values. Thank you, Dr. Lim. 👍🏻🙂👒

  23. i HAVE A CRUSH ON DR.LIM AND REALLY IMPRESSED BY HIS FORTHCOMING OF HIS OWN ISSUES i LIKE WHOLE GRAIN BREAD and have tried to eliminate, no more, pretty much all the other food is usually pretty good.

  24. A great webinar! I have watched so many of these and I always think I cannot learn something new, and lo and behold, Dr. Lim opened my eyes to some new concepts. 🙂 Thank you for this.

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  26. Content is wonderful! … Can we soften the key strokes? 😄 Supremely distracting. Loved the content — not hating. ❤️

    • Thank you. An excellent presentation, content-wise, by a really gifted and rising star of the WFPB community. Beyond the keystrokes, I sensed that he was slapping the table for emphasis as he made his points between slide changes. The effect was, humorously, counterproductive to the initial mindful meditation exercise – those microphones on a hard surface will pick it all up in ways you didnt intend. Wonderful guy, solid substance, champion it totally.

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  31. When tempted to soothe my feelings with snacks, even if those are nutritious foods, if I am not actually hungry, just frustrated about something…Ive been reconditioning myself to make a cup of unsweetened caffeine free tea instead. That way, I am taking a few quiet moments to do something nice (and even healthy) for myself.

  32. Great info – thank you, Dr. Lim and Cyrus!! And Ill be looking for your website, Dr. Lim! 🙂

  33. 1 Since you are a Dr I have a question. I am a two time kidney transplant recipient. I am on Prednisone, envarses, and imuran. Ive been plant for a year. My labs have been outstanding (better then my husbands) my question is how do I lose weight? Ive not lost any weight and I about 30 pounds overweight. Help I got to get the weight off. Its damaging my knees and back.

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  38. Lost 10lbs thanks to a plant based diet without ever feeling hungry and was finally happy with my body … then ate like shit for two months because Im addicted to food and guess what my 10lbs are back on … Stick to plants ppl, I wasted 6 months of my life because I wanted to fit in and eat with my bf and his friends

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